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The CIA's MKULTRA Program Was Created By The Same Nazis Discussed In The Following E-book -- Nazis Smuggled Into The USA Through Operation Paperclip

Was Colonel Frank Schwable Used To Disinform The Public?

The following article documents many aspects of mind control including what the Red Chinese used on Colonel Frank H. Schwable, who was taken prisoner by the Chinese Communists during the Korean War. I am, however, skeptical about the nature of the content here, which claims that Schwable was forced to admit that the US forces were dropping biological agents on the Chinese during the Korean War. Colonel Schwable later recanted once back in the United States, claiming that the United States did not use biological warfare on the Red Chinese.

While I have no way of knowing whether they did or not, I do know that a former Department Of Justice prosecutor by the name of John Loftus mentioned in his book "The Belarus Secret," that the US Military dropped deer ticks infected with the biological agent Lyme Disease from planes, while flying over the *Eastern end of Long Island many decades ago.

*It was on the Eastern end of Long Island (The Hamptons) in which Lyme Disease first began manifesting itself as an arthritic condition known as "Montauk Knee." This occurred at least a decade or more before this biological agents formal discovery in Lyme, Connecticut -- hence the name Lyme Disease (the proper name for the Lyme bacterium is Borreila Burgdorferi, named after the scientist who formally identified this pathogen -- a man by the name of ** Dr. Willy Burgdorfer). More information on Dr. Burgdorfer is listed below.


There was a page at the beginning of Loftus' book that documented this, yet which was strangely enough removed from its second and all subsequent printings. I cite this because it is quite possible that Colonel Schwable did tell the truth when in the hands of the Red Chinese, and later recanted in order to disinform the American people in regard to what viciousness the US Military was capable of. Remember, the US Military did drop the Atom Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan to end World War II, showing that they had lost all humanity in the process. My comment here is in no way meant to defend what the Japanese had done at the time, which was yet another atrocity. But instead to show how World War II resulted in the complete loss of ***humanity for all nations involved;an atrocity which revealed the hidden animal which lurks within all humans.

*** This loss of humanity is now seen in the organized stalking campaigns which are being waged on the many citizens of this planet, as their governments attempt to overrun their own Constitutions, while allowing vigilantism to become an accepted part of society. However, this "experiment" will never work, and thus only serve to bring about complete anarchy within the countries allowing for such atrocious and inhumane behavior. Furthermore, no one being targeted for such vile attacks, will allow for them to take place without taking some form of retaliatory action.

While Colonel Schwable may have lied in regard to the US Military's use of bio warfare during the Korean War, the following article still remains useful in that it discusses various acts of psychological warfare which the CIA began to develop in the late 1940's, as part of its MKULTRA program. A program which is carried out in the modern day through the use of satellite based weaponry, to affect the human mind from a remote location (such as the NSA's Fort Meade, Maryland headquarters).


The Techniques of Individual Submission
The first part of this book is devoted to various techniques used to make man a meek conformist. In addition to actual political occurrences, attention is called to some ideas born in the laboratory and to the drug techniques that facilitate brainwashing. The last chapter deals with the subtle psychological mechanisms of mental submission.

A fantastic thing is happening in our world. Today a man is no longer punished only for the crimes he has in fact committed. Now he may be compelled to confess to crimes that have been conjured up by his judges, who use his confession for political purposes. It is not enough for us to damn as evil those who sit in judgment. We must understand what impels the false admission of guilt; we must take another look at the human mind in all its frailty and vulnerability.

The Enforced Confession
During the Korean War, an officer of the United States Marine Corps, Colonel Frank H. Schwable, was taken prisoner by the Chinese Communists. After months of intense psychological pressure and physical degradation, he signed a well documented "confession" that the United States was carrying on bacteriological warfare against the enemy. The confession named names, cited missions, described meetings and strategy conferences. This was a tremendously valuable propaganda tool for the totalitarians. They cabled the news all over the world: "The United States of America is fighting the peace loving people of China by dropping bombs loaded with disease spreading bacteria, in violation of international law."

Read the rest of this E-book here:

AmeriKa The UnBeautiful

Add to this the NSA's use of spy satellites to track the bio electromagnetic fields emanating from the bodies of targeted individuals, while using electronic brain link technology to attach the brainwaves of these individuals to supercomputers -- which then remotely read their thoughts -- and you have the ideal Orwellian dictatorship.

Something which as bizarre at it may seem is occurring right here in the good ole US of A as we speak.

As an adjunct to this rape of human privacy we have the organized stalking crimes being orchestrated by the US Federal Government, and perpetrated against targeted American citizens; something which is going to result in civil unrest in the future, with those perpetrating these crimes having the most to lose.

They should just remember, that when the tide changes and it's too late for them to do anything about it, their acts of vigilantism will have the reciprocal effect of retaliatory acts of vigilantism.

Those who take part in the crime of organized stalking are the most craven of individuals.

*Since 9-11, and taking into consideration the New World Order's goal of a global dictatorship, one must wonder if all Americans are now being satellite tracked by way of the EMF fields surrounding their bodies, and remote neural monitored 24 hours a day? I am beginning to think that this may well be a reality in the fascist police state that America has now become, simply because it is such an efficient way of gaining information on every American; one in which they have no idea that they are being illegally spied upon -- even within their own homes -- or that their thoughts are being remotely tapped into by the NSA's supercomputers.

Under the Bush Administration, Americans are now living in a country where they can be blacklisted for something as simple as speaking out against this administration or even taking a controversial book out from the library. And many will never realize it unless they go to get on a plane and find that their names have been added to a no fly list. How could we have let a situation this terrible happen within our own country?

Well in this case the answer is fairly simple. Would you let a chimpanzee drive your car? Of course not.

So why have we let one run/ruin this country?

"Groups of dedicated citizens who band together for a common cause—be it rounding up car thieves or castigating suspicious loiterers—strengthen and reinforce the social order," Bush said at a White House press conference. *"I've never supported government intrusion in people's lives; I've always put more faith in the private sector. So I say, what the heck! Let's give vigilantism a go and see how things shake out. Why not?"

*If George W. Bush has "never supported government intrusion in people's lives," then why has he been using the NSA to spy on a vast number of American citizens?" -- The guy's a complete liar -- and that's his best quality.

"In 1974, George spent Superbowl Sunday at a party hosted by Hunter S. Thompson. When asked decades later if he remembered whether Bush had used any drugs at his party, Thompson replied:

'I can't be expected to remember what every drug-addled yuppie hanger-oner who wanted to get close to me during a football game twenty-five years ago digested. There were so many dope fiends milling about, I don't remember what some Yalie named Bush, whose father was a factotum in the Nixon Administration, was doing. But he strikes me as the sort of person I would have thrown out of the room. A rich, beer-drunk yahoo with a big allowance who passes out in your bathtub. ... I don't want to become the Deep Drug Throat. ... I won't do it.'"

-- The Late Hunter Thompson On George W. Bush

FEDS CONtinue To Place Pressure On Family Members As Part Of The Long Term FBI COINTELPRO Waged Against My Person

The FEDS CONtinue to pressure my Family while manipulating the local community into becoming more aggressive in the organized stalking crimes being perpetrated against my *person -- most legitimate TI's are now reporting similar treatment, in which entire communities have been co opted by the FEDS into taking part in this Orwellian harassment.

I find it extremely interesting that the FEDS somehow believe that if they attack my person more aggressively, this is in some way going to weaken my resolve. Only a complete fool would ever arrive at such a conclusion, as every subsequent attack over the past four and a half years has only strengthened my resolve and motivated me to dig much deeper into the crimes that these government reprobates have committed against myriad other Americans. The crimes of the US Federal Government are now being exposed globally as the pandemic which they are. And there will come a time where these satellite predators are taken to task for having perpetrated such crimes against inhumanity.

As far as these communal groups of networked organized stalkers are concerned, I say they are barbarians; and that these barbarians are quite evidently at the gate.

The complete lawlessness which these reprobates now represent is indicative of the death of our Constitutional rule of law, and its replacement with the law of the jungle.

Moreover, as punishment for the posts which I had written yesterday which discussed the CIA's drug trafficking, the joke war on porn that the Bush Administration is perpetrating against the American people, the smokescreen that the US Congress has created in its attack on the sport of baseball, in order to cover up its own criminality and gross incompetence, I was again sexually assaulted early this morning by way of NSA satellite based directed energy weaponry. The NSA agents who perpetrate these crimes are rapists and degenerate scum who hide behind this technology to commit their crimes.

These attacks always occur at approximately the same time in the early morning hours, and are indicative of what many other mind control targets have been subjected to by way of this technology.

Documenting the truth about the NSA and other government agencies which quietly espouse a Nazi ideology can be very dangerous to one's health. Especially when the FBI has colluded with other Intel agencies to find a way in which to covertly murder you, as this Nazi agency is presently attempting to do with myself and myriad other Americans.

TI's are no longer dealing with the rule of Constitutional law here in America. We are instead now dealing with unruly animals and the law of the jungle. Complete communities which have been brainwashed into taking part in the type of Nazi protocols which were a daily part of life in 1930's Germany. Now in the new millennium another Holocaust is gradually emerging, not just within the United States, but on a global scale, as the New World Order takes control of the citizenry of this planet and utilizes it for its own nefarious purposes.

