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NSA Use Of Psychotronic Technology To Manipulate The Minds Of Sports Figures While Using Directed Energy Weapons To Either Enhance Or Compromise Their Physical Performance - Is Tennis Star Genie Bouchard The Latest Victim Of This Conspiracy?

Senator Ted Cruz Talks About The Dangers Of An Electromagnetic Pulse Being Generated Over The United States, Which Would Be Caused By An Iranian Nuclear Attack, Yet Completely Ignores All Of The American Citizens Presently Being Tortured And Murdered By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex, Through This Complexes' Use Of Americans For Non Consensual Human Experimentation - Which Includes Subjecting Us To Directed Energy Weapons' Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks - With The Thousands Of Complaints Filed By Americans With The U.S. Congress About These Classified Weapons There's No Way That Ted Cruz Could Not Know About Them

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Serena Williams Being Subjected To A Directed Energy Weapon's Attack During A Wimbledon Tennis Match In 2014 - This Appears To Be An Attack Using ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Ground Waves

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Tennis Player Eugenie Bouchard
Is Her Bad Luck More Than Just Coincidence?
Professional Athletes & Psychotronic Warfare

For the past few years this author has been spending some of the time I dedicate to exposing the NSA's use of electronic warfare technology on a largely unwitting *American public, towards how this technology is used to secretly manipulate sporting events, through the use of HAARP geophysical manipulation of the weather, as well as directed energy weapons; in addition to the psychotronic, signals intelligence computer to brain interface of selected sport's personalities who are unwittingly used for such non consensual human experimentation.

*These directed energy weapons attacks are taking place all over the world, and against any unfortunate person who just happens to become of interest to the NSA, FBI or some of the other organizations that operate within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex. And the weapons are not just deployed by this complex. They are used by the global Military Intelligentsia against each other, as well as against a completely unwitting global citizenry.

*Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard Has Withdrawn From The WTA Tennis Tournament In Tokyo Next Week Due To Continued Symptoms From The Concussion She Suffered September 4Th - Less Than A Year Ago, Genie Bouchard Was Considered To Be The Most Marketable Sports Figure In Tennis (Even Surpassing Maria Sharapova)- So What Happened To Change This? Is Genie Bouchard The Target Of A Conspiracy To Remove Her From The Tennis World? And If So, Why? And Are Psychotronic And Directed Energy Weapons Being Used Against Her?

*Editor's Note: 9/28/15 - Genie Bouchard appeared to be healing from her concussion and had arrived in China this week to play in the Wuhan Open, when she dropped out at the last minute. The reason given is that Bouchard began to again experience some of the neurological symptoms that she suffered with, after sustaining a concussion on September 4Th (suffering a freak head injury after falling in the women's locker room, after winning a U.S. Open doubles match).

The symptoms are reported to have reoccurred while Genie was in Wuhan this past Saturday, practicing for her upcoming tennis match against Belinda Bencic.

This author is concerned that Genie's neurological symptoms are being aggravated through the use of directed energy weapons, and as part of a conspiracy to force her to retire from professional women's tennis, for what is perceived to be continuing unsportsmanlike behavior.

Just a year ago, at 20 years of age, Bouchard was considered to be the most marketable athlete in women's professional tennis, with the prospect of earning even more in future advertising endorsements, than either tennis legends Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams.

Bouchard's meteoric rise from total obscurity on the WTA pro circuit to a top ten ranking in less than a year, combined with her fashion model looks, quickly made her the new darling of women's tennis, with Bouchard simultaneously juggling careers in both professional tennis and fashion modeling.

It also made her the most envied player in professional female tennis.

And that appears to be precisely when things suddenly began to go terribly wrong.

Bourchard's downward spiral, which was characterized by a dramatic change in personality, morphed into what has since become a continuous and devastating setback to her tennis career.

Especially given the following statement which Genie made at the "Wuhan Open" earlier today. If I am correct, and Genie's neurological symptoms are being aggravated by way of directed energy weaponry, then her symptoms can quickly abate if the frequencies being directed at her brain are modulated downward, or completely turned off. However, if they are not, then she will continue to be plagued by these neurological symptoms for as long as this non consensual human experimentation of her person continues.

“I am frustrated and disappointed that I won’t be able to compete at the Wuhan Open this week. Having reached the final last year, I was very much looking forward to playing for the great fans here. I travelled to Wuhan with the intention of playing. Unfortunately, my concussion symptoms came back during practice on Saturday and It would not be safe for me to go on court today. I will rest in Wuhan for the next few days to determine how I progress, and look forward to coming back here to play in this great city next year."

