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Was A Woman By The Name Of Veronica Lueken An Unwitting Subject Of NASA's Operation Blue Beam Program? And Were The Visions She Claimed To Have Witnessed Of Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary And Other Saints From 1970 Until Her 1995 Death, Created Through The Use Of Satellite Based Holograms And AI Computer To Brain Interface Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum? Were The Ghostly Apparitions Of Eastern Airlines Flight 401's Captain And His Navigator Beginning In 1972, Part Of The Same Operation Blue Beam Experiment?

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NASA's Operation Blue Beam
How Early Was This Orwellian Program
Unleashed On The American Public?

Editor's Note: The moment that I finish writing this post a signals intelligence induced power failure takes place in my neighborhood which lasts several minutes. Perhaps there's more than a bit of truth to my claims regarding NASA's use of the American people for non consensual human experimentation, going back to the early days of an Agency which was developed by Nazi, Wernher Von Braun. Von Braun was smuggled into the United States under the CIA's Project Paperclip, along with thousands of other Nazis who should have been executed at Nuremburg for their crimes against the Jews.

Before her death in 1995, a woman named Veronica Lueken claimed to have physically not only witnessed, but also interacted with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and several other Saints as early as 1970. Could Veronica Lueken have been one of myriad unwitting subjects of MK-Ultra computer to brain interface via the electromagnetic spectrum and as part NASA's Operation Blue Beam Bible Rapture Scenario?

Serge Monast Exposes Satanic Plan Of The House Of Rothschild To Enslave Humanity Through A Covert Government Operation Known As Blue Beam

If so, is it also possible that what Lueken really saw were audio visual holograms of these apparitions which were produced by holographic projectors that were attached to specialized satellites?

Based on the research done by this author in regard to NASA's Operation Blue Beam, it would appear that sometime during the late 1960s or early 1970s, specific Blue Beam programs were secretly initiated against the American people, in which certain Americans were directly targeted for extensive forms of *non consensual human experimentation.

*Including advanced programs later developed from the earlier MK-Ultra projects that the U.S. Congress ordered the CIA to shut down in 1971.

The Ghostly Apparitions Of Eastern Airlines Flight 401

In 1972 (just two years after Veronica Lueken reported having first seen apparitions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ), Eastern Airlines flight 401 crashed into the Florida everglades after the electronic instrumentation regarding the airliner's landing gear, failed. Was the failure caused intentionally through the use of signals intelligence technology, which was utilized in order to remotely interfere with this instrumentation so that the plane would crash?

After the plane crash in which the pilot and his chief navigation officer were killed, ghostly apparitions of both men were seen on many of the Eastern Airline flights in which parts that had been salvaged from Flight 401 were later installed. Witnesses to these ghostly apparitions described how the apparitions would *speak to them, warning them that the planes were not safe.

*Google: Audio Visual Holograms Produced By Holographic Projection

Eventually, the sightings caused such consternation amongst Eastern's upper management as well as employees, that the President of Eastern Airlines at the time - former astronaut Frank Borman - ordered Eastern employees to cease discussing the ghostly sightings or risk being fired from their jobs.

Several stewardesses were also forced to undergo psychiatric counsel, simply because they refused to stop describing the ghostly apparitions to other people outside of Eastern.

Could Borman Have Been Part Of This Black Op?

Oddly enough, Frank Borman eventually implemented a directive to remove all of the parts from Eastern Airlines' jets which had been salvaged from Flight 401, and the ghostly sightings ended.

As a former member of NASA, did Frank Borman know more about this situation than he led on to? Could he have in fact been a part of this black operation from its inception? If so did he do so knowingly or unwittingly?

Could this entire situation have been staged as a facet of NASA's Operation Blue Beam program?

*Ghostly Apparitions Of Eastern Airlines' Flight 401 Pilots Seen On Other Eastern Flights Whose Planes Had Received Salvaged Parts From Flight 401

Was Veronica Lueken Another Target Of Blue Beam?

This brings this author to another theory that I have developed in regard to what may in fact have been yet another facet of the NASA Blue Beam Operation. This time involving the use of government satellite projected holograms which were used for the purpose religious indoctrination, in order to make it appear that a woman by the name of Veronica Lueken was having a genuine religious experience, by being visited by Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary; the latter of whom Lueken claimed was actually counseling her regarding Lueken's religious beliefs.

Could directed energy weapons have been used to cause much of the physical suffering that Veronica Lueken experienced in the years before she died (including cancerous tumors), as part of such a false flag operation? Especially since Lueken had gained international notoriety for her claims and was considered by many Roman Catholics to have had genuine paranormal experiences regarding such visits by Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

Even if the Roman Catholic Church rejected her claims at the time, possibly being aware that Veronica Lueken was being unwittingly used as part of a hoax perpetrated by Rothschild Zionism, based on the House of Rothschild's intent to bring about a Communist central government under the guise of fabricated Bible Rapture scenario.

Documenting Veronica Lueken's Final Years

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