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Actress Leslie Oliver -- One Of The More Compelling Testimonies By An American Citizen Targeted For Government Psychological Operations -- Oliver Was Driven Out Of The United States As A Result Of The Aggressive Organized Stalking Campaign Being Waged Against Her By DOJ/FBI/DHS Run Fusion Centers In The United States

Recent Concerns Over The Ethics Of Using CGI Video Morphing Technology In Order To Digitally Clone & Animate The Images Of Dead Actors (Philip Seymour Hoffman & Paul Walker) Who Had Contracted To Perform In Movies Before They Died, So That These Movies Can Still Be Made With Their Digitized Clones -- See: Creating Computer Generated Actors, Newscasters And Politicians, By Using CGI Technology To Digitally Clone And Animate The Image Of Any American Citizen Has Become A Reality - Does The Pentagon Have A CGI Cloned Image Of You? After Decades Of Illegally Spying On & Experimenting Upon My Person, I Am Sure They Do Of Me - After This Author Posted This Article Yesterday, My Father Is Hit In The Head With A Directed Energy Weapon Today - Is The FBI Illegally Posting A Phony BOLO (Be On The Lookout For) In Regard To This Author Based On CGI Digital Video Fakery And Other Forms Of Slanderous Information As Part Of The FBI's COINTELPRO Smear Campaign Against My Person? Yet Another In The FBI's Attempts To Completely Circumvent The Constitutional Rule Of Law

ISIS Attack On USS Mesa Verde The Newest Pentagon/Obama White House False Flag Operation?

Editor's Note:

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The FBI continues to sabotage this Website as part of its COINTELPRO campaign against this author. Given this egregious violation of my 1St Amendment rights to freedom of speech, the readership of this Website - which has become substantial over the past decade (one of the main reasons why the FBI continues to electronically hack into this Website) - may be able to access "The Mother Of All Black Ops" blog through the search engine, and choosing the View by Ixquick Proxy link, since this is supposed to take you off the main Internet grid.

Type "The Mother Of All Black Ops" into the search engine and then choose the "View by Ixquick Proxy" link.

If you find that you are being blocked from accessing this Website or any activist Website that you attempt to access on, you can contact the owners of, or their spokesperson - SPYCHiPS' co-author *Dr. Katherine Albrecht - in order to alert them to this situation, since they would certainly want to know if the FBI or another government organization (including the NSA) is remotely hacking into the search engine.

*Also read about this author's concerns regarding the breast cancer that **Dr. Katherine Albrecht contracted a few years ago, and how it may well have been the result of her being unwittingly targeted by a directed energy weapon, and as punishment for the work she has done in exposing the RFID industry for its Orwellian agenda; as well as the fact that implanted RFID chips do cause cancer. If I am correct about this, then Dr. Albrecht may still be in danger, even if she is fortunate enough to experience a remission from her cancer, because a directed energy weapon can be used to cause the cancer to reoccur, or for new cancers to develop within her body.

Moreover, having already been diagnosed and treated for cancer, affords those who would have given her the cancer through their use of directed energy weapons, plausible deniability in targeting Dr. Albrecht with a directed energy weapon again in the future.

This is the insidious nature of this electronic warfare technology, since it can be used against any American citizen (through a covertly implemented national signals intelligence EMF brain mapping program in the United States, & the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - which when used in conjunction with this brain mapping program is used to instantly identify the unique brain map of any American citizen) by being deployed via the EMF spectrum, while giving the incarnated evil who use these weapons against us, anonymity in committing these horrendous crimes, as they hide behind the cover of the federal organization they work for.

*According to testimony taken from an FBI agent in a lawsuit filed by a man named Jesus Mendoza, who (along with his family) has been the target of directed energy weapon's attacks for years by the FBI, the FBI was given access to directed energy weapons by the U.S. Justice Department in 1994, and has since been using them as a means in which to both torture and murder American citizens with plausible deniability.

**Is Dr. Katherine Albrecht Being Targeted For A Directed Energy Induced Murder? And Was The Breast Cancer She Developed The Result Of A Directed Energy Weapon Attack On Her Person?