- Genie Bouchard

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**Some General Information In Regard To The Types Of Directed Energy Weapons & Electromagnetic Warfare Technology Used By The NSA & Other Branches Of Department Of Defense, As Well As The U.S. Intelligence Community

Last year, after I wrote about *Serena Williams' bizarre behavior during a 2014 Wimbledon double's match with her sister, in which I stated my belief that Serena's being completely out of it on the court was the likely result of being targeted with a directed energy weapon - which utilized the ELF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to artificially drain energy from Serena's body (which can cause instantaneous exhaustion) - other people began to wonder if this could be possible.

*Video Of Serena Williams Being Subjected To A Directed Energy Weapon's Attack During A Wimbledon Doubles Match With Her Sister Venus

**Today, 9/11/2015 (incidentally the 14Th Anniversary Of the 9/11 false flag terrorist attack), tennis history is made, when Serena Williams is prevented from advancing to the 2015 U.S. Open Finals, after having been defeated by 46Th seed, Italy's Roberta Vinci.

The loss was particularly disappointing to Serena and her millions of fans, since if she had made it to the finals of this match and won, Serena would have tied former WTA player, Steffi Graff, at 22 Grand Slams a piece.

This would have placed both women in a second place tie behind Tennis great Margaret Court - whose won 24 WTA Grand Slams, and has held this title for the longest period of time in professional tennis history, at an incredible 44 years.

Serena was a 300 to 1 odds' favorite to win today's match, making it one of the greatest upsets in tennis history. Was she being targeted with a directed energy weapon during the match, which could have been used to subtly affect her performance in just enough of an adverse way, for her to make unforced errors which she would not have otherwise made?

One must wonder if there were any bets placed on this match for Roberta Vinci, and by whom? And if so, for how much money? Perhaps some people working in the Intelligence community or some of their non government acquaintances?

If you know the outcome of a *sporting event before hand, because you have access to technology that can be used to manipulate the event, you can make a lot of money betting on the event. How many of you suspect that the 2015 Triple Crown horse racing events were rigged? The usual field of 12 - 14 horses was limited to only 8 horses this year in the deciding race for the Triple Crown - The Belmont Stakes. Why not the normal number of horses?

*Or any other event in advance, like the people who placed put options on Boeing and United Airlines stocks just days before the 9/11 false flag operation took place (because these people knew in advance that 9/11 was going to occur and that there was going to be a large sell off in these stocks as the direct result of the bad publicity that they were going to receive in regard to 9/11).

Moreover, how often do we see 300 to 1 odds in a major sporting event?

Just to put this into perspective, a $100 bet would have earned you $30,000!

Furthermore, which tennis player was Roberta Vinci supposed to play prior to getting through her matches in order to meet with Serena Williams, yet whom she was able to avoid having to play during the U.S. Open?

*Genie Bouchard!

And Genie was forced out of her match with Vinci after suffering a concussion due to a freak accident which has never been properly explained.

*Also consider that one of the favorites to win the 2015 U.S. Open was Maria Sharapova, who pulled out of the Open at the last minute due to an ankle injury. Could directed energy weaponry have been involved here, and in prior ankle injuries, in order to furtively influence the odds of matches played by other lesser ranked WTA players? This year's women's U.S. Open was characterized by many of the top ranked players being eliminated in the early rounds, which allowed for a precedent setting final featuring two unranked players, both of whom just happen to be Italian.

If you are thinking that there may be a story here, you're probably not alone, since there appears to be a legitimate conspiracy which involves the use of classified psychotronic and directed energy weapons, in order to manipulate the outcomes of sporting events; including professional tennis. So the next time you see a major upset in a sporting event, check the odds for the teams or the players. The chances are that bets were made in advance of these upsets that were worth considerable sums of money, to those who played these long shots. The question is how did they know to play them?

Furthermore, what did Serena mean in the post match interview when she said in regard to Roberta Vinci, that Vinci "*played literally, out of her mind?"

*What kind of a saying is that? Out of her mind refers to her being crazy. Is this yet another example of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) code here?