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of Hell is not necessarily waiting for us in the next life -- an ingrained human myth which religions have throughout the ages used to control their followers here on Earth. However, there is absolutely no doubt that *human-made hellish conditions have been experienced by great numbers of people from around the globe throughout the history of the human race, without ever having left this planet -- a situation made only worse in the present day given the Illuminati's use of the citizenry of this planet to serve its own diabolical means.

*Humans, not any God(s) are responsible for the terrible ways in which the human race has descended for millennia, allowing their own fears to overcome their rational being and to perpetrate the most heinous of crimes as a result of these fears.

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation and the National Security Agency are now engaging in outright militaristic forms of warfare against an extremely large number of American citizens, through the use of satellite deployed directed energy weapons.

In doing so, these agencies are now instigating violence towards others and will eventually be exposed globally for their crimes against the American people and the US Constitution; not the least of which is their attempted usurpation of the human mind through electronic means via satellite/supercomputer systems. In perpetrating such crimes US Intelligence has now unwittingly revealed to the American people its covert plan to use the aforesaid systems to control the human mind. And along with it, the human race itself.

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Keeping Ed And Elaine Brown In Our Daily Thoughts And Prayers/The Browns Are Political Prisoners Of The New World Order

The media makes a point of sensationalizing situations in which to achieve high rating points, and then completely forgets about the people who made their headlines. Two people who I will never forget and who are in my daily thoughts are tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown (as well as the Plainfield 4 who are within weeks of being tried as accomplices in aiding and abetting the Browns).

These people are truly courageous. They stepped up to the plate when they had to, and did what they thought was right in efforts to protect their inherent rights as both Americans and human beings. They are now being severely and wrongfully punished for having done so.

I remember the video that Ed and Elaine had Danny Reilly take to record the last formal gathering that they had shortly before the Browns were tricked by someone whom they trusted (federal agent Dan Farrioli, who went under the alias of Dutch to deceive the Browns), and kidnapped because of him. (I will not refer to what happened to Ed and Elaine as an arrest, since they were found guilty of a non crime, by a criminal judge and court).

I review this video regularly to remember what the Browns and their tax protest mean to all American citizens. The ominous looking helicopter of Homeland Security looming in the background of this video only serves to increase the disdain that I have for the US Intelligence community, given its use by the Illuminati to rape the American people and our Bill Of Rights. We are now entering into one of the darkest times in human history. And every moment of what we are experiencing must be recorded for the sake humankind.

Poker Face plays at the Browns' residence in 2007:

The Expanding Number Of Prisoners In The United States Is Indicative Of The Illuminati Run Prison System & And Its Lucrativeness

The following report says that one in every 99.1 Americans is now in prison, the highest statistic for Americans being imprisoned in US History. However, as the New World Order dictatorship continues to emerge around this nation, the numbers of Americans imprisoned will rise dramatically, as those of us who've already been blacklisted are rounded up by Homeland Security and sent off to our untimely deaths.

The prison system is a very lucrative private industry in which security companies like the Wackenhut Corporation make an untold forture each year. And these companies are growing in leaps and bounds, heavily profitting by a corrupted Judicial system. The Bush crime family has strong ties to Wackenhut as it does to many other extremely lucrative businesses. The ideal world for Illuminists like the Bushes is for most of us to either be dead or imprisoned while they enjoy the good life. That's the problem with the Illuminati. They can't enjoy themselves unless they are destroying others.

Read about the Wackenhut Corporation here:

Feb 28, 9:20 PM (ET)

Record-High Ratio of Americans in Prison


NEW YORK (AP) - For the first time in U.S. history, more than one of every 100 adults is in jail or prison, according to a new report documenting America's rank as the world's No. 1 incarcerator. It urges states to curtail corrections spending by placing fewer low-risk offenders behind bars.

Using state-by-state data, the report says 2,319,258 Americans were in jail or prison at the start of 2008 - one out of every 99.1 adults. Whether per capita or in raw numbers, it's more than any other nation.

See the rest of the article here:

Why Do Secret Service Agents Become Secret Service Agents?

About 35 years ago I had the chance to speak with a criminal justice student who was bar tending at a local yacht club, and received an answer that to this day still surprises me.

He was a cool enough guy to hang out with and had just started work at the club a few weeks earlier. When his shift would end, he'd normally just sit out on the patio waiting for some of us to arrive after having put our sailboats up for the day. A few us had gotten to know him a bit after working hours, while sitting around the club on some warm summer evenings drinking beer. One afternoon while he was pouring us a few beers I asked him "Mark, why is it that you want to become a Secret Service Agent? To protect your country?" His answer surprised not only myself, but the other three people who were sitting at the bar at the time.

He said and I quote "Are you kidding, for $16 grand a year I get to stand next to the President!" At which point another member of our group said "that's true, but you may also end up taking a bullet for him someday. Have you thought about that?" After that the conversation moved on to a more conventional topic.

I refer to this situation simply because I am very curious as to what the average mindset of those who go into US Intelligence is. And while I believe that there are certainly some who have the purist of intentions in mind, many of these candidates appear to be more interested in controlling others and finding an efficient and cost effective way in which to make their vocations their avocations.

Let's face it, you're still a kid and you get to boss everybody around. What's that saying? "Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately?" No one knows that better than an out of control US Intel agent and their victims.

The Huffington Post's Paul Krassner Interviews An FBI Agent Recruited To Attack The Porn Industry

The Huffington Post's Paul Krassner comments on the Bush Administration's war on porn; if only the late Margie Schoedinger were still alive to tell us about George W. Bush's many sexual peccadillos. Bush going after the porn industry is an absolute joke. Please keep in mind the FBI agent's own disgust with the FBI itself, the Congress, the Bush Adminstration and religious right. If more agents had his attitude the FBI would be a much more welcome institution in this country instead of the modern day Gestapo that it is.

Paul Krassner's interview:

"Recently, the FBI became part of the Bush administration's War on Porn, and the Bureau's Washington Field Office began recruiting for their fledgling obscenity squad. Ten agents were selected. What follows is my interview with one of them, who of course prefers to remain anonymous."

Q."Why do you think that this undertaking was described in a memo to all 56 FBI field offices as 'one of the top priorities' of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and FBI Director Robert Mueller?"

A. "I think they figure that pornography is an easy target. It's what Congress asked for, and funded. Nobody wants to come out for porn. They're all sucking up to the religious right. Plus they're control freaks themselves. And this operation misdirects attention away from the results of their own insidiousness and incompetence. To tell you the truth, the guys I had worked with, they all thought it was just a big joke."

-- Anonymous FBI Agent

See the rest of the article at the Huffington Post:

The Late Mae Brussell Continues To Amaze With Her Foresight Of Presently Unfolding Events In The United States

A conversation with Mae Brussell back in the 1970's, in which she predicted the police state which has presently unfolded within the United States. The more of Mae's research I read, the more convinced I am that she truly was more than just a gifted journalist; Mae was a genius.

Mae Brussell's main Website:

Justice Department Sics The FBI On Roger Clemens/A Scandalous Attack On The Sport Of Baseball Makes For A Good Smokescreen & Even Better Headlines

Given what the US Congress believes is a lack of candor on the part of baseball pitcher Roger Clemens, the Department Of Justice has now instructed the FBI to open an investigation into Clemens' claims that he has never taken steroids to enhance his performance as an athlete.

While Clemens may well have perjured himself when testifying, it's still interesting to note how this entire baseball scandal has really only gained momentum over the last year and a half. Why now? Juicing (strength enhancement through the use of steroids) has been taking place in many professional sports for years, yet until now the US Congress haven't really bothered to pay much attention to it.

So one may ask exactly what prompted the investigation into players like Jason Giambi, Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens in the first place? Was it really some "deep throat" who's acted out of concern for the health of these players and the American youth who idolize and emulate their every move? Or was the catalyst involved here less altruistic, and more interested in redirecting the attention of the American people away from the war in Iraq, and Congresses inability to control the US Intelligence community's activities, or those of George W. Bush?

And of course, we now have a situation in which the FBI's taking center stage as it goes through Roger Clemens' life with a fine toothed comb. The FBI has never been known to have a case of stage fright, especially when they get to play the "HERO" -- however unlikely this role is for them.

Roger if I were you, I'd quickly purchase a home which has lead encased walls and ceilings so that the FBI *may not be able to use the NSA's satellites to invade your 4TH & 5TH Amendment rights -- something the FBI and NSA are both notorious for doing.

*I say may not here, because I am beginning to wonder if even lead can block the satellite based microwaves which are broadcast by these spy satellites to invade the human brain.

Given the FBI's introduction into Clemens' life, there is no doubt that they'll have to take greater care in the appearance of respecting his rights as an American citizen, simply because the public is watching. If the FBI did to Clemens what it has done to myself and many other people, there is little doubt that this baseball scandal would take an entirely different turn in which the FBI and its rampant criminality would end up under a magnifying glass.

However, given Clemen's connections with George W. Bush, the FBI may also conduct a bogus investigation. And by this I mean a *facade created for the public's consumption in which the FBI will eventually determine that there is not enough evidence to prosecute Clemens and leave the situation at that.

