Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Rotational Directed Energy Attacks On Our Persons - This Author's Mother Is Again Being Subjected To Another Directed Energy Attack

Editor's Note: As has been the case for the past decade, NSA/FBI/DHS collusion to attack us with directed energy weapons continues. These weapons can be used to perpetrate these attacks in a myriad of ways. Illnesses can even be grafted onto a carrier wave and then implanted directly into a targeted person's body via the EM spectrum, giving the perpetrators of these atrocities the ability to commit such crimes with total impunity.

Today, this author's Mother is again under such covert attack, being subjected to the type of ELF wave induced fatigue that makes it nearly impossible to move. She is also experiencing the type of vertigo-like symptoms that many targets of this Orwellian technology describe, and that another member of this author's Family has been subjected to for the past several months.

These furtive directed energy weapons attacks are a constant part of the COINTELPRO operation that we are subjected to by the Nazi minded psycho's who continue to take their revenge of this MK-Ultra target, for not only documenting my experiences as a subject of such non consensual human experimentation, but also my public allegations that the NSA has in all likelihood secretly decoded the unique EMF brain maps of all American citizens as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program which utilizes the EM spectrum as a way of covertly imprisoning us.

The latest smear/slander campaign conducted against my person (which began in July of 2014) is the most aggressive and illegal yet, since there isn't even a semblance of the Constitutional rule of law here.

The federal government will never admit to decoding the unique EMF signatures of each American citizen's body, because no government could withstand such a scandal. Instead they continue to conduct this FBI orchestrated Neural Linguistic Protocol psyop, in an effort to cover up their complicity in brain mapping the American people.

The media also continues to serve as a pawn in this psychological warfare, even though it has become self evident, that they are also the unwitting targets of this covert EMF fingerprinting of their persons, as we have seen from the many different media personalities who have been subjected to mind control experimentation during live newscasts; including but not limited to Serene Branson, Sarah Carlson, Anderson Cooper and Mark MCallister.

The NSA is already embroiled in a number of major scandals involving its violations of the 4Th Amendment, and could never survive a scandal which involves its EMF brain mapping of the entire U.S. population. So the Agency will continue to collude with the FBI and DHS in its covert attack on this author, and anyone else who documents their own experiences as a target of such mind control experimentation, since the violations of our Constitutional rights is so extreme, that the Constitutional rule of law is being completely abrogated in order ensure that the agents committing these crimes against our persons, can never be held accountable for them.

It is also possible that our water line is now being remotely tampered with, which could result in our being poisoned by these Satanists. There's no longer any question that they are involved in a criminal conspiracy to murder us, and that they will use any means necessary in which to do so.

I will update this report should any of us become attacked more aggressively by these Satanists, as they continue to destroy anyone who attempts to expose the New World Order and Rothschild Zionism's role in implementing its global feudal system and genocidal agenda.

As for the FBI's role in this smear campaign, this constitutes the most precedent setting violation of the 4Th Amendment in United States history, while the FBI attempts to conceal its myriad crimes against this author perpetrated under the color of law.

In American history, there has never been a more furtively or aggressively carried out psychological operation, which involves as many different venues as the FBI's decade's long psyop against this author. A psyop in which the Bureau has made sure that they cannot be challenged in regard to any allegations that they have made, any evidence that they claim to have, or any testimony which they claim to have procured.

The FBI's attempt to completely abrogate the law bespeaks a criminal conspiracy that is beyond the comprehension of most Americans, because the FBI is attempting to conceal from the American people the crimes its agents have and continue to perpetrate against this author, several other members of my Family, and myriad others with whom we have in some way been related, during the time in which we have been under this illegal and Orwellian surveillance program.

As stated, the complete abrogation of our Constitutional rights has enabled the FBI to fabricate evidence as well as witness testimony which may also involve suborning witness perjury.

The FBI also continues to prevent another member of my Family from obtaining employment, after the Bureau engineered this person's being fired from a job two years ago. The intent here was to bankrupt this person so they would have to sell their home.

And this person is now only months away from having to do so, which will be devastating not only to themselves, but also to the rest their Family.

What I find of most interest is how the FBI perpetrates these crimes with plausible deniability, yet, blames the targets of these crimes for the criminal activities of its own agents.

The FBI truly is an organized crime syndicate.

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