There have been so many American citizens (oftentimes in highly visible roles) murdered by way of directed energy weaponry, whose deaths were reported to have been from natural causes, that this author wonders if the U.S. federal government now uses directed energy weaponry as the de facto standard for murdering anyone whom the leadership in this government takes a disliking to, yet, cannot prosecute through the legal system.

I find it of interest that activist, Judi Bari, developed breast cancer while she was in the process of suing the FBI, and died before she could see her lawsuit to fruition (Bari's friends and family proceeded with the suit after her death and were awarded a $4.4 million judgment against the FBI - whether the FBI was ever forced to actually pay this judgment remains to be seen).

This author also finds the sudden death of conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart, from a heart attack, just a week after he claimed to have information that was going to result in Barack Obama's being impeached, to be far too convenient to ignore.

Especially when Breitbart was more than likely murdered through the use of a directed energy weapon. Breitbart's sudden death serves as one of the best examples of how directed energy weapons can be used to target the unique EMF signature of any person's body, in order to murder them with plausible deniability.

In regard to such "murders via directed energy weapons" I have also found it of interest how two of the attorneys who represented O.J. Simpson during his 1995 murder trial, died of fast acting cancers. Robert Kardashian died of esophageal cancer in 2003, and Johnnie Cochran died of brain cancer a year and a half later.

Yet the third attorney whose work was largely overshadowed in the Simpson trial, Zionist Robert Shapiro, remains alive. Is it possible that Kardashian and Cochran were murdered by such covert means, because they represented O.J. Simpson in what the media once referred to as the trial of the century?

And also because they upstaged Robert Shapiro during the Simpson trial?

- James F. Marino

American Actress Flees To India To Escape Black Ops Murder Attempts And Electronic Harassment

Calling herself "a new type of American fugitive," Leslie Oliver explains 'how things are really changing in America.'
29 Jun 2006

By Greg Szymanski

Leslie Oliver has taken refuge to a peaceful part of India, a place far away from the madness in America.

A former Hollywood actress, Oliver finally had to leave after repeated attempts on her life left her with no other choice but to look for some place off the beaten track.

So she chose India as a last resort, leaving her California lifestyle behind and choosing to look "inward" in a country placing more importance on introspection and meditation then television and video games.

How Oliver ended up in a small Indian village in Himalayas again illustrates how violence and intimidation has saturated the American lifestyle like an unstoppable plague, driving good people away from its borders and into extinction.

And the sad thing about her story, besides the numerous attempts made on her life, is most everyone reading will shrug it off, saying there goes another "paranoid American" running away from reality.

But for those who take Oliver's story to heart, giving her the benefit of the doubt so to speak, listen to the affidavit provided to the Arctic Beacon she left behind before leaving the U.S. just in case something ugly happens.

In her detailed account of how she became the target of Black Ops harassment, Oliver calls herself the "new type of American fugitive, the title meaning she can no longer stomach the pervasive evil controlling all aspects of American society.

The following is Oliver's gut wrenching story explaining the real behind the scenes story of how things are changing in America. Oliver wanted to mention that all the information given below is a "true and accurate description of my experience and is neither solicited nor compensated in any way."

The following report is an accurate account of the illegal, violent atrocities and numerous attempts to murder me by what is now know to be the 'black ops' of the corrupt U.S. government or 'organized crime'. This new American mafia is condoned, supported and protected by local police, federal law enforcement agencies and all levels of government, including the very highest offices.

The Black Ops/U.S. Government now has the capability of CHOKING or COOKING / RADIATING A PERSON TO DEATH ELECTRONICALLY FROM A DISTANCE and much, much more…

There is no doubt that their intention is to use these weapons on us.

With the use of Scalar EM Weapons aimed directly at us, guns and conventional arsenals are virtually obsolete. The following is a true and accurate account of the assaults, attempts at murder and obvious campaign of the United States Government to destroy me psychologically, physiologically and financially. I have added the most recent incidents first. Most of this information has already been posted publicly on,, Portland and the other Indymedias.

The urls below are websites which give further credibility to my report:

Enough 'suspicious murders/suicides' abound along with reports by thousands of people who have complained of life threatening assaults. Unfortunately, the thousands of victims already murdered by these criminals, no longer have the luxury of speaking out. However, the non-consensual, violent experimentation of this technology on innocent Americans and the aggressive funding that the development of these electro-magnetic weapons have received is more convincing proof that their manufacture is for "cattle-prodding" the American public into control and invisibly assassinating dissidents who speak out.


