Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Death Of UFOLOGIST Ed Grimsley Whose Use Of Night Vision Technology Provoked Great Concern That UFOs Really Are Doing Battle In Outer Space - Was His Death By Natural Causes Or The Result Of Another Directed Energy Weapon's Induced Murder?

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Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices Are Used By The NSA To Remotely Target The Unique EMF Fields Produced By The Human Brain, For The Purpose Of Establishing Computer To Brain Interface With The Neural Pathways Of Any American Citizen's Brain

Man Claiming To Be A Target Of Satellite Mind Control Makes Over 100 Calls To 911 In One Month After Congress Refuses To Investigate His Claims - This Type Of Orwellian Scenario Has Become Typical Of Targets Of NSA/CIA MK-Ultra Psychotronic Mind Control Experimentation In The United States, Which Now Takes Place Through The Air Via Computer To Brain Interface - This Person Is Asking For Help Yet Being Ignored By Congress And The Local Authorities - If He Commits A Violent Act In The Future In An Effort To Expose These Atrocities He Will Be Portrayed As A Lone Wolf Terrorist, While His Prior Attempts To Expose These Crimes Will Be Completely Ignored By The Mainstream Media

Editor's Note: Over the past few decades Ed Grimsley has had a major impact on the UFOlogist movement, ever since he began using night vision goggles during the early morning hours - to observe UFO craft doing battle with each other in outer space. A decade ago, Grimsley was aggressively discredited by *government provocateurs looking to prevent him from gaining credibility for his claims.

*Who's Murdering America's UFO Researchers?

However, over time his videos of strange craft in the skies above his home - taken with night vision technology - continued to attract UFO enthusiasts from around the world. Those who watched in utter amazement the battles being conducted by UFO craft thousands of miles above this planet, which were destroying each other through the use of particle beam weapons.

Prior to his death in February 2016, Ed Grimsley was widely considered to be the father of this type of UFO observation, and had gained the respect of thousands of UFO enthusiasts who now understand that Grimsley's discovery has finally put to rest any doubts that UFOs exist; or that our respective governments continue to conceal from us what is likely some type of clandestine alliance with these beings.

Given this, and Grimsley's refusal to end his research, one must wonder if his recent death at age 67 was by natural causes, or was Ed Grimsley yet another victim of a directed energy weapon's induced murder?

*Memorial Tribute To UFOlogist Ed Grimsley - Was He Murdered For Promoting The Use Of Night Vision Technology To Observe UFOs Conducting Their Own Battles In Outer Space?

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