Thursday, April 07, 2016

Was Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon? If So, Was It Done As Part Of The FBI/NSA Psychological Warfare Operation Being Directed At This MK-Ultra Target?

What Do The Terms FBI Consensual Monitoring And CIA Concealed Monitoring Mean? Are They Being Used As Euphemisms To Conceal The Use Of Signals Intelligence Computer To Brain Interface Of An Unwitting American Public? Also Google Akwei VS NSA And The NSA's Signals Intelligence Driven Artificial Telepathy Program - The NSA's Remote Mind Reading Of The Masses Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Editor's Note: Justice Scalia died while visiting the Cibolo ranch in Texas, which is owned by former DOD employee under the Reagan Administration, John Poindexter. The entire situation regarding Scalia's sudden death has been bizarre since its inception - including the lack of an autopsy on Scalia.

The FBI and NSA routinely use psychological trigger phrases in their furtive attacks on this author, which are then in some way integrated into the mainstream media. Consider that I publicly accused the FBI of illegally circulating a BOLO (Be On The Lookout For) on my person several years ago, which was based on fabrication and confabulation.

Justice Scalia died at the CiBOLO ranch. A coincidence? Or was this another staged murder based on the long running FBI/NSA psyop campaign being covertly waged against this author?

The loss of Scalia creates a future opportunity for a much more liberal Supreme Court.

And this will allow those Democrats within the Legislative and Executive branches of the U.S. Federal Government to more easily control the Judicial branch, by manipulating the outcomes of certain pertinent Supreme Court cases in the future.

Must we now also be concerned about the safety of Justice Clarence Thomas, who is also known for his conservative views? I say this since Thomas can be murdered through the use of a directed energy weapon just as easily as Justice Antonin Scalia most likely was.

Justice Scalia was the staunchest Republican on the Supreme Court, regarding his rigid interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. So his death is a significant setback for a GOP - whose own future is in as much jeopardy as the U.S. Bill of Rights - as well as the American people's protections under the Bill of Rights.

** For most of the past decade the FBI has secretly and illegally interfered with all business transactions conducted by this author; oftentimes sabotaging the transactions. A few months ago I placed an order for fluorescent bulbs. When the order arrived one of the bulbs was damaged. I Emailed the merchant explaining the situation, asking for them to send a replacement bulb and to pick up the damaged bulb.

However, I never received a response. Then today, UPS delivers a package from this merchant which includes several of these bulbs. When I contact the merchant online to explain that I did not order them, the merchant responds by saying that since the order was their mistake, to just keep the bulbs.

When I said that I was not interested in keeping them and requested that the merchant pick the bulbs up, I was told that I would be emailed a return authorization number. The Email was either never sent or blocked from my Email account by these FBI provocateurs. Those agents who are responsible for this merchant's intentionally shipping bulbs that I did not place an order for in the first place.

This is typical of how the FBI uses its Infragard program to control the actions of businesses operating within the United States. And how the FBI often damages the reputations of these businesses through the use of such chicanery, that the businesses themselves are forced to take part in under the Patriot Act and the FBI's Infragard program.

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