Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Human Brain Is A Chemical Organism Greatly Affected By External Means Such As Pharmacological & Electromagnetic Stimulation

While the following article doesn't specifically refer to mind control, its premise certainly runs along the same lines, since external interference with the human brain, whether it be through the use of pharmacological means, or by way of remote electronic stimulation of the brain through the use of directed energy weapons technology, can dramatically alter a targeted subject's mental state.

This article discusses a specific anomalous organic brain condition known as VMPC (ventromedial prefrontal cortex), which is responsible for the complete lack of empathy on behalf of those afflicted with this condition. There can be little doubt that if this portion of a mind control target's brain is remotely attacked to cause such a state, that similar sociopathic tendencies may result.

It would appear that the Illuminati's global membership must all suffer from VMPS, given their endorsement of genocide through the creation of biological, chemical and electromagnetic warfare, and their complete indifference to the suffering which they cause to billions of people around the world. They have, afterall, condoned the murders of millions (and more recently a plan to murder billions) in efforts to protect their own prudent interests.

"According to the neuroscientists, philosophers on both sides are wrong, because morality doesn't come from God or transcendent reason. It comes from the brain."

-- Author William Saletan

Morality Is In The Mind
By William Saletan Sunday, April 1, 2007; Page B02
Imagine that killers have invaded your neighborhood. They're in your house, and you and your neighbors are hiding in the cellar. Your baby starts to cry. If you had to press your hand over its face till it stopped fighting -- if you had to smother it to save everyone else -- would you do it?

If you're normal, you wouldn't, according to a study published last month in Nature. But if part of your brain -- the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPC) -- were damaged, you would. In the study, people were given hypothetical dilemmas: Would you throw a fatally injured person off a lifeboat to save everyone else? Would you kill a healthy hostage? Most normal people said no. Most people with VMPC damage said yes.

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