*If George W. Bush could have the late FBI agent John O'Neill pulled off an investigation which he was working on involving a money trail which was eventually used in the attacks on 9-11, then Bush should certainly be able to keep the FBI from conducting a legitimate investigation into Roger Clemens.

However, if the FBI has legitimately been turned loose on Clemens, one thing's for certain: he can depend on them using the Patriot Act in which to decimate his Constitutional rights -- even if they do so quietly.

The real question is will Bush pardon him if the FBI determines that Clemens lied under oath?

If Roger's innocent in all this, then he's being done a grave injustice. Especially when one considers his tremendous contributions to the sport of baseball and how his name has now been permanently tarnished by the allegations being waged against him. However, if he is guilty, it will be difficult to understand why someone with Clemens' incredible talent would risk everything that he's worked so hard for by doing something so stupid.

Perhaps the greatest insult of all to Roger Clemens is in having an agency as abjectly corrupted as the FBI, investigating him, while passing judgement on his character. Buzzards have no business passing judgement on anyone else. Especially buzzards that would secretly videotape American citizens within the so called privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

Buzzards like these should be hunted down like the predators they are.

And while Congress will claim that it's coming down hard on baseball athletes who use steroids because they have a great influence on America's youth, the truth is that if these politicians were really concerned about keeping America's future adults safe from drugs, they would have gone after the CIA for its illicit drug operations five decades ago, since it's the CIA that's responsible for the current drug culture in this country (and dependent on its propagation to continue to finance the CIA's black budget). This latest attack on the sport of baseball is nothing but an illustration of hypocrisy at its worst, combined with grandstanding for the personal aggrandisement of several career politicians.

Roger Clemens and the rest of the players who are being dragged out on the carpet in this case are just pawns being used to cover up a much larger issue. Government criminality on a precedent setting scale.

See the article on Roger Clemens here:

In The Early 1970's Roughly $100 Million Was Appropriated By Congress To Combat The War On Drugs/Three Decades Later The Number's Grown To 17 Billion

Why is the US Federal Government now spending $17 billion a year on its war on drugs? Has the war been that ineffective?

If one would assume that the same amount of money had been appropriated each year - since 1972 -- to combat the illegal drug trade in the United States, while taking into account the inflation factor over the past thirty six years, the federal government would be spending a bit more than half a billion dollars a year on the war on drugs. Instead we have a figure of more than 17 times that amount.

So why is so much money being allocated each year to battle the war on drugs? What are Congress and US Intelligence keeping from us?

"Wall Street launders the proceeds which the CIA generates through its creation and sale of illegal drugs."

-- Former LA Cop Mike Ruppert

Has the war on drugs been such an abysmal failure or is it being used as a facade to cover up CIA involvement in the illegal drug trade within the United States? A covert US Intel operation which according to former LAPD cop Mike Ruppert, drives Wall Street and the American economy. Wall Street has been laundering drug money for the CIA since the oil embargo of the early 1970's drove the price of oil up and ended its reign as the driving force behind the US economy.

One must wonder if the NSA is also involved in the sale of illicit drugs to finance its own black budget? Can the same be said of all US Intel agencies?

See Ruppert's comments on the CIA's participation in the international drug trade here:

Declassified Documentation Revealing How The FBI And CIA Use Brainwashing On Their Targets

Given how the US Intelligence community is looking to reclassify much of the declassified documentation once available through the Freedom Of Information Act ( regarding its covert activities in the past), it would be prudent to read these documents while you can. The following is an excellent Website which has posted many of these documents over the Internet. Print them out before the FBI and DHS get a chance to take the following Website down.



More declassified (soon to be reclassified?) information on the CIA/FBI brainwashing programs:

The following is a 1956 memorandum from then CIA head Allen Dulles to the FBI's J. Edgar Hoover, describing other countries' uses of brainwashing. It is clear from this memo that both the CIA and FBI were looking into the concept of brainwashing for its use on American citizens. One can only imagine the types of memos which are presently be sent between the FBI's current director Robert Swan Mueller, and CIA head General Michael Hayden -- both of whom are representative of the Nazi ideology.

"There are progressive steps in exercising control over an individual and changing his behaviour and personality integration. The following five steps are typical of behaviour changes in any controlled individual:

1. Making the individual aware of control is the first stage in changing his behaviour. A small child is made aware of the physical and psychological control of his parents and quickly recognizes that an overwhelming force must be reckoned with. So, a controlled adult comes to recognize the overwhelming powers of the state and the im- personal, "incarcerative" machinery in which he is enmeshed. The individual recognizes that definite limits have been put upon the ways he can respond.

2. Realization of his complete dependence upon the controlling system is a major factor in the controlling of his behavior.The controlled adult is forced to accept the fact that food, tobacco,praise, and the only social contact that he will get come from the very interrogator who exercises control over him.

3. The awareness of control and recognition of dependence result in causing internal conflict and breakdown of previous patterns of behaviour. Although this transition can be relatively mild in the case of a child, it is almost invariably severe for the adult undergoing brainwashing. Only an individual who holds his values lightly can change them easily. Since the brainwasher-interrogators aim to have the individuals undergo profound emotional change, they force their victims to seek out painfully what is desired by the controlling individual. During this period the victim is likely to have a mental breakdown characterized by delusions and hallucinations."

See the rest of CIA chief Allen Dulles' report to the FBI's J.Edgar Hoover here:

Why The Privately Held Federal Reserve Bank Has Virtually Destroyed The Value Of Your Dollar -- It's Because The FED Prints Money Based On Thin Air

"Fiat money is government mandated money with no intrinsic value or backing other than the promises of the issuing politicians not to inflate (embezzling) away its buying power. Promises that history shows have never been kept. No fiat currency has ever ended well." -- George F. Woll LLC

Americans must be crazy!

Would you take the word of a politician in this day and age? Hell no. Yet Americans are basing the faith in their currency on the promises of politicians. Historically, what's the first thing that a **politician does when they get elected? Go back on the *campaign promises they made while they were running for office.

*George H.W. Bush -- read my lips, no new taxes! -- What Bush was really thinking was get ready for the New World Order that's coming your way -- no more American freedom.

Yet we have allowed these politicians to get away with creating currency which they promised they'd protect the value of? If they have kept this promise, why is it that the buying power of the Federal Reserve Note is presently worth about four cents of its original 100 cents value when it was created in 1913? Because the politicians went back on their promise to protect the value of this currency, and through the creation of more fiat money (which is based on nothing but thin air) destroyed the value of your currency.

**Except for Congressman Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is truly the only politician in recent memory who has a track record of keeping his campaign promises. He would have made a great President, which is precisely why the Illuminati who control this country would never allow him to be elected.

See Mr. Woll's history of finance *Website here:

* I've noticed a pattern developing with Websites that are anti-US Federal Government. When you first click on the link to many of them you are given a page which tells you that the respective Website is not available for a few reasons. However, oftentimes, if you go back and click on the Website a second time it will come up on your screen. I believe that this is just one in a myriad of ways in which the FEDS interfere with access to Websites whose content they do not approve of. Such a tactic would leave the average Web surfer assuming that the site they attempted to access might have been taken down, or unavailable in the near future. So the surfer moves on without seeing the content of the site. This is a very effective yet plausible way in which the FEDS can significantly reduce the traffic through a Website which they are trying to have removed from the Internet.

George W. Bush Says The United States Is Not Heading For A Recession -- Then Why Are Traditional Economic Indicators Showing That We Are?

Economy Slows to Near Crawl

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Feb 28, 9:04 AM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) - The economy skidded to a near halt in the final quarter of last year, clobbered by dual slumps in housing and credit that caused people and businesses to spend and invest more sparingly.

The Commerce Department reported Thursday that the gross domestic product increased at a scant 0.6 percent pace in the October-to-December quarter. The reading - unchanged from an initial estimate a month ago - underscored just how much momentum the economy has lost. In the prior quarter, the economy clocked in at a brisk 4.9 percent pace.

Gross domestic product measures the value of all goods and services produced in the United States and is the best barometer of the country's economic health.

Economists had thought the newly released fourth-quarter GDP would have been bumped up to a 0.8 percent growth rate.

The housing picture looked even more bleak in the new report.

Builders slashed spending on housing projects by a whopping 25.2 percent on an annualized basis in the fourth quarter, the biggest cut in 26 years.

And, even though economic growth slowed, inflation picked up - an ominous mix that could spell further trouble for the economy.

As if the newly confirmed fourth-quarter GDP figure of 0.6 percent wasn't chilling enough, the Labor Department reported Thursday that new applications for unemployment insurance benefits rose by 19,000 to 373,000 last week, more evidence that the general economic sluggishness is spilling over into the job market.

Fears have grown that the country is heading for a recession or is already in one.

The National Association for Business Economics expects economic growth in the current January-to-March quarter to slow to a meager 0.4 percent pace. Some analysts believe the economy's performance could be even worse and actually shrink during this period. Under one rough rule, the economy would have to contract for six months in a row for the country to be viewed as in a recession.

