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Access This Blog Through And Choose The Proxy Feature - Journalist Steve Lendman Still In Hospital Almost Two Months After What Should Have Been A Four Day Stay - Is He Being Targeted For A Directed Energy Murder?

**FBI/NSA Most Recent Directed Energy Weapons Attack On My Father As Part Of Their Intent To Murder Him As Well As This Author And Other Members Of My Family, With Plausible Deniability

The Mystery Behind The Disappearance Of United Airlines Flight 93 - Wherever This Plane Ended Up, It Was Not In A Field In Shanksville PA

Attorney Jesse Trentadue Goes Back To Court 19 Years After His Brother Was Beaten To Death Under FBI Orders, In A Case Of Mistaken Identity Regarding The Oklahoma City Bombing - The FBI Claims That It Can't Find The Tapes Which Were Taken Of Kenneth Trentadue's Holding Cell At The Time The FBI Stated That Trentadue Hanged Himself - Trentadue Was Murdered, And His Death Was Made To Appear As A Suicide So That Those Who Murdered Him Could Avoid Prosecution - The "Missing" Tapes Would Have Proven This, Which Is Why The FBI Claims That It Can't Locate Them

Attorney Jesse Trentadue Exposes An FBI Conspiracy To Conceal The Fact That His Brother, Kenneth, Was Beaten To Death In A Case Of Mistaken Identity, And That The FBI Has Either Destroyed Video Footage Of His Brother's Murder, Or Hidden It So That It Can't Be Used Against The FBI Agents Involved

Can Privacy Search Engines Like Really Protect Your Privacy From The Spying Eyes Of Your Own Orwellian Government?

Conducting MASS MIND Control Of The U.S. Population By Way Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum - In The United States The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Complex Has Created A Number Of Different Modalities Which Have Been Used To Turn The EMF Spectrum Into An Invisible Prison, Which Each American Citizen Is Unwittingly Subjected To, Through The Exploitation Of The Unique Electromagnetic Signatures Which Emanate From Their Own Bodies

MASS MIND CONTROL In The United States & The Signals Intelligence Enslavement Of The American Middle Class, As The Pentagon Uses The Electromagnetic Spectrum To Create An Invisible Means Of Imprisoning The American People - This Is An Orwellian Horror That Goes Well Beyond What George Orwell Himself Envisioned, When He Wrote 1984 - And It Has Been Taking Place Since The 1970s

The FBI continues to sabotage this Website as part of its COINTELPRO campaign against this author. Given this egregious violation of my 1St Amendment rights to freedom of speech, the readership of this Website - which has become substantial over the past decade (one of the main reasons why the FBI continues to electronically hack into this Website) - may be able to access "The Mother Of All Black Ops" blog through the search engine, and choosing the View by Ixquick Proxy link, since this is supposed to take you off the main Internet grid.

*Also read about this author's concerns that the breast cancer that **Dr. Katherine Albrecht contracted a few years ago may well have been the result of her being unwittingly targeted by a directed energy weapon, and as punishment for the work she has done in exposing the RFID industry for its Orwellian agenda, and the fact that implanted RFID chips do cause cancer.

I also think that it is quite possible that EarthFirst! activist Judi Bari, Dr. Karla Turner, Mae Brussell, and Aaron Russo were all irradiated to cause the cancers which they died from, via some form of directed energy weapon, because they were targeted for some type of furtive government extermination program.

I don't want to see Katherine Albrecht being murdered the same way.

American citizens are being regularly tortured and murdered by the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex through its Orwellian use of these classified weapons, as Rothschild Zionism's covert overthrow of the U.S. federal government, continues in the interest of incorporating the North American landmass into one region of the Rothschilds' Satanic 21St century feudal system; while destroying the sovereignty of the United States, Canada and Mexico.

**Is Dr. Katherine Albrecht Being Targeted For A Directed Energy Induced Murder? And Was The Breast Cancer She Developed The Result Of A Directed Energy Weapon Attack On Her Person?

Is Investigative Journalist Steve Lendman
The Target Of A Directed Energy Murder Plot?

Author- James F. Marino

Stephen Lendman, has been one of the few real investigative journalists that we have left in the American media system, and I am concerned that there is a plot to murder him through the covert use of directed energy weaponry against his person, because he never bought into the official 9/11 Commission's propaganda, or myriad other aspects of this false flag operation.

He has also spoken out against the Federal Reserve System and its Wall Street organized crime appendage, which has only served to make him some very power enemies within the U.S. corporation in Washington D.C.

Over the past several years, Steve has actually also written about the government **taboo subjects of mind control and directed energy weapons (something the mainstream media in the United States has been told to avoid at all costs), and the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of these weapons on the American civilian population; which would have certainly made him the target of a plot by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, to either neutralize or murder him.

**"Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons" by Stephen Lendman

I have been concerned for sometime now that because of his journalistic integrity, and the fact that he has been writing about many topics which are considered to be strictly prohibited by the Rothschild/Zionist controlled corporate government in America, that Steve would eventually become the target of a directed energy weapons' attack, and possibly even an electronic warfare assassination.

And I am writing on this Website today to state that I fear that this is exactly what is being done to him at the present time.

These electronic warfare weapons can be used to completely disable a person through an infinite permutation of covert attacks on both the body and mind, using the EMF spectrum.

They can be used to murder someone instantly by causing the person to have a stroke, aneurism or heart attack, or instead by what many targets of this Orwellian nightmare have become subjugated to - a slow-kill torture methodology that gradually breaks both the body and mind down over a period of years, while slowly torturing the person to death.

Steve's statement of being run down sounds as if he is suffering from the type of extreme fatigue, that could certainly be caused through the use of an ELF frequency that is targeted at his body, via signals intelligence satellite or HAARP over the horizon radar.

As a target of MK-Ultra for many years, this author has personally experienced this frequency (as well as many others) at different extremes, depending on how the ELF is modulated, and it can keep you bedridden if it is used at more severe levels for any length of time - as many targets of this technology are also aware of from their own personal experiences as human guinea pigs within their own homes, regarding this high tech electromagnetic predation of their persons.

Moreover, as I have stated in the past, the current threat to the human race is that the electromagnetic spectrum has been weaponized by our own subverted governments, and through the use of a number of different modalities, used for the purpose of signals intelligence tracking of the unique electromagnetic signatures of our own bodies, which has in the process created an invisible prison that is all around us.

Given this, ultimately, no one is immune from this Orwellian technocracy or their high-tech methods of remote predation via the EMF spectrum.

And while many people have argued in regard to whether or not we need to be implanted with brain chips (we do not) for this type of signals intelligence predation of our persons to actually take place, or which specific technologies are being used to perpetrate these Orwellian crimes against us, the fact is that the EMF spectrum and its myriad different frequencies are the means by which the electronic enslavement of the human race is presently, and furtively taking place.

It is also this author's opinion that since the post WWII baby boom era, all Americans have been electronically EMF fingerprinted from birth as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program in the United States that began in the 1940s; an allegation that I made nearly a decade ago, and which represents the type of dystopian horror that George Orwell wrote about in 1984.

And from the insidious ways in which I have been both attacked and demonized by agents from within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, after promulgating my concerns in regard to the American people's being imprisoned via the EMF spectrum, as well as my citing the use of former circuit court Judge, Stanley Sporkin, to prevent John St. Clair Akwei from exposing this atrocity in his 1992 civil lawsuit against the NSA, I am certain that my concerns are not only valid, but that as a nation the American people are on the verge of a devastating series of events that they are both completely unprepared for or even able to comprehend.

The fact is that we are being gradually reduced to the status of a slave race, whose horrifying future includes our own mass genocide, and the subversion of humanity into the darkest recesses of existence imaginable.

A cybernetic race of hybridized slaves who once represented the human species, yet who will now serve as little more that the drones of a fully automated police state.

A police state whose inhabitants operate on a collective consciousness; a consciousness which is derived from an artificial intelligence neural network of computers which will police us from within the confines of our own minds.

As such, my concern for all whistleblowers, whether they are former employees of the government in their country or targets of non consensual human experimentation, is that we are being systematically tortured and killed off, because we refuse to accept the aforementioned plan in which to robotize the human race through the menticide of our own minds.

And we are attempting to expose this atrocity before it is too late to stop it from destroying humanity.

As such, I am presently concerned that Steve Lendman is going to be murdered for his role in attempting to expose this atrocity, as well as Steve's attempts to promulgate the U.S. federal government's calculated risk of provoking World War III with Russia, in regard to the Zionist control over this corporate government, and their intent at global domination through their own hegemonic doctrine.

Not long before Steve was taken ill, he co-authored "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive For Hegemony Risks World War III" - which would certainly have gotten him blacklisted by the Obama Administration - had he in all probability not already been blacklisted long before that, for his very public opposition to the hegemonic/imperialist stance which the U.S. federal government has been propagating since the early post World War II era.

The fact is that the House of Rothschild is responsible for the current debacle between Russia and the Ukraine, which involves Rothschild Zionism's intent to force Russia into joining the European Union, as part of the Rothschilds' agenda to create a 21St century feudal system.

Those disinformation artists who earn their livings on the Rothschilds' payroll would have us think that this financial monarchy faded into oblivion long ago, instead of the truth: that they intermarried into some of the worlds' most powerful bloodlines, spreading their cancerous world Zionist ideology around the globe, while using their vast financial resources to foment wars against any nations who refused to become subservient to their master/slave ideology.

