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Former New York Times Reporter Sarah Kershaw Was Murdered For Having The Courage To Expose The New MK-Ultra Psychotronic Mind Control Program Being Secretly Conducted By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex - Fear Of Being Murdered Is Why Media Personalities In The United States Are Helping To Cover Up These Orwellian Crimes Against Americans

How The NSA Uses The Electromagnetic Spectrum To Remotely Access The Mind Of Any American Citizen Via Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, And How This Orwellian Surveillance System Is Being Used In Secret To Enslave The American People

Editor's Note: As the FBI continues with its bogus investigation of Hillary Clinton, the Bureau continues to cover up the greatest scandal in human history. The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and the Agency's electromagnetic fingerprinting of the American people. Former New York Times reporter, **Sarah Kershaw, was recently murdered for attempting to expose this Orwellian scandal. The intimidation of American journalists to refrain from investigating our (targets of MK-Ultra) allegations regarding this psychotronic technology, and the NSA's use of it on us, is intense.

Thus, any American journalist who attempts to expose this scandal will be murdered for it just as Sarah Kershaw was. ***Sarah Kershaw was a brave woman and a credit to her profession. She was murdered for attempting to expose the NSA's electromagnetic fingerprinting of the American people.

*** Plausible Deniability -- *Sarah Kershaw is alleged to have told friends that she was planning to commit suicide due to a chronic illness that she was experiencing. The illness itself may have been artificially created using directed energy weapon's technology. Kershaw's death at the age of 49 is said to have occurred from self asphyxiation (Comedian Robin Williams is said to have committed suicide the same way). However, there are far easier ways to have ended their lives than the way in which Williams and Kershaw are reported to have done. Both Williams and Kershaw could have been drugged and then murdered by another person (or persons) who actually asphyxiated them once they were unconscious.

*Since Sarah (nor is Robin Williams) is no longer alive to substantiate this claim, there is no way to know if her so called friends are telling the truth or lying as part of a covert government plot involving her murder.

As for why they would have been murdered, Williams had made many enemies of powerful people (politicians, corporate heads, other actors) whom he had routinely insulted as part of his comedic routines. Kershaw used her fame as a reporter to publicly state that those Americans who are claiming to be targets of a government MK-Ultra program that is conducted through the air using psychotronic weapons (through Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Networks), are telling the truth. By promulgating this information, Kershaw helped to expose a precedent setting **conspiracy being perpetrated by the global military intelligence complex against its own citizens.

**Man Claiming To Be A Target Of Satellite Mind Control Makes Over 100 Calls To 911 In One Month After Congress Refuses To Investigate His Claims - This Type Of Orwellian Scenario Has Become Typical Of Targets Of NSA/CIA MK-Ultra Psychotronic Mind Control Experimentation In The United States, Which Now Takes Place Through The Air Via Computer To Brain Interface - This Person Is Asking For Help Yet Being Ignored By Congress And The Local Authorities - If He Commits A Violent Act In The Future In An Effort To Expose These Atrocities He Will Be Portrayed As A Lone Wolf Terrorist, While His Prior Attempts To Expose These Crimes Will Be Completely Ignored By The Mainstream Media - The Same Situation Had Occurred With Myron May & A Few Other Targets Of This MK-Ultra Technology, Who Attempted To Prevent Their Acts Of Terrorism By Exposing Their Use In Such Non Consensual Mind Control Experimentation, Before Actually Going On Their Killing Sprees

Google: Akwei VS NSA

**Former NY Times Reporter Sarah Kershaw Murdered For Helping To Expose New MK-Ultra Psychotronic Weapons Program In The United States

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Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices Are Used By The NSA To Remotely Target The Unique EMF Fields Produced By The Human Brain, For The Purpose Of Establishing Computer To Brain Interface With The Neural Pathways Of Any American Citizen's Brain

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