For the past few years it has been and remains this author's opinion, that Serena Williams has become the target of a conspiracy to manipulate her tennis play by way of remote means, using military grade weaponry; including psychotronic and directed energy weapons; both of which are classified by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

And that a modern day version of the CIA's original MK-Ultra program of the 1950s, which is now conducted by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, was deployed by the midst of the 1970s, after Senator Frank Church's investigative committee on the U.S. Intelligence community, exposed terrible crimes being perpetrated by the CIA against American citizens, who were used by the CIA as part of the Agency's Orwellian mind control research program.

Senator Church's findings would result in Congress's forcing the CIA to shutter the original MK-Ultra program, while then head of the CIA, Richard Helms, ordered the destruction of all of the remaining evidence of the MK-Ultra program, by having files on MK-Ultra and its 129 subproject programs destroyed.

However, not before attorneys for the family of government scientist, Frank Olsen, were able to unearth thousands of pages of evidence which proved that the MK-Ultra program existed. After witnessing some of the new (at the time) CIA methods of torture being employed at the time by the Agency, Frank Olsen was so repulsed, that the CIA became concerned that he could no longer be trusted.

So while at a Manhattan bar, the head of the MK-Ultra program, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, slipped LSD into Olsen's drink, which resulted in his becoming psychotic for a time.

It was later reported that Frank Olsen would jump to his death from a New York hotel room window not long after being given the LSD laced drink.

However, Olsen's family never believed the official story, and after decades obtained a court order to have his body exhumed for forensic study, which would later prove that Frank Olsen was rendered unconscious and then thrown out of the window of a New York City hotel room, using a technique specialized by the CIA.

So Olsen's family's suspicion that he was murdered by the CIA turned out to be true.

And because of their persistence, as well as that of their attorneys', thousands of pages of evidence in regard to the CIA's MK-Ultra program were discovered, prior to Richard Helms' order to destroy all evidence pertaining to MK-Ultra's existence.

Since that time, the CIA's mind control program has existed without any paper trail, and been integrated into the NSA's signals intelligence operations, so that mind control experimentation can now be conducted by way of the electromagnetic spectrum; which is used to interface Artificial Intelligence computers with the unique sets of EMF signatures that are produced by the human body - including the brain.

All Americans are unwittingly subjected to this Orwellian system of enslavement, because once our brain maps have been decoded by the NSA, the Agency can then use remote means (signals intelligence satellites, HAARP, and over the horizon radar systems) to access the neural pathways of our brains.

It is this author's opinion that shortly after World War II ended, a program was secretly implemented by the U.S. Intelligence community under the Rockefeller Foundation, to employ NSA agents operating under the cover of hospital staff, to utilize the hospitals in the United States as the means by which to obtain basic bioelectric information from each child once they were born; information which would later be used as a covert means of enslaving the American citizenry.

Specifically, an EEG brainwave print as well as an EKG heart beat print, which were then included as part of a file that the NSA created on that child, and which would allow the NSA to scan the electromagnetic spectrum for these unique EMF signatures, which would function as the means by which the NSA could instantly identify any person living within the United States.

The NSA maintains files on all American citizens, even though the Agency is expressly prohibited from spying domestically by its own charter.

And within these files are the unique EMF signatures copied from our own bodies, which the NSA is secretly using as the means in which to enslave us, by turning the electromagnetic spectrum into an invisible prison that is being used to house us.

I believe that Serena Williams is a target of this program, being unwittingly used for such non consensual human experimentation, and that today, this high-tech and classified weaponry was used to prevent Serena from establishing a milestone in tennis, by keeping her from tying Steffi Graff's record of 22 Grand Slams.

Had she done so, Serena could have then moved on to the Holy Grail in women's tennis: equaling or even surpassing the 24 Grand Slams won by former Tennis great Margaret Court in the 1970s.

It is also my belief that the U.S. Open was fixed through the use of this technology, in order to create a situation in which certain members of the U.S. Intelligence community were able to profit significantly from the 300 - 1 odds given on the match between Serena and Roberta Vinci.

And that this match was only made possible by preventing Eugenie Bouchard from playing Vinci, because those who were manipulating this Tennis Tournament believe that Bouchard would have beaten Vinci, and by doing so, greatly reduced the outstanding, and precedent setting 300 - 1 odds given for Vinci.

In other words, if you are going to go to the trouble of fixing a sporting event, you might as well make it worth your financial while to do so.

Imagine putting down ten thousand dollars spread out over bets made by several conspirators, at 300 - 1 odds.

It would have been worth $3 million dollars in the unlikely event that Vinci won.