And Russia is no exception, since post World War II Russia and the United States have been the world's only two real superpowers for the past 70 years, and the Rothschilds have attempted to use us as pawns in their own global expansion, with their fomentation of a cold war hoax between these two countries which has been ongoing since the end of World War II, courtesy of Zionist shill Winston Churchill.

Google: Eustace Mullins' "The $5 Trillion Dollar Cold War Hoax" for more information on what may well be the longest false flag operation in history

As for Russia, if Vladimir Putin would acquiesce to this covert overthrow of his own government, by allowing Russia to become part of the European Union region of Rothschild Zionism's world government, Russia, would like the United States, be systematically dismantled, while its land mass was taken over by this Satanically driven oligarchy, and Russia's citizenry reduced to the same enslaved status as the American middle class is presently being subjugated to under the 9/11 false flag war on terror.

Vladimir Putin is well aware of this, which is why he wants to reestablish the Soviet Union in an effort to remain independent from the Rothschilds and their demonic world government.

In this author's opinion, the recent destruction of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was part of a black operation used to demonize Russia with the rest of the world, in order to force this country to join the European Union.

The reader will also note how quickly the global media was to claim that a Russian missile had destroyed MH17, even though there has thus far been no physical evidence that Flight MH17 was hit by a missile. In this author's opinion, Flight MH17 may have been blown up by a bomb or even by the explosion of its fuel tank, after the tank was targeted by some form of directed energy weapon, delivered via signals intelligence satellite or HAARP over the horizon radar.

*See: Was Malaysian Air Flight MH17 Destroyed As Part Of A Covert Operation To Turn The World Against Russia, In Order To Force Russia Into Becoming Part Of The European Union?

Moreover, these types of false flag terrorist attacks are precisely why the American people must use their rights as citizens of this country, to remove the Rothschilds from power through the abolition of the Federal Reserve System, and replacing the Zionist corporation in Washington D.C. with the Constitutional Republic which a corrupted Congress stole from us in 1871; with its treasonous passage of the Legislative Act of 1871, and its creation of the corporate constitution which has since given corporations the same rights as people, and reduced American citizens to the status of shares of stock in the Anglo/Zionist controlled U.S. corporation.

As for the situation regarding the health of Steve Lendman, the reader will consider that on June 4Th, 2014, Steve was supposed to enter the hospital for just a few days in which to recover from what may have been exhaustion brought on by a covert directed energy weapon's attack.

However, it appears that he is still in the hospital almost two months later, which in this author's opinion is cause for great concern.

As such, I post this information here in the event that if Steve is being attacked with directed energy weapons, it is made publicly known that he may be the target of a covert government attempt to murder his person through the use of these weapons, using plausible denial.

- James F. Marino

The following is the last post that Steve made on his blog:

Stephen Lendman wrote:

"I'm dealing with some health issues. They caught up to me. I'll be hospitalized perhaps through the weekend.

Beginning Wednesday, June 4. Hopefully will restore me to full health and vigor.

I know supportive readers follow my daily articles. I'm very grateful. You're the tonic that keeps me going. I hate being away for even a short time.

Sometimes there's no choice. This is one of those times. I'll dread hospital boredom; being unable to do what I love best. You'll know when I'm back. You'll see new articles posted. I can't wait to write them.

I hope soon as possible. Your support keeps me going. I value it so much. You're all cherished friends and allies. You're the best."


"Stephen Lendman has been hospitalized since June 4th and hence is unable to continue updating his blog on his own -- up until this date (July 16th, 2014).

His work is widely distributed online, with his articles carried on numerous listeners and websites such as Information Clearing House, Countercurrents, Rense, AltNews, Uruknet, Global Research, Counterpunch, and more. In early 2007, he began regular radio hosting, now The Progressive Radio News Hour on The Progressive Radio Network.

He is co author with J.J. Asongu of The Iraq Quagmire: The Price of Imperial Arrogance. He recently also collaborated and edited the book "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive For Hegemony Risks World War III."


Stephen Lendman BlogSpot

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**FBI/NSA Most Recent Directed Energy Weapons Attack On My Father As Part Of Their Intent To Murder Him As Well As This Author And Other Members Of My Family, With Plausible Deniability

Dr. Nick Begich Talks About The FBI's Involvement In The 1972 Disappearance Of His Father, Congressman Nick Begich, And Congressman Hale Boggs - Based On The Atrocities That The FBI Has Perpetrated Against This Author And Other Members Of My Family (Including Non Consensual Human Experimentation And Torture), I Have No Doubt That The FBI Was Involved In Collusion With The CIA And Nixon White House To Murder Congressman Hale Boggs, For His Intent To Expose The Warren Commission As A Fraud, And To Implicate The FBI And CIA In Complicity Regarding The Murder Of President John F. Kennedy - Hale Boggs Also Wanted Congress To Abolish The FBI And Boggs Paid For This With His Life

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"Under the $100 million contract, Beck's net worth is expected to soon double. Forbes magazine estimates his current worth to be around $80 million, and when Beck last negotiated with Premiere in 2007 it was for only $10 million per year; under the latest arrangement, the host will be paid double that" - Zionist, Glenn Beck Is A Classic Example Of Rothschild Zionism's Controlled Opposition - Legitimate Whistleblowers Don't Make Millions Of Dollars A Year Promulgating Their Information Through The Government Controlled Media Like Glenn Beck, Nomi Prins, Bill O'Reilly, Gerald Celente And Myriad Other Shills Of This Evil Zionist Oligarchy

Was A World Renown Homeopath By The Name Of Ananda Zaren Murdered Back In 2008, When The Computer In Her Automobile Was Remotely Taken Over Via Signals Intelligence Satellite, And The Car Intentionally Driven Off A Cliff? We Have Seen Other Similar Scenarios Over The Past Several Years, Including The More Recent Murder Of Investigative Journalist Michael Hastings, Who Died In A Fiery Inferno After His Brand New Mercedes Slammed Head On Into A Tree At Over 100 MPH And Exploded On Implact - Two Years Earlier, Hastings Wrote An Article In Regard To Former General Stanley McChrystal, Which Would Result In McChrystal's Being Forced To Resign From The U.S. Military - Was The Hastings' Car Accident Revenge For Having Written This Article?

Judyth Vary Baker Blog Describing How Wikipedia Deleted Her Information Regarding The Book She Wrote About Her Relationship With Lee Harvey Oswald, And The U.S. Government Black Operation That Was Used To Murder John F. Kennedy - Baker Describes How She Regularly Gets Death Threats Simply For Telling The American People The Truth About Lee Harvey Oswald & How He Tried To Save JFK From The Vipers Within His Own Government, Who Wanted Him Dead, Including Lyndon B. Johnson - This Is The Price That American Whistleblowers Pay For Telling Truths About The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex That Are Devastating To Its Orwellian Operations - Baker's Information Is Compelling, Which Is Why Her Relationship With Her Own Family Has Been Destroyed, And She Continues In Her Attempts To Survive These Covert Attacks By Those Who Want Her Dead!

How The NSA Uses The EMF Spectrum To Unlock The Unique EMF Code To Your Own Brain, In Order To Interface An Artificial Intelligence Computer With Your Mind - The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - Is It Satellite Or HAARP Over The Horizon Based? Or Perhaps Both?

Conducting Global Mind Control Of The Earth's Human Population By Way Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Editor's Note: On 7/19/14 I notice that the vision in my left eye is blurred as the result of a directed energy attack on my person. This situation can clear up once the frequency used to target my eye is modulated downward. However, this is just another in the myriad examples of how these demonic miscreants within our own subverted government use furtive means in which to torture and murder American citizens through the use of this Orwellian weaponry.

On 7/18/14 this author notices that yet another tree from the property behind our own has fallen onto our property and destroyed our shed. This is the same area in which trees landed in 2013, destroying a Sunfish and Dyer Dhow sailing pram. Moreover, this makes more than thirty trees which have been knocked down on our property (either our own trees or trees from the adjacent property) since the Organized Stalking campaign against this author began in 2003.

It is also one of myriad examples of the types of signals intelligence driven vandalism that these federal psychopaths continue to perpetrate against our persons over the past decade alone.

The primary function of a COINTELPRO operation is for the FBI to find a plausibly deniable way in which to murder their target, by systematically destroying every aspect of that person's life, including their financial means of support.

As such, finding ways in which to bankrupt the person, even if it is done just one step at a time for the purpose of plausible deniability, is commonly reported by all targets of COINTELPRO.

If the target has insurance that is in good standing, and with a track record of paying their premiums on time, and few if any insurance claims ever made, it becomes more difficult to achieve the destruction of a TI's finances through this method of perpetrating covert forms of vandalism.

However, this does not prevent an agency like the FBI from doing so.

They just become more devious, sadistic and evil in regard to how they do so.

The fact is that most FBI agents, whether they are male or female, are the absolute definition of the archetypal bully.

They have tremendous resources and virtually no *legitimate oversight by the U.S. Congress or the judicial or executive branches of the federal government.

*The FBI was never created through any legislative process as it by law should have been, but instead by the Executive branch of the U.S. Federal Government.

This means that the FBI's existence in the United States is unconstitutional, since it does not have the legislative charter that it must by law have in order to operate within the United States.

And this has enabled the FBI to completely circumvent the Constitutional rule of law in in this country at anytime they decide to, without any fear of reprisals for doing so, or for committing any crimes that they perpetrate under the color of law statutes, covered under Title 18 of the United States Code.

As such, the FBI clearly considers itself to be above the Constitutional rule of law in America.