With risks lurking that the problems could intensify and further hurt the economy, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke made clear he stands ready to lower a key interest rate again. The Fed, which started cutting interest rates to bolster the economy in September, has turned much more aggressively recently. In eight days in January, the Fed slashed rates by 1.25 percentage points - the biggest one-month reduction in a quarter-century. Rates are expected to move lower at the Fed's next meeting on March 18.

Bernanke, however, is hopeful that previous rate reductions and the $168 billion economic aid plan of tax rebates for people and tax breaks for business will energize the economy in the second half of 2008.

A gauge of inflation linked to the GDP report showed that "core" prices - excluding food and energy - grew at a rate of 2.7 percent in the fourth quarter. The inflation reading - although unchanged from the government's initial estimate - showed that inflation had picked up sharply from the third quarter's 2 percent pace.

The inflation figure is above the Fed's comfort zone - the upper bound of which is a 2 percent inflation rate.

With inflation rising as the economy slows, fears are increasing that the country may be headed for a bout of stagflation. That's a scenario the country hasn't experienced since the 1970s.

Even though Bernanke has made clear the Fed's top priority - for now - is trying to get the economy back on track, he also says he remains mindful of inflation risks, especially from high energy prices.

Oil prices have reach new record highs, galloping past $100 a barrel in recent days. High energy prices can spread inflation by boosting the costs of a wide variety of other goods and services and can put a further damper on overall economic growth by crimping consumer spending.

Consumers boosted their spending at just a 1.9 percent pace in the fourth quarter. That was down slightly from the government's previous estimate and marked a pullback from the third quarter's 2.8 percent growth rate. Consumer spending accounts for a big share of overall economic activity and thus is a major factor in how the economy fares.

Business spending on equipment and software grew at a 3.3 percent pace in the final quarter of last year. That was lower than the government's initial estimate and marked a deceleration from the third quarter's 6.2 percent growth rate.

There was a bright spot in the report, however. Sales of U.S. goods and services to other countries grew at a 4.8 percent pace in the fourth quarter, better than previously estimated. U.S. exports have been helped by the declining value of the U.S. dollar, which makes U.S. goods less expensive on foreign markets. The U.S dollar dipped to another record low on Thursday in Europe.

For all of 2007, the economy grew by 2.2 percent, the weakest showing in five years. That estimate also was not changed from an earlier reading.

The Labor Department reported Thursday that new applications for unemployment benefits rose by 19,000 to 373,000 last week. The increase was larger than many economists were expecting. They were forecasting claims to rise to around 350,000 last week.

Fallout from a housing bust and credit crunch is sapping the economy's strength. The economy barely grew - at 0.6 percent - in the final quarter of last year and is expected to be even weaker in the current January-to-March period. With the economy slowing, companies have been reluctant to hire and want to keep their existing work forces lean.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Senator Feingold, NSA Illegal Spying Has Been Occuring Since The NSA Began Operating In 1952 -- And Congress Has Since Lost Total Control Of It

"The Senate's chief critic of the spying program, Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold, says that the latest revelations have raised a range of new concerns about the White House's apparent disregard for the Constitution and specific statutes requiring that a warrant be obtained before tapping into the telephone conversations of Americans on American soil."

See the rest of this article here:

When Senator Feingold made the aforesaid comment, he was certainly on the right track when it came to the NSA's illegal spying of Americans. However, it is highly unlikely that at least at the time, the good Senator had any idea of just how in depth and lengthy the NSA's spying has been; nor that its illicit activities have encompassed far more than just illegally spying on Americans.

The NSA is clearly using its satellites to target many American citizens for the express purpose of using them for mind control research (non consensual human experimentation). I don't think that Senator Feingold would ever admit to this even if he became aware of it, simply because it would endanger his political *career.

*Former NSA agent Russell Tice experienced the loss of his career for attempting to expose what he claimed were crimes against privacy that went well beyond the NSA's eavesdropping on phone conversations and accessing E-mail accounts. NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei received similar treatment when he attempted to prosecute the NSA for precedent setting criminal malfeasance.

Was Tice, like Akwei, trying to tell Congress about the NSA's use of Americans for non consensual human experimentation? He did say that his information would shock the public. And learning that any American citizen can have the EMF field around their body used as a tracking device while the NSA electronically taps into their brainwaves ( in order to read their thoughts from a remote distance) would certainly shock the public. When an American citizen promulgates such information their accounts are at first met with tremendous skepticism.

However, as times goes by and further research documents that this technology exists, it becomes clear that the freedom of the American home and mind are in greater jeopardy than ever before. If Tice had been allowed to go public within his information, every mind control target in existence would have received an instant boost to their own credibility -- which is why Tice was most likely never allowed to discuss the specifics of a"bombshell" which he claimed would shock the American public.

It's highly probable that he is being remote neurally monitored as so many of us are. And being staked out within his own home by an FBI cell as an adjunct to the NSA' s satellite surveillance. We already know that John Akwei has been subjected to such satellite surveillance for years. All because he tried to tell the truth about something the NSA was doing which he knew was a threat to the entire US population. The deceptive behavior by Congress in particular condones this secrecy and discourages whistle blowers like Tice and Akwei from coming forward with their information.

When you must take to the Internet to learn about this, simply because the US Congress refuses to hold the Intelligence community or the current caricature of a president (is there really anyone in there?) accountable for these treasonous acts, it's clear that Congress is no longer serving its oath of protecting and defending the US Constitution. Perhaps instead of significantly paring down the US Intel community, and restructuring what remains of it, Americans should first concentrate on restructuring Congress, since it's become completely ineffective in doing the job which it was created to do -- including keeping US Intel and its activities honest.

This is assuming that the US Congress is still salvageable. However, if it's incapable of controlling the actions of the US Intelligence community through the checks and balances called for by the US Constitution, then we are all in a for a rough road ahead as we find ourselves in the grips of an ever tightening Orwellian noose.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Says That A US Recession Is Looming/Mr. Bernanke, That Is What Happens When You Create Monopoly Money

Of course a recession is looming, since that is what happens when you print money which is based on nothing of intrinsic value (like the privately held Federal Reserve Bank does every day). It's also called counterfeiting. However, in the case of the Federal Reserve Bank, this counterfeiting operation has been authorized by the United States Congress, which uses the 16TH Amendment to legitimize the Federal Reserve's counterfeiting fraud. Unfortunately for the American people, the 16TH Amendment was never *ratified at all, which makes the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service (the FEDS' bagman) both criminals.

* Tax protester Bill Benson decided to see if the 16TH Amendment had been properly ratified -- as the US Congress has told Americans all along. He traveled to each of the 48 contiguous US States and went to the national archives to determine if the US Congress and the IRS have been telling the American people the truth in regard to the income tax which is imposed on the American worker.

However, what Mr. Benson found was that not one of these states had ever ratified the 16TH Amendment. Congress and the IRS have been lying to us all along, and collected trillions of dollars from the American people illegally since the 16TH Amendment was criminally implemented in 1913. After the IRS set Mr. Benson up on trumped tax fraud charges, an IRS prosecutor attempted to bribe him, claiming that if Benson would turn over the 17,000 pages of research that he amassed during his own investigation into 16TH Amendment, that the charges against him would be reduced, and that Benson would be given a high paying job.

This was the IRS's way of attempting to gain hold of documentation which proved that the 16TH Amendment had never been properly ratified, so that they could destroy Benson's evidence, and then go state by state to make certain that the original documents from which Benson had made copies were also destroyed.

What the IRS was attempting to do here was to perpetrate yet another criminal conspiracy in which to again defraud the American people. Angered by the IRS' deception, Benson decided to publish all 17,000 pages of his research in a compendium which he called "The Law That Never Was." This has created enormous problems for the IRS, Federal Reserve Bank, and US Congress, since they have all conspired to defraud the American people of money which rightfully belongs to them, through an illegal and unconstitutional system of taxation based not on the American constitutional rule of law, but instead, on a graduated system of taxation based on Marxism.

*As of January 2008, Bill Benson has been slapped with an injunction to stop circulating "The Law That Never Was," and to refrain from telling Americans that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified. This latest attack on Benson is sheer intimidation on the part of the US Federal Government and its IRS and Federal Reserve Bank business associates, because they have been caught in a treasonous lie.

This injunction is an attempt by the criminals within the US Federal Government, to prevent Benson from circulating the truth about the fraud which the US Congress, IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank have perpetrated against the American people since 1913. Yet one more of the myriad lies in which Congress has taken part, and further proof that it no longer represents the American Proletariat, but instead the wealthy Illuminati corporatists (fascists) who control the US Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex. Read about what Mr. Benson is presently being subjected to here:

Furthermore, Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, is presiding over the largest counterfeiting organization in the world; an organization which since its criminal inception in 1913 has been used to redistribute the wealth in America from the middle and lower classes, to the aristocracy in this country.

The only way to eliminate inflation in the United States is to go back on the gold standard (once we get the gold that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank has stolen from us back into Fort Knox where it rightfully belongs) and to abolish the treasonous IRS and Federal Reserve Bank. The late American film producer, Aaron Russo, who gave us such enjoyable movies as Trading Places with actor Eddie Murphy and the The Rose with Bette Midler, has made the best documentary on the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds ever created. It can be seen at the following Website.