British Conspiracy To Artificially Maintain
Margaret Court's 24 Grand Slam Record

In this author's opinion, Serena maintains the talent and physical capability to surpass Margaret Court's record. However, as a Brit, the British Monarchy may have already decided that Margaret Court's record will stand indefinitely.

After all, Court's achievement has not been surpassed in 44 years, even though women tennis players are stronger today than ever before, use better rackets, and have more personal attention in the way of training staff; the type of staff that the tennis players in Margaret Court's day could have only dreamt of having.

So why can't the women in today's professional tennis world surpass Margaret Court's Grand Slam record? Because there is an unspoken edict which has been secretly imposed by the British Monarchy, that prevents them from unwittingly doing so.

And this will mean that Serena Williams will not be allowed to surpass Margaret Court's 24 Grand Slams, regardless of how long she remains on the WTA tour. And that only a British female tennis player who has the ability to reach this outstanding level of tennis play, will eventually be allowed to dethrone Margaret Court, should that time ever come.

Serena experienced a similar situation regarding the use of psychotronic weaponry during the Australian Hopman Cup, where she was soundly defeated by Canadian tennis player, *Eugenie Bouchard, in the greatest upset of the Tournament. Williams had complained that she could not get her body to do what she wanted it to. A clear sign that her brain was being remotely influenced via computer to brain interface, and that transcranial magnetic stimulation was being used on certain areas of her brain, in order to adversely affect her ability to win her tennis match.

*Bouchard, herself has been experiencing some odd behavior over the past year, having gone from Wimbledon darling, to an **aloof persona who oftentimes refuses to shake the hands of other players, while often ignoring code conduct that can get her either banned from a match or fined. Is she just experiencing growing pains at the tender age of 21, or is she being unwittingly subjected to psychotronic mind control experimentation?

*"Eugenie Bouchard Could Be Tennis's Next Big Shot" - NY Times Magazine 8/24/14

**"Eugenie Bouchard Must Ditch The Superbrat Attitude And Fast"

***Tennis Star Eugenie Bouchard Goes From Wimbledon Darling To Aloof Tennis Brat

As for the use of through the air technology to manipulate everything from one's mind to the weather, the 2013 America's Cup was a dead giveaway that HAARP was being used to remotely affect the wind conditions on the race course, which led America's Team Oracle to make a precedent setting comeback to win 8 consecutive races from Team New Zealand, in order to win the 2013 America's Cup series.

Prior to the 2013 America's Cup, no contender in the history of this race had ever come close to making such an unlikely comeback.

I have been spending quite a bit of time looking for anomalies in professional sporting events that I believe could be related to some type of covertly government perpetrated non consensual human experimentation.

There are now millions of Targeted Individuals around the world who are both aware that these weapons exist, and that they are being deployed by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, from their own first hand experiences as targets of such non consensual human experimentation.

And many have now questioned if professional sport's personalities are being used as unwitting targets of such non consensual experimentation.

And this has recently led to me to wonder if Canadian professional tennis player, Eugenie Bouchard, may be yet another unwitting target of such non consensual human experimentation.

And if so, why was she targeted and how long has she been targeted?

Moreover, Genie seems to have become the subject of a very aggressive smear campaign conducted by many of her peers in the tennis community. And this seems to have occurred after she was criticized in an article, for acquiescing to a request made by a male interviewer back in January of 2015, to do a twirl (a 360 degree turn), so that the interviewer could see the back of her tennis ensemble.

Genie did so reluctantly, afterwards holding her head in her hands, in what was apparent embarrassment.

However, her embarrassment was nothing in relation to the criticism that she later received from many of her fellow tennis players, in addition to the *media.

*"The Eugenie Bouchard Twirl Should Make Us All Mad" -The

The request by the interviewer was perceived to be sexist, and other female tennis players were furious with Genie for accommodating him, instead of telling him to apologize.

Many of them rightfully stating that the interviewer would not have asked a male tennis player, much less a top ranked male tennis player, to do a twirl for them.

Since that time Genie's demeanor has changed, as she is oftentimes criticized regardless of what she does. And there is no question that there has since been a hostility being directed at her by many of her female tennis peers, which at times is palpable.

As such, she finds herself in a Catch 22 situation, where it seems that no matter what she does she can't win.

And this appears to have made her more introspective, as she attempts to negotiate her way through a maze of confusing situations that have more to do with the differences between the genders, than the sport of professional women's tennis.