In fact, to give the reader an idea of just how abusive the U.S. Intelligence community has become to our elected representatives, back in March of 2014, the head of the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee, Chairwoman, Diane Feinstein, publicly stated that the CIA had been spying on her committee.

What Senator Feinstein may or may not realize is that the CIA, and for that matter the U.S. Military Intelligence complex in general, spies on all members of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of the U.S. federal government, because there is no physical way of preventing this complex from doing so.

Their intent with such spying is to collect every bit of personal information that they can on our politicians, in an effort to find anything negative about them which can later be used to control them.

This completely immoral, unethical and illegal means of collecting such information, once led the late investigative journalist, Sherman Skolnick, to state the following: "black mail is the FBI's stock in trade."

Skolnick made this claim in reference to how the FBI spies on anyone of interest, in an attempt to dig up anything that can be used to control them through the use of blackmail.

And the fact is that they spy in the most abjectly personal ways that one can imagine, including the EEG heterodyning of our own brainwaves via computer to brain interface, so that they may remotely search for any information (including our own private thoughts) that they can use against us - even if they have absolutely no legal authority in which to do so.

Even worse is that this signals intelligence spy method involves the use of * "Two way communication" with a targeted person's brain, meaning that computer generated information can be implanted into the mind of the target without their knowledge or consent; thus remotely manipulating their thoughts and behavior without their having any idea that this Orwellian crime is even taking place.

*See: U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Brain Mapping American Politicians, Actors And News Broadcast Personalities, For The Purpose Of Using Them For Non Consensual Human Experimentation - Including Mind Control Via The EEG Heterodyning Of Their Own Unique EEG Brain Maps

Such a furtive means of covert surveillance, would also make the body politic in the United States particularly vulnerable to such remote predation of their own minds, since those power hungry misanthropes who operate at the very top levels of this complex, would like nothing better than to control every aspect of those who legislate our laws, and pass the obscene budgets which this complex operates on each year.

As for the FBI/NSA/DHS collusion in these furtive acts of signals intelligence driven vandalism against us, these crimes have become common over the past decade.

As such, this author has documented virtually every incident, for the purpose of both citing this criminal activity, as well as exposing the myriad different techniques that these lawless and psychotic thugs utilize in their criminal attacks on our persons.

Given this, there's virtually no doubt that the tree which destroyed our shed was intentionally knocked down by these Satanically inculcated psychopaths, by using a HAARP weapon in which to cause the damage with plausible deniability. It was likely a HAARP created microburst which was used to knock this tree down and to destroy our shed.

The same type of classified weaponry that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex used to create Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012, which turned out to be the most devastating storm that the United States has seen since the early part of the 20Th century, and the most expensive one in U.S. history.

*See Hurricane Sandy - Act Of Mother Nature Or Manmade Created Disaster Through The Pentagon's HAARP Program?

This is the kind of extreme damage that HAARP weapons are capable of causing, which is why no government with access to these weapons will ever admit to their existence; much less that they are secretly using them on their own civilian populations.

The ultimate government weapons of mass destruction are now those categorized under electronic warfare, since these weapons harness the energy from the EMF spectrum, which can then be used to remotely target anything the controllers of this Orwellian weapons' system decide to attack - including any person whose body's own unique electromagnetic signatures can be remotely identified and tracked via the EMF spectrum.

In other words, in the United States this in all probability refers to the entire U.S. population, for in this MK-Ultra target's opinion, every American citizen has already been electromagnetically fingerprinted into the NSA's computer database as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program that is right out of George Orwell's 1984.

Electromagnetically branded like an enormous herd of cattle, each of whom is unwittingly tracked and monitored 24 hours a day, while their activities and thoughts are recorded and stored within the NSA's artificial intelligence computer database for later reference.

The real benefit of electromagnetic weaponry to these reprobates is that it can be used to murder billions of people without actually harming the physical infrastructure of a city or town.

As such, buildings and houses can be left standing, while billions of people are murdered, since these ionizing weapons can be used to commit mass genocide, while the radiation from these weapons (unlike that from a nuclear blast which can last for decades) dissipates quickly.

Earlier today:

In the early morning hours of 7/17/14, this author is subjected to an aggressive directed energy weapons' ELF attack which causes tremendous fatigue. My right forearm is also remotely manipulated via the EMF spectrum, which takes place for a few minutes. When I verbally remark that the anomaly is the result of a directed energy weapon, the electromagnetic field around my arm is modulated downward so that I regain control of it.

At approximately 11:30 AM EST, on 7/16/14, the FBI cuts the power to our neighborhood for a brief time (this has become a chronic problem over the past 11 years, since the DOJ/DHS fusion center orchestrated "Organized Stalking" campaign against this author became aggressive in the Spring of 2003), in answer to the following excellent article I posted yesterday, by Karin Pekarcik.

The article is in reference to the House of Rothschilds' agenda to create a 21St century technocratic feudal system, using the types of signals intelligence surveillance technology that this author regularly writes about on this Website, and which NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei attempted to publicly expose when filing his 1992 lawsuit (Civil Action - 92-0049) against the NSA.

Without a doubt, this is the most important lawsuit against the U.S. federal government in the history of the United States, which is why Mr. Akwei was prevented from seeing his court case to fruition in 1992, and why four years later, the British publication, Nexus Magazine, published much of the contents of this lawsuit in the April/May '96 issue of Nexus.

I would imagine that no print (or for that matter any other media venue) media in the United States would have ever risked publishing this information at the time, whether it was true or not, since the mere possibility that Akwei's allegations in regard to the NSA's signals intelligence domestic surveillance system are true, these allegations are horrible enough for the American people to demand the abolition of the Agency.

However, today there is an enormous amount of compelling evidence which serves to support John St. Clair Akwei's claims, regarding the NSA's treasonous domestic spy programs; which consequently, makes Akwei VS NSA an extraordinarily important piece of evidence against the NSA.

And one which should in fact be read by every American citizen of adult age, since they are the unwitting victims of the "invisible prison" that the NSA's signals intelligence operations have been to used to both create, as well as conceal from the American people under the cover of national security.

This is why back in 1992, when Akwei filed his lawsuit against the NSA, former federal circuit court Judge, Stanley Sporkin, was used by the NSA to cover up this information regarding the NSA's illegal domestic spy program in the United States, so that the Agency could avoid the scrutiny it is now being placed under more than twenty years later.

Especially given that this article has been read by a significant number of people from many different countries, who are concerned that their own nations have similar Orwellian domestic spy programs in place which utilize the EMF spectrum in order to exploit the unique EMF bioelectric resonance signatures of their own bodies, for such illegal surveillance and non consensual human experimentation.

Moreover, as the direct result of documenting my experiences as the target of a second generation of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation which for nearly four decades has been perpetrated via the electromagnetic spectrum, the FBI COINTELPRO against this author has once again become even more aggressive over the past several days, as what appears to be an addendum to the FBI's illegal BOLO (Be On The Lookout For) in regard to this author is circulated, in an effort to further demonize my person.

The reader should note that not only is this BOLO completely illegal, unconstitutional, and a precedent setting violation of the 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights, but as part of the FBI's smear/slander campaign against my person, may very well contain myriad fabrications, including *CGI cloned video and photographs, as well as false claims in regard to this author - or even coerced testimony (if such testimony was taken under oath this would also include perjury as well as suborning witness perjury).

*See Concerns Regarding The Ethics Of Using CGI Video Cloning Technology To Replace The Actors From Whom These CGI Images Were Cloned - What Is To Prevent Hollywood Production Studios From Cloning The Images Of Well Known Hollywood Actors And Then Using Artificial Intelligence Computers To Replace The Actors With Their CGI Cloned Personas? This Has Already Become An Issue With Two Actors Who Were Killed Before They Could Complete Movies Which They Were Contracted To Star In (Phillip Seymour Hoffman And Paul Walker) - If CGI Video Clones Are Allowed To Be Used In The Cases Regarding Hoffman And Walker, It Will Set A Precedent In The Film Making Industry Which Could Eventually Result In Actors Being Completely Replaced By Their Computer Generated Cloned Images, In Order To Produce Movies As Well As TV Series - So What Is To Become Of The Actors? Will They Be Paid A Fee From The Studios For Using Their Images, And Prevented From Actually Acting In Movie And TV Roles In The Future?

The fact of the matter is this: The FBI (as well as the federal government itself) is clearly becoming more desperate by the day, as the world begins to understand the gravity of this situation, regarding this author's allegations that the U.S. federal government has secretly implemented a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program which involves the decoding of the individual brain maps of each American citizen, as part of an Orwellian surveillance system which makes every disturbing allegation that whistleblowers like Russell Tice and Edward Snowden have thus far made, pale by comparison.

This is truly the greatest scandal in human history, since it concerns a furtive and ultra sophisticated means of using the electromagnetic spectrum in order to create an "invisible prison" for our entire population, which can also be used to instantaneously target, track, EEG heterodyne the mind of, or even torture and murder any American citizen with plausible deniability.

All being done under the cover of the 9/11 false flag operation and the fraudulent war on terror that it has since spawned.

As for this Satanic attack on the human race, there are at present more articles being circulated over the Internet in regard to this conspiracy by the House of Rothschild and its minions - pertaining to its New World Order propagation of a Satanically driven world government - than one could, quite literally, spend a lifetime and then some reading about.

This makes the following article, written by freelance writer, Karin Pekarcik, all the more pertinent, since she's managed to incorporate much of this information into one cogent work that should, most definitely, be read by every adult living on the face of this planet.

