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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature Was The Carlyle Group Behind The Mysterious Disappearance Of Malaysian Air Flight MH370? And Could They Have Had Something To Do With The Destruction Of Malaysian Air Flight MH17 Earlier This Week?

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MASS MIND CONTROL In The United States & The Signals Intelligence Enslavement Of The American Middle Class

Editor's Note: With regard to the recent troubles that Malaysian Airlines has experienced with the loss of two of its jetliners, this author finds the following information to be of interest:

According to the following document, there were at least 22 executives flying on Flight MH370 at the time it is reported to have disappeared, who worked for a company called Freescale Semiconductor. And The Carlyle Group is reported to have recently purchased a controlling interest in Freescale.

Moreover, four of the employees from Freescale Semiconductor are said to have been awaiting a patent in regard to their development of a "system for optimizing the number of dies produced on a wafer."

Suspiciously, the patent was granted to Pidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Zhihong Cheng, Li Ying, four days after Flight MH370 disappeared.

With these people presumed to be dead, their ownership of this patent is expected to revert back to The Carlyle Group.

One must wonder how much this patent is worth?

Moreover, given the Carlyle Group's ties to the Pentagon and NSA, this would explain why these government organizations can't seem to locate Flight MH370, in spite of the global electronic surveillance system that they have access to.

And instead continue to use the global media as a source of disinformation in regard to MH370, and the ridiculous excuses the media keeps coming up with for why search teams can't locate MH370, as part of what is in all probability yet another false flag terrorist attack.

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Is The Carlyle Group Responsible For The Disappearance Of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370?

Is The Downing Of Malaysian Flight MH17
Yet Another False Flag Operation?

Written by James F. Marino

The media reports that the Ukrainian foreign ministry has claimed that Malaysian Airlines' flight MH17, was shot down by a Russian missile en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, when it crashed in Eastern Ukraine.

This contradicts the ministry's earlier claim "that there were no air force jets in the area, no surface-to-air systems being used against the rebels and that the plane was out of reach of other Ukrainian air defence forces."

Moreover, no physical evidence of a missile has yet to be found, and no video footage showing a missile striking Flight MH17 has been broadcast.

Yet the U.S. media is reporting that a Russian missile destroyed Flight MH17, which indicates that the media is involved in yet another false flag propaganda campaign that may have no basis in fact whatsoever.

Moreover, the fact that the media has been so quick to claim that Ukraine has stated that a Russian missile is the cause of the destruction of Flight MH17, has this author wondering if the missile theory is nothing but a red herring being used to cover up for another method of destroying MH17.

Both the Ukraine and Russian embassies have denied any involvement in this alleged missile attack on Flight MH17.

So how can the media automatically claim that Russia was in some way responsible for this missile attack, when a missile may not have been involved in the downing of Flight MH17?

Furthermore, if a missile was not used to destroy this airliner, what means was used in which to down Flight MH17?

Could a bomb have been planted on board this aircraft or could its fuel tank have been blown up through the use of a directed energy weapon, serving to further confuse this situation?

In support of this theory consider the following quotes taken from an article on the BBC News' Website:

"'I was working in the field on my tractor when I heard the sound of a plane and then a bang and shots," a witness called Vladimir told Reuters.

"Then I saw the plane hit the ground and break in two. There was thick black smoke.'

"A separatist rebel from nearby Krasnyi Luch who gave his name as Sergei said: 'From my balcony I saw a plane begin to descend from a great height and then heard two explosions.'"

Ukraine's defence ministry issued a statement saying there were no air force jets in the area, no surface-to-air systems being used against the rebels and that the plane was out of reach of other Ukrainian air defence forces."

Source: BBC News

Consider that this aircraft has about 20,000 gallons of fuel when fully loaded, which equates to about 150,000 LBS. of fuel.

Even if the aircraft had used 50% of its fuel at the time that it was lost on airport radar, this would still have left enough fuel in its tanks to cause a massive explosion.

The question is if a missile did not cause the explosion what did?

Moreover, given this amount of fuel, if a HAARP directed energy weapon was in fact used to strike the fuel tank on Flight MH17 (which could have been accomplished very easily), the explosion caused by this weapon would have been devastating.

This author also finds it of interest that amongst the items that have thus far been recovered, several passports appearing to be in pristine condition have been seen in U.S. media recorded video from the crash site, even though most of what remains of this airliner was completely charred by at least two explosions that are alleged to have taken place on Flight MH17 before it crashed.

This hearkens back to the Twin Towers on 9/11, where a passport from one of the alleged terrorists was said to be found in perfect condition, laying in the rubble of the collapsed Towers - as if someone had conveniently dropped the passport on the ground after the collapse had actually taken place so that it would be easy to retrieve.