All of the money that you have paid in an illegal federal income tax since you started your first job, rightfully belongs to you. Instead, the Federal Reserve Bank has gotten rich off your hard work, and now looted the gold bullion which also belongs to all Americans, from its rightful place in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

The US Congress knows all about this. It's just hoping that you never find out about it.

See America From Freedom To Fascism Here:

The Human Brain Is A Chemical Organism Greatly Affected By External Means Such As Pharmacological & Electromagnetic Stimulation

While the following article doesn't specifically refer to mind control, its premise certainly runs along the same lines, since external interference with the human brain, whether it be through the use of pharmacological means, or by way of remote electronic stimulation of the brain through the use of directed energy weapons technology, can dramatically alter a targeted subject's mental state.

This article discusses a specific anomalous organic brain condition known as VMPC (ventromedial prefrontal cortex), which is responsible for the complete lack of empathy on behalf of those afflicted with this condition. There can be little doubt that if this portion of a mind control target's brain is remotely attacked to cause such a state, that similar sociopathic tendencies may result.

It would appear that the Illuminati's global membership must all suffer from VMPS, given their endorsement of genocide through the creation of biological, chemical and electromagnetic warfare, and their complete indifference to the suffering which they cause to billions of people around the world. They have, afterall, condoned the murders of millions (and more recently a plan to murder billions) in efforts to protect their own prudent interests.

"According to the neuroscientists, philosophers on both sides are wrong, because morality doesn't come from God or transcendent reason. It comes from the brain."

-- Author William Saletan

Morality Is In The Mind
By William Saletan Sunday, April 1, 2007; Page B02
Imagine that killers have invaded your neighborhood. They're in your house, and you and your neighbors are hiding in the cellar. Your baby starts to cry. If you had to press your hand over its face till it stopped fighting -- if you had to smother it to save everyone else -- would you do it?

If you're normal, you wouldn't, according to a study published last month in Nature. But if part of your brain -- the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPC) -- were damaged, you would. In the study, people were given hypothetical dilemmas: Would you throw a fatally injured person off a lifeboat to save everyone else? Would you kill a healthy hostage? Most normal people said no. Most people with VMPC damage said yes.

See the rest of the article here:

A Blogger Criticizing The US Federal Government Gets Raided By The FBI

Another American documents the fascist police state that the United States has become since the attacks on 9-11 and the illegal passage of the Constitution emasculating Patriot Act. US Intelligence has easily become a much greater threat to the freedoms of the American people than any International terrorist we might face.
In reality, much of the global terrorist threat to Americans is because of the illegal activities being perpetrated against other countries, by agencies like the NSA and CIA.

In a day and age where the NSA is using the electromagnetic fields around our bodies as tracking devices and remotely reading our thoughts by way of computer driven Electronic Brain Link technology, Americans are being placed in a situation in which they are going to have to fight back or become completely enslaved (Mind Controlled) by these New World Order Orwellian agencies.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The FBI's Attack On The National Lawyers Guild -- The NLG Takes Its Place Amongst The Long List Of Those Illegally Targeted By The FBI

In the FBI's 100 year history has it ever once made a legal arrest without actually violating an American citizen's rights?

F.B.I. Admits Bid to Disrupt Lawyers Guild

Published: October 13, 1989

LEAD: The Federal Bureau of Investigation yesterday acknowledged a broad effort to disrupt and investigate the National Lawyers Guild for decades, although *Government officials decided as far back as 1958 that they could not prove charges that the organization was subversive.

Read the rest of the article here:

*I find it very interesting that the US Congress never acknowledged that the FBI was violating the rights of The National Lawyers Guild through this COINTELPRO operation. Then again, it has been a very long time since Congress as a whole has sought to protect and defend the US Constitution. (Not since the 1970's when then Senator Frank Church led a committee in which to investigate the criminal behavior reported within the US Intelligence community -- His findings were disturbing, and in particular one in which *Senator Church claimed that in the wrong hands the NSA could allow the United States to become a dictatorship -- The Senator sure did get that prediction right).

* Ironically enough, it was during the mid 1970's when the Church Committee hearings into the US Intelligence community were in full swing, that the NSA's development of satellite based technologies such as Electronic Brain Link to remotely access and manipulate the minds of those Americans being targeted, was being readied for full scale implementation on the American population -- something which according to a former NSA employee named John St. Clair Akwei took place as early as 1980.

Where was the US Congress in all this? If the NSA is supposedly under Congresses legal purview, how is it that it could not have known that the NSA was getting ready to utilize this invasive mind control technology on a much grander scale than ever before? Even if we give Congress the benefit of the doubt and opine that the NSA developed this technology with funding from its own black budget, what does that say about Congresses ability to ensure that the US Intelligence community operates within the framework of the US Constitution?

Especially when one takes into consideration the egregious violations of the US Bill Of Rights which those utilizing this technology at the NSA routinely commit against American citizens; violations of the 4TH and 5TH Amendments so extreme that for the past 17 years, the US Judiciary has refused to hear the first such case ever filed against the NSA -- John St. Clair Akwei's 1991 lawsuit against the NSA, in which he documents the spy agency's use of satellites to home in on the electromagnetic fields around the bodies of American citizens, while using these fields as a tracking device.

Why has the US Congress not informed the American people about this technology, given that it has completely destroyed not only our 4TH Amendment right to physical privacy within our own homes, but also
the privacy of our own minds? This is an act of treason against all Americans. Congress must have known that the NSA was covertly developing this "mind raping" technology and deliberately kept it from the American people, just as they have the fact that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified, and that the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank are both operating illegally.

The IRS and Federal Reserve Bank are not even part of the US Federal Government.

Given this, it would seem that Congress spends far more of its time covering up for crimes committed by the FBI and other agencies of US Intel, than it does taking them to task for these crimes. Of course certain members of Congress do their own public grandstanding as was the case when the FBI was berated by a few of them back in 2007, for its recent egregious abuses of its spying powers under the Patriot Act. However, this act (and I do mean act) was nothing but some chest puffing for the personal aggrandisement of these Senators, as nothing has changed; and the FBI continues to be just as abusive at it has always been when violating the rights of the American people.

The *CEO (Chief Executive Officer & Grand Poobah) of the FBI, Robert Swan Mueller, made a gesture of being terrified that the US Congress might reduce the FBI's precedent spying powers. However, Mueller knew that nothing would ever come of this; since nothing ever has. In spite of its abjectly treasonous behavior the FBI has continued to grow more powerful since its unfortunate inception -- and equally more abusive.

* I refuse to see the FBI as a legitimate government agency, much less one which enforces the US Constitution -- since it does not. The FBI is more like a terribly run criminal corporation owned and operated by the powerful interests in this country who use it to attack their enemies whenever they deem it necessary to do so. Two of the best examples of this are the current overseer of the FBI (George W. Bush) and a prior overseer, his father George H.W. Bush. Over the years there have been a myriad of people whom the Bushes looked to victimize, however their use of the FBI in attacks which were waged against the following two persons are as disturbing as they are remarkable -- Margie Schoedinger and Michael Boren Williams. See their respective accounts of how the FBI was used by these two Illuminists to systematically destroy each of their lives.

The FBI's attack on Michael Boren Williams -- set off by George H.W. Bush after Williams attempted to expose his rampant criminality and ties to CIA drug trafficking during the elder Bush's run against Senator Gary Hart in the 1988 Presidential election campaign.

The FBI's attack on Margie Schoedinger -- set off by George W. Bush after Schoedinger filed rape charges against him:

And given the NSA's illegal satellite tracking of Americans while subjecting a myriad of us to the remote neural monitoring of our thoughts by way of supercomputer operated Electronic Brain Link technology, we can expect that the US Congress will do as much to cover up this latest atrocity as it has with the IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank. The Congress has become an aider and abettor of terrorist activity in the United States; not a protector of the American people as it would have us believe.

The FBI Is Now Also Profiling Americans By The Bumper Stickers They Adhere To Their Automobiles


Government News Keywords: FBI, BUMPER STICKER, PROFILING
Source: The New American
Published: March 27, 2000
Posted on 03/17/2000 16:15:31 PST by Rowdee

The December 1999 issue of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin offers police officers guidelines to use in conducting traffic stops with suspected "right-wing extremists." Members of extremist groups may reveal their affiliations in a number of ways," advised Bulletin author James Kobolt. "First, the vehicles they drive often provide clues that can help officers prepare for potential danger before making a stop. Specifically, extremists' vehicles may sport bumper stickers with anti government or pro-gun sentiments," or may otherwise "fit the profile of vehicles driven by known extremist group members in the area."

The article also advises officers that the absence of a license plate or the use of a handmade license plate may indicate that the driver subscribes to various "sovereign citizen" fallacies. As examples of "extremist" sentiments, the article suggested the slogans "Know Your Enemies: They are Your Leaders", and "Joe McCarthy Was Right".

The sole "scholarly" source cited by Kobolt was the "Militia Watchdog" website maintained by Mark Pitcavage, the radical left-wing academic who serves as research director for the Justice Department's State and Local Anti-Terrorist Training program (SLATT).

As previously reported in these pages (see "A 'Watchdog' in Fedgov's Kennel," November 8, 1999), SLATT received a $2 million taxpayer grant for fiscal year 1999, which it has used to train law enforcement regarding "extremist activity".

