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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature - What Is The Real Definition Of The CIA's MK-Ultra Program? What Does This Acronym Really Stand For? -- Also See: A Chronology Of The House Of Rothschilds Intent To Establish World Government Began In The 18Th Century And Is Now Nearly Complete

News Anchor Brian Williams Is Clearly Being Scapegoated Because The Powers That Be Wanted Him Replaced. Who Will They Replace Williams With And What Was The Specific Reason For Deep Sixing Him? Williams Is Just Another Example Of How Newscasters Are Used As Pawns For The Zionist Controlled Media In America, And How They Are Replaced Whenever These CIA Overseen Media Outlets Deem It Necessary - It Is Also Interesting To Note The Death This Week Of 60 Minutes Correspondent Bob Simon, Who Was Killed In A Car Accident Last Night (2/12/15)- Was Simon, An Award Winning Journalist, Just Unlucky? Or Could His Death Have Been Orchestrated For Some Reason? - There Also Appears To Be A Conspiracy Recently To Attack Media Personalities Including Actors, In Order To Publicly Destroy Them - Actor Chevy Chase Is The Latest Target Of This Smear Campaign - Chase Appeared To Be Out Of It On The Saturday Night Live 40Th Anniversary Special This Past Weekend - Could He Have Been Targeted By A Directed Energy Weapon As Serena Williams Likely Was During One Her 2014 Wimbledon Double's Tennis Matches?

Editor's Note:

Dr. Katherine Albrecht
Under Directed Energy Attack Again?
And With The Same Technology Used To Cure Valerie Harper?

A few years ago, this author wrote an *article in regard to my concern that Katherine Albrecht had been the target of a directed energy weapon's attack which caused the stage three breast cancer that she had contracted; and as punishment for the work she did in exposing the RFID industry for its intent to eventually implant the U.S. population with RFID chips. This, as well as her appearance in the late Aaron Russo's America Freedom To Fascism documentary, which she used as a platform to expose the RFID agenda, which later resulted in her co-authoring the book SPYCHiPS.

*Are Her Detractors Within The RFID Industry Trying To Murder Dr. Katherine Albrecht?

I wrote the article with the hope that this would prevent Dr. Albrecht from being attacked any further, since I believe that Aaron Russo was also subjected to a directed energy attack which resulted in reactivating a cancer which he was previously treated for, which ended up killing him.

In this author's opinion, this was done as revenge by the Rockefeller family (The House Of Rothschilds' change agents in America), for what they perceived to be a betrayal of Nick Rockefeller's confidence, after Nick shared information about the 9/11 false flag operation with Aaron a year prior to these attacks taking place.

I have now read that after having undergone treatment for stage 3 breast cancer a few years ago, Dr. Albrecht has recently undergone brain surgery to remove two tumors from her brain, which have turned out to be *malignant.

* I can't help but notice the recent spontaneous remission of brain cancer by actress, Valerie Harper, who in 2013 (after being unsuccessfully treated with surgery, chemo therapy and radiation), was given three months to live.

Those who have researched radio frequency medicine and RIFE technology (Google Royal Rife and the Rife Machine) are well aware that all things (including people) vibrate at their own unique electromagnetic frequencies. Viruses and bacteria also have their own unique EMF frequencies. Consequently, when the specific radio frequency that a cancer virus in a tumor is composed of, is artificially generated (by way of some type of EMF weapon) and directed towards that tumor, the two will cancel each other out; thereby, destroying the cancer virus in the tumor.

A directed energy weapon can be used to torture or murder someone. It can be used to artificially generate cancer in a person. However, directed energy weaponry can also be used heal someone. This author believes that actress Valerie Harper has experienced the miracle of science, in that she may very well be an unwitting non consensual experimentee, used to demonstrate the healing properties of radio frequency technology.

Just as Dr. Katherine Albrecht is being used as a non consensual human experimentee, but in the opposite way. Since while Valerie Harper has been healed by this arcane technology, Dr. Albrecht is being covertly murdered by the same technology, as are many other targets of this government financed non consensual human experimentation.

As for Dr. Albrecht, fortunately, doctors were able to remove these cancerous tumors, however, once again, I am concerned that these tumors are the result of a criminal conspiracy to murder Dr. Albrecht using directed energy weaponry, for her work in exposing the RFID industry.

And moreover, that she remains unaware of how easily anyone can be targeted by way of the EM spectrum, as the result of a national EMF finger printing program that has been used by the NSA under Executive Order 12333 since 1981, to instantly identify and track (via the EM spectrum) the unique EMF signatures emanating from the body of any American citizen.

Or that many targets of this technology have already been murdered as the result of directed energy induced cancers, heart attacks, strokes, aneurisms and other artificially induced means of committing such plausibly deniable murders.

This Orwellian targeting of our bodies via the electromagnetic spectrum also leaves us vulnerable to such signals intelligence driven directed energy weapon's attacks. And I am certain that Dr. Albrecht is being intentionally struck down in the prime of her life, as retaliation for her work in exposing the RFID industry.

As a result of this, even if she is fortunate enough to experience a remission from this latest cancer, Dr. Albrecht can be remotely subjected to directed energy weapons attacks at anytime in the future, which would result in her experiencing more artificially induced cancers in her body.

The frustrating part is that all I can do in an attempt to save her life is to write about this here, and I fear that it will not be enough if she is being targeted by directed energy weapons, as I truly believe she is, which can be used to form new malignant tumors in her body at any time, under the guise that because she has already had cancer, the cancer has simply returned.

More specifically, because she has had cancer, this offers those who would target Dr. Albrecht with directed energy weapons, plausible deniability in perpetrating this covert attempt at murdering her person in the future, while causing her endless suffering during the time that she is being treated for cancers that are being artificially created within her body.

In other words, endless punishment through plausible deniability, for exposing the RFID industry for its intent to implant the U.S. population with RFID tracking chips.

Editor's Note: This author has noticed that the comments sections on virtually all of the YouTube movies that I watch have been subverted by the FBI. Specifically, the FBI agents posing as YouTube visitors post derogatory and oftentimes vulgar messages which are used as psychological triggers. This is likely limited to the YouTube account that I use, since the FBI can customize the dropdown menu in which to leave posts on a Targeted Individuals' account, so that its agents can post messages for the purpose of psychological warfare; when the average YouTube visitor sees a drop down menu that contains regular posts (non psyop posts) from YouTube users who watch that particular movie.

I document this as yet another of the myriad types of psychological warfare operations that the FBI continues to perpetrate against my person; since I've witnessed thousands of these psyops over the past decade, and documented most if not all of them.

I have also documented the FBI's use of local TV stations in the state in which I reside, to take part in these psychological operations, who would deny that this criminal conspiracy exists.

Furthermore, because the FBI has been able to fabricate evidence, as well as suborn witness perjury in its COINTELPRO attack of my person, the Bureau does not want to be challenged, since they would have to admit to the most egregious violations of the Bill of Rights in American history.

We can safely conclude that the FBI's illegal surveillance of this author for at least 35 - 40 years without interruption is the worst violation of the 4Th Amendment in United States history.

Moreover, the FBI's tampering with our cable TV programming for the past decade as part of its psychological warfare campaign against this author, offers further proof that these agents have totally subverted the Constitutional rule of law, and do not want to be held accountable for having done so.

Specifically, this psyop programming constitutes vicious psychological abuse which is plausibly deniable.

The goal was to force this author into the commission of a crime which the FBI would then be able to incarcerate me for, or to drive me crazy. Instead, the Bureau failed to do so. The result has been a vicious and slanderous campaign to demonize my person, so that these agents can avoid being held accountable for the thousands of crimes that they have perpetrated against me over the past four decades; which include mind control experimentation via the EM spectrum, torture via directed energy weapons, and myriad other crimes which are punishable under Title 18 of the United States Code.

This is especially of import, when these agents would be forced in a court of law, to admit to the NSA's illegal signals intelligence surveillance and remote neural monitoring/manipulation of the brainwaves of this author for several decades.

Given he FBI's egregious violations of my Constitutional rights as well as those of other Family members, and the Bureau's coercion of these Family members (in order to conceal the FBI's crimes against us from the public), the Bureau's primary intent is to cover up their own crimes.

Moreover, the fact that the FBI would attempt to cover up the NSA's EMF brain mapping of this author and MK-Ultra experimentation of my person for decades, indicates the Bureau's concern that the general population in the United States will learn that they have also been illegally brain fingerprinted by the NSA, and that the public will never tolerate such an abject violation of their Constitutional rights.

The crimes here are so outrageous that the federal government can only collude to take part in this conspiracy, in order to cover up the fact this author has exposed the most treasonous criminal conspiracy by a government against its own people in human history.

The enslavement of our persons through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

If the FBI's crimes against my person are so outrageous that these agents must abrogate the Constitutional rule of law in order to get away with them, while suborning witness perjury through the use of coerced testimony from bogus witnesses, then it is these agents who should be standing trial for their crimes.