In any event, there can no longer be any question that Eugenie Bouchard is in fact the target of a nasty conspiracy not just to undermine her tennis career, but to instead, destroy it anyway possible.

What's the logical answer?

In this author's opinion, to go back to playing pro tennis with the same zeal and tenacity that took her from relative obscurity to a top 5 WTA ranking in less than a year. And to allow her tennis playing to do her talking for her, while she learns how to make the most of the natural gifts that she has been given.

This young woman did not win by a fluke. And she is not a flash in the pan.

She has genuine talent as a professional tennis player, and it would be unfortunate if she were unable to realize the full potential and greatness that she is capable of on the tennis court.

Of course, this is all contingent on her not remaining the target of non consensual human experimentation. For if this author is correct, and Genie has become the target of directed energy weapon's attacks, regardless of how subtle, her tennis play will continue to be adversely affected regardless of what she does.

And that is no fault of her own.


Eugenie Bouchard Is The Target Of A Conspiracy
Will Her Concussion End Her Promising Tennis Career?
And Was It Intended To Or Just To Serve As A Warning?

Genie Bouchard had an excellent 2014 season, at one point being ranked as high as 5th place by the U.S. Women's Tennis Association (WTA).

Her meteoric rise from complete obscurity in the tennis world to a top ten ranking, also led to her being voted most improved player of 2014.

However, Bouchard has since been plagued by both sub standard tennis play and injury for most of 2015, moving her ranking back to 25Th place.

On Friday, this author watched Genie Bouchard win her match against Dominika Cibulkova. Later that evening, she went on to win a mixed double's match, only to experience a freak accident after the match, when slipping and falling in the women's locker room, hitting her head and suffering a concussion.

*The following excerpt is from Website:

*Eugenie Bouchard's Concussion Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

"She was anxious to continue, turned to each of her supporters and the medical experts for just a shred of encouragement. Wanted to take a turn on the treadmill to test her body and her brain but was dissuaded. Conceded, finally, to the inevitable: Done, down and out in Flushing Meadows.

"Somebody has to wear this and it’s not Bouchard.

"Tennis isn’t hockey or football, where head injuries are all too common. This is a generally controlled environment without bodies slamming each other into the blackout dimension.

"Yet there was a blackout, as Bouchard described it to her team — in the pitch-dark training room where she slipped on a slick floor late Friday night, banging her head and her elbow heavily.

"A training room with the lights turned off.

"A wet floor.

"No trainers present.

"Shut off the lights and everybody go home, apparently. That lapse in attention — carelessness — has cost the 21-year-old Canadian everything: singles, doubles, mixed doubles, a big whack of prize money ($213,575 if into the quarter-finals next) and unrealized ambitions. Because Bouchard’s half of the draw was wide open, via high seeds knocked off early and injury retirement.

"The stars had aligned for her and then they too faded to black."

So here we have another situation where after a year of poor play and physical injuries, Bouchard is suddenly in contention to finish strongly at the U.S. Open (possibly even to win the Open), and she is once again the subject of bad luck.

Prior to her bad luck, Genie had been playing excellent tennis, which enabled her to move into the top ten WTA ranking, when her demeanor began to change. She became more aloof, even refusing at times to shake the hands of players whom she was competing against, while often committing code conduct violations which could have resulted in her being ejected from a match or even fined.

Was this change in her personality the result of her success, or related to psychotronic weaponry that she may at this very moment still be subjected to without her knowledge? And I speak here as someone who is targeted by this technology everyday, and have been for the past four decades.

Which is why I am concerned for Genie Bouchard's life, because she may very well be the target of a secret campaign to murder her using psychotronic weaponry, since the NSA's psychotronic weaponry can be used to induced suicidal thoughts into an unwitting target. Especially when that person is in a state of REM sleep.

I have been a target of computer to brain interface since the 1970s and I am certain that computer generated thoughts of any nature, can be remotely implanted into the mind of such mind control subjects, in order to manipulate their thoughts and behavior.

Which is why the U.S. Intelligence community is presently engaged in a demonization campaign against this author which they are using as the precursor to murdering my person.

This is not about the law since there is no such law being exercised here.

This is instead, about a group of despicable FBI agents who instead of following the rule of law, colluded with the NSA to use this author for non consensual human experimentation.

Having now been found out, they are using every means possible in which to cover this scandal up, because this scandal involves the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of classified technologies (in particular the NSA) that not only violate the 4TH Amendment rights of each American citizen, but also threaten their safety and future in this country.