In early February 2005 ~ During my first experience of 'electronic choking', the residents in the house (Palm Desert area, CA) where I formerly lived were awakened in the middle of the night by me gasping for air. Electronically, they partially closed up my windpipe so I could barely breathe and was on my way to choking to death when they abruptly stopped it. This was done as a threat after I tried to contact Ed Asner@ that same night to make public the attempts of 'black ops agents' to crash my car. Shortly after this incident, even more attempts to knock me off of the road were made.

February 7, 2005, a group of about 4 or 5 Black Ops agents were waiting in the somewhat deserted back parking lot of Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Desert, California and began surrounding me after I left the store and was walking towards my car. I had enough time to run back into the store and call my friend/webmaster Al Olthoff in Desert Hot Springs, CA who came and rescued me. I was not able to go back home again before I left the country except to get my clothes.

The reason that they tried to assault me or kidnap me is because I had already begun making preparations to leave the country which they were aware of because of their illegal surveillance and this was to stop me from leaving the country so they could get their 'legal ducks in a row' and arrest me on bogus 'credit card fraud' charges… which I found out later. Seven days later, on February 14, 2005, I managed to leave the USA for good.

One week later, they arrested 100,000 so-called 'felons' (AKA dissidents) across the nation.

May 6 2005 ~ Dharamsala, India, after telephoning Arlene Johnson of, I was again abruptly woken up by 'something' closing up my windpipe and literally choking me. This was an attempt to threaten me a second time.

May 8 2005 ~ Dharamsala, India ~ The guesthouse proprietors of where I am staying witnessed me staggering out of my hotel room into the main lobby - again gasping for breath and unable to breathe as something was closing up my windpipe. This was all done electronically -- in retaliation for trying to contact Stephen DeVoy who they have already 'neutralized' for making his assaults public.

Winter 2005 ~ Palm Desert area, CA ~ Upon calling the offices of JIMMY WALTER (the 'eccentric' millionaire who aired commercials asking for the re-investigation of 9/11), I was told that he was putting together more commercials.

Not more than 15 minutes after trying to email my suggestion to Jimmy Walter's assistant in Pacific Palisades, CA, a rough-looking agent in a silvery-green Jaguar (obviously well-paid) license plate #04WIR094 drove up and remained parked directly across the street looking into my house. I live on a dead end street in a more rural part of the Palm Desert area of California. Because there is nothing but sand opposite my property... and because everyone is on a minimum of 3.5-acres, anyone parked across the street is either a visitor of mine or is looking to buy the empty lot. But no one can just sit in their parked car staring into my house from across the street... without being 'up to no good'.

Sure enough, I walked out of the house to see who was there and the man in the Jaguar looked totally shocked and then sped off. A few minutes later, he came back again very, very slowly ... glaring at me, turned around at the next house and drove back past me again in a very threatening way. He did this 4 times until he noticed I was writing his license plate down and he took off like a bullet, for good.

About 4 or 5 other vehicles then also appeared and drove very, very slowly past me . One was a maroon pick-up Truck, license plate #GW97080 who gave me the finger. Another was an older blue Ford (Escort, I believe) license plate #D1 SHARK who started to drive straight towards me as if he was going to run into me but I lurched behind my gate. I tried to get the license plate #'s of the other vehicles but they bolted out of sight when they saw me with pencil and paper.

It may be difficult for someone reading this to imagine the intimidation and covert threat inherent in this sudden 'swarm' of nasty looking guys in vehicles 'swarming' around you and your home, but ask a pro - this is how they do it.

When I called Jimmy Walter to find out where I could send information, he told me that he could only give me his PO Box - not his physical address - as he had been getting 'death threats'.

These are the cars & license plate numbers of those who have literally tried to push me off the road by sideswiping me in their campaign to electronically kill me and try to make it look like a car accident starting from July 2005 to February 14th, 2005… the day I left the USA.