During the early morning hours of 2/24/15, this author's father is again targeted by a directed energy weapon while he is sleeping. He is subjected to a dream which forces him to awaken from a sound sleep. He is very chilled, and at first very shaken, even though he cannot remember the content of the dream.

The chills are caused when a microwave energy weapon is used to contract the capillaries in the body, causing the person to suddenly experience a state of artificially induced hypothermia.

These types of covert directed energy attacks have become commonly reported by Targeted Individuals in the United States as well as TIs who are reporting from every country on the face of this planet.

What is most important to note here is that both of my parents have felt significantly better over the past several months since they have not been attacked with directed energy weapons. I have been reporting on these covert attacks for years, and am certain that these reports have led to a temporary cessation of these attacks.

However, as is evidenced from last night, these attacks can take place instantaneously, against anyone whose EMF signatures have been decoded by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, which then uses these unique electromagnetic DNA prints as the means in which to track that person via the EM spectrum.

Once your EMF signatures have been decoded by the NSA, you become an unwitting slave whose EMF fields are tracked for the rest of your life. This enables the NSA to remotely read or manipulate your mind via the EM spectrum, to experiment on you, or even torture or murder you with plausible deniability.

In this author's opinion, all Americans are EMF fingerprinted by the NSA at the time we are born, as the result of certain EMF signatures being recorded from our bodies while we are still in the hospital (heart beat and brainwave prints), and then sent to the NSA. This program is likely covert, so that only the upper echelon of hospital staff would know about this.

Given the Rockefellers' (the change agents for the Rothschilds in America) control over the American Medical Association, this seems to be the most plausible way for the NSA to obtain this bioelectric information on all American citizens.

What is the purpose of such an Orwellian system? To serve as part of a world government dictatorship, in which all of the citizenry (except the elite class) are electromagnetically branded like a giant herd of cattle, who can be instantly identified, and even exterminated through such remote means.

The Rothschilds are currently attempting to implement their world government, and the NSA will likely be used to house the EMF signatures, not just from the American people, but for the citizens of all nations. This is why the NSA has constructed its massive facility in Utah, in order to store the bioelectric resonance/entrainment information from the citizens from most of, if not all other countries which are presently controlled by a Rothschild central bank.

This is why it is so important for the Rothschilds to obtain full control over all governments, including Russia, since this will be the only way that they can obtain the unique EMF signatures from each person's body. It is entirely possible that the EMF signatures from most of the people on this planet have already been decoded and stored in a computer database within their own country, since this is the most effective way of being able to surveille us via signals intelligence satellites and over the horizon radar systems - which can include HAARP. Even though HAARP is phased array, it can also be used as over the horizon radar.


The Rothschilds Must Take Russia Over Before They Can Implement Their New World Order One World Government - If They Fail To Do So, It Will Be Impossible For The House Of Rothschild To Succeed In Establishing A World Government - Using The United States And Great Britain To Pressure Russia Could Force Russia Into Attacking Us With Nuclear Weapons - The American People Should Keep A Watchful Eye On The Health Of Vladimir Putin, In The Event That He Suddenly Becomes Incapacitated Or Dies, Since This Situation Will Likely Be Caused By A Directed Energy Weapon, In Order To Put Someone Controlled By The Rothschilds Into Russia's Highest Political Office

In 1815 the House Of Rothschild almost succeeded in implementing its world government, for global political control, except that the Russian Czar refused to join the Rothschilds. Given that the House of Rothschild did not have a central bank in Russia at the time, the Rothschilds were powerless to control the Russian economy. This prevented the House of Rothschild from being able to implement their world government, and led to the Rothschilds' fomenting the Russian Revolution in 1917, in which the then Russian Czar and his family were murdered, as revenge for Russia's earlier support of President Lincoln during the U.S. Civil War.

Now in 2015, after a decade of false flag operations which include but are not limited to 9/11, the London terrorist attacks on 7/7/2005 and the Boston Marathon bombing, the House of Rothschild is again attempting to implement a world Zionist government, however, finding that as was the case in 1815, Russia still does not want to be part of this world government. In 2013, after having had a Rothschild central bank for decades, Vladimir Putin has decided to force the Rothschilds out of Russia by nationalizing the central bank. If Putin succeeds, this will force the Rothschilds to lose their control over the Russian economy.

The Rothschilds' answer to this was to create an uprising in Ukraine so that Ukraine would join the European Union (part of the Rothschilds' New World Order), while placing aggressive economic sanctions on Russia.

This is the primary reason why the global price of a barrel of oil has dropped so dramatically over the past year, so that Russia will lose tens of dollars on each barrel of oil that they export.

Isn't it interesting that the Western media has not discussed Russia's intent to nationalize its banking system, by removing the Rothschild central bank in this country? That is because the Western media is controlled by the Rothschilds.

Moreover, if the American people removed the Rothschilds' Federal Reserve System from power, they would soon find themselves under attack from any country whom the Rothschilds still maintain central banks in. In other words, most of the world.

The attack could even be fomented by the Rothschilds through Great Britain, as the attack on the United States was in 1812, as punishment for Congresses' refusal to renew the Rothschilds' second central bank in America: The Second Bank of The United States.

This conflict between Russia and the House of Rothschild is extremely dangerous to the rest of the world, since the Rothschilds are using their control over the U.S. federal government and British government to impose economic sanctions on Russia, which could likely force this country into World War III.

Moreover, it was the Zionists' use of the American media to foment a propaganda campaign against Germany (resulting in an American boycott of Germany) after Hitler became German chancellor in the 1930s, and replaced a Zionist controlled government in Germany with non Zionists, which would ultimately lead to the Holocaust.

It is also interesting to note that in the year 2000 there were seven countries without central banks, however, there are at present only four countries without Rothschild central banks including Russia (in the process of nationalizing its central bank), Hungary, North Korea and Iran.

Several of the other countries which had refused to allow a Rothschild central bank to operate on their soil have since been infiltrated by the Rothschilds, after their leaders were killed off. And most of the leaders were given terminal cancers which were likely created through the use of directed energy weapons.

Even though their Satanic dynasty is over 300 years old, the House of Rothschild still controls nearly every country on the face of this planet. However, the world is gradually awakening to the Rothschilds' history of financing wars for profit, and their intent to create a world government which will give them political control over every nation on the face of this planet. And because of this, even though they are so close to the realization of a world Zionist government, the House of Rothschild may still collapse, as the global citizenry continue to realize that part of the Rothschilds' agenda is to murder billions of people, in an effort to preserve what is left of this planet's precious natural resources for themselves.

When faced with such a kill or be killed scenario, the global citizenry will do what they must to survive this Orwellian conspiracy.

Also see the following chronology:

"1861: President Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States from 1860 till his assassination in 1865) approaches the big banks in New York to try to obtain loans to support the ongoing American civil war. As these large banks were heavily under the influence of the Rothschilds, they offer him a deal they know he cannot accept, 24% to 36% interest on all monies loaned.

Lincoln is very angry about this high level of interest and so he prints his own debt free money and informs the public that this is now legal tender for both public and private debts.

1862: By April $449,338,902 worth of Lincoln’s debt free money has been printed and distributed. He states of this, 'We gave the people of this republic the greatest blessing they ever had, their own paper money to pay their own debts.'

That same year The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, 'If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce.

It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.'

1863: President Abraham Lincoln discovers the Tsar of Russia, Alexander II (1855 – 1881), was having problems with the Rothschilds as well as he was refusing their continual attempts to set up a central bank in Russia. The Tsar then gives President Lincoln some unexpected help.

The Tsar issued orders that if either England or France actively intervened in the American Civil War, and help the South, Russia would consider such action a declaration of war, and take the side of President Lincoln. To show that he wasn't messing about, he sent part of his Pacific Fleet to port in San Francisco and another part to New York.

The Rothschild banking house in Naples, Italy, C. M. de Rothschild e figli, closes following the unification of Italy. The Rothschilds use one of their own in America, John D. Rockefeller, to form an oil business called Standard Oil which eventually takes over all of its competition."

"1891: The British Labour Leader makes the following statement on the subject of the Rothschilds,

'This blood-sucking crew has been the cause of untold mischief and misery in Europe during the present century, and has piled up its prodigious wealth chiefly through fomenting wars between States which ought never to have quarreled.

Whenever there is trouble in Europe, wherever rumors of war circulate and men’s minds are distraught with fear of change and calamity you may be sure that a hook-nosed Rothschild is at his games somewhere near the region of the disturbance.'

Comments like this worry the Rothschilds and towards the end of the 1800’s they purchase Reuters news agency so they can have some control of the media.

1895: Edmond James de Rothschild the youngest son of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild visits Palestine and subsequently supplies the funds to found the first Jewish colonies there, this is to further their long term objective of creating a Rothschild owned country.

1897: The Rothschilds found the Zionist Congress to promote Zionism (a political movement with the sole aim of moving all Jews into a singularly Jewish nation state) and arrange its first meeting in Munich. However due to extreme opposition from local Jews, who are quite happy where they are, this meeting has to be moved to Basle, Switzerland and takes place on 29 August. The meeting is chaired by Ashkenazi Jew, Theodor Herzl, who would state in his diaries,

'It is essential that the sufferings of Jews….become worse….this will assist in realization of our plans….I have an excellent idea….I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth….The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.'