This is a very well researched article in regard to the New World Order's plans to establish a global 21St century feudal system, based on their use of the electromagnetic spectrum, in which to remotely access and control the minds of the entire population of this planet; by interfacing the neural pathways of our brains with an artificial intelligence driven neural network of computers, which will be used to function as a "hive" mind for each of us.

This will ultimately result in the destruction of the human race, which will gradually and systematically be transformed into a cybernetic species who will share a common mind, in which our freedom of thought, individuality, creativity, and emotions such as love will be lost forever.

As for how this Orwellian nightmare began, consider the following quote from John St. Clair Akwei's 1992 civil action against the NSA, which describes over the horizon technologies that the Pentagon has been using as early as the 1940s - even before the first spy satellites were launched into space or the NSA was even formed. One must wonder how much of the NSA's signals intelligence spy operations (including mind control via the EMF spectrum) involves HAARP over the horizon radar as well as signals intelligence satellites?

"NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using~ RNM) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject."

-- NSA Whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei

The reader should also consider the following statements made by physicist Louis Del Monte, in regard to the planned destruction of the human race and its replacement with a race of cybernetic beings by the year 2045.

*Also see Del Monte's book:

"The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Will Artificial Intelligence Serve Us Or Replace Us?"

And the following article:

"By 2045 'The Top Species Will No Longer Be Humans,' And That Could Be A Problem" by Louis Del Monte

"'It won't be the 'Terminator' scenario, not a war,' said Del Monte. 'In the early part of the post-singularity world, one scenario is that the machines will seek to turn humans into cyborgs. This is nearly happening now, replacing faulty limbs with artificial parts. We'll see the machines as a useful tool. Productivity in business based on automation will be increased dramatically in various countries. In China it doubled, just based on GDP per employee due to use of machines.'

"'By the end of this century,' he continued, 'most of the human race will have become cyborgs [part human, part tech or machine]. The allure will be immortality. Machines will make breakthroughs in medical technology, most of the human race will have more leisure time, and we'll think we've never had it better. The concern I'm raising is that the machines will view us as an unpredictable and dangerous species.'

"Del Monte believes machines will become self-conscious and have the capabilities to protect themselves. They 'might view us the same way we view harmful insects.' Humans are a species that 'is unstable, creates wars, has weapons to wipe out the world twice over, and makes computer viruses.' Hardly an appealing roommate.

"'He wrote the book as 'a warning.' Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more capable, and we're adopting it as quickly as it appears.'"

Dr. Del Monte's statement should be a wake up call to the human race in regard to what will become of us if the House of Rothschild and its Satanic overlords are allowed to continue on their current path to a Zionist driven world government.

Moreover, under Rothschild Zionism, this complete subversion of the U.S. federal government has spread like a cancer to state and local government, as well as to our own communities, which now act as Red Squad vigilantes in regard to their covert and illegal surveillance on targeted American citizens (those who have not bought into the 9/11 false flag propaganda), as well as the vicious psychological warfare attacks that they subject us to.

All perpetrated under the cover of the 9/11 false flag operation and the fraudulent war on terror.

As part of this precedent setting conspiracy, in the folllowing article, Ms. Pekarcik documents the most common types of societal "brainwashing" as well as some of the more sophisticated ones utilized by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, including the Pentagon's use of the HAARP antenna farm in Gakona, Alaska as a venue for remote mass mind control of the citizens of this planet.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect in regard to what is occurring here is that the majority of the people on our planet have not yet awakened to what is being done to them.

And this remains the most serious concern, since they may already be so brainwave entrained as part of this furtive brainwashing program, that they may now be incapable of escaping this "Matrix" - instead being rendered helpless to recognize the myriad forms of mind control that they are routinely being subjected to by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

James F. Marino
MK-Ultra Target

By Karin Pekarcik

Think again if you believe you are in total control of what you think, how you think, and why you think as you do.

Since birth we are all under the manipulation of mass consciousness through major media, schools, churches, etc. Our parents are well versed in the do’s and don’ts of culture, and they indoctrinate us early in our life into these same thinking and behavior patterns. Most of us don’t even know that we are born into this conditioning and continue throughout our lives to be the manipulated pawns of our society, never questioning our thought or behavior patterns.

Mass consciousness is the name of the game. We are herded into accepting the norm that is placed before us, and we don’t give it another thought. We proceed to follow the preconceived agendas of those that want to keep us imprisoned in our herd instincts. We are well indoctrinated subjects. Those who don’t go along with the mass agenda are pressured into conforming. And if we don’t conform we are harassed into acceptance. And if this doesn’t work then we are temporarily or even permanently removed and thus effectively isolated from family and friends in order not to infect others with our rebellious nature (in the name of protecting ourselves and our families). Those running the show want to make sure that free-thinking is not contagious.

We buy into their propaganda on many levels, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. We persist in amassing all the products that constantly bombard us in the all pervasive advertising campaigns that surround us — in our homes watching television and commercials, in our car looking at the billboards and listening to the radio and their constant barrage of commercials, shopping in stores with their programmed sales pitches, etc. We are unknowingly surrounded and engulfed by consumerism and this is part of normal life. It is so much a part of us that most of the time we aren’t even conscious of the programming working on us.

Through social engineering our consciousness is molded along the correct lines. Mass programming is instituted through all avenues — television, radio, news, movies, computer games, magazines, books, and just about everything around us. And we thought we were free thinkers!

What is the current propaganda campaign? Disintegrating social, family, spiritual, and personal values. There has been a proliferation of movies and television programs depicting disintegrating families (breaking down family values and family stability). This is projected as normal life. The message broadcast to the general audiences including children, pre-teens and teenagers is that sexual relationships (no matter at what age) outside of marriage are okay because they are exciting. The destructive message being propagated is that we are free to do whatever feels good no matter who we hurt in the process.

We are further conditioned to accept violence. We witness violence on just about every program. Children continuously watch cartoons that depict characters behaving in destructive, violent, and unusual behavior. From an early age we are being conditioned to accept this behavior as okay.

The daily news programs concentrate a majority of their programming on violence, and we all intently watch the latest violent outbursts. We even enjoy it on certain levels. This is a major planned desensitizing program geared to getting us used to everyday violence, as we accept it and incorporate it as part of our normal environment. In our quest for excitement we anxiously await the next scandal and then immerse ourselves in it until we live and breathe the sordid story, thus escaping from our so-called doldrum lives.

There is not only this overt mind manipulation programming through major media, news, entertainment, video, computer games, significant programming, but the entire population is unknowingly subjected to many covert subliminal transmissions as well.

At no time in history is it easier to promote overall programming of the entire population through telecommunications around the world, thus manipulating and controlling city, state, national and global views. A story is planted in the media and grows through continued emphasis and interest.

Covert programs are in place in various governmental programs. For instance the government program called the Montauk Project that took over after the Philadelphia/Rainbow Project with connections to Brookhaven National Labs, Airborne Instrument Labs, Siemens/ITT and MK-ULTRA, are subjecting the human race to nonstop, invasive and pervasive body, emotion, mind, and consciousness control by the use of electromagnetic frequency transmissions on a worldwide scale. Through these various projects we are being subjected (without our knowledge or consent) to extensive social manipulation and programming, consciousness modification programs, health and mood altering substances placed in our air, food and water supply, and implants unknowingly placed within specified targeted individuals.

Still think we are free agents?

We never get the real truth. There is a massive reality control being performed on all of us – this is the ongoing control upon what we think we see through any media source. There is a constant media disinformation campaign to discredit or promote any government program or agenda. There are massive covert agendas that are promoted in specific ways as well. Exploitation of the masses by those in power is unfortunately the keynote of this technology age.

For instance, who chooses what stories receive media attention, and which stories are left to die a natural death? Major media is forced to check with Washington DC to see what has been cleared for publication by the government. If they choose to ignore this policy, their careers are instantly cut off.

Within the media we witness the propagating of falsehoods, apocalyptic, end of time prophecy, outside attacks of evil, etc. Religions further promote social control, manipulation and blind obedience to authority, creating a psychological framework for mind control programming.

Even New Age philosophy has been infiltrated and manipulated through EM/RF projects such as Montauk Project and HAARP. They are conducting weather/mind/seismic activity that is playing right into the New Age scenario of the catastrophic events of a pole shift, galactic, and planetary alignments.

Our general perceptions are continuously manipulated and controlled. Technology can now cause engineered panic. ELF waves are directed on certain groups creating paranoia and civil unrest, thus the preplanned calling in troops to restore order and take up residence within our cities.

The history of science has been thoroughly and diligently manipulated just like the rest of history. We see and hear what they want us to know, and this is far from the reality of the way things are. The true state of scientific advancement is a secret to the majority. There is an ongoing common suppression of scientific discoveries, deception and manipulation. The existence of other dimensions and time travel is possible and has actually been the source of experiments for decades. Mind control techniques have been perfected and used upon unsuspecting individuals for years.

When a true fact actually leaks out, then these truths are later discredited in order to continue to create and propagate the lies. Our education system reinforces all the preplanned programming, and then the media goes about verifying it. As so it is. This is how the lie keeps building and forming our culture. We don’t know any differently. How could we? Most of us would never come across this information in our everyday lives. We have been effectively blindfolded to the truth. Thus, the social control of the masses continues in every avenue of our lives.

It is believed that most of those reporting alien abductions were actually conducted by government agencies on its citizens with no alien involvement whatsoever. The government continues to implant, test, and experiment with its unsuspecting human subjects while using the alien agenda as a scapegoat.