These are all California plates:

4JJD727 Black car, 2FPK059 Gold older Volvo, 3DHG785 White car, 1052115 ("City of Riverside" written on outside of Grey car), 4CL1362 white Honda Accord owned by a stout Hispanic man.

INTRODUCTION *Sept. 9th 2003,

While sitting in the FBI lobby in San Diego, CA waiting to see an FBI agent Matt Brown on another matter -- a man who stated his name as (I believe) Sam Schwartz walked in and asked to speak with an FBI agent. A blonde, middle-aged female agent appeared and ushered him into an adjacent room off the lobby. Although I was trying very hard not to listen, every word of their ensuing conversation could be heard clearly in the waiting area. He began to tell a story of harassment, threats, physical assaults, phone tapping and violence. One day, without knowing how he got there, he found himself committed into a mental institution and labeled a "5150 Paranoid". He also noticed that one of his eyebrows had been shaved off. Sam Schwartz was also very concerned because people with 'Arab names' kept calling his home, leaving messages which referred to private incidents which only he and his wife knew about. He was very afraid that he would be labeled 'a terrorist' because of these extremely unsettling phone calls.

But what was totally unexpected was the reaction of the FBI agent who, although feigning sympathy for Sam Schwartz's predicament asked no questions which might lead to the identity of the perpetrators and apparently had not the slightest interest in noting any details. Instead, she suggested HE HIRE HIS OWN private investigator and ushered him out the door. Sam Schwartz' story is a relevant addition to the report below.

MY ACCOUNT: From 1999 until late 2003

I was the proprietor of 2 websites ( + which sold INFORMATION ONLY on contacting Mexican pharmacies and other foreign pharmacies abroad to purchase medicines over the counter at discounts of up to 80%. My internet business suddenly took off at a phenomenal speed when CBS, NBC, ABC news began inundating the airways with frenzied reports of how easy it was to purchase inexpensive pharmaceuticals for less cost outside the country. It also became evident that 'the American people' were being gauged by the pharmaceutical manufacturers at every level-in the drugstores and by the receipt of generous tax exemptions for research.

In August 2000, I retained the law firm of Brull, Piccionelli, Sarno, Braun & Vradenburgh in Los Angeles (310 553-3375) to re-write the copy on my website after hearing about an article printed in the Mexican newspaper, "Tijuana Frontera" which reported that the DEA was going to prosecute American websites that advertised offshore pharmacies, although they were protected by the First Amendment. In short -- it was a 'witch-hunt'.

During that same period, I hired Private Investigator, Roger Tolces of - to check my telephone line and he confirmed that it was tapped. I also spoke with a criminal attorney, Eric Shevin -- the son of a friend of mine and I asked him what he thought of the situation.

His immediate response was, "Get off the internet, NOW."

I was shocked and asked "Why?"

He replied, "You're going to get caught in the middle of a very explosive political situation that you don't want to be part of".

I not only didn't understand what he meant, I didn't see why I should suddenly cut off my income. Every attorney I spoke with later - and I consulted with no less than eleven lawyers that year -- shook their head and replied, "What's the problem? You're protected by the First Amendment."

So I opted to have the website rewritten by First Amendment Attorney, Robert Sarno using Criminal Attorney Eric Shevin (310 276-2231) as a consultant. We made certain the website not only conformed to all US laws but we also conspicuously displayed the legal guidelines for 'personal importation' which we copied verbatim from the FDA's own website.

Three months later, a man, who called himself a U.S. customs agent telephoned me at home and asked me 'why I put up the website' and 'what medicines I personally bought in Mexico'. I replied that "I felt the website would be of interest to people all over the world and the medicine I bought in Mexico was not his concern." He began a tirade of accusations, saying I was 'helping Americans import medicine illegally from Mexico', citing specific copy on my website which he insisted was 'unlawful'. Unfortunately the copy he criticized was exactly what we copied verbatim from the FDA website itself. I suggested he re-acquaint himself with FDA guidelines and directed him to my attorneys.

A future meeting was arranged by my attorney Robert Sarno with the customs officer and myself. I was more than willing to acquiese to almost any change on my website that might be suggested by this agent. However on the scheduled day, we waited for the U.S. customs officer who never called to cancel, never showed up and never tried to reschedule. Attorney Bob Sarno shrugged his shoulders and said, "I guess that's the end of that". He couldn't have been more wrong.