Herzl is subsequently elected President of the Zionist Organisation which adopts the, 'Rothschild Red Hexagram or Sign,' as the Zionist flag which 51 years later will end up as the flag of Israel."

Also See:

The Following Is A Time Line For The House Of Rothschilds' Takeover Of All Governments On The Planet Earth - This Conspiracy Was Intensified In 1776 After The American Declaration Of Independence Was Signed, And The Rothschilds Realized That They Would Not Be Able To Create A World Government, Unless They Were Able To Destroy The United States Through The Establishment Of A Central Bank In America - Since That Time The House Of Rothschild Has Gradually Eroded The United States Constitution, Taking Over The U.S. Federal Government As Well As America's Financial, Educational And Religious Systems - Through Its Zionist Political Arm, The House Of Rothschild Is Now In The Process Of Implementing Its World Government, Which Will Be Used To Replace All Previously Sovereign Governments Including The United States Federal Government - Russia And Syria Remain The Only Holdouts From This World Government, With President Putin Realizing That Russia Will Be Destroyed And Its Remains Incorporated Into The House Of Rothschilds' World Zionist Government Unless Russia Fights To Defend Its Sovereignty - As Such, The Stage Is Set For World War Three, If The Rothschilds Attempt To Use The United States And British Military To Force Russia Into Becoming Part Of This New World Order Zionist Dictatorship

Those of us who are certain that the NSA is responsible for many of these forms of signals intelligence satellite predation are not only targeted for extermination (as this author is), but also the most *aggressive demonization campaigns imaginable, in the interest of destroying us; as the FBI is presently attempting to do with this author, as retaliation for my documenting the NSA's use of my person for MK-Ultra mind control experimentation for more than forty years.

*The current smear/slander campaign which the FBI has been promulgating against this author for the past decade, serves as further proof that I am the target of one of the most elaborate government conspiracies in the history of the United States, as revenge for describing my experiences as a target of MK-Ultra.

I have also accused the NSA of decoding the unique EMF brain maps of all American citizens, as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program which includes the use of the EM Spectrum, in order to establish a means in which to secretly enslave us.

I use the term enslave because the NSA has electromagnetically branded us like a herd of cattle, as part of a future world government which is already in the process of being established.

This is outright slavery, perpetrated in the most furtive and pernicious way imaginable, by those within our own government whose interest is in promoting Rothschild Zionism's New World Order Satanic agenda.

* The Global Media Is Overseen By The Rothschilds Who Also Control Freemasonry And All Formalized Religions (Including Christianity And Judaism) - Any Writer Who Claims To Have Written About The New World Order, Who Intentionally Omits The House Of Rothschild As The Catalyst Of The NWO, Is A Member Of The Rothschilds' Controlled Opposition.

This Is Especially True In Regard To Several Books Written In Recent Years By People Claiming To Be Targeted Individuals, Who Completely Ignore The House Of Rothschild As The Driving Force Behind The New World Order. These People Are Part Of The Controlled Opposition And Their Purpose Is To Write About The New World Order In An Effort To Demoralize The TI Community, So That They Will Not Even Try To Fight The Rothschilds, and Instead Just Surrender To This Zionist World Government.

Use Your Common Sense Here: Given What Targeted Individuals Are Put Through, Most Of Whom Are Financially Insolvent, Would We As Legitimate TI's Whose Lives Have Been Systematically Destroyed, Be Able To Write A Book About Organized Stalking Or Mind Control And Then Convince A Publisher (Who Would Also Be Attacked For Helping Us To Publish Our Information) To Finance The Publication?

Not A Chance - These People Are Part Of The Controlled Opposition, And Many Of Them Have Achieved Tremendous Credibility With The TI Community. Some Of Whom Have Also Claimed To Be Homeless. However, How Do We Know If They Are Really Homeless Since We've Never Met Them. For That Matter, We Have No Idea If They Are Even Publishing Under Their Real Names Or Aliases Set Up By Government Agents; Agents Who Can Create A Fictional Character (Including A CGI Photo Of The Character Used For Credibility) Who Then Goes On To Gain Prominence Within The TI Community, In Order To Misdirect This Community.

That Is How Clever And Deceptive The Rothschilds Are.

You Will Read These Books And Become Depressed And Demoralized (Exactly Why These Books Have Been Written), However, You Will Never Be Told Who Is Really Behind The New World Order - The House Of Rothschild And Its Satanic Illuminati.

The Best Source Of Research Done In Regard To The House Of Rothschild Remains Eustace Mullins, Since His Written Works - Especially "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" - Are The Best Exposes Of The House Of Rothschild Ever Published. Mullins Was Not An Anti-Semite, But Instead An Anti-Zionist, Who Realized That The Rothschild Empire Was Built By Khazars Who Then, Referring To Themselves As Ashkenazi Jews, Adopted And Subverted Judaism For Their Own Satanic Ideology, While Deceiving Those Ashkenazi Jews Who Were Not Zionists, Into Believing That Zionism Was Nothing More Than The Propagation Of Judaism and The State Of Israel.

It Was The House Of Rothschild Whose Fear Tactics Were Used To Trick Ashkenazi Jews Into Believing That The Rest Of The World Was Out To Harm Them, Forcing Many Ashkenazi Jews To Flee Europe And Move To The Zionist State Of Israel For Protection, Without Realizing That Zionism Has Nothing To Do With Judaism, But Instead, The Fostering Of A Satanic Ideology Which Encourages Mass Genocide Of Non Zionists And The Propagation Of A Global Zionist State.

Two Ashkenazi Jews Who Realized This And Attempted To Warn The Ashkenazi Population Of The Evils Of Zionism, Were Jacob Bernstein And Arthur Koestler. And Both Of These Men Were Murdered For Exposing The Zionist Deception.

The Greatest Of Ironies Is That Roughly 10% Of The Population Who Claim To Be Jews Are Legitimate Jews (Descendants Of The Israelites), while The Remaining 90% Are Khazars Who Refer To Themselves As Ashkenazi Jews. Moreover, Because They Are Not Of The Jewish Bloodline, Ashkenazi Jews Are Really Goyim Or Gentiles, Like The Rest Of The Non Jewish Population On This Planet.

An Act Of Anti-Semitism Can Only Be Perpetrated Against A Real Jew - The 10% Of The Population Who Are The Real Descendants Of The Israelites.

It Was Also The Rothschilds Who Created The Concept Of Anti-Semitism In Their Quest To Demonize Ashkenazi Jews With The Rest Of The World, In Order To Trick Them Into Believing That They Were Hated By The Rest Of The World, And As Such, Needed A Country Of Their Own. This Led To The Creation Of The State Of Israel, Which From Its Inception Has Been Under The Control Of The House Of Rothschild.

As Further Proof Of This Deception, In The Early 1900s Only 1% Of Ashkenazi Jews Were Zionists. However, In The Modern Day A Significant Percentage Of Ashkenazi Jews Are Zionists. Yet, There Are Still Many Ashkenazi Jews Who Understand The Satanic Roots Of Zionism, And Who Consequently Refuse To Become Zionists.

What Is Of Equal Interest Here Is That A Very Substantial Number Of People From Other Formalized Religions, Support The Zionist Ideology. So You Don't Always Have To Be An Ashkenazi In Order To Support Zionism.

The Governments Of All Countries With Rothschild Central Banks Support The Zionist Ideology, For A World Government Based On The Rothschilds' Satanic Agenda.

NSA Psychological Operations And Some Of The Means By Which They Are Carried Out Against The Global Population - Many Americans Believe That The NSA Is Used To Protect Them From Foreign Enemies, However, The NSA's True Purpose Is To Function As The Caretaker Of A Massive Signals Intelligence Surveillance System That Is Used As A Very Clever Form Of Slavery By Rothschild Zionism And Its New World Order Global Dictatorship - This System Involves Mass Mind Control Via The EM Spectrum, Through A National EMF Brain Mapping Program In The United States

The Recent Measles Outbreak Is Another False Flag Operation Being Used To Force Americans Into Receiving A Contaminated Measles Vaccine, As Part Of Rothschild Zionism's World Government Agenda Regarding A Global Genocidal Policy - The Rothschilds' Intent Is To Use Whatever Plausibly Deniable Means Necessary, In Order To Murder Most Of This Planet's Human Population, In The Interest Of Preserving What Is Left Of The Earth's Natural Resources For The Investment Class - As An Example Of This, HAARP Directed Energy Weaponry Is Being Used To Artificially Create Geophysical Manipulation Of The Global Weather Pattern As Part Of This Genocidal Plan - There Are Too Many People For The Rothschilds To Murder Over A Short Period Of Time, So It Is Being Done Over An Extended Period Of Time - In The Interim, The People Of This Planet Have Been Unwittingly EMF Fingerprinted & Brain Mapped So That We Can Be Tracked Like A Giant Herd Of Cattle, As We Are Gradually Killed Off (Google: Akwei VS NSA) - Those Who Are Aware Of This Conspiracy Are Being Subjected To Organized Stalking And Portrayed As Being Delusional In The Interest Of Discrediting Our Allegations

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Care System Hacked Exposing 80 Million Subscribers Information To Hackers - Anthem Also Manages AARP Health Gap Insurance - Was This "Hacking" Another U.S. Government False Flag Operation?