This is why there is no rule of law in the FBI's attack on my person. I simply know far too much about some of the classified technologies that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has access to, and routinely uses on an unwitting American people.

Crimes against humanity that involve everything from conducting illegal research on American citizens, to torturing and murdering them.

So the tennis world, in particular, should keep a watchful eye on Genie Bouchard to ensure that such a tragedy does not occur, because you have now been forewarned in regard to the evil that lurks behind the cover of this military intelligence complex.

And in particular the NSA.

Especially since any of you can become the targets of this Orwellian technology without even knowing it. And there's little doubt that many of you already have.

Since the days when she was at the top of her tennis game, Genie Bouchard has had a run of bad luck that is difficult to ignore. So much so, that it is very difficult to believe that there is not something going on behind the scene here that is responsible for creating her misfortune.

Even the sport's media has taken notice of this situation, by writing articles inquiring as to why this young woman has been plagued by so much bad luck during the 2015 WTA season, after having moved into the WTA's top 10 ranking to become a serious contender for the top spot in 2014.

The following has been excerpted from

Eugenie Bouchard's Problems Beyond Tennis

“'I think there’s something really wrong,'said Cox, who was a guest on Friday morning’s Dean Blundell & Co. on Sportsnet 590 The FAN. 'The problem we have with all professional athletes is that a lot of the time we don’t know what’s going on in their lives. I think for a young woman travelling the world largely on her own, I’m sure there’s a million different things going on.'

"'This has gone beyond tennis now. This is not a technical issue, this is not a coaching issue. I’m not even sure it’s an injury or health issue.'

"Damien Cox on Dean Blundell & Co.

"Bouchard, ranked No. 12 in the world, lost to 117th-seed Duan Ying-Ying in the first round of Wimbledon on Tuesday. It was later revealed that the Westmount, Que., native played with a torn abdominal muscle.

"The loss was Bouchard’s 12th in her past 14 matches. It’s certainly a fall from grace as just a year ago she was runner-up at Wimbledon, losing in the final to Petra Kvitova.

"Cox said there is a clear difference in the 21-year-old Bouchard’s demeanor these days compared to how she acted last year.

"'Even the way she talks – it used to be about getting to No. 1 in the world and winning Grand Slams, and now it’s ‘Well, I won’t be playing by the time I’m 30,’ and then after another loss, ‘It’s not the biggest thing in the world, what’s the big deal?’

"'I think part of that is defensive,' Cox added. 'And I just think something – and I don’t pretend to know the intimate details of her life – something major has gone wrong.'"

Is Genie Bouchard being targeted with directed energy weaponry as a furtive form of punishment in which to humble her for what is perceived to be unacceptable behavior, just as Serena Williams has likely been, since Serena performed a crip walk celebratory dance on the center court at Wimbledon a few years ago, which was perceived to have been both inappropriate as well as offensive to the British Monarchy.

Serena Williams Being Subjected To A Directed Energy Weapon's Attack During A Wimbledon Tennis Match In 2014 - This Appears To Be An Attack Using ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Ground Waves

Since that time, Serena has been experiencing a number of anomalies in her tennis career, including a 2014 Wimbledon double's match with her sister, in which Serena was most definitely the target of an ELF directed energy weapon's attack.

At the time she was completely out of it. So much so that fans thought she was drunk.

However, a blood test proved otherwise. As a target of ELF attacks over the course of many years, this author is aware of how quickly an ELF wave can cause tremendous physical exhaustion, and how rapidly the exhaustion will dissipate once the ELF attack has ended.

It appears that professional tennis has now become yet another venue for such non consensual human experimentation.

As for directed energy weaponry, could Genie Bouchard have been the target of a covertly implemented directed energy attack that could have forced her to momentarily lose her balance, in order to cause her to fall, and as part of this furtively meted out punishment of her person?

The fact that the floor that she slipped on was wet, the lights in the room were left off, and there was no one on the premises to help her once she fell and hit her head, only further serves to prove that Bouchard was intentionally harmed.

Many Targeted Individuals have reported how their bodies are subjected to remotely induced magnetic fields which are used to physically move their bodies, as part of the non consensual experimentation that they are subjected to.

Could this have been the case with Bouchard? And the set up of having a dark room with a wet floor and no one around to help her once she fell and hit her head, done to give plausible deniability to a directed energy attack?