See the posts to this article here:

Here's a Website where you can make your own bumper stickers.

You should probably avoid a truthful one. For instance one like: "The FBI Are Nazi's!" will no doubt get the attention of your local mercenary unit (before the Patriot Act we used to refer to them as Police Officers) and probably get you a ticket as well as reported to the FBI as a possible domestic terrorist (AKA lone wolf). Of course we already know that the FBI has plenty of time to waste on frivolous investigations like the one it created (in this case not conducted, since the FBI's investigation of TWA Flight 800 was a complete fabrication from beginning to end) after the terrorist missile attack on TWA Flight 800 in 1996.

A situation in which the FBI usurped the authority of the NTSB, just so it could obfuscate the facts behind this terrorist attack. This is why on the day of the 10TH Anniverary of the terrorist destruction of this airliner and the tragic deaths (murders) of its 230 passengers, the US News media still reported the downing of TWA Flight 800 as an *"accident." Then again American History books are still reporting that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin in the murder of the late John F. Kennedy.

*The only accident in this instance was the FBI itself.

Once Again FBI Is Complicit In Aiding And Abetting Terrorism/A Government Whistleblower Describes Yet Another Episode Of Obstruction Of Justice

For those who are unfamiliar with Dr. Janet Parker, she's an FBI whistle blower who was once an informant of the late FBI agent John O'Neill. Shortly after 9-11, Dr. Parker took to the US airwaves to describe how the FBI deliberately removed special agent O'Neill from his investigation into a money trail which would turn out to help finance the attacks on 9-11. John O'Neill was murdered when the World Trade Center Towers were imploded in the terrorist attacks which took place on 9-11. Dr. Parker was immediately attacked by the FBI, who sought to discredit her defense of John O'Neill by stating that she was mentally unstable. (Standard operating procedure for the FBI when they are trying to cover up their own treasonous criminality.)

However, Dr. Parker's sanity was just fine. It was the FBI's which was at the time and still remains in question. It would also appear that since Dr. Parker went public in regard to the FBI's malfeasance, that she has now been targeted for their psychopathic COINTELPRO attacks. It is also quite clear from the following article, that she has as much disdain for this Nazi driven and disgusting organization as the rest of those who are being illegally targeted by it do.


By Dr. Janet Parker

On June 4, 2005 Joe Webber, a 30-year veteran of US federal law enforcement, claimed publicly on Dateline NBC that the FBI halted a key US Customs investigation into terrorist funding by Operation Green Quest. On Dateline’s television program titled “Have 'turf battles' impeded U.S. war on terror?” Joe Webber says the government sat on important information about suspected terrorist activity on U.S. soil. He's so outraged, he says, he's willing to risk his career by going public. Perhaps we should start listening to our governmental whistle blowers.

Read the rest of this article here:

Also another post in regard to immigration agent Joe Webber, who seems to have as much of an intense dislike for the FBI as many of its COINTEPRO targets do.

Alvin Toffler's Book Entitled Future Shock Could Just Have Easily Referred To The World's Awakening To Electronic Mind Control Technology

Brain Zapping
Electronic Mind Control
Part 1
By Jason Jeffery

Tense nervous headache? Always run down and irritable? Not feeling yourself? Well maybe that’s because you’re not yourself, rather, you are being controlled from somewhere else by someone or something else.

A few years ago the BBC program “Tomorrow’s World” featured a man whose Parkinson’s Disease symptoms could be controlled by pressing a switch on a handset which in turn operated a tiny device implanted into his brain. No more shaking, no more tears. This is the friendly, caring side of neural implants, but many people believe that dark forces are at work, trying to take over the minds of their targeted subjects via tiny objects inserted into various parts of the body. Even worse, these sinister controllers are beaming strong electromagnetic rays into the minds of innocent victims, influencing their thoughts and emotions.

These shadowy forces take many forms; some say that it’s intelligence agencies like the CIA; others that it’s a secret cabal plotting for control of the world’s population; still others that it’s malicious aliens, the Greys, who use implants as tracking devices so that they can abduct and control their hapless victims anytime and anyplace.

See the rest of this article here:

Also see New Dawn Magazine, one of the few Internet publications which does a credible job of documenting the mind control technology being used against the citizens of this planet in the present day:

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mr. John F. -- Your E-mails Are Being Deleted/Are You A Luvaduck Loser John?

As I mentioned a few days ago, your E-mails are redundant and loaded with various triggers (whether you are aware of this or not). So they are now all being deleted, as was the one which you sent a short while ago. Sending these E-mails to my person for the express purpose of aiding and abetting the felonious crimes of the FBI, NSA and DHS will not be tolerated. If you wish to continue sending them, feel free to do so. However each and everyone will be deleted. I also no longer bother to read the subject headings, since the FEDS have now seized on an opportunity to exploit this aspect of the E-mails as well. By avoiding the E-mail headache, I shut down yet another illicit aspect of the FEDS' psyops.

Best of luck to you in your continued efforts to end the Silent Holocaust. However, please be aware that your Euro group is heavily infiltrated with agents provocateurs looking to hamper your efforts. And from what I have witnessed they are succeeding in doing so. Like a number of other TI's, you may be better off going your own way where you won't be hampered by such infiltration. I know that you have many decent TI's within your group, however you appear to have just as many who are not.


* A note to the readers: Mr. John F. and one of his colleagues continue to send E-mails to my account as part of the FBI/NSA/DHS psywarfare campaign being waged against my person. As such, both must now be considered as perpetrators of the very crimes which they claim to be exposing, including that of the use of mind control tactics against others. These two are a prime example of federal infiltration within groups which were at least on the surface created to offer comfort to individuals targeted for the crimes of mind control and organized stalking. However, one must now wonder if many of these groups were not covertly created by the FEDS to act as a magnet in which to attract legitimate TI's, in efforts to identify them for possible later murder.

I cite a similar situation in which a former FBI agent by the name of Theodore (Ted) Gunderson has built a reputation for helping victims of mind control and other forms of abuse, yet who many insiders believe is a CIA asset being used to round up the names of victims of such mind control abuse (AKA MKULTRA) so that the CIA can later covertly murder these victims. (I should state though that this information regarding Mr. Gunderson has never been proven to be a fact.) If some of the mind control groups are indeed being used in a similar way, it is then highly recommended that those legitimate TI's who are joining these groups in an effort to gain support from others in a similar predicament, either refrain from attending these groups, or remain extremely careful about what personal information they supply them with -- since this information may later be used to harm them.

TI's who regularly read through this Website (and there are many who do) know the groups to which I am referring, and in this case to a European group which claims to offer help to mind control victims, yet which clearly discriminates, helping some, while attacking others in the same ways in which other perpetrators of these crimes do. There can be no doubt that this group is infiltrated by federal agencies of both the US Intelligence community, as well as federal agencies from Europe. As such, its use in which to help victims of such crimes remains dubious.

Their concern for TI's appears to be tantamount to that of an Australian poultry chain called Luvaduck, which actually slaughters helpless ducks for human consumption. As one can see from their Website, Luvaduck is a complete misnomer. Are TI's being led to such a slaughter by groups like this European one which claims to want to help them?

Luvaduck -- a misnomer for some who slaughter them. Are some of these TI groups guilty of the same hypocrisy when it comes to the mind control targets whom they claim to be helping?

For More Than Four Decades The CIA Has Tapped Into The Asian Drug Market To Ensure That Much Of The Youth In America Stays Strung Out On Drugs

Why would the CIA do such a terrible thing? For the same reason that any drug dealer would. Because it's extremely profitable. So much so that they simply can't afford to pass up such an easy way of supporting their black budget, which goes to fund operations that the US Congress would never publicly approve of; nor appropriate funding for. So how did the CIA gain access to the Golden Triangle drug trade? The same way the Bush Administration is now helping itself to Iraqi oil.

They created a plausible excuse for going into Southeast Asia -- The Gulf Of Tonkin incident, which officially began the Vietnam War. And while our US Military troops were over fighting in Vietnam, the CIA quietly setup its own drug operations in Laos.

The Vietnam war of the 1960's was in large part an extremely expensive smokes screen used to cover up the CIA's infiltration of Laos, in order to capitalize on the Golden Triangle's access to heroin and opium; drugs that along with crack cocaine are driving the United States economy in the modern day. If the illegal drug trade in the United States was ever seriously attacked, the US economy would more than likely come to a crashing halt -- especially since extremely large quantities of laundered drug money began finding their way into corporate America through Wall Street's financial markets decades ago. The frightening truth is that there's a very good chance the Federal Reserve Notes that you carry in your wallet at the moment contain the residue of some of these drugs.

The following article discusses the CIA's latest escapades in Laos.

CIA-assisted plot to overthrow Laos foiled
Former Air America/CIA asset Vang Pao arrested

by Larry Chin

Global Research, June 6, 2007

Vang Pao, prominent Laotian exile leader and legendary CIA asset during the CIA’s clandestine Indochinese wars of the 1960s and 1970s was among 10 men arrested on June 4, 2007, and accused of plotting a catastrophic military strike against the Laotian government using mercenary forces. According to US attorney Bob Twiss, the ten individuals are the plot leaders, but “thousands of co-conspirators remain at large, many in other countries.”