"Controlling human behavior by remote radio transmission isn’t science fiction—it’s a fact. After years of secret experiments, the U.S. government has achieved its goal: Breaking and entering American minds at will"

-Author Alex Constantine


Mass Mind Control In America

"Mind Control - Reach Out And Touch Someone" By Steven J. Smith - Steven Smith Was Trained By The NSA As A Psychic Warrior From Childhood - He Later Blew The Whistle On The NSA For Its Torture & Murder Of Some Of The Children Who Were Used As Subjects Of This Mind Control Experimentation, And Was Later Murdered For Writing The Book: "NSA Citadel Of Evil"

Russia Today (RT) Is Perhaps The Best Example Of Controlled Opposition In The Alternative Internet Media - The Fact Is That All Major Media Outlets (Including Those In The Alternative Media) Are Controlled, And Major Alternative Media Outlets Like Russia Today, Which Claim To Go Against The Mainstream Media, Are Actually Examples Of Controlled Opposition - This Is How Rothschild Zionism Controls The Information That You Obtain From The Media, And Why Legitimate Websites That Promulgate Truthful Information That You Will Not Read About In The Mainstream Media, Are Sabotaged

Chronology Of FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO/MK-Ultra Attacks On This Author And My Family Documented Since 12/25/2012

Editor's Note: As of 11/18/14 the FBI's intent to either arrest this author based on trumped up charges or with the intent of murdering my person appears to be imminent. This will likely be my last post on this Website after nearly a decade of documenting my experiences as a target of both COINTELPRO and MK-Ultra.

When the due process of law can be completely abrogated and your 4Th Amendment rights egregiously violated through this government's remote accessing of the neural pathways of your brain (for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation), there is no longer any Constitutional rule of law left in the United States.

I have done everything possible to document my experiences as a target of this second generation of MK-Ultra, including the directed energy attacks on my person and Family for the past decade.

I have also challenged the FBI's completely illegal *smear campaign against my person, which the Bureau waited until the Patriot Act was passed to get away with. A smear campaign that is being conducted as revenge for this author's publishing my experiences as a target of MK-Ultra for the past four decades, and my public allegation that the NSA, under Pentagon oversight, has illegally and treasonously decoded the unique electromagnetic flux signatures of each American citizen's body, so that the NSA can use the electromagnetic spectrum to instantly identify us by way of our own unique EMF signatures.

*A conspiratorial and slanderous demonization campaign based on the concept of death by 1000 cuts, in which virtually all media venues in the United States have been used to fragment this author's existence on this planet from childhood on.

And that the NSA can also interface its artificial intelligence computers with the neural pathways of our brains for the purpose of both remote mind reading as well as influencing our own thoughts and behavior via computer to brain interface.

I am certain that I am correct in my allegations, and my intent is to warn the human race about this demonic conspiracy to exterminate them, so that they can fight back and save themselves from the perpetrators of this Orwellian conspiracy.

The U.S. government is denying these crimes because they are doing everything possible to cover up the fact that the American people are the unwitting subjects of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, that is being used to electromagnetically enslave us, by branding us like a herd of cattle.

Moreover, during a recent interview between NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalist James Bamford, Snowden claimed that privacy for the American citizenry could be restored by using better encryption programs to protect their information.

However, what Snowden does not mention (and should know) is that encryption software is meaningless if the government employees accessing these programs are unwittingly subjected to having their own brains remotely hacked into through the decoding of their own individual brain maps.

Such brain mapping would allow anyone with access to these brain maps the ability to remotely enter (EEG heterodyne) the mind of these government employees, and capture the encryption codes as these employees were typing them on their keyboards; since these encryption codes would be decoded as these employees were thinking about them just prior to typing them.

The NSA's signals intelligence remote neural monitoring technology (Google: Akwei VS NSA) has made encryption software obsolete, since you don't have to hack into a computer any longer, but instead just the mind of the person who is accessing the computer.

And in time, you will find that the allegation that I have made in regard to the NSA's decoding of the EMF brain maps of the American people is true, and that it was my promulgation of this information starting in 2005 which will ultimately serve as the basis for the Bureau's public demonization as well as murder of my person.

No matter what the FBI claims, I am a legitimate target of MK-Ultra, in which the neural pathways of my brain have been interfaced with Artificial Intelligence computers for decades, as I have been experimented upon by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and subjected to myriad forms of mind control experimentation.

The Family members of those of us who are used for such non consensual human experimentation are also coerced into denying that these crimes are taking place, while they are forced to surrender their own free will.

I urge the readership of this Website to collect any articles of interest while you can, because there are many which document these Orwellian crimes in tremendous detail. I am certain that this Blog will be removed from the moment that I am arrested based on what will turn out to be the most precedent setting violations of the Bill of Rights ever documented.

Absolutely no due process of law, and the most flagrant disregard for the Bill of Rights ever documented, while the mainstream media has been used as part of this neural linguistic programming of the American people, where this author has been the target of this furtive psychological warfare operation.

I am also certain that the FBI has committed suborning witness perjury on a number of occasions based on testimony that the Bureau has coerced, in an attempt to set this author up on trumped up charges, in order to cover up the crimes that these agents have and continue to perpetrate against my person, including the directed energy attacks against my person and several other Family members.

Moreover, many Targeted Individuals have already been murdered through the use of directed energy weaponry, and there will be many more in the future if this madness does not stop.

There has never been a more aggressive campaign to silence whistleblowers than there is in regard to the U.S. Federal Government's attempt to deny that the American people are the subjects of a national EMF brain mapping program deployed by the NSA.

As Americans, you have two choices. Either fight to expose this Orwellian violation of your rights as citizens of the United States, or remain silent and become slaves to this Orwellian nightmare.

Postscript: I have seen how the FBI is capable of destroying the relationships of Targeted Individuals with their own Families, through the use of intimidation tactics which rival those of the Gestapo.

I've *documented how these vicious attacks on members of my own beloved Family have taken place routinely (both psychological warfare as well as Directed Energy Weapons attacks), and have done everything humanly possible to prevent them from occurring in the future, through such documentation.

*Chronology Of FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO/MK-Ultra Attacks On This Author And My Family Documented Since 12/25/2012

I am unable to do more than that.

I could not ask for a better Family than I have. I love them more than life itself and I will miss them more than I can ever say.

- James F. Marino

Hearing “Voices” The Hidden History of the CIA’s Electromagnetic Mind-Control Experiments - Global Alert by Alex Constantine 1995 - Controlling human behavior by remote radio transmission isn’t science fiction — it’s a fact

"The New Underworld Order" By Christopher Story - In This 749 Page Tomb, Story Exposes The Satanic Realm Which Controls What Story Refers To As The Global Synarchy (The Secret Societies Which Control The Illuminati Such As Freemasonry), As Well As The Brain Mapping Programs Which Have Been Secretly Implemented In Our Respective Nations (Google: Akwei VS NSA) As A Way In Which To Enslave Us To Rothschild Zionism's Satanic World Government Agenda - An Allegation That This MK-Ultra Target Made Back In 2005 Which Has Since Resulted In The Demonization/Murder Campaign Being Fomented Against My Person - This Is The Book That Got Christopher Story Murdered

Editor's Note:

According to the late Colonel, Edwin Wilson:

"MK-ULTRA Stands For: Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassination"

The United States is presently undergoing a transformation into one region of the New World Order. Our Constitution is in shambles, and the majority of our citizenry completely unaware that their country is being systematically dismantled in the interests of serving a Satanically driven global dictatorship, which is already in place and being used to remotely monitor their persons and thoughts through the decoding of their own EMF brain maps, which are remotely tracked through the use of *signals intelligence EMF scanning networks to enslave them.

*Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

This author has also wondered if the late former Jesuit priest turned respected author, Malachi Martin, was killed with a directed energy weapon back in 1999, after he claimed to have been pushed by a force that he could not see. Martin would take a fall and hit his head, which resulted in a stroke which took his life only days later.

"A tragic fall, reportedly delivered by 'an unseen hand', caused Malachi Martin’s second stroke in twelve months. Now the world sadly bids a premature, 'Adieu' to a great Irish American priest, distinguished for his life of selfless service to Christ as a long time champion of the underprivileged, a prolific, controversial author, and alike Pope Julius III in the days of Trent, a modern day apostle of the Tridentine Mass and reverential worship. On Tuesday, July 27th, Father Malachi Brendan Martin silently passed away in Manhattan, only a few days after reaching his 78th birthday.

The invisible (preternatural?) force that shoved Father Martin into a stumble, wherein he hit and fatally traumatized his head remains unknown. Yet, before an accompanying stroke claimed his physical existence, while lying in critical condition, Father managed to convey to a close friend, prudently preferring to remain anonymous...