Science has been promoting the body identification curriculum for years. This is the ongoing promotion of the false belief that consciousness is a product of the brain and the mind is in the brain and not an independent entity. Thus the contention that the mind can be manipulated by outside sources. Science promotes the premise for the lie that there is no free will.

There is a worldwide covert government using mind control and manipulating technologies for their specific agendas. They have put into place electromagnetic fields across the world thus controlling the population on a large scale basis.

The secret government is using intelligence and military agencies to influence and mold society through the effective avenues of media and communications. These groups have perfected highly advanced technology in regards to electromagnetic/RF technologies like HAARP, the Montauk/Phoenix Project, and countless research projects to implement their plans not only on a national scale but the global scale control over our mind, emotions, and physical bodies.

There are numerous projects of this nature that are being conducted by federal intelligence agencies researching mind control programs, from the overt control of basic information given out to the public through major media to covert agendas.

There are highly structured cult-like "belief system" control groups. For instance, preceding the Jonestown, Guyana massacre there was unusual electromagnetic energy reported. A fact hidden from the public is that 700 of the 900 victims were homicides not suicides.

These agencies using EM/RF signals and drugs, can manipulate basic psychological states; interfere with mental functioning and reflexes; control the autonomic nervous system; transmit audible words directly to the brain via pulsed microwaves; create psychotronic mind to computer links (used by Air Force with fighter pilots and flight computers demonstrated on TV); interface with both conscious and subconscious thought processes; plant subliminal messages (especially with specific targets during Rapid Eye Movement - REM sleep).

If we ever thought we were safe in our homes and on the streets of our neighborhoods, think again. These projects reach into all avenues of our lives. We don’t even have to leave our home to be subject to its influences.

NSA’s nanotech computer uses satellite links that can locate, catalog, track and scan literally anyone in the US by reading and recording or correlating/matching the unique bio-electromagnetic signature possessed by each living being, and by monitoring mental, physical and emotional states through subtly evoked EEG readings picked up by extremely sensitive scanning. Targeted individuals can then be interacted with by means of the electromagnetic/radio frequency technology. Targeted individuals are usually implanted with biologically-based transceiver chips making their control more reliable and powerful. It is reported by numerous sources that a plan now exists to implant each and every person at some future time. The computer chips that are smaller than a grain of rice are already manufactured and waiting for an opportune time to inject into our bodies. News sources report the ongoing testing of these computer chips on prisoners (without their knowledge) in order to monitor and modify their behavior.

The mind manipulation programs that were perfected by Montauk on Long Island are now being carried out by HAARP in various areas around the world. There are mind manipulation EM/RF transmitters in most major cities to handle potential troublemakers and dissidents. HAARP has global operations controlled by the covert government agencies.

The Montauk Project and other related military bases are in line with the New World Order objectives. There are reported 10,000 intensely programmed people in the US alone.

There is another sinister covert operation going on in this great country of ours, and that is mind control programming that is targeting specific populations. These are not isolated incidents but actually specified youth directed programming in many areas of our country. For instance, children in all major population areas are being programmed through various devious means. On field-trips and outings when staying at military facilities, these children are being abducted, programmed, and then silently returned. Then triggers and cues that are embedded in popular mass entertainment (songs, movies, and computer games) set off certain programmed behavior patterns within these individuals.

Notice the recent violent actions of boys around the age of puberty (the age of the experimental Montauk boys). Along with this outside influence, we also have youth-directed mass programming through various avenues of the media that we bring into our homes and general environment. Witness the tragedy generated by young boys in the following:

Jonesboro Arkansas massacre in March ’98

May ’98 massacre in Edinboro, Pennsylvania

School shooting in Springfield, Oregon

The interesting aspect is that these violent events are taking place in quiet rural/suburban communities

Another aspect of child manipulation was the famous McMartin Preschool incident and their mass ritual sex abuse upon the youngsters. This was shown to have outright CIA connections.

It is reported that the CIA’s child oriented mind control operations have been administered by an Indonesian religious cult "Subud". One leader is a principal officer in a major computer games software manufacturing/developing business.

We have all types of conditioned programming that is setting up prejudices within our young. Schools, churches, and the mass media promote and encourage these lines of separation.

In February ’99 Charlton Heston presented a speech to the Harvard Law School Forum. The subject of his speech was freedom of thought and freedom of speech. He appealed to the students to reconnect with their own sense of liberty, freedom of thought, and their own compass as to what is right. He said we are in a cultural war that is taking away our birthright to think and say what resides in our hearts. He pointed out that something is undermining our nation and separating truth from falsehood. (With all the directed mass media programming along these lines of separation and hatred how could it be any different?)

The media and critics are now condemning Heston for daring to speak his mind and that his language is not authorized for public consumption. Because he speaks up for our civil liberties he is branded as a crazy ridicules brain-injured old man. This is the media speaking out. And the public is listening. This is another blatant example of how we are told what to think, say, and do. And if we don’t conform we’re the bad ones to be shunned by the media, our family and friends.

Public figures, professors and researchers, and all those in the public eye cannot really say what they believe. Everywhere cultural and political correctness rules. Heston calls us "… the most socially conformed and politically silenced generation since Concord Bridge. And as long as you validate that…and abide it…you are by your grandfathers’ standards —cowards."

Music and Mind Control

Music provides access to deep subconscious, emotional, nonlinear/logical portions of the psyche. In this way music assists, intensifies, and boosts the impact of programming. Music can also set off certain triggers within specified targeted individuals.

To illustrate, the Montauk Project has state of the art psycho-acoustic techniques that insert subliminal programming into popular music that can trigger certain responses and changes in consciousness. Music is considered a powerful tool to access the deeper emotional and instinctual levels of consciousness.

For years popular music has been used to influence the "collective unconsciousness" of the younger generation and keep the older generation in line with the covert agendas (don’t think for yourself, listen to the authorities, etc.) Popular music has been infiltrated by the intelligence agencies with their secret agendas, and we have been the unknowing recipients of their subtle programming.

The music of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s was manipulated by this technology. These feel-good songs are still used in mass marketing to sell their products and to promote their covert agendas imbedded in the songs.

Another sinister approach being used is the training, programming and mind controlling agendas that certain music stars are undergoing. They are being trained to fulfill special programmed functions as mass entertainers in the general mind controlled New World Order.

There are specific frequencies and subliminal commands embedded in sound tracks of popular music. These frequencies are dubbed into the soundtrack to reinforce a lyric or message. The songs now have subliminal psycho-acoustically modified and synthesized content. These are hard to detect because it is being projected in the same chord and frequency as the music.

Notice country western songs are of a depressing nature emphasizing failed relationships and physical, emotional, and mental dependencies. This is sending a specific message to a targeted population. And this is what our children and teenagers are listening to every day. This is conditioned programming that we are sending messages to adults to abuse their children resulting in giving over their lives to government agencies (welfare, health, etc.)

. In heavy metal and RAP music there is an overabundance of negativity, hate, violence, destructive messages with subliminal messages also being dubbed in.

Thus we observe that the wide reaching avenue of music is being utilized as an aid to EM/RF mind control programming directed toward selected groups.

An example of someone speaking out about the destructive nature of songs being played to our younger generation is Charlton Heston. In his recent Harvard Speech he told his story about speaking out at a Time/Warner stockholders’ meeting. They were selling a CD called "Cop Killer" by the rapper named Ice-T. This song celebrates ambushing and murdering police officers. Heston read the sick racist lyrics of the song to the stockholders. When he read the lyrics to the press they said they couldn’t print it. And Heston said "I know, but Time/Warner’s selling it." For sticking up for decency, Heston is now being snubbed by Time/Warner. But he says it’s worth it. He says disobedience means you must be willing to act, not just talk. A good lesson for all of us!


Dick Sutphen in his book and audio tape THE BATTLE FOR YOUR MIND discusses the process of persuasion and brainwashing techniques that are being used on the public every day. He presents the how-to-brainwash techniques that are widely used in various churches, human-potential training, business rallies, US Armed services, and overt as well as covert government agendas.

Sutphen states that the media is keeping this information from the public because by it’s very nature, mass media uses these techniques to present an opinion and sell its products to the consumers.

Sutphen states that no one ever believes they have been brainwashed. Christian revivalism stated this process in the eighteenth century, by inducing guilt, acute apprehension, and by increasing tension, they intentionally break down the "sinners" to completely submit to the new plan. They wipe the brain slate clean so that the mind accepts new programming. Conversion is a nice word for brainwashing.

The most effective way to achieve conversion is to work on the emotions of the individual and group until an abnormal level of anger, fear, excitement or nervous tension exists. Then judgment is impaired which increases suggestibility. The more this is intensified the more effective it becomes. Then a complete mental takeover is easier. Existing mental programming can be replaced with new patterns of thinking and behavior.

Other brainwashing methods include the use of physiological weapons to modify normal brain functions, such as fasting, radical or high sugar diets, physical discomforts, regulation of breathing, chanting, awesome disclosures, special lighting and sound effects, incense, drugs, shock treatment, and lowering the blood sugar with insulin injections.

More techniques include a repetitive beat (ideally 45 to 72 beats per minute that simulates the human heartbeat), voice roll (patterned paced style used by hypnotists and lawyers), building excitement and involvement, generating a highly suggestible eyes-open mass-induced alpha mental state, and vibrating frequencies.

Another scientific technique frequently used is Neuro-Linguistics. This is a subtle and powerful manipulation program. Subliminal programming is used which includes hidden suggestions that only our subconscious perceives. They can be audio (hidden in music), or visual (in a picture or flashed on a screen too fast to consciously see it). Many audio subliminal reprogramming tapes place their verbal suggestions at a low volume. They also modify and synthesize the suggestions and project it in the same chord and frequency as the music, thus producing suggestions heard by the subconscious mind but undetected by the conscious mind.