Around March 2002, I received a call from a so-called "delivery service". I was expecting a package and asked "by the way, what are you delivering?". He replied, "Flowers" but refused to tell me who they were from. He then inquired if I was married. I refused to tell him. I actually thought it was a friend playing a joke. Weeks later, I noticed no matter where I drove or at what time - a beat-up, old "muscle car" always was in back of me and always driven by rough-looking hispanic men or skin-head types. It began to dawn on me that I was being followed but I couldn't imagine why. I also noted that it was never the same car or driver which meant the funding for this bizarre campaign came from an organization with seemingly unlimited resources. I concluded the campaign was being initiated by a rich, pharmaceutical company. Never once did I imagine it was my own government stalking me.

At the time, I lived alone in a 4-bedroom house on 3.5-acres in the desert. The newly paved road led up to a dead-end, with few houses on either side and almost no traffic. Within days, traffic picked up considerably. A barrage of beat-up trucks, vans, muscle cars with nasty-looking Hispanic men donning full-body tattoos and hairnets, one right after the other, began driving back and forth day and night, always stopping in front of my house to either loudly rev up their motors, bombard me with music or shine headlights into my bedroom at 3:00 in the morning. Usually around midnight, I'd receive 5 or 6 ominous late-night phone calls where the caller would either stay on the line without speaking or a man would shout profanities and hang up. It was becoming obvious that this 'pharmaceutical company' also had access to my private telephone conversations because with every arrangement I made, one or two men looking like escapees from Sing-Sing prison would be congregating outside my destination like the bank or web designers office, etc. and make lude comments or hold up a switchblade knife as I passed.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, this was one of many covert harassment techniques being used on more and more citizens. Next, I began hearing people on my roof or in the crawl space of my house but could never find anyone. I could not figure out how they entered. At night, I'd see flashlights being used right outside my bedroom window and hear men loudly whispering to each other and laughing. It was no accident that they arranged their trespassing in close proximity to whatever bedroom I was occupying. They wanted me to hear them. At that time nothing ever appeared to be stolen or out of place. The only item I found to be missing was my personal phone book which mysteriously 'reappeared' a few days later in full view on my desk.-no doubt after being copied.


During that same period, I had been consulting in the mountains every day (Hwy 74), driving around hairpin turns with very steep drops on either side of the harrowing road. One day, I couldn't help but notice something very peculiar. At every one of the 4 or 5 turnaround points, where a driver would normally pull off the road only long enough to let faster traffic pass, an Hispanic man sat parked in a beat up car. The same odd group of Hispanic men in parked vehicles lining the road was evident on my return trip down the mountain, as well.

Days later, because of hearing a loud thumping sound, I took my car into a garage and was told by the mechanic that my caliper nut which connects the brake fluid line to the brakes had been taken off! In order to deliberately take off a caliper pin -- because it does not fall off -- one needs to remove the whole tire, unhinge the cover of the caliper itself and take off the pin - which one can do without detection if a car is parked in a remote place. Not having the caliper pin in place would have prevented the brake fluid from reaching my brakes - causing them to malfunction - sending me off a mountain cliff to my death!

Suddenly I understood why all those Hispanic men were sitting parked all along Hwy 74! They were waiting to see how another murder is successfully staged by U.S. government hit men. At that point, I realized that I was dealing with ruthless murderers who were being paid to kill me! With only a background as an actress and in graphics and writing, I was suddenly confronted with an almost surreal reality. Someone was actually trying to murder me! Fearing for my life and in a total state of panic-- I refused to spend an evening alone at home and was forced to stay with various friends or take motel rooms down the street from my house.


Weeks later, a so-called pharmacist in Tijuana, Mexico by the name of 'Juan Valdez' telephoned me on my cell phone -- which no customer or Mexican pharmacy had access to -- inquiring, "You're not dead yet?" He then kept insisting I put him in my information Guide. I still was under the assumption that this was being perpetrated by some pharmaceutical company -- because of the sheer extravagance and total absurdity of the program.