'I felt something push me, but... no one was there.'”

A directed energy weapon could be used to physically move a person, as many targets of this technology have in the past reported from their own experiences.

Was Malachi Martin yet another of the many victims of directed energy weapon induced murder? Conspiracy writer, Jim Keith, took a fall in his home which resulted in a broken leg that required surgery. Prior to the surgery, Keith had stated that he did not want to be anesthetized out of concern that it would furnish the U.S. Intelligence community with the ability to murder him with plausible deniability.

Jim Keith's concern was valid, since he was anesthetized against his will, and died while undergoing surgery for his broken leg. Was the fall he took in his home related to some form of directed energy weapon attack, which gave those within the Intel community who wanted to murder him with plausible deniability, the opportunity to do so?

Also See:

The Treasonous Executive Order 12333

"The Tyree lawsuit cites at length from information provided by Colonel Carone - who himself died on 7th January 1990, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, obviously of an induced CIA cancer, as his medical records stated that he perished due to 'chemical toxicity of unknown etiology'. Carone was 'a CIA paymaster and a Mafia-connected money-launderer [see William Casey's Affidavit - Ed.], who incidentally held the rank of full Colonel in Army Intelligence. As Colonel Oliver North's bagman, he also couriered large amounts of cash in and out of the country'42.

"Carone was, however, ordered to perform these and related functions directly by the Director of Central Intelligence, William Casey, himself. And Casey was, as he himself acknowledged in his Affidavit, simply continuing clandestine operations that had been in train for many years previously, and which William Colby was still running, without the knowledge of the US President, Congress or even (as he affirmed) the US intelligence community itself, many years after he had ceased himself to be DCI.

"Rodney Stich, as well informed on these matters as Uri Dowbenko, elaborated in his book 'Defrauding America' that 'Carone had complex relationships'. [He] 'was a member of the Gambino [Mafia] family', although as Casey's Affidavit text revealed, he was 'co-opted' into the Gambino family, the Author suggests, for operational intelligence reasons. Carone had 'connections to other crime groups in the eastern part of the United States' and was 'a detective on the New York vice squad, a member of the military and a CIA operative'43- an all-round criminalist intelligence officer, in fact. Colonel Carone's evidence, incorporated in William Tyree's massive Complaint, continued:

"'Once Ronald Reagan became President, his old-time friend William Casey, the head of the CIA, was able to convince him to sign Executive Order 12333 into effect... which took the CIA out of [the] covert operations business... authorized the use of private assets/entities to be used by the National Security Council to conduct covert operations including the drug [smuggling]... Allowing private assets and entities to do the dirty work meant [that] the CIA could do whatever it wanted to do, in or out of the United States...'.

"Of course, the CIA has always effectively been in that position; but there is no doubt that Executive Order 12333 'essentially privatised the CIA's drug-smuggling, making the Agency even more insulated from discovery of its criminal activities'44 - or so, for a time, it was officially assumed. 'You had National Security Council staffers that were tied right into drug-trafficking themselves, like Ollie North. Hell, his diary had everything in it. Between his diary and your wife's [Elaine's] diaries, the whole thing is blown. Totally compromised', Carone reported to Tyree45.

This special, Mafia-linked source in whom William Casey had placed so much trust at the outset of this disastrous series of manipulated misadventures, revealed the depths to which US intelligence had sunk - only to die suddenly, like so many other Iran-Contra whistleblowers. And as Carone further informed William Tyree, he 'had delivered [drug] money to the gangs because they were on the CIA payroll under Executive Order 12333, which allowed the CIA to hire outside sources to help the CIA perform their jobs' [as Carone, with his blinkered operative's vision, saw the situation - Ed.].

"'He had delivered money to the gangs because they transported the drugs across the United States, i.e., Atlanta, Norfolk, Philadelphia, New York and Boston'. CIA/DVD drugs, that is.

"William Tyree's lawsuit, which was already 11 years old when this book was being finalised, further alleged that the criminalised intelligence thugocracy, or Illuminati mob, that have hijacked the US Government, has established its own parallel structures for overthrowing the US Constitution and imposing a coercive state.

"With the assistance of the 9/11 'Reichstag Fire' provocation, the later establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, or Ministry of State Security, together with the passage of the original post-9/11 Patriot Act USA and subsequent legislation - including the National Intelligence Reform Act signed into law by President Bush Jr. on 17th December 2004 - a much denser superstructure of oppressive mechanisms and legislation has been grafted onto the original framework installed by elements of the US intelligence community to enable the Constitution to be scrapped, and the intelligence cadres that control the Government to seize absolute power, dispensing with the aggravation of constantly having to report to Congress.

"The obscenely delayed response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast, and the subsequent spin to the effect that local authorities are unable to handle disasters so that national 'solutions' are needed, was intended to provide the basis for a further 'giant leap forward' - as the 'coup d'etat by instalments', modelled on the Hitlerian precedent, forged ahead with apparent impunity.

"The breaches in the levees occurred several hours after the hurricane had vanished, suggesting prepositioned explosives; Amtrak and Greyhound Buses refused to assist in evacuations, suggesting that they were ordered not to participate; the so-called Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), now absorbed within the Department of Homeland Security, did nothing significant to assist the endangered population, until they graciously despatched a consignment of 25,000 body bags to the stricken area on 8th September; and the President at first praised the 'incompetent' Michael Brown, head of FEMA, before he was ordered a week later to return to Washington in disgrace.

"Rations diverted from the stocks of the British military, on being received in the United States, were commandeered by arrogant officials on the ground that they contained beef which had to be tested for contamination. Whereas the whole world was waiting to see pictures of relief being distributed to the traumatised residual population, all we saw was Nazi-style swat teams descending the escalator in the New Orleans Convention Center, and military convoys, ships (jamming electronic communications) and armed men descending on the place as though on some kind of macho 'high'."

"Immediately following the commencement of hostilities in Iraq in March 2003, President George W. Bush was seen on the White House video punching his hands into the air and exclaiming 'feels good, feels good' [see Addendum 4, page 681]. None of this 'feels' at all good to outside observers, let alone to unbrainwashed Americans. As indicated, the Tyree Complaint referred specifically to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

"The lawsuit alleged that FEMA, created by Executive Order, is illegitimate not simply because all Executive Orders may be illegal, but also 'since Congress had to approve FEMA for two specific reasons: (1) FEMA is a vaguely written Executive Branch-created agency that has the power to suspend the US Constitution and put the Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government out of work [evidently Michael Brown was bewildered by the powers he could wield, or else a blazing row took place behind the scenes during the New Orleans fiasco, as a consequence of which he was made to look helpless - Ed.]

"(2) FEMA is an Executive Branch creation that clearly affects all three branches of Government capable of silencing the voice of the people (i.e., Legislative) and the legal redress of the people (i.e., Judiciary)'."

Excerpted From: "The New Underworld Order"

Also Google: The Murder Of Elaine Tyree And The Framing Of Her Husband For Her Murder As Part Of The Iran Contra Cover Up

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Rotational Directed Energy Attacks On Our Persons - This Author's Mother Is Again Being Subjected To Another Directed Energy Attack

Editor's Note: As has been the case for the past decade, NSA/FBI/DHS collusion to attack us with directed energy weapons continues. These weapons can be used to perpetrate these attacks in a myriad of ways. Illnesses can even be grafted onto a carrier wave and then implanted directly into a targeted person's body via the EM spectrum, giving the perpetrators of these atrocities the ability to commit such crimes with total impunity.

Today, this author's Mother is again under such covert attack, being subjected to the type of ELF wave induced fatigue that makes it nearly impossible to move. She is also experiencing the type of vertigo-like symptoms that many targets of this Orwellian technology describe, and that another member of this author's Family has been subjected to for the past several months.

These furtive directed energy weapons attacks are a constant part of the COINTELPRO operation that we are subjected to by the Nazi minded psycho's who continue to take their revenge of this MK-Ultra target, for not only documenting my experiences as a subject of such non consensual human experimentation, but also my public allegations that the NSA has in all likelihood secretly decoded the unique EMF brain maps of all American citizens as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program which utilizes the EM spectrum as a way of covertly imprisoning us.

The latest smear/slander campaign conducted against my person (which began in July of 2014) is the most aggressive and illegal yet, since there isn't even a semblance of the Constitutional rule of law here.

The federal government will never admit to decoding the unique EMF signatures of each American citizen's body, because no government could withstand such a scandal. Instead they continue to conduct this FBI orchestrated Neural Linguistic Protocol psyop, in an effort to cover up their complicity in brain mapping the American people.

The media also continues to serve as a pawn in this psychological warfare, even though it has become self evident, that they are also the unwitting targets of this covert EMF fingerprinting of their persons, as we have seen from the many different media personalities who have been subjected to mind control experimentation during live newscasts; including but not limited to Serene Branson, Sarah Carlson, Anderson Cooper and Mark MCallister.