The other leading co-conspirator arrested was Harrison Ulrich Jack, a member of the California National Guard, and a retired Army officer who was a CIA covert operative in Southeast Asia before leaving active duty in 1977. According to the ATF agent, Jack quoted Lo Cha Thao, the president of the nonprofit organization United Hmong International, and one of the other Hmong co-conspirators, as saying that 'the CIA was preparing to assist the Hmong insurgency once the takeover of Laos had begun'.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle report, the complaint says Jack was hired as an arms broker and organizer by the other men because of his contacts in the American defense, homeland security and defense contractor community”.

Read the rest of the article here:

Other articles on the Golden Triangle Drug trade which the CIA has had a hand in since the Vietnam War:

The FBI & Constitutional Abuses

Actually, the FBI's actions have always undermined the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, ever since the FBI's early days when it was known as the Bureau Of Investigation. However, the FBI's bad boy nature has increased dramatically in the new millennium, since passage of the Patriot Act; abjectly fascist legislation which completely undermines the US Constitution, under the pretext of protecting the American people from a global terrorist threat.

The real problem is that it is the current presidential administration which is the greatest terrorist threat to the American people and the remainder of the global citizenry; an inherently corrupt administration which utilizes the FBI as a secret police force, in which to maintain the US Status quo, while covertly attacking any American citizens who attempt to publicly enforce their Constitutional rights.

COINTELPRO is nothing new. This FBI skeleton is as old as the FBI itself, even though it was only formally acknowledged as an FBI program from 1956 until 1971; and then only when a group of civic minded activists broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania and liberated files on the FBI's COINTELPRO operations, which it then shared with the US Media.

That was in 1971 when we still had some semblance of journalistic integrity within the US Media system. In the present day, this type of information would be expediently quashed were it presented to the media, in the interest of protecting the Illuminati's implementation of the New World Order.

The following is an interesting article by a writer named Saul Landau, entitled:

"The FBI's New Power To Abuse The Constitution "

Read it here:

Former IRS Agent Joe Banister Discusses How The Internal Revenue Service Is Committing Fraud By Imposing An Illegal Income Tax On American Workers

An American citizen by the name of Bill Benson traveled to the 48 contiguous United States to research whether or not each state had ratified the 16TH Amendment; the Amendment which the Internal Revenue Service uses to impose a federal tax on the wages of the American working class.

What Mr. Benson found was that not one of these 48 states had ever ratified the 16TH Amendment, and in the case of Kentucky, the legislature within that state chose to vote against the 16TH Amendment. However, Washington D.C. has always reported that Kentucky had properly ratified the 16TH Amendment.

When the IRS found out about Bill Benson's research, they initiated a bogus investigation in which to imprison him, in efforts to prevent him from sharing his information with the American people. According to former IRS agent Joe Banister, one of the IRS federal prosecutors decided to offer Bill Benson a bribe. This prosecutor told Benson that in exchange for the 17,000 pages of documentation that he had amassed in regard to the IRS' fraud, he could reduce the charges against him, while ensuring that Benson would receive a high paying job.

This was outright extortion on the part of this IRS federal prosecutor, who sought to gain access of Benson's 17,000 pages of evidence (which offers indisputable proof that the 16TH Amendment is a fraud), so that it could be destroyed (and so that they would know exactly where to look in each state's national archives, to locate and destroy the original documents from which Benson's research was copied).

Benson instead chose to publish a *book entitled "The Law That Never Was" in regard to the IRS' illegal imposition of an income tax on the American worker, based on an Amendment which was never ratified. The US Congress has committed a treasonous offense here, in having the American people believing that the 16TH Amendment is an actual law, when in reality it was never never ratified by the states.

Congress is well aware of this as are both the IRS and FBI -- which is why members of all three reneged at the last minute, to an invitation to attend a public symposium hosted by the "We The People Foundation" in which the issue of legality regarding the federal income tax was to be put to rest for once and for all.

The income tax is being imposed fraudulently, which is why Congress is completely ignoring the American tax protester movement, in the hope that it will eventually go away. However, this movement is growing in leaps and bounds, as more Americans realize that they are being ripped off each year to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars that should be in their pockets -- not the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank's. That is what happens when you catch the US Federal Government perpetrating treasonous crimes. They attempt to ignore you while covertly destroying your life and the lives of any Americans who promulgate this unpopular information.

*Benson's book is a compendium of the 17,000 pages of documentation which he came across while doing his research, which proves that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified, and that the IRS is operating illegally.

*As of January of 2008, Bill Benson has been slapped with an injunction to stop circulating "The Law That Never Was," and to stop telling people that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified. This injunction is an attempt by the criminals within the US Federal Government, to prevent Benson from circulating the truth about the fraud which the US Congress, IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank have perpetrated against the American people since 1913. Read about what he's presently being subjected to here:

The American taxpayers are being subjected to an outright US Federal Government sponsored fraud, which costs them nearly a trillion dollars a year, in an ongoing and illegally imposed federal income tax.

"The 16TH Amendment has never been ratified by any of the 48 contiguous US States"

-- Former IRS Agent Joe Banister

See Joe Banister discuss this US Congressional fraud here:

A five part video in which Joe Banister discusses the IRS' shakedown of the American worker:






The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave By Cisco Wheeler & Fritz Springmeier

A 573 page E-book on the foundations of mind control research and some of the myriad ways in which it's been implemented. Warning -- if you are a target of Satanic Ritual Abuse this book may contain some dangerous triggers which can possibly induce adverse psychological effects. Please consider this carefully before reading it.

Bush Biographer J.H. Hatfield Suicides Himself After Publishing A Biography On George W. Bush Including A Reported Cocaine Addiction

Did Hatfield commit suicide or was he murdered in a made to look like suicide? If so, he won't be the first person who crossed the Bush criminal empire only to become demonized and later found dead. Perhaps the best example of this is the late Margie Schoedinger's turning up shot to death after filing a rape lawsuit against Bush Jr. When Schoedinger contacted the FBI for help, they refused her legal protection, and instead warned George W. Bush of Schoedinger's complaint. See the article by Raymond Ponzini entitled an American Caligula to learn more about the tragic death of Margie Schoedinger.

An article regarding Bush Biographer J. H. Hatfield's death (at the age of 43) is at the following Website:

Interview with James Hatfield:

An article James Hatfield wrote regarding why Osama Bin Ladin might want to murder George W. Bush:

The Secret Use Of Microwaves By British Police

If there's a group of countries where the average citizen's rights have been equally or perhaps even more egregiously violated than here in the United States, it's the United Kingdom.

The New World Order's Conspiracy To Silence Alien Abductees And Those Subjected To MILABS (Military Abductions)



By James Bartley © 2004

I have had the opportunity to observe at fairly close quarters how the media and the mainstream UFO research community has treated the subject of Alien Abductions. The media has by and large dismissed the subject out of hand as being frivolous and unworthy of serious study. This is due in large part to the CIA's infiltration and ownership of numerous media outlets. There are countless journalists who are paid "Assets" of the CIA and other Intelligence agencies. Nowadays any "Educational" programs on cable television are used to discredit the testimony of alien abductees and to debunk sightings of UFOs and non-human beings.

UFO Witnesses and Alien Abductees are dismissed as "UFO Believers" in the mainstream print and electronic media in the same way that private investigators and former government "Whistleblowers" who reveal government corruption and wrongdoing are dismissed out of hand as "Conspiracist." Words used as Weapons. Its an age-old psychological warfare tactic that has been utilized repeatedly against UFO witnesses and especially alien abductees. I have come to expect this from the Corporate Media.

Within the UFO community are a number of self-styled "experts" who have arrogated for themselves the right to speak and lecture on behalf of alien abductees everywhere. Yet, a close study of their work reveals serious flaws in their methodology. Reports of Reptilian beings sexually assaulting human women (and on occasion human men) are not given much credence by these self-styled abduction experts. Nor are reports of the kidnapping, debriefing, training and the utilization of alien abductees in covert operations by the United States Military taken seriously by the "Big Name-Big Shot" researchers. Abductee testimony describing these kinds of events are consistently and persistently ignored by the well-known researchers, most of whom I might add, aren't even abductees themselves. Is there an invisible line these well known researchers have been advised not to cross?

If so many people have reported those types of experiences over the years, then why are we still being hammered about the head with the familiar hypothesis that’s "it's all about a hybridization program by the Grey Aliens?" To me, the "Grey Hybridization Syndrome" is to the Drac-Reptilian Overlordship what the Vietnam War was to the CIA's Secret War in Laos. Vietnam was a sideshow. A bloody horrible sideshow to be sure but a sideshow nonetheless which provided a convenient cover for the massive drug trafficking out of the Golden Triangle area of Southeast Asia. Likewise, the fact that so much emphasis has been placed on the Grey Hybridization scenario obscures the primary role played by "hybrids" of Drac or reptilian ancestry who have over a great period of time, become the un-official rulers of the surface of planet Earth. This is not meant to marginalize or downplay the reality of the experiences of my fellow abductees who only remember experiences with the Greys and have been shown Grey-human hybrid babies.