We are all in the propaganda machine, whether we are conscious and willing or not. The propaganda and commercial manipulation of subliminal messages constantly bombard us every minute of every day in all forms of advertising and media presentation. There is no escaping this conditioning. We do not know what is behind the music we hear, and thus the use of this dangerous technique on unsuspecting audiences. Unfortunately, there is a continual misuse by many in advertising and political campaigns not to mention the ongoing covert government manipulation.

Other techniques being used to manipulate and program unsuspecting subjects are:

Vibrato is the effect imparted in some vocal or instrumental music causing an altered state of consciousness.

Inaudible ELFs (extra-low frequency waves) that are electromagnetic in nature. ELFs can travel through the Earth and through metal doors.

The Neurophone is an electronic instrument that can program suggestions directly through contact with the skin (you do not hear or see anything) The National Security Agency confiscated the neurophone from the inventor Dr. Patrick Flanagan and are now using it for their own purposes.

All this advanced technology is being used to control human beings. The television is one of the richest sources of programming because we continue to feed off of it day after day. The television places us in somnambulistic states and then proceeds to implant the messages in our consciousness.

With subliminal messages behind music, subliminal visuals projected on television and movie screens, hypnotically produced visual effects and sustained musical beats at a trance-producing speed, we are a society of brainwashed people. And we continue to bask in its effects every day of our lives.

When are we going to wake up and see life for what it really is? It takes a conscious effort to recognize that we are brainwashed victims. We must summon up our will power to stand apart from the mass media propaganda. We must be willing to stand up for our innate freedom to think, say, and do what is in our hearts.


HAARP — stands for High Frequency Active Aural Research Program. This is a worldwide reaching program operated by the Navy and Air Force, along with Phillips Labs and other private industries. They are a successor to the Montauk Project in their interdimensional and time operations, EM/RF mind control, and manipulation operations.

The main HAARP facility is located in Gakona, Alaska, and they have at least 36 sites around the world in operation at this time. HAARP is the control and communications system technology being used by the New World Order to ensure maximum compliance from the population and maximum technological superiority.

In the book ANGELS DON’T PLAY THIS HAARP by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning, the authors discuss how HAARP can scan and interrogate the minds of targeted individuals by means of certain EM/RF technology applications. Their minds can be read through artificial telepathy and psychotronic systems. Various internal military documents refer to the many years of testing of these weapons. They have been focusing this research on their use in domestic applications (which means us).

The CIA-NSA-DIA have farmed out many of their psychic research to private independent companies. In this way the projects are going underground and less out of the public’s scrutiny.

Psy-Tech and The Farsight Institute are closely tied to HAARP. The potential impact of this technology gives those in charge global control of the human race by manipulating all life forms on Earth (not just human) on every conceivable level – physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual.

The entire ionosphere of Earth can be configured to perform as a powerful global frequency transreceiver by beaming high-frequency radio energy into it. HAARP technology uses electromagnetic (RF) signals to cause injurious, even lethal physical and mental effects upon certain targeted population groups, called domestic enemies (those that don’t agree with their agendas). These electromagnetic transmissions are used to interact with, interface and interrogate the minds of targeted groups. These activities can take place anywhere in the world.

The August 1995 issue of Popular Science provided information about HAARP technology. A partial list of their capabilities are:

Enhance or interfere with communications.

Develop new radio transmissions.

Manipulate weather patterns.

Weapon related tecnology.

Mind control projects.

Earth penetrating tomography. This technology can see into underground installations, as well as oil and mineral deposits.

Can detect electromagnetic seismic activity that precedes earthquakes. They can also trigger this activity.

Generation of gravitic waves and interdimension/time portals.

Draw energy from the ionosphere.

Push the envelop, which means they can pump electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere.

We are full-fledged members of the technology era. Anything is now possible. The question that we must ask ourselves is how are we using these marvelous advances? In the hands of those seeking to manipulate and control the population, these advances are our downfall. What is their motive? When this technology is used to keep us deaf, dumb, and dependent upon those in power, we have ultimately given away our freedom in exchange for technological advances.

The question remains — "Who Is In Control Of Our Mind?"

Karin Pekarcik is a free-lance writer living in Anaheim, CA.

Another article regarding the U.S. government's illegal use of accessing E-mails and other forms of communication can be found here:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Father Is Under Yet Another Directed Energy Weapons' Attack At 3AM By The FBI/NSA s' Orwellian Psychopathic Murderers!

MASS MIND CONTROL In The United States & The Signals Intelligence Enslavement Of The American Middle Class, As The Pentagon Uses The Electromagnetic Spectrum To Create An Invisible Means Of Imprisoning The American People - This Is An Orwellian Horror That Goes Well Beyond What George Orwell Himself Envisioned, When He Wrote 1984 And It Has Been Taking Place Since The 1970s

The FBI continues to sabotage this Website as part of its COINTELPRO campaign against this author. Given this egregious violation of my 1St Amendment rights to freedom of speech, the readership of this Website - which has become substantial over the past decade (one of the main reasons why the FBI continues to electronically hack into this Website) - may be able to access "The Mother Of All Black Ops" blog through the search engine, and choosing the View by Ixquick Proxy link, since this is supposed to take you off the main Internet grid.

*Also read about this author's concerns that the breast cancer that **Dr. Katherine Albrecht contracted a few years ago may well have been the result of her being unwittingly targeted by a directed energy weapon, and as punishment for the work she has done in exposing the RFID industry for its Orwellian agenda, and the fact that implanted RFID chips do cause cancer. American citizens are being regularly tortured and murder by the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex through its Orwellian use of these classified weapons as this Rothschild Zionism's covert overthrow of the U.S. federal government continues in the interest of incorporating the North American landmass into one region of the Rothschilds' Satanic 21St century feudal system

**Is Dr. Katherine Albrecht Being Targeted For A Directed Energy Induced Murder? And Was The Breast Cancer She Developed The Result Of A Directed Energy Weapon Attack On Her Person?

Is The CIA Using Oregon State Hospital As Another Venue For MK-Ultra Mind Control Experimentation On Patients In This Hospital? According To The Man At The Following Website, Who Was A Patient At Oregon State Hospital, That Is Exactly What The CIA And Perhaps Other Government Agencies Including The NSA Are Doing At Oregon State Hospital

The following is yet another Targeted Individual who has been made homeless under the Satanic government in the United States, and now forced to live in her car - The recent problem she had with her car not starting is also likely attributable to a signals intelligence directed energy attack on the electrical system in her car, which is used to block electricity carried from the battery cable to the car's ignition coil. If this is in fact the case, then this situation can be reversed at anytime so that vehicle will be able to start again. This author has seen this type of signals intelligence sabotage in my own home and to some of our own automobiles several times, as well as thousands of other types of electronic sabotage, carried out by way of signals intelligence satellites and HAARP over the horizon radar systems

Is The Pentagon Utilizing The Excuse Of Low Flying Asteroids As A Cover For Using Its HAARP Weapons To Perpetrate Covert Acts Of False Flag Terrorism? If So, Think About How The Pentagon Could Use A HAARP Plasma Fireball To Destroy A City Like Manhattan, Chicago Or San Francisco With Plausible Deniability, As Part Of Rothschild Zionism's Genocidal Agenda To Covertly Wipe Out The American Middle Class

"The Colorado Meth Project" - Some Statistics On Meth Use In America - "Meth Use Costs The USA 23.4 Billion Dollars Each Year" - "One In Four Young Adults Have Close Friends Who Use Meth" - "One In Four Teens See Benefits In Using Meth" - Learn More About This Plague On America's Youth At "The Colorado Meth Project" Website

What Did President John F. Kennedy And The Lindbergh Baby Have In Common? The Same Zionist Assassins - Kennedy Died Because He Attempted To Use The U.S. Treasury To Gradually Put The Federal Reserve System Out Of Business - The Lindbergh Baby Was Murdered Because His Grandfather, Congressman Charles August Lindbergh, Attempted To Warn The American People That If The Federal Reserve Act Was Passed, It Would Be Used To Place The Power To Coin And Regulate U.S. Currency Into The Hands Of A Criminal Cartel

Public Radio's Charitable Trust Scheme To Defraud The American Public Out Of Millions Of Dollars Each Year

Are The House Of Rothschild And Their World Zionist Satanic Movement Presently Awaiting The Arrival Of Their Antichrist? - Authors Tom Horn And Chris Putnam Have Made An Interesting Case For This In Their 2012 Book "Exo Vaticana"

The Global Brain Mapping Program Propaganda That Can Be Read About At The Following Hyperlink Is Being Used To Perpetuate The Importance Of Decoding The Human Brain For The Benefit Of Science - However, This Is Just A Red Herring Being Used To Cover Up The Fact That The Industrialized Nations Of This Planet Mapped Out The Human Brain Decades Ago, As Part Of Rothschild Zionism's Intent To Use The Electromagnetic Spectrum To Decode The Individual Brain Maps From The Citizens Of All Countries - As Further Proof Of This, The U.S. Military Invested In The Creation Of The Radiation Radiofrequency Dosimetry Handbook, Which Contains The Unique Electromagnetic Frequencies From Every Part Of The Human Brain, So That When The Pentagon Decided To Decode The Individual Brain Maps Of The American People, Its Operatives Would Know Which Frequencies Each Part Of The Human Brain Operates At - When You Combine This With The Unique EMF Brain Signature Set Of Each American Citizen, Government Organizations Such As The Pentagon, NSA and CIA Have The Ability To Remotely Access (Computer To Brain Interface Via EEG Heterodyning) The Brain Of Any Person Whose Brainwave Print Has Already Been Decoded By The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Complex - In This Author's Opinion, The Entire U.S. Population Has Already Been Unwittingly Subjugated To The Decoding And Mapping Of Their Own Brain

Editor's Note: Those familiar with this blog are well aware that every member of my Family as well as my person are under constant illegal electronic surveillance via NSA signals intelligence satellites, as the targets of a second generation of MK-Ultra, which is conducted by way of the EMF spectrum.