The NSA is already embroiled in a number of major scandals involving its violations of the 4Th Amendment, and could never survive a scandal which involves its EMF brain mapping of the entire U.S. population. So the Agency will continue to collude with the FBI and DHS in its covert attack on this author, and anyone else who documents their own experiences as a target of such mind control experimentation, since the violations of our Constitutional rights is so extreme, that the Constitutional rule of law is being completely abrogated in order ensure that the agents committing these crimes against our persons, can never be held accountable for them.

It is also possible that our water line is now being remotely tampered with, which could result in our being poisoned by these Satanists. There's no longer any question that they are involved in a criminal conspiracy to murder us, and that they will use any means necessary in which to do so.

I will update this report should any of us become attacked more aggressively by these Satanists, as they continue to destroy anyone who attempts to expose the New World Order and Rothschild Zionism's role in implementing its global feudal system and genocidal agenda.

As for the FBI's role in this smear campaign, this constitutes the most precedent setting violation of the 4Th Amendment in United States history, while the FBI attempts to conceal its myriad crimes against this author perpetrated under the color of law.

In American history, there has never been a more furtively or aggressively carried out psychological operation, which involves as many different venues as the FBI's decade's long psyop against this author. A psyop in which the Bureau has made sure that they cannot be challenged in regard to any allegations that they have made, any evidence that they claim to have, or any testimony which they claim to have procured.

The FBI's attempt to completely abrogate the law bespeaks a criminal conspiracy that is beyond the comprehension of most Americans, because the FBI is attempting to conceal from the American people the crimes its agents have and continue to perpetrate against this author, several other members of my Family, and myriad others with whom we have in some way been related, during the time in which we have been under this illegal and Orwellian surveillance program.

As stated, the complete abrogation of our Constitutional rights has enabled the FBI to fabricate evidence as well as witness testimony which may also involve suborning witness perjury.

The FBI also continues to prevent another member of my Family from obtaining employment, after the Bureau engineered this person's being fired from a job two years ago. The intent here was to bankrupt this person so they would have to sell their home.

And this person is now only months away from having to do so, which will be devastating not only to themselves, but also to the rest their Family.

What I find of most interest is how the FBI perpetrates these crimes with plausible deniability, yet, blames the targets of these crimes for the criminal activities of its own agents.

The FBI truly is an organized crime syndicate.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature - The Devastation Both Physically And Psychologically - As Well As Financially - That The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Biological Weapons Have Caused Millions Of American Citizens Is Incalculable

Virgin Galactic Rocket Ship II Blows Up In Mid-air - Was This An Act Of Sabotage Using Directed Energy Weaponry?

AMA/FDA/Big Pharma Collusion In The Demonization Of Dr. Stanislov Burzynski For His Aggressive And Far More Effective Treatment Protocols For Cancer - Dr. Burzynski Has Been Operating A Clinic In The United States Successfully Treating Cancer Patients And Being Harassed For Doing So - Recently, Burzynski Took Part In The Creation Of A Documentary Which Exposes The American Medical Association's Collusion With The Pharmaceutical Industry And The FDA, In An Effort To Destroy The Career Of Any Physician Who Uses A Successful Alternative Treatment Protocol For Cancer, That Threatens The Financial Success Of The Pharmaceutical Industry - This Witch Hunt Also Applies To Physicians Who Treat Chronic Lyme Disease Patients More Aggressively Than The Standard, Cheap, And Ineffective Treatment Protocol Presently Prescribed By The American Medical Association; Which Far Too Often Leads To Patients Becoming Chronically Ill With Lyme Disease - When A More Aggressive Treatment Protocol After Diagnosis Could Be Curative

Is The Human Race Under The Control Of Extraterrestrial Beings? And If So, How Long Have Our Species And Planet Been Under Such Furtive Oversight?

Former Congressman James Traficant Jr. Dies In Tractor Accident - An Accident Or Covert Murder?

"The criminal offense of procuring another to commit perjury, which is the crime of lying, in a material matter, while under oath. It is a criminal offense to induce someone to commit perjury. In a majority of states, the offense is defined by statute" - FBI Agents Regularly Commit The Act Of Suborning Witness Perjury As Part Of Their COINTELPRO Operations, Yet Are Never Prosecuted For This Crime

Millimeter Waves And Mind Control - How Millimeter Waves Dissolve The Walls Of Your Home So That You And Your Loved Ones Can Be Spied On Within The Privacy Of Your Own Home, While Your 4Th Amendment Rights Are Completely Abrogated - And Signals Intelligence Satellites Can Be Used To Remotely Access Your Subvocalized Thoughts By EEG Heterodyning The Neural Pathways Of Your Brain - Is It Any Wonder Why The NSA Is Concealing This Orwellian Atrocity From The American People?

Family Shocked As Actress Elizabeth Pena Dies Suddenly At Age 55 - Are Pena And Sarah Goldstein (Who Died Unexpectedly Last Week at the age of 40) More Victims Of An Illuminati Satanic Sacrifice?And Were They Murdered With Directed Energy Weapons?

Editor's Note: The Obama Administration has been using the media to inform the American people of what they claim is now the latest terrorist threat to world peace - a group called ISIS. However, this is just another of this regime's false flag operations, to ensure that the American people will remain deprived of their Constitutional rights until such time as the United States is dissolved, and its land and inhabitants integrated into the North American Union region of the Rothschild/British Monarchy/Vatican triumvirate's New World Order satanic world government.

Once the ISIS threat - most likely another machination of the CIA - runs its course, they will come up with yet another new "axis of evil" as they have done in the past with the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and the vicious cycle will continue, until this world government is quietly implemented under the war on terror propaganda, which continues to serve as their smokescreen.

If this world government is actually established, the wars which have been the trademark of the House of Rothschild for the past three centuries will no longer be necessary because these wars have always been fought to enable the Rothschilds to infiltrate a government which they then subvert, and then use to take over the country of interest.

If the Rothschilds succeed in establishing a world government, they will have control of every nation on the face of this planet and will no longer need to foment wars for profit and global domination.

Moreover, once they have succeeded in establishing this world government, they will use it to enslave the citizenry using the types of mind control technologies that this author documents on this Website, which are deployed via the electromagnetic spectrum; while fully implementing a plan of global genocide which will be used to reduce this planet by roughly 90% of its current human population.

What will remain after this genocidal plan is carried out will be the investment class, and a trans-humanistic hybrid race of slave workers who will exist for the express purpose of serving this investment class.

Moreover, since they will be mind controlled, the historic need for a large military will no longer be necessary, because those who would normally rebel against such tyranny will be unable to do so; instead being made slaves of their investment class masters via the very types of signals intelligence technology that presently enables the NSA to remotely access the neural pathways of our own brains via the electromagnetic spectrum.

What will happen to those men and women who presently occupy the global military intelligence complex? Like the rest of the underclass population of this planet, most will gradually be exterminated through genocidal policy when they outlive their usefulness, while the remaining few are reduced to the status of trans-human slaves used to serve their investment class masters.

*Google: Akwei VS NSA

However, until this time arrives, the United States federal government remains extremely concerned that the U.S. Dollar will no longer be accepted by the rest of the world as the global reserve currency.

Because of the U.S. Dollar's use as the global reserve currency in post WWII America, the U.S. federal government has amassed a debt of approximately $770 trillion dollars. This debt has been allowed to grow to the extent that it has, only because of the dollar's status as the global reserve currency.

When Iraq decided that it would no longer accept U.S. dollars as payment for its oil, and instead demanded gold, Iraq's demand became of great concern to the Congress and White House.

Specifically, if other nations which have purchased U.S. debt based on the U.S. dollar's reserve status, fell in line with Iraq and demanded that the United States pay for oil from these countries using gold or another currency such as the Euro, the dollar would lose its status as the global reserve currency.

If this occurred, the $770 trillion dollars which the U.S. federal government owes to other countries would come due, and the U.S. economy would collapse.

Moreover, the United States would not be able to purchase the oil it needs from other countries to meet the annual demands of the American people.

Google: The fracking scam

This is the primary reason that the United States attacked Iraq after the 9/11 false flag operation was carried out, and has since constructed a U.S. Embassy in this country in order to maintain oversight of Iraq's oil reserves, under Bush 43's Hydrocarbon law.

To quote the late Mike Ruppert (who was likely murdered in a made to appear as suicide): "They're not going anywhere. They are just sitting on these reserves until they need them." Ruppert made this claim in regard to the United States 9/11 false flag operation, and the belief that the global oil reserves have peaked (Google: Peak Oil Crisis).

This concern has led to the United States' federal government's realization that future access to oil will be limited, and as such, they must attempt to secure access to oil reserves in other countries, while fomenting false flag terrorist campaigns against the American people in order to justify conducting wars on other countries.

These campaigns are being used in order to justify this government's attacks on other countries, with the express intent of stealing their oil, under the pretense of retaliating for terrorist attacks on the American people, which were in reality fomented by our own criminal government.

The U.S. attack on Iraq is an example of this. Moreover, this attack was used to send a message to all other countries who export oil to the United States in exchange for Federal Reserve Notes, that they too will find themselves under attack if they threaten to remove the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency.

As for the latest U.S. war propaganda campaign, ISIS is a mythological demonic goddess.