I called upon Roger Tolces PI again ( and asked him what to do. He apprised me immediately of BLACK OPS and COINTELPRO which are still in effect covertly. He then printed out an expose which was posted on the Internet. The harassment, strong-arming techniques, threats, covert and staged murders, stalking and much more were described in that report and were identical to my experience. This was a shocking realization. It was almost unbearable to face. My own government had orchestrated this vicious attempt on my life. Never having had any interest in politics and absolutely no experience with law enforcement, I realized that I was uninformed and thus extremely naïve about the world. I, like many Americans, was under the illusion that I was living in a democracy…or at the very least that I was living amongst people who were 'civilized'. However, upon squarely facing the raw truth and horror of the reality, some kind of intelligence began to permeate every cell of my body and 'the dots began to connect'.

Suddenly I realized that 'Juan Valdez' was in reality 'a Black ops agent' who was attempting to entrap me for 'conspiracy'. That was another foolproof way to get me off the internet. If I had included him in my Mexican Pharmacy Guide he could have created any kind of situation to make it look like I was doing business with him which would have led to very serious drug charges. I also remembered being emailed months earlier by a Mexican woman, who insisted that she was a pharmacist and asked to be listed in my Guide. I never bothered to meet her as I was at that time rarely making the 2 hour trip to Mexico and I never listed her because she was very pushy and I didn't care for her. Suddenly that same woman started calling me again. I then also realized she too was a 'Black ops agent' poised to entrap me.

During the summer of 2002, even while my mother lay dying at my sisters home in Westchester, New York-- I was still harassed. Late at night I would hear footsteps below. I distinctly felt something invisible sweep over me that seemed to know which room I was in. (later I learned it is equipment that can 'find' someone by their DNA)

In local Motels, I would inevitably hear drilling coming from the room below, hang ups would commence continuing throughout the night until the morning, people would knock loudly on the door and then I would see them run away in the peephole. On one such 2-night escape to the Red Roof Inn only a few blocks from where I live, a man in a red van tried to pull me into his car though Officer Pohl, who wrote up the police report insisted - in spite of my account to the contrary -- that the man tried to steal my purse. *NOTE: OFFICER POHL and OFFICER RODOLPHO of Palm Desert Police Dept are corrupt Black Ops.

Palm Desert Sheriffs Department #ORO23009. I saw the same man in the same car a few days later waiting for me in a parking lot at Dennys restaurant on Varner Blvc. I wrote down License plate #5D65901 RED Dodge Truck with Shell, left a message for Officer M. Pohl and faxed it to the precinct but there was no effort to trace the owner of the car. Later I found out that Officer Pohl is one of the many corrupt cops. I had previously summoned the police on at least 4 different occasions to complain about stalkers, prowlers, etc., but no report was ever written-up. There was always an excuse. If I didn't have the license plate number then the police officer told me I needed to get the license plate number the next time. If I did have the license plate number the police officer said he couldn't arrest anyone just on a license plate number. If I asked them to take fingerprints around my house after a break-in, they couldn't do it because it wouldn't make a difference anyway. I learned quickly not to expect anything from the local police because they work with the so-called 'shadow government' and cover for them -- but I continued to report a break in so it was on record.


One of my first evenings hiding-out down the street from my residence at the new Hampton Inn (La Quinta, CA. / Ramon Road/ #10 Freeway), I noticed that although the hotel was almost empty when I arrived, it suddenly filled up with Mexicans and 'skin-head' types.

The first morning, while downstairs in the dining room having breakfast I noticed the man seated at the table next to me. A small boy came over to his table and I assumed it was his son. As it turned out… it was not. But it was for this reason that I got a good look at him.

Weeks later, while visiting my niece in Ocean Beach, CA (San Diego), I was sitting in the back seat of her SUV when she pulled in at an all night "7-11" or "Circle K". (I can get the exact street address later)

What I saw next was even difficult for me to believe. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY OWN EYES. The store was next to an alley where the garages of an adjacent apartment building stood. Suddenly one of the garage doors rolled up about one-third open and I saw the SAME MAN who had been sitting across from me in the dining room of the Hampton Inn duck under the door and step out onto the alley. While the garage door remained open I could see only the legs of people sitting in chairs that were arranged in a circle. This was