As such, not only are we continuously subjected to the remote computer to brain interface of our persons 24 hours a day (And in complete violation of our 4Th Amendment rights), we can also be attacked with any type of electronic weapon instantaneously, even though we have no criminal records.

The reader will also note that this attack on my Dad occurred after I posted in regard to the possibility that the Carlyle Group may have had something to do with the disappearance of Malaysian Air Flight MH370.

In an effort to save his life, I immediately posted about this attack after he complained of having PVCs in the early morning hours of 7/21/14, which resulted in a trip to the hospital, where he was given an EKG and monitored for a few hours, before being told that he could go home.

These constant psychological warfare and directed energy weapons attacks on my Family members, have left them totally devastated and terrified for their own lives, as these government psychopaths continue to torment them in every imaginable way, under the Marxist excrement that we refer to as the Patriot Act.

Chronology Of The Terrorist Attacks That FBI/NSA Psychopaths Have Subjected This Author And My Family To For Decades - I Began To Journal About These Attacks On A Daily Basis After These Orwellian Reprobates Had Caused My Father To Have Two Microwave Induced Seizures, By Using Satellite Or HAARP Deployed Directed Energy Weapons To Remotely Target His Brain - In An Effort To Covertly Murder Him - This Journal Documents The Types Of Vicious And Sadistic Attacks That We Are Subjected To On A Daily Basis, By What Can Only Be Described As Men And Women Who Are Evil Incarnate, As They Attempt To Cover Up Their Brain Mapping Of The American People As Part Of An Orwellian And Signals Intelligence Driven Domestic Spy Program, That Has Been Used To Turn The EMF Spectrum Into An Invisible Prison For All Of Us

Moreover, these furtive attacks via the EMF spectrum are insidious because they can be perpetrated against any person at any time, for the purpose of either debilitating, torturing or even murdering them.

As such it's become an unending nightmare, propagated by the monstrosity which operates these classified weapons behind the cover of the global military industrial intelligence complex, and their national security state ideology.

And in America this means the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex.

Furthermore this furtive means of attacking anyone who attempts to promulgate what's really going on in the world these days in regard to Rothschild Zionism and its intent to create a 21St century feudal system, has left us with a media system that is operating contrary to the purpose for which it was created.

Since disinformation is the primary purpose for today's global media infrastructure, and any person who is employed by this system is forced to operate within its very limited parameters, or suffer the consequences for attempting to do legitimate investigative journalism.

I will update this situation in the event that my Dad, Mom, or any other person within my Family is subjected to further cowardly and despicable directed energy weapons' attacks.

Also see the following review in regard to Dr. Robert Duncan's excellent book on this travesty that's being perpetrated by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex against the American citizenry, in regard to their mind control weapons' programs.

The book is entitled "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER - Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed."

*"Dr. Robert Duncan is honest and concise in his description of some of the most intrusive surveillance and behavioral modification technologies ever created. His latest work is a must read for everyone concerned with the future of human rights in both the United States and abroad. His detailed description of the modalities used for hacking the human mind are both accurate and troublesome. Countless thousands have seen their lives ruined in the non-consensual experimentation phase regarding this technology. Finally, the reality of mind control is presented to the public in a factual and academic manner by a credible scientist with the curriculum vitae to back it up. The future of humanity is truly in peril when the ability exist for the masses to be completely controlled by the whims of the few so insidiously. The technology Dr. Duncan describes in Soul Catcher is fascinating, worrisome and currently in use by several industrialized nations. Only time and ethical restraint will tell if this most pervasive technology is evil or divine. - Dr. John Hall, Targeted Individual

Also See:

U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Use Of Psychotronic Weapons To Torture And Murder American Citizens

Another review from a Targeted Individual in regard to "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER."

*While many of the characteristics of these covert and Orwellian attacks are very similar, each person who is targeted for them is subjected to a custom tailored attack, that is based on the profile which has been created in regard to their person.

As such, these profiles are badly flawed, because they are often based on a significant amount of fabricated information, while the target of these crimes is remotely tortured both physically and psychologically (Organized Stalking via DOJ (FBI) DHS controlled fusion centers), in an effort to force them to conform to these fraudulent profiles.

"This review is from: Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed (Paperback)

"Some basic EEG cloning info can be found here. -- Please, ALL, get this book, read it, and share the info with as many people as you possibly can, ASAP. Tell everyone you know. Tell anyone who is at all a curious person, or technically inclined. Don't be put off by folks who dismiss this most important book of the century at first glance. Especially tell younger people to take a look, and to even consider studying fields combining physics/programming/neurology to develop ways to save the human race.

"Dear all-- After an email I sent to a pacifist, at first, I was microwaved like a piece of meat in my apartment in San Francisco. (FYI: XXXX XXXXXX XXX XXXX) One by one, my neighbors moved in and surrounded this apartment. (One neighbor, where the ones upstairs would go to, directly across the from apartment upstairs, was "occupied" by a Partner of a VC firm which funds CIA startups located on Sand Hill Road.)

"They mostly shot from the apartment directly upstairs. I think They (the irradiators) must have a checklist that they go through: figure out the person's living pattern, especially when stationary (at PC, toilet, TV..), try and make them sick -my roommate and I coughed for 4 months... then force someone to sleep as often as possible, for the purpose of sleep, and brain entrainment.

"They also have a sadistic checklist, too. They performed the following on both of us: SNEEZING, muscular cramping, foot and hand cramping, genital stimulation, headaches (transient and ongoing...I don't get headaches, nor do I sneeze), "voice of god" (throwing sound into your cochlea), sleep denial for days and days, for months on end. They can, indeed, make a person irate. I believe They must be stimulating the amygdala.

"I went to the *FBI, but realized they were in on it. (As I was sitting and waiting at the FBI waiting room, I saw one guy who had been loitering downstairs in front of my apartment building.) I think the FBI usually does the equipment-intensive monitoring (watching and listening to you via your cell phone), and the CIA and their young women lackeys do the slow-kill irradiating.) The irradiators upstairs move around to the other apartments, only when the coast is clear. There is signaling going on, mostly by running the water for a certain length of time. People wait outside when it's the changing of the guard time to go home.

* Ed. Note: The FBI regularly engages in Organized Stalking crimes under the 9/11 false flag operation and the Draconian Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, and NDAA, with plausible deniability, which defines this organization as nothing but a government financed organized crime syndicate.

"The first shooters were young-ish, lightweight women to dampen footsteps overhead.

"It's a highly organized group.(I have a very good eye, and great hearing. I have appreciated and enjoyed the company of many ethnic groups as my friends growing up, and currently. And I can usually tell where a person is from.) I believe white folks who blend in with dual citizenship -and fake passports- serve as mercenaries in the US, for easier escape and to make it harder to prosecute.

"I'm a current victim of brain entrainment. I experience, nightly and precisely, the symptoms Dr. Duncan describes on page 11 and elsewhere: 3 Hertz (or lower)swishing sound, flickering in my vision, tiredness, pulsing (and ongoing, severe) tinnitus. I've never had tinnitus, nor any of the above symptoms I've described hardly ever in my life before. I know my body extremely well (I had to constantly monitor my dad's health), and these symptoms are beyond any shadow of a doubt abnormal.

"The pain I've experienced was and is both acute, and ongoing. It has severely impacted my physical as well as mental outlook on life.

"It is like being tortured 24/7 *in* your home for years.

"Anywhere you sit, it starts again. There is much more to say... It is a very dark subject.

"Furthermore, I've had thoughts I've never had before. I feel I've had forced images scrolling when I've been half asleep, assumedly, for pre cognitive responses. Unnerving.

"Do not underestimate Dr. Duncan's book. This will change governments. They will, IMHO, attempt to control the planet.

"Read this book and similar, ASAP. Read it today.

"Suggestion: SHARE this book very quietly with as many people as possible.

"Suggestion: DO NOT discuss this or any other private matters anywhere near your cell phone. Do not be an 'I don't have anything to hide...exhibitionist' with any of your info to These sneaky, sadistic, and slow assassinators. If they have the capacity to listen to you, to psychologically profile you, They also have the capacity to set you up for one of their own false flag or more mundane crimes. The LESS they know about you, what your home looks like,...even what you ate for lunch, the better.

"Suggestion: Watch Dimitry Khalezov's 4-hour video on controlled demolition, too. I believe the very same people who are using these weapons to irradiate whoever they don't like or feel like, in the United States, stem from the same group who nuked the WTC on 9/11. -- The more you know, at some point, the more it may all make sense.

"Best to all."

Was The Carlyle Group Behind The Mysterious Disappearance Of Malaysian Air Flight MH370? And Could They Have Had Something To Do With The Destruction Of Malaysian Air Flight MH17 Earlier This Week?