People accidentally trip or slip all the time, however, it is rare for a young person to do so while hitting their head. Their reflexes, especially those of a professional athlete, are excellent, and they can usually break their fall with their hands.

So why wasn't Bouchard able to do this?

As previously stated, this young woman has been plagued by bad luck over the past year after having had a great season in 2014, and I must wonder if at least some of this bad luck is being intentionally caused through the use of the aforesaid weaponry.

Moreover, has Bouchard been subtly targeted through the use of directed energy weaponry during recent tennis matches, in order to prevent her from winning matches that she should have won?

The regular readers of this Website are also aware that this author has been documenting how certain psychological triggers are routinely used by both the FBI and NSA, as part of the psychological warfare operation that I have been subjected to for over a decade.

Over the past several years the mainstream media has been gradually given thousands of these psyop triggers to use as part of the FBI's covert Neural Linguistic Programming propaganda campaign against this author. And they appear in every media venue, from Hollywood feature films, TV series, Talk Radio, print media, and even the Internet.

And the use of my name in several of its derivations are also used as psychological triggers: James, Jimmy, Jimbo, are all used as part of this psyop.

The reader will also note that during this year's U.S. Open, Genie Bouchard has recently parted ways with her coach, and has now suddenly begun taking advice from tennis legend *"Jimmy" Connors; which according to Bouchard, has been responsible for her excellent play during the U.S. Open.

*Here we have the use of another psychological trigger.

Is Connors' advice really helping Bouchard that much, or are those who are utilizing this technology against her, simply allowing Genie to for the moment, play up to the level that she is capable of; while Connors is used as a red herring (unwitting or otherwise) to make Bouchard become psychologically dependent on him?

Since taking her fall, Bouchard has had to miss two double's matches, and has now been forced to withdraw from the U.S. Open as the result of a concussion, that may have resulted from a subtle directed energy weapon's attack on her person.

So what we have here is not just another coincidence, but instead, a conspiracy to punish this woman for what appears to be disapproval of her recent unprofessional behavior in the sport of tennis.

As such, even if she had been able to play, would her performance have been impeded as the result of the fall she took? Or would the fall have offered plausible deniability in subjecting Genie to further directed energy attacks, which would have resulted in her losing a match that she should have won?

Moreover, did those who intended on punishing Genie Bouchard overplay their hand by going too far, and seriously injuring her? Or was their intent to seriously injure, or even murder her through plausibly deniable means?

Furthermore, will this injury seriously compromise, or for that matter possibly even end her promising tennis career?

This author hopes not, since Genie Bouchard is not your average tennis pro. She is also one of the most talented and beautiful women competing on the WTA tour at the present time, and with her earlier meteoritic rise to international tennis stardom in 2014, Bouchard's marketability has already been compared to that of Maria Sharapova (about ten years her senior), who also maintains that rare combination of both talent and beauty that has sponsors beating a path to her door.

So Genie's family and those who should be looking out for her best interests would do well to consider the fact that her bad luck is not occurring by chance, but rather as the result of a criminal conspiracy that is being waged against her, and which may well have begun as the result of a tax lawsuit waged by her father against the Canadian version of the IRS - that involved Genie's professional tennis career - which was recently decided in favor of the Canadian establishment.

Court Rules In Favor Of Canadian Revenue Service, Regarding Lawsuit Filed By Michel Bouchard, Pertaining To Tax Write Offs That He Took For Daughter Eugenie's Tennis Training Costs

What's that saying? Oh yes, "The Sins Of The Parent Are Visited On The Child."

Directed Energy Weapons & Psychotronic Technology
Have Become The Ultimate Weapons Of Stealth Warfare

The reader should also remember that directed energy weapon's attacks can be delivered very subtly or most aggressively - depending on their frequency and intensity.

What I liken to how a rheostat is used to either increase or decrease the intensity of a light bulb.

A severe directed energy weapon attack can instantly kill the target of such an attack, while a subtle attack may be hardly noticeable, yet effective in furtively carrying out whatever the agent using this technology was attempting to achieve.

Imagine this technology being used during a tennis match, in which it has already been determined who will win the match. For instance, using an ELF wave against a tennis player just to subtly rob them of some of their energy. Just enough so that they lose a match that they should have won, without anyone becoming suspicious.

Just enough so that their serve is not what it should be; or that they miss that return shot that they should have gotten to, because they were slowed down just enough to prevent them from accomplishing what in ordinary circumstances they are physically capable of accomplishing.