Is the downing of Flight MH17 yet another government false flag operation?

I also find of interest that the Israeli military began its offensive in GAZA on the same day that Flight MH17 was shot down. Are these two incidents in anyway connected?

And if so, which government(s) is involved?

The reader will note that Flight MH17 crashed on the 18Th Anniversary of the TWA Flight 800 disaster, in which Flight 800 was more than likely accidentally shot down by the U.S. Navy during a training exercise off the coast of Long Island on July 17th 1996.

The Flight 800 propaganda which the media was used to disseminate represents one of the best examples of a U.S. government cover up that has ever been carried out, since the FBI was used to illegally usurp the authority of the NTSB to conduct this investigation, and then whitewashed the facts by concocting the fraudulent "faulty fuel" tank theory, which most Americans never believed in the first place.

Especially since the FBI ignored the accounts of hundreds of Long Island eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen what appeared to be at least one flare-like object heading from the ground into the air just before seeing the fiery explosion which took place when Flight 800 was struck by this object.

How can the FBI get away with ignoring the eyewitness accounts of hundreds of people who saw what was more than likely a ground to air missile strike Flight 800 on July 17Th, 1996, and instead fabricating a blatant lie in order to cover up what really happened to Flight 800 on that fateful evening?

Moreover, is there any significance to the fact that Malaysian Flight MH17 was destroyed on the 18Th Anniversary of the Flight 800 disaster?

Perhaps this was done for the purpose of psychological warfare, in order to support the now official theory that MH17 was shot down by a missile, instead of being blown up by a bomb or a HAARP or satellite based directed energy weapon, since after 18 years, most Americans still believe that Flight 800 was destroyed by some type of missile?

And that the FBI, the Clinton White House and the government controlled media in this country, have continued to lie to them in regard to the facts pertaining to the destruction of Flight 800 and the deaths of its 230 passengers and crew.

After seeing how the House of Rothschild has destroyed the United States through its use of the Marxist Federal Reserve System, in order to subvert our Constitutional government, and how the United States is gradually being dissolved so that its land mass can be incorporated into the North American Union region of the Rothschilds' Zionist world government, Russia remains intent on reestablishing the Soviet Union, in an attempt to avoid being systematically dismantled by these Satanic interlopers, while Russia's land mass is then incorporated into the European Union region of Rothschild Zionism's New World Order world government.

Is it possible that Malaysian Air Flight MH17 was deliberately blown up in order to place the blame on Russia, as part of a furtive plan to demonize this country with the rest of the world, in order to force Russia to join the European Union?

I also find it of interest that *Malaysian Air Flight MH370 still remains unaccounted for months after it disappeared from radar, and wonder if this airliner was not hijacked via signals intelligence satellites or HAARP over the horizon radar, and flown to a specific location as part of a future false flag operation.

* Is The Carlyle Group Responsible For The Disappearance Of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370?

Given that MH370 could be loaded with a nuclear warhead and then flown anywhere on the face of this planet, the fact that this airliner cannot be accounted for should have us all concerned.

And once again, its important to note that there were 22 Asian employees on this flight, who worked for Freescale Semiconductor, a Texas based company, who still remain missing.

Moreover, four of these employees had also applied for a patent for an invention of theirs, which was suspiciously granted to them four days after they disappeared on Flight MH370.

The Carlyle Group is said to have purchased a controlling interest in Freescale Semiconductor, and that this patent is supposed to revert to Carlyle Group in case these employees die.

One must wonder how much this patent is worth?

I also find it impossible to believe, given the omnipresence of the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' global spy satellite array, that they do not have video footage of the last known location of Flight MH370 before it fell off the radar.

And I also believe that they have satellite footage of Flight MH17 before it crashed, which could conclusively tell us whether or not MH17 was taken down by a cruise missile.

However, these satellite "videos" will likely disappear in just the way that the 84 videos taken at the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 did, after the FBI seized them.

There's only one reason why the FBI would not have shown us the American people these videos, and that is because these videos show something other than a 757 crashing into the Pentagon on 9/11, which would completely discredit the U.S. federal government's official 9/11 story!

One should also ponder the following in regard to the FBI's complicity in covering up the real facts behind the 9/11 attacks:

Given the advancement in CGI animation technology over the past decade, the FBI could suddenly decide to furnish the public with what it claims is some of the original video footage taken from the Pentagon on 9/11, in which the public would see a CGI fabrication of a 757 actually hitting the Pentagon.

This technology has become so advanced that it has become impossible to discern the difference between a video taken of a real life situation, and one that has been created based on CGI technology of that real life situation.

And given that virtually all Television sets now operate on a digital format, there is no longer anyway to determine if what you are seeing on your TV screen is real, or if it is a CGI fabrication.

- James F. Marino

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