Monday, February 25, 2008

Former IRS Agent Joe Banister Discusses How The Internal Revenue Service Is Committing Fraud By Imposing An Illegal Income Tax On American Workers

An American citizen by the name of Bill Benson traveled to the 48 contiguous United States to research whether or not each state had ratified the 16TH Amendment; the Amendment which the Internal Revenue Service uses to impose a federal tax on the wages of the American working class.

What Mr. Benson found was that not one of these 48 states had ever ratified the 16TH Amendment, and in the case of Kentucky, the legislature within that state chose to vote against the 16TH Amendment. However, Washington D.C. has always reported that Kentucky had properly ratified the 16TH Amendment.

When the IRS found out about Bill Benson's research, they initiated a bogus investigation in which to imprison him, in efforts to prevent him from sharing his information with the American people. According to former IRS agent Joe Banister, one of the IRS federal prosecutors decided to offer Bill Benson a bribe. This prosecutor told Benson that in exchange for the 17,000 pages of documentation that he had amassed in regard to the IRS' fraud, he could reduce the charges against him, while ensuring that Benson would receive a high paying job.

This was outright extortion on the part of this IRS federal prosecutor, who sought to gain access of Benson's 17,000 pages of evidence (which offers indisputable proof that the 16TH Amendment is a fraud), so that it could be destroyed (and so that they would know exactly where to look in each state's national archives, to locate and destroy the original documents from which Benson's research was copied).

Benson instead chose to publish a *book entitled "The Law That Never Was" in regard to the IRS' illegal imposition of an income tax on the American worker, based on an Amendment which was never ratified. The US Congress has committed a treasonous offense here, in having the American people believing that the 16TH Amendment is an actual law, when in reality it was never never ratified by the states.

Congress is well aware of this as are both the IRS and FBI -- which is why members of all three reneged at the last minute, to an invitation to attend a public symposium hosted by the "We The People Foundation" in which the issue of legality regarding the federal income tax was to be put to rest for once and for all.

The income tax is being imposed fraudulently, which is why Congress is completely ignoring the American tax protester movement, in the hope that it will eventually go away. However, this movement is growing in leaps and bounds, as more Americans realize that they are being ripped off each year to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars that should be in their pockets -- not the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank's. That is what happens when you catch the US Federal Government perpetrating treasonous crimes. They attempt to ignore you while covertly destroying your life and the lives of any Americans who promulgate this unpopular information.

*Benson's book is a compendium of the 17,000 pages of documentation which he came across while doing his research, which proves that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified, and that the IRS is operating illegally.

*As of January of 2008, Bill Benson has been slapped with an injunction to stop circulating "The Law That Never Was," and to stop telling people that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified. This injunction is an attempt by the criminals within the US Federal Government, to prevent Benson from circulating the truth about the fraud which the US Congress, IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank have perpetrated against the American people since 1913. Read about what he's presently being subjected to here:

The American taxpayers are being subjected to an outright US Federal Government sponsored fraud, which costs them nearly a trillion dollars a year, in an ongoing and illegally imposed federal income tax.

"The 16TH Amendment has never been ratified by any of the 48 contiguous US States"

-- Former IRS Agent Joe Banister

See Joe Banister discuss this US Congressional fraud here:

A five part video in which Joe Banister discusses the IRS' shakedown of the American worker:





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