Also consider that the U.S. Capital Dome is said to be the representation of the womb of a pregnant Isis and the Washington Monument, the phallic representation of the God Osiris - God of the underworld. The same is true of the relationship between the Vatican Dome and the Obelisk in St. Peter's Square.

These Masonic symbols are representative of the Satanic inculcation which has infiltrated both the Vatican and the U.S. federal government. In fact, the late priest, Father Malachi Martin, had claimed in the 1970s, that during his 33 days as Pontiff, Pope John Paul I had stated that the "smoke of Satan" had infiltrated the Vatican, in reference to several of the most powerful priests in Vatican City furtively practicing Satanism.

Martin resigned from the priesthood in 1964 and later became a *best selling author, writing about his claims regarding the Satanic influence which has since pervaded the Vatican's hierarchy.

*Google: His book "Windswept House" regarding Martin's allegations that the Vatican has been under the control of a satanic influence since the 1960s.

Malachi Martin would die in 1999 after losing consciousness while allegedly performing an exorcism. It is said that he regained consciousness for a brief time, and during that time stated that he had been hit the head as part of an attempt on his life, however, had not been able to see the person who committed the crime.

A short time later Father Martin lost consciousness and died.

In the modern day, such covert murders are often perpetrated through the use of directed energy weaponry, which has become the weapon of choice by the global military industrial intelligence complex, for torturing and murdering selected targets, since these weapons leave virtually no trace that a crime has been committed.

Thus, these weapons are ideal for perpetrating these horrific crimes with plausible deniability.

In 2005, this author and target of MK-Ultra, alleged that the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network was created as the direct result of *Ronald Reagan's EO 12333, which allowed the U.S. federal government to both budget for and privatize any operations which were unconstitutional. The late author, *Edward Harle (pen name Christopher Story), mentions this in the following excerpt from his 2010 book: "The New Underworld Order."

* I have also stated that this system is being used as a furtive means in which to utilize the EM spectrum as an invisible prison, which is then used to house an unwitting American citizenry; each of whose own unique sets of EMF fingerprints (including a brainwave print) have been catalogued into the NSA's computer database, for the purpose of being able to remotely access these unique EMF signatures via the electromagnetic spectrum.

And that all nations have likely implemented the same type of signals intelligence driven domestic spy programs against their own citizens, as part of a world government dictatorship, which is presently being implemented under Rothschild Zionism's New World Order Satanic ideology.

This is the equivalent of electromagnetically branding each American citizen as though they were a head of cattle, who can then be remotely tracked regardless of where they are. This in addition to the fact that the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network can be used to instantly access the brain of any American citizen, while establishing two way contact with that person's mind in order to manipulate their thoughts.

This offers further proof that the United States was founded with the intent of honoring Satan, not God.

And that what the American people are currently witnessing under the present regime in Washington D.C., is this regime's awaiting of the arrival of the Antichrist to this planet, which will fulfill their long awaited prophesy.

*Author Edward Harle was poisoned to death shortly after publishing The New Underworld Order, because of its excellent exposition of how this Satanic agenda to destroy humanity is being carried out, through a system of false flag terrorist operations perpetrated by our own subverted governments (like the terrorist attacks on 9/11), in the interest of destroying our sovereign nations and subjecting their citizenry to a global dictatorship.

Harle also stated that the U.S. National Security Act of 1947 (as well as *EO 12333) should be abolished, because it allowed for the creation of a "criminal charter" which enabled the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex to conceal its crimes under the cover of national security.

Something this author also stated nearly a decade ago, when I first alleged that this Executive Order was directly responsible for the NSA's privatizing of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program which the Agency (under its Pentagon oversight) has since used to turn the EM spectrum into an invisible prison (using the Kinnecome Group - See: Akwei VS NSA {Civil Action 92-0449}), which the NSA uses to remotely track the unique EMF signatures of each American citizen's body.

*EO 12333 has been amended at least twice since it was signed by Ronald Reagan in 1981, and has allowed for even more outrageous spying and non consensual human experimentation of American citizens (including mind control experimentation) since that time.


"Invoking the National Security Act of 1947, as amended, President Ronald Reagan promulgated Executive Order 12333 on 4th December 1981 entitled 'United States Intelligence Activities'. This Executive Order authorised the establishment by US intelligence operatives and cadres of corporations owned by the US Government for intelligence purposes, and prescribed that their intelligence community connections may be denied.

"The relevant text (language) reads as follows:

"2.7. Contracting: Agencies within the Intelligence Community are authorized to enter into contracts or arrangements for the provision of goods or services with private companies or institutions in the United States and need not reveal the sponsorship of such contracts or arrangements for authorized intelligence purposes'.

"This provision covers the establishment of onshore or offshore corporations by American intelligence operatives from any of the 18+ agencies 'controlled' by the Central Intelligence Agency and also such US intelligence organisations as are not supervised by the CIA, which is subordinate to the National Security Agency (NSA) in practice, and now to the new Director of National Intelligence (Mr. John Negroponte as at mid-2006).

"The corporations established under Executive Order 12333 and any relevant subsequent presidential order and legislation, are referred to as Title 18, Section 6 corporations. There are several thousand of these, many of which have bank accounts containing substantial accruals belonging to the US Government. In part because of serious rivalry between different warring groups within the enormous US intelligence community, the colossal offshore fund accruals belonging to the US Government were waiting in mid-2006 for the legal environment to be adjusted to facilitate their repatriation to the US Treasury, and for funds stolen by various parties to be traced."

"Apart from the genuine Saul-like repentance and transformation of our leaders' personal lives that is urgently necessary, a first practical step towards the restoration of stability and avoidance of catastrophe would be for certain over-powerful, arrogant and wayward intelligence services to be ordered back into their ghettos, for their ranks to be decimated of free-wheeling planners and workers of darkness, for their criminal intelligence operations to be deprived of legal protection, and for a definitive code of conduct to be imposed by statute upon the entire intelligence community, breaches of which will be met with the full force of the law.

"In the United States, this would mean repealing the National Security Act et seq., which legislation collectively established a criminals' charter, and for Executive Order 12333 [see the vox on page 20] to be repealed, as well. The protection afforded by legislation and Presidential decree for US intelligence operatives to commit crimes with impunity - the only rule being not to get caught - needs to be cancelled. As matters stand, US intelligence relies ferociously upon the law whenever a cover-up is required - while at the same time serially breaking both domestic and international law with impunity."

- Author Edward Harle

7Th Heaven Actress Sarah Goldberg Dies In Her Sleep At The Age Of 40 - Is This Yet Another Satanic Ritual Sacrifice By The Illuminati? And Was Sarah Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon? - You May Think That You Are Safe In Your Own Home, However, Directed Energy Weapons Can Be Used To Murder You Regardless Of Where You Are Located, Including Your Own Bed Executives Accuse U.S. Government Of Hacking Into The Servers Of Many Different Search Engines Around The World

Was Electronic's Engineer John Iverson's Meeting With The FBI Fatal? Just Before He'd Vanished, Iverson, A Brilliant Aerospace Engineer, Had Told Friends That The FBI Was Out To Murder Him Because He Had Threatened To Sue Them For Stealing His Intellectual Property, Under The Excuse Of Government Privilege - This Was More Than Twenty Years Ago And John Iverson Has Never Been Found

"Indeed, a senior CIA officer, lecturing on a 'spy cruise' off the US West Coast in the spring of 2003, took pride in the claim that US intelligence controls the mainstream media. And it subsequently emerged, thanks to leaks from a TV studio, that there appears to be an intelligence cell attached to every US mainstream media newsroom in the United States.

This explains why thinking Americans rightly complain that the news fed to them is controlled. They know this instinctively, and they are right: Fox News is now regarded as the US Government's propaganda channel, and CNN was rapidly acquiring a similar reputation as this book was being finalised. For it is indeed the case that the intelligence community - which controls the US Government, as will be seen - necessarily, as a prerequisite for and as a corollary of doing so, also controls the dissemination of 'information', as is the case in the covert Soviet Union.

Hence, the United States is 'converging' ever more comprehensively and dialectically towards the dark models of the covert 'former' Soviet Union and the Nazi Third Reich. Why is it that abuses by the CIA and its 'protected' barons, its global scamming operations and its involvement in drug-trafficking on the pretext that this gives it an insight into the parallel covert ongoing Soviet drugs offensive, have been reported and scrutinised for decades, with not the slightest change in this monstrous organisation's behavior being detectable? The Senate Committee on Intelligence headed by Senator Frank Church, of Idaho, in 1975, sifted through the CIA's abuses and dark operations over the preceding two decades, to zero effect.

Afterwards, Senator Church was duly liquidated - a fate which has likewise been the lot of innumerable operatives associated with the nexus of serial US official criminality that is loosely labeled 'Iran-Contra.'"

- Author Edward Harle

Was The Fatima UFO Sighting On July 3rd, 1917 The Largest UFO Sighting In History?