The technology is used to ensure that the person chosen to win this match does so, even if the technology is used against the athlete whom they are competing against.

Can you imagine NSA or CIA employees who have a gambling addiction, using this technology to fix sporting events so that they always win whatever events they are betting on?

This classified technology has made it possible to completely circumvent the probability and statistics that are involved in gambling, because those with access to this technology have the ability to remotely affect the outcome in a number of ways.

For instance, they can use electromagnetic fields to control a roulette wheel - Think Wheel of Fortune here.

Moreover, using psychotronic technology, an NSA cryptologist can remotely access the mind of a person in order to manipulate their thoughts and actions without the person having any idea that their brain maps have been remotely decoded, or that those with access to the unique code to their mind, can readily read or even manipulate their thoughts by way of computer to brain interface.

This technology could be used to subconsciously force an army to surrender to its enemy, or even to manipulate the minds of the players on a football team into unwittingly throwing a game.

This technology has been a reality since the 1950s, and since the 1970s this technology has been used on a global scale, due to the signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting programs that are used by our respective governments, as a means of furtively enslaving us.

Our minds are for all intents and purposes computers, that have been remotely decoded for the purpose of enslaving us.

The same concept can be used to remotely influence any sporting event. In fact, this technology can be used to furtively affect either positively or negatively, virtually any event.

The horrifying reality in regard to this technology, is that it comes as close to giving those who deploy it God like powers as you can possibly get, without actually being a God.

This is precisely why this technology was developed by the NSA in secret.

And it is proof that this technology is already being used by the NSA in order to pervert the natural order of things, as well as the natural unfolding of historical events, by artificially manipulating them.

Yes, history can be made to order. And no one knows this better than those within the NSA who are presently developing a signals intelligence based system of Artificial Intelligence, which will eventually be used to destroy the human race, and to replace it with a race of Tranhumanist machines who will function as slave labor for the investment class.

Editor's Note: 9/10/15 - Over the past decade as part of the COINTELPRO that the FBI has illegally conducted against this author, they have tampered with everything ranging from credit card accounts to medical prescriptions. After symptoms were created through the use of directed energy weapons, the doctors who were chosen to treat certain Family members, where chosen specifically because their names were suited to the FBI's psychological warfare operation against this author.

This is indicative of the total insanity of these murderous psychopaths, and how demented, depraved, and evil the entire concept of counterintelligence is.

FBI psychopaths will also make bogus phone calls to our home using their own fabricated telephone numbers, for the specific purpose of functioning as a psychological operation.

Today they make a bogus call using the number 314 226 1459. Notice the number 59, which continues to be used as one of the myriad psychological triggers by these federal murderers, as part of a psychological warfare campaign that has been ongoing since 2003.

With few exceptions, FBI agents are the most abject of evil. The FBI has employed torturers, murderers and every other type of criminal you can imagine.

Those who use our Bill of Rights for toilet paper, while attempting to enforce treasonous legislation like the Patriot Act, which was created based on the 9/11 false flag demonic deception.

These so called agents do not operate within any rule of law. And they excuse their own crimes, regardless of how horrendous, while conducting the types of illegal and slanderous smear campaigns that the FBI is presently propagating against this author.

There is no limit to the crimes that these Zionist worshipping Satanists will commit, and the FBI is now desperate to cover up the fact that the Intelligence community tracks the American people using the electromagnetic spectrum, and by using a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to remotely scan the EM spectrum for the unique EMF fields produced by our own bodies.

This is a precedent setting exposition of the Third Reich that has been hidden behind the façade of the NSA since shortly after World War II. Which offers further proof that the CIA's Project Paperclip was used to propagate a Nazi subversion of our Military Intelligence complex.

The American people can be thankful that NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, was able to file his lawsuit against the NSA, and that even though it was derailed by former and corrupt Judge Stanley Sporkin, that Akwei managed to ensure that his lawsuit was published in a magazine that eventually listed its article on this precedent setting lawsuit on the Internet.

Had it not been for John St. Clair Akwei, those of us who have been targeted for most of our lives, by this clandestine version of the NSA's MK-Ultra mind control experimentation (done by way of the electromagnetic spectrum), would not have known about the NSA's use in enslaving the American people; or in destroying our Constitutional rule of law.

Nor would we have learned of this Satanic organization's use in creating an Artificial Intelligence driven program based on Transhumanism, whose intent is to reduce the human race to a hybridized species: part human, part computer and part machine.

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