If one wants to discuss hybrids then there is no better starting point then to study the minds and methods of serial murderers, serial rapists and pedophiles because a disproportionate number of the latter are Drac or reptilian hybrids. ("Dracs" refers to the ancient gargoyle species) Due to their Drac or reptilian genetics, they lack the kind of frontal lobe capacity, which acts as a safety net that prevents most people from acting out in a sexually sadistic manner. It should therefore come as no surprise that the so-called "Elite" of this planet often indulge in such practices as Incest, Pedophilism, human sacrifice and the institutionalized global trafficking of human sex slaves.

Even within the UFO research community there are a number of Drac or reptilian hybrids that promote the alien space brothers philosophy. Some of these Drac or reptilian hybrids are what I call "astral operators" who use their abilities to psychically spy on others or even to astrally rape and sodomize women, usually when the latter are sleeping.

Take my word for it: If someone presents themselves as an expert on reptilians and all they write or lecture about is bland generalities about "The Inner Earth" and "The Golden Age of Reptilianism" when the reptilians supposedly taught advanced sciences to Mankind and also helped to develop Mankind's Spirituality, just know that you, the listener are being fed "Chickenfeed." When you hear these things coming from lecturers I strongly advise you to look at the speaker's facial structure. Does the speaker have "hooded eyelids?" Does he have a pronounced ridge over his eyebrows? Are his eyes sunk deep into his eye sockets? Does his head unnaturally droop forward almost as if he's got an extra vertebrae in his neck? Does he have the ability to manipulate a woman's Kundalini from across a dinner table or across a room and cause her libido to skyrocket? All of these things should be common knowledge to other so-called researchers but unfortunately they are not. The reason for that is they can't see the forest for the trees.

The UFO research community is awash with disinformation artists, perps and disrupters of all kinds. Lets take the subject of military abductions, commonly referred to as MILABS. There is much disinformation about this subject as well. One person who is on the lecture circuit speaking about MILABS is a person who channels ASHTAR. My nickname for ASHTAR is REPTAR. This person's personal story is an amalgam of the stories of several other women who have had alien abductions and MILAB experiences. This person has assimilated the latter's information, repackaged it and now presents herself as not only an alien abductee but a MILAB as well.

She has been fed disinformation by the likes of Ed Dames for years now. What is curious is this person doesn't seem to be cognizant of the obscure nuances of the Alien Abductee or MILAB experience. She only seems to know about subjects, which have been previously written about or lectured on. Within the experiences of legitimate abductees and MILABS are countless obscure details that are unforgettable for the person who experienced them. These experiences may not linger in their conscious memory but when the subject is brought up by someone else, the legitimate abductee will almost always recognize these nuances within their own life experiences and will blurt out "that happened to me!" Yet, most of these details remain undocumented and only surface during private conversations with other abductees and MILABS.

To give just one example, I had a long series of conversations with Leah Haley during last years Eureka Springs UFO Conference in Arkansas. Leah is a living legend and a personal friend of mine and has spoken publicly about her many Alien and MILAB encounters. Throughout the whole weekend we kept triggering each other with stories from our own lives that would have left a non-abductee completely baffled and "out of the loop." We were speaking a language unique to people like us. It’s a language of commonality and shared experiences.

I have been the beneficiary of confidences shared by many abductees and MILABS. They have told me things that are not found in the literature. So it strikes me as odd that this gal mentioned above who is now lecturing at UFO and Conspiracy conferences about MILABS and Mind Control doesn't seem to be aware of these little known nuances that have been tucked away in the minds of legitimate Abductees and MILABS. I don't doubt that this gal, I'll call her Rhonda, has been subjected to some form of Mind Control or Behavior Modification herself. She serves the useful purpose of spreading disinformation and confusion about the subject and has been a source of grief for many MILABS in the past with her clumsy efforts at exposing MILAB encounters. These efforts usually led to more harassment and more manipulation meted out to the MILABS foolish enough to go along with her.

I have witnessed how Rhonda has marginalized and dismissed out of hand the testimony of other abductees. In my presence she told a female abductee friend of mine "I already know what you're going to say, anything you've ever experienced, I already know about." She thus violated rule # 1: You don't invalidate the experiences and memories of others without first doing your homework. The irony is that the gal she said this to have had more varied and wide-ranging experiences than Rhonda can ever conceive of. Rhonda was schooled in the old "Grey Hybrid" hypothesis by some of the big name non-abductee researchers and she probably wouldn't have been able to make heads or tails of the experiences of the gal whom she so callously dismissed.

Now Rhonda has presented herself as an expert on MILABS and Mind Control. What is being left out of almost all the writings on MILABS is the fact that just as the Aliens have utilized the inherent astral capabilities of abductees, the deep black military has also utilized the astral and psychic capabilities of MILABS.

In a future work I will elaborate on this concept but suffice it to say for now, MILABS used as "Astral Operators" can be made to perform as a "multi-task platform." They cannot only remotely view a distant location; they can act as a psychic "comm-link" to numerous other astral operators on the same "op." MILABS in the Astral Operator Mode have been used to identify targets on the ground that are subsequently taken out with smart munitions like J-DAMS. MILABS used as Astral Operators have identified the locations of groups of Taliban and Al-Qaeda members living in underground tunnel complexes in Afghanistan such as those built by former CIA asset Osama Bin Laden's family construction firm. Once these underground hideouts had been conclusively identified by MILABS, the precise location of the tunnel complexes are attacked with "Bunker Busters" delivered by strike aircraft. Likewise, special operations forces are sometimes sent to reconnoiter tunnel systems previously identified as Taliban and Al-Qaeda hiding places by MILABS. Of course the pilots delivering the smart munitions and the bunker busters, as well as the spec ops troops entering the cave and tunnel systems would never dream that some of the Intel obtained for their missions came from MILABS. That’s a given.

MILABS working as Astral Operators can provide instantaneous feedback to their controllers and can be diverted to other targets instantaneously. From the military controllers point of view, MILABS don't have the inherent deficiencies that say, spy satellites have. MILABS don't have to be launched out of Vandenberg AFB and sent into a polar orbit and wait for a particular region of the Earth to pass below them before they can be utilized. Has any of this been written or mentioned by anyone else in the lecture circuit? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a crashing sound?

Yet, what I have briefly described is just a small sampling of the sort of taskings military controllers mete out to MILABS under their control. How would you feel if you were made to direct an air strike against an Afghani or Iraqi village? How would you feel if some of the terrain in Afghanistan or the Balkans shown on television is identical to some of the places you were sent to on these MILAB OPS, both in the astral and in the physical state? (Truth to tell, there are some MILABS who glory in the role of Mind Controlled Asset but thankfully they seem to be in the minority.)

What I've described isn't even the half of it. What’s even more important is how the military controls the life of the MILAB in areas such as finance, employment, family relationships and inter-personal relationships with others outside the family. Remember, these people still have a life to lead. Joe and Jane Couch Potato can just sit and watch cable television all day and munch out on Cheetos. They are: Fat, Dumb and Happy. They don't have to worry if they start hearing popping noises in their ceiling or start seeing little black balls floating around their living room, or hear high pitched noises inside their head, or ponder the meaning of very vivid "training dream" the night before or suddenly find themselves in an underground tram or subway station with dozens of other people in the middle of the night. Or at any rate at a time when they are supposed to be in bed and sleeping.

I've known of MILAB cases where the MILAB was told by their military controllers that they were going to be moving to a new house shortly in a different neighborhood when all the "facts" like finances or the lack thereof, militated against such a move. And yet within a relatively short period of time, a sequence of events unfolded that made it possible for the family to move to the new location. Oftentimes the MILAB is "shown" this new location months or even years before the move. Such is the control that the Military can exert over the lives of MILABS.

I'm only discussing MILABS here. I'm not comparing them to any other "Project People" that are caught up in some other kind of government sponsored Mind Control program. There is a marked tendency amongst the Mind Control Research and Mind Control Survivor Crowd to dismiss out of hand any data or witness testimony that sounds dissimilar to their own experiences or understanding. This is a curious and self-defeating mindset. Its patently absurd to suggest that there is only a handful of Mind Control projects underway. The reality is that there are numerous mind control programs going on in parallel with one another. Indeed its not uncommon for controllers of one type of project person, to try to "access" someone else who is involved in another project in another part of the country. There are indications that there may be an over-arching "umbrella" that ultimately controls most if not all Mind Control programs. If so it has to be connected with the New World Order and the coming Global Dictatorship.

I encourage all abductees and MILABS to first look within for your answers. Become your own private Intelligence Agency. You, the person undergoing these experiences probably know more about what’s going on than most people on the lecture circuit for no other reason than you haven't been contaminated with all the distortions and falsehoods that are extant within the UFO and Mind Control Research Community. You, the abductee or MILAB can be the source of inspiration and guidance for your family members undergoing these experiences. Every one of you has the capability to become a leader in your own right. Don't wait for some big shot researcher to come around and tell you that your experiences are invalid. Make up your own mind about the subject. After all, you are the one that’s experiencing the alien abductions or the MILAB experiences. Become your own best expert. I found out a long time ago that it doesn't pay to have a "herd-mentality" where the subject of alien abductions are concerned. In the end, the only person you will be answerable to is yourself.

~James Bartley

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