The FBI continues to sabotage this Website as part of its COINTELPRO campaign against this author. Given this egregious violation of my 1St Amendment rights to freedom of speech, the readership of this Website - which has become substantial over the past decade (one of the main reasons why the FBI continues to electronically hack into this Website) - may be able to access "The Mother Of All Black Ops" blog through the search engine, and choosing the View by Ixquick Proxy link, since this is supposed to take you off the main Internet grid.

Was Comedian Bernie Mac Murdered With The Use Of A Directed Energy Weapon And If So For What Reason?

MASS MIND CONTROL In The United States & The Signals Intelligence Enslavement Of The American Middle Class

Editor's Note: With regard to the recent troubles that Malaysian Airlines has experienced with the loss of two of its jetliners, this author finds the following information to be of interest:

According to the following document, there were at least 22 executives flying on Flight MH370 at the time it is reported to have disappeared, who worked for a company called Freescale Semiconductor. And The Carlyle Group is reported to have recently purchased a controlling interest in Freescale.

Moreover, four of the employees from Freescale Semiconductor are said to have been awaiting a patent in regard to their development of a "system for optimizing the number of dies produced on a wafer."

Suspiciously, the patent was granted to Pidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Zhihong Cheng, Li Ying, four days after Flight MH370 disappeared.

With these people presumed to be dead, their ownership of this patent is expected to revert back to The Carlyle Group.

One must wonder how much this patent is worth?

Moreover, given the Carlyle Group's ties to the Pentagon and NSA, this would explain why these government organizations can't seem to locate Flight MH370, in spite of the global electronic surveillance system that they have access to.

And instead continue to use the global media as a source of disinformation in regard to MH370, and the ridiculous excuses the media keeps coming up with for why search teams can't locate MH370, as part of what is in all probability yet another false flag terrorist attack.

Also See:

Is The Carlyle Group Responsible For The Disappearance Of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370?

Is The Downing Of Malaysian Flight MH17
Yet Another False Flag Operation?

Written by James F. Marino

The media reports that the Ukrainian foreign ministry has claimed that Malaysian Airlines' flight MH17, was shot down by a Russian missile en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, when it crashed in Eastern Ukraine.

This contradicts the ministry's earlier claim "that there were no air force jets in the area, no surface-to-air systems being used against the rebels and that the plane was out of reach of other Ukrainian air defence forces."

Moreover, no physical evidence of a missile has yet to be found, and no video footage showing a missile striking Flight MH17 has been broadcast.

Yet the U.S. media is reporting that a Russian missile destroyed Flight MH17, which indicates that the media is involved in yet another false flag propaganda campaign that may have no basis in fact whatsoever.

Moreover, the fact that the media has been so quick to claim that Ukraine has stated that a Russian missile is the cause of the destruction of Flight MH17, has this author wondering if the missile theory is nothing but a red herring being used to cover up for another method of destroying MH17.

Both the Ukraine and Russian embassies have denied any involvement in this alleged missile attack on Flight MH17.

So how can the media automatically claim that Russia was in some way responsible for this missile attack, when a missile may not have been involved in the downing of Flight MH17?

Furthermore, if a missile was not used to destroy this airliner, what means was used in which to down Flight MH17?

Could a bomb have been planted on board this aircraft or could its fuel tank have been blown up through the use of a directed energy weapon, serving to further confuse this situation?

In support of this theory consider the following quotes taken from an article on the BBC News' Website:

"'I was working in the field on my tractor when I heard the sound of a plane and then a bang and shots," a witness called Vladimir told Reuters.

"Then I saw the plane hit the ground and break in two. There was thick black smoke.'

"A separatist rebel from nearby Krasnyi Luch who gave his name as Sergei said: 'From my balcony I saw a plane begin to descend from a great height and then heard two explosions.'"

Ukraine's defence ministry issued a statement saying there were no air force jets in the area, no surface-to-air systems being used against the rebels and that the plane was out of reach of other Ukrainian air defence forces."

Source: BBC News

Consider that this aircraft has about 20,000 gallons of fuel when fully loaded, which equates to about 150,000 LBS. of fuel.

Even if the aircraft had used 50% of its fuel at the time that it was lost on airport radar, this would still have left enough fuel in its tanks to cause a massive explosion.

The question is if a missile did not cause the explosion what did?

Moreover, given this amount of fuel, if a HAARP directed energy weapon was in fact used to strike the fuel tank on Flight MH17 (which could have been accomplished very easily), the explosion caused by this weapon would have been devastating.

This author also finds it of interest that amongst the items that have thus far been recovered, several passports appearing to be in pristine condition have been seen in U.S. media recorded video from the crash site, even though most of what remains of this airliner was completely charred by at least two explosions that are alleged to have taken place on Flight MH17 before it crashed.

This hearkens back to the Twin Towers on 9/11, where a passport from one of the alleged terrorists was said to be found in perfect condition, laying in the rubble of the collapsed Towers - as if someone had conveniently dropped the passport on the ground after the collapse had actually taken place so that it would be easy to retrieve.

Is the downing of Flight MH17 yet another government false flag operation?

I also find of interest that the Israeli military began its offensive in GAZA on the same day that Flight MH17 was shot down. Are these two incidents in anyway connected?

And if so, which government(s) is involved?

The reader will note that Flight MH17 crashed on the 18Th Anniversary of the TWA Flight 800 disaster, in which Flight 800 was more than likely accidentally shot down by the U.S. Navy during a training exercise off the coast of Long Island on July 17th 1996.

The Flight 800 propaganda which the media was used to disseminate represents one of the best examples of a U.S. government cover up that has ever been carried out, since the FBI was used to illegally usurp the authority of the NTSB to conduct this investigation, and then whitewashed the facts by concocting the fraudulent "faulty fuel" tank theory, which most Americans never believed in the first place.

Especially since the FBI ignored the accounts of hundreds of Long Island eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen what appeared to be at least one flare-like object heading from the ground into the air just before seeing the fiery explosion which took place when Flight 800 was struck by this object.

How can the FBI get away with ignoring the eyewitness accounts of hundreds of people who saw what was more than likely a ground to air missile strike Flight 800 on July 17Th, 1996, and instead fabricating a blatant lie in order to cover up what really happened to Flight 800 on that fateful evening?

Moreover, is there any significance to the fact that Malaysian Flight MH17 was destroyed on the 18Th Anniversary of the Flight 800 disaster?

Perhaps this was done for the purpose of psychological warfare, in order to support the now official theory that MH17 was shot down by a missile, instead of being blown up by a bomb or a HAARP or satellite based directed energy weapon, since after 18 years, most Americans still believe that Flight 800 was destroyed by some type of missile?

And that the FBI, the Clinton White House and the government controlled media in this country, have continued to lie to them in regard to the facts pertaining to the destruction of Flight 800 and the deaths of its 230 passengers and crew.

After seeing how the House of Rothschild has destroyed the United States through its use of the Marxist Federal Reserve System, in order to subvert our Constitutional government, and how the United States is gradually being dissolved so that its land mass can be incorporated into the North American Union region of the Rothschilds' Zionist world government, Russia remains intent on reestablishing the Soviet Union, in an attempt to avoid being systematically dismantled by these Satanic interlopers, while Russia's land mass is then incorporated into the European Union region of Rothschild Zionism's New World Order world government.

Is it possible that Malaysian Air Flight MH17 was deliberately blown up in order to place the blame on Russia, as part of a furtive plan to demonize this country with the rest of the world, in order to force Russia to join the European Union?

I also find it of interest that *Malaysian Air Flight MH370 still remains unaccounted for months after it disappeared from radar, and wonder if this airliner was not hijacked via signals intelligence satellites or HAARP over the horizon radar, and flown to a specific location as part of a future false flag operation.

* Is The Carlyle Group Responsible For The Disappearance Of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370?

Given that MH370 could be loaded with a nuclear warhead and then flown anywhere on the face of this planet, the fact that this airliner cannot be accounted for should have us all concerned.

And once again, its important to note that there were 22 Asian employees on this flight, who worked for Freescale Semiconductor, a Texas based company, who still remain missing.

Moreover, four of these employees had also applied for a patent for an invention of theirs, which was suspiciously granted to them four days after they disappeared on Flight MH370.

The Carlyle Group is said to have purchased a controlling interest in Freescale Semiconductor, and that this patent is supposed to revert to Carlyle Group in case these employees die.

One must wonder how much this patent is worth?

I also find it impossible to believe, given the omnipresence of the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' global spy satellite array, that they do not have video footage of the last known location of Flight MH370 before it fell off the radar.

And I also believe that they have satellite footage of Flight MH17 before it crashed, which could conclusively tell us whether or not MH17 was taken down by a cruise missile.

However, these satellite "videos" will likely disappear in just the way that the 84 videos taken at the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 did, after the FBI seized them.

There's only one reason why the FBI would not have shown us the American people these videos, and that is because these videos show something other than a 757 crashing into the Pentagon on 9/11, which would completely discredit the U.S. federal government's official 9/11 story!

One should also ponder the following in regard to the FBI's complicity in covering up the real facts behind the 9/11 attacks:

Given the advancement in CGI animation technology over the past decade, the FBI could suddenly decide to furnish the public with what it claims is some of the original video footage taken from the Pentagon on 9/11, in which the public would see a CGI fabrication of a 757 actually hitting the Pentagon.

This technology has become so advanced that it has become impossible to discern the difference between a video taken of a real life situation, and one that has been created based on CGI technology of that real life situation.

And given that virtually all Television sets now operate on a digital format, there is no longer anyway to determine if what you are seeing on your TV screen is real, or if it is a CGI fabrication.

- James F. Marino

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