Satanism's Pervasiveness In The Broadcast Industry

"The New Underworld Order" By Christopher Story - In This 749 Page Tomb, Story Exposes The Satanic Realm Which Controls What Story Refers To As The Global Synarchy (The Secret Societies Which Control The Illuminati Such As Freemasonry), As Well As The Brain Mapping Programs Which Have Been Secretly Implemented In Our Respective Nations (Google: Akwei VS NSA) As A Way In Which To Enslave Us To Rothschild Zionism's Satanic World Government Agenda - An Allegation That This MK-Ultra Target Made Back In 2005 Which Has Since Resulted In The Demonization Campaign Being Promulgated Against My Person - This Is The Book That Got Christopher Story Murdered

Was The "Comet" That Passed Over The Eastern Seaboard Of The United States On 3/22/13, A HAARP Created Plasma Fireball? According To Edward Snowden HAARP Can Be Used To Cause Mass Destruction Through The Creation Of A Plasma Fireball Which The Pentagon Could Pass Off As A Comet - Imagine The Devastation That A HAARP Plasma Fireball Being Aimed At A Major City Like Manhattan Or Los Angeles Could Cause, While Murdering Millions Of People With Plausible Deniability, Since The Pentagon Has This Ability, Yet Conceals It From The American People

Interview With Author Ron Patton Regarding Mind Control Weapons And Their Use On The General Population Of Countries - Can This Technology Be Used To Trap The Human Soul At The Time Of Death Preventing It From Passing Over Into The Spiritual Realm? Given The Arcane Technology Involved In These Orwellian Crimes, A Significant Number Of Victims Of Directed Energy Weapon Induced Mind Control, Are Beginning To Wonder If Death Will Be Just Another Form Of Imprisonment, If Our Soul Matrix Can Be Electromagnetically Captured By An Agency Like The NSA And Imprisoned At The Time That Our Physical Bodies Die

Editor's Note: As someone who has lived with chronic Lyme Disease for more than twenty years, I am well aware from first hand experience of the types of damage - both physical as well as psychological - that this man-made illness can cause someone.

I am also well aware that there are myriad strains of Lyme Disease that have been created by many different governments as part of their biological warfare programs, and that this bioweapon was first turned loose on this planet's citizenry many decades ago.

This explains the pandemic nature of Lyme Disease, and the fact that it masquerades as so many other different illnesses, due to this weaponized spirochete's ability to both evade the body's immune system, while freely traveling through the bloodstream, and thus to any part of the body - including the brain.

The fact is that while Lyme Disease remains the fastest growing vector borne disease in the world, it is still tremendously and intentionally under reported, as Lyme Disease cases are mistaken for other illnesses or intentionally not diagnosed at all.

Moreover, the global health insurance industry is well aware that Lyme Disease was created as a biological weapon, and as such, they could never afford to treat each chronically ill Lyme Disease patient with the aggressive IV antibiotic therapy that is needed in order to cross the blood brain barrier, so that a patient who is afflicted with chronic Lyme Disease can regain their cognitive ability.

This has led to a situation in which millions of chronically ill Lyme Disease patients have never received proper treatment for this illness. Moreover, this is in regard to patients who have actually been properly diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease.

There are perhaps tens of millions more who are either being treated for another illness that they don't really have, or are not being treated at all; having been either intentionally or accidentally misdiagnosed or undiagnosed.

Ironically enough, over the past two decades, one of the primary reasons that chronic Lyme Disease has become better known in the media is not because of the millions of average citizens who suffer with it, but instead the more famous people who have contracted this biological weapon and become devastated by it.

It was this general acceptance over the past decade or so that chronic Lyme Disease does in fact exist, that led to one of the greatest medical conspiracies of our time.

Collusion between the health insurance industry and the medical community in the United States to falsify the record, by claiming that chronic Lyme Disease (persistent borrelia infection) does not exist.

This is a blatant lie which has left millions of chronically ill Lyme Disease patients with no way of obtaining legitimate treatment for this biological weapon's attack on their own bodies. It has also allowed the health insurance industry to avoid responsibility for covering the medical costs related to treating chronically ill Lyme Disease patients. Costs which in many instances can amount to tens of thousands of dollars each year per patient.

The other day this author was watching a video in regard to a 25Th Anniversary special for the cast of the 1985 movie "Back To The Future."

Actor, Michael J. Fox was amongst those in attendance, and his Parkinson's-like symptoms were quite apparent.

I say Parkson's-like, because in this author's opinion, Michael J. Fox has never had Parkison's Disease. In fact, back in the 1990s I had read that in 1990 he had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease which had caused him to become very debilitated, however, had been successfully treated for it.

While this may be true, I believe that Michael may have gone into a temporary remission from his Lyme Disease symptoms, as many other chronically ill Lyme Disease patients do, only to find that when this remission ended, his symptoms not only returned, but became worse.

Lyme Disease often involves neurological complications which can mimic other neurological illnesses such as Parkinson's Disease. In the case of Michael J. Fox, if Lyme Disease is causing the symptoms that his physicians have claimed are related to Parkinson's Disease, and Michael actually has chronic Lyme Disease, then a treatment of intravenous antibiotics with the proper antibiotic could very well reverse his neurological condition.

An LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor), those who have been the targets of an aggressive witch hunt over the past two decades - because they were treating chronic Lyme Disease patients more aggressively, and with much greater success in causing this disease to go into remission in many of their patients - could well be able to determine if Michael has chronic Lyme Disease by subjecting him to a SPECT scan of his brain.

In most chronically ill Lyme Disease patients who have suffered neurological impairment, SPECT scans have shown brain lesions which are directly related to the Lyme spirochete's ability to bore into brain tissue.

One must wonder if Michael J. Fox was ever given a SPECT scan?

And if so, was it prescribed by a physician who would have known what to look for?

If this is the case, then Michael J. Fox has suffered needlessly for many years with symptoms that could have been treated much more effectively with intravenous antibiotics, than the medications that he is taking for Parkinson's Disease, which would have just masked the underlying cause of his symptoms - the Lyme spirochete.

The same can be said for myriad other chronically ill Lyme Disease patients, who are forced to live with the oftentimes horrible symptoms of this biological weapon, having been either misdiagnosed or undiagnosed.

Lyme Disease has become perhaps the most political illness in the history of medicine, because of its secret biological weapon's roots. As a result, no government wants to admit to their creation of this bioweapon, and no health insurance company wants to have to foot the bill for treating it.

Moreover, anyone who attempts to bring this conspiracy to the general population's attention is aggressively discredited.

The result is that millions of chronically ill Lyme Disease patients are being forced to suffer from the myriad symptoms of this biological weapon, while being denied the aggressive antibiotic treatments that are required to put Lyme Disease into remission.

If one takes into consideration that there are at present a number of genocidal programs in place that were created for the express purpose of reducing the population of this planet by as much as 90% of its present inhabitants, then we can begin to understand that bioweapons like Lyme Disease were created as part of this genocidal policy.

And the fact that millions of people who are afflicted with chronic Lyme Disease cannot even obtain effective treatment for this biological weapon, only serves as further proof that chronic Lyme Disease is but one of many different man-made illnesses which are being used to furtively serve this genocidal policy.

Also See:

Chronic Lyme Disease Being Misdiagnosed As Parkinson's Disease - Does Michael J. Fox Have Parkinson's Disease Or Chronic Lyme Disease Which Masquerades As Parkinson's?

The Tremendous Benefits Of Using Energy Medicine To Treat Various Forms Of Drug Addiction Including Crystal Meth - If Anyone You Know Suffers From Drug Addiction And Has Been Unable To Become Drug Free, The Following Information Is A Must Read - Over The Past 20 Years Crystal Meth Addiction Has More Than Doubled And Remains One Of The Most Difficult Addictions To Treat, Because Of Its Terrible Withdrawal Symptoms - This Is Where Energy Medicine Is Of Tremendous Benefit Because Clinical Studies Conducted In Great Britain Have Shown That It Eliminates The Withdrawal Symptoms From A Drug Addict From The Moment That Treatment Begins, Allowing The Vast Majority Of Drug Addicts (Utilizing This Treatment) To Become Non Addictive Personalities, Which In Turn Prevents Them From Using Drugs In The Future - So Why Has The FDA Refused To Even Consider Doing Clinical Research Into Using Energy Medicine In The Treatment Of Drug Addiction For American Citizens, When Energy Medicine Is Being Used In The United States To Treat Different Forms Of Heart Arrhythmias? Because Energy Medicine Would Quickly Become The Treatment Of Choice For Drug Addiction, And Cost The Pharmaceutical Industry Billions Of Dollars A Year In Lost Revenue, When The Industry Is No Longer Able To Sell The Substandard Drugs That They Presently Use To Treat Drug Addiction - As Of 2014, Crystal Meth Addicts Have An 84% Failure Rate When Being Treated For Drug Addiction

2013 Interview With NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden, In Which Snowden Exposes The Pentagon's Use Of HAARP Over The Horizon Radar For The Purpose Of Mind Control Experimentation On Millions Of American Citizens, As Well As The Use Of This Technology To Torture And Murder American Citizens - Snowden Has Confirmed What Thousands Of Targets Of This Technology Have Been Saying For The Past Decade

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