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Political Tools Of Partisanship - How The U.S. Department Of Justice And The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Are Merely The Pawns Of Whichever Congressional Party Controls The White House - This Is Why The DOJ And FBI Should Be Under The U.S. Judicial Branch Of Government, Operating Completely Independent Of Both The Legislative And Executive Branches Of The U.S. Federal Government

The Department Of Justice And Federal Bureau Of Investigation Are Nothing More Than Political Tools Of A Partisan Executive Branch - Partisanship Has Always Been The Weakest Aspect Of American Democracy, Since The Republican And Democratic Parties Have Always Battled Amongst One Another For Control Over The U.S. Federal Government, Rather Than Concerning Themselves With What Is Best For The American People

Rothschild Zionism's Satanic Control Over The Global Media System & The EEG Heterodyned (Computer To Brain Interface Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum) Mind Control Of These Media Personalities

- Another Sign That The FBI Is Just An Americanized Version Of Hitler's Gestapo -- "The FBI has hatched a plan to prevent its colossal database of fingerprints and mugshots from falling under the auspices of the Privacy Act. The bureau wants a series of exemptions from the law, including the requirement to tell people, when asked, that they're listed on the system. The feds also want to remove the requirement for people listed on the database to be able to correct any errors in their file. Naturally, the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and 44 other privacy groups have protested the move, sending a letter to the Department of Justice asking for an extension on the 21-day consultation period to debate the issue properly."

Editor's Note:

6/1/16 - Neighbor Of Mine Forced To Sell Their Home As Punishment For Refusing To Get Involved In The Organized Stalking Of This Author

Fusion Centers & The FBI's Infragard Program

How The U.S. Justice Department And The Department Of Homeland Security Are Using The False Flag War On Terror To Secretly Promote Vigilantism In American Neighborhoods

The *neighbors who live across the road from this author, and who were harassed for routinely complaining about having to take part in the organized stalking of this MK-Ultra target, have now been forced to sell their home. Evidently, their lack of enthusiasm in regard to violating another American's civil rights, made them the weak link in this Orwellian chain of psychological torture.

*Our next door neighbor called our home during the Winter of 2015 and left a confusing message on our answering machine. He died the next day (supposedly of natural causes - more than likely a directed energy weapon's induced murder). His home has since been sold to a developer.

Now the **neighbors across the road have been forced to sell their home.

*A Chronology Of The FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO Attack On This MK-Ultra Target Since December Of 2012

**The following is a post regarding the COINTELPRO harassment of these neighbors dated March 29th, 2014 - I wrote about the following on this date because my Father was again being attacked with directed energy weaponry. The furtive attacks on these neighbors began at least three months before March 29Th. So sometime during the month of December 2013, the conspiracy in which to remove this married couple from my neighborhood appears to have begun:

March 29Th, 2014 post:

"As previously stated, as a precursor to the directed energy weapons' attack on my Father, in the early morning hours of 3/29/14, FBI/NSA psycho's used a signals intelligence satellite to set off the burglar alarm in the home diagonally across the road from our own. The homeowners are away so this allows these federal miscreants the ability to remotely set off this alarm system anytime they care to; knowing that the alarm will run for about 30 minutes before it resets itself - because no one is home to turn the alarm off.

These 'noise campaigns' are just one facet of the organized stalking street theater that Targeted Individuals are subjected to as part of the aggressive psychological warfare tactics used against us, by these murderous and Satanic government psychopaths.

The home directly across from our own is also used for this particular type of signals intelligence induced electronic harassment, anytime the owners are away on vacation.

This enables these federal reprobates to use both of these homes as part of this psychological warfare operation, rotating between them when the homeowners are away.

The homeowner directly across the road has complained in the past about having to take part in the harassment of this author (probably citing that he has better things to do with his time - who can argue with such devastating logic?) and has been *subjected to furtive warnings to do as he is told.

*This is a further example of the militarized police state that America has become since the Bush 43 Administration's complicity in the 9/11 false flag operation.

As an example of these intimidation tactics, sometime during the Winter of 2013/2014, my neighbor and his wife were followed home one evening by an organized stalker, who got out of his vehicle and began a verbal confrontation with this neighbor. At one point the confrontation grew very loud before this organized stalker returned to his vehicle and left our neighborhood.

The only reason that I was aware of the confrontation was that there were three vehicles involved. My neighbors' and two other vehicles. One of the vehicles drove through my circular driveway and set off the motion sensitive spotlight as it did; which attracted my attention.

The driver of this car then parked at the bottom of the other side of our circular driveway and watched the confrontation between my neighbor and the driver of the other vehicle (who appeared to have also been vehicularly stalking my neighbor).

This author then heard shouts coming from both the driver parked in the road in front of my neighbor's driveway as well as my neighbor; who told him to get the f*ck out of our neighborhood. Eventually, the argument ended and the driver left.

However, my neighbor seemed concerned and drove through our neighborhood several more times before retiring for the night.

The next day, he had a powerful motion sensitive spotlight installed on the side of his garage which is capable of reaching the road. So he and his wife must have been frightened by this organized stalker.

About a week later we had a snowstorm and my neighbor had his driveway plowed out. The person plowing his driveway "accidentally" hit my neighbor's new car, causing enough damage to the car, for him to have to send the automobile to a body shop for repairs.

The 'accident' in reality was no accident at all, but instead an intimidation tactic used to force this neighbor to follow orders in the future; which he is now doing. I have no doubt that if he failed to comply, he would have found himself (or perhaps other members of his own family) being targeted by directed energy weapons' attacks (if this has not already happened in the past).

I document this to prove that our communities are being coerced into taking part in Organized Stalking crimes, based on the intimidation tactics they are subjected to; intimidation tactics being orchestrated through the more than 72 DOJ/FBI/DHS fusion centers which have sprung up across the United States since the 9/11 false flag operation began in 2001."

Not long after this altercation my neighbor also lost his job."


It has been about two and a half years since the aforementioned incident occurred, and his inability to find a new job has forced my neighbor to sell his home. It appears that the FBI (and perhaps DHS as well) has secretly blacklisted this person within his profession.

The FBI has done the same with a member of this author's family, preventing this person from gaining employment, after the FBI orchestrated this family member's being fired from two jobs at two different companies.

This family member's boss, whom this family member had worked for at the first of these companies, hired this family member at another company. This act interfered with the FBI's attempts to bankrupt this family member.

During the time that this family member and their boss worked for the second company, the boss was suddenly afflicted with *brain cancer, which she later died from within months of being diagnosed.

*After this family member was fired from their job, they contacted another former boss asking if they had any job openings. The former boss called back to say no, then died suddenly of a heart attack a few months later. Was this person murdered because they could confirm FBI involvement in the sabotage of this family members career?

*Targeted Individuals have often wondered how it is that their own family members can be used as part of the COINTELPRO operations being conducted against them. In fact, these family members are routinely threatened with arrest and myriad other forms of intimidation if they fail to comply with the orders they are given by those who oversee the DOJ (FBI), DHS fusion centers in their State. This is how the FBI is able to use plausibly deniable means to control them. In a court of law the FBI would use intimidation to force these people to commit perjury, in order to cover up the crimes that the FBI has perpetrated against a Targeted Individual.

This is a very serious felony known as suborning witness perjury, and the FBI is also not above jury tampering when they believe it is warranted. The Pentagon and the FBI - along with many other Intel agencies - have become a prime example of what happens when criminals are allowed to oversee these organizations, while the checks and balances required to keep such organizations within the Constitutional rule of law, are completely disregarded.

The untimely death of this woman was in all probability a directed energy weapon's induced murder done as punishment for this woman's hiring of this author's family member. Once this woman died, my family member was fired from their job and has not been able to gain employment since.

In spite of the fact that this person is eminently qualified in their professional field, they have been blacklisted so that any person within this field who attempts to hire them, will risk being subjected to the FBI's furtive destruction of their career.

As such, what the FBI has done here constitutes a criminal conspiracy to deny this family member their Constitutional rights, by depriving them of their right to earn a living.

Consequently, the FBI must be seen for what it is: An organized crime syndicate perpetrating myriad forms of criminal activities against this author, members of my family, as well as those with whom we are in some way affiliated.

Our neighbor is just the latest victim of this COINTELPRO nightmare. There have been many others, a number of whom have been covertly murdered through the use of directed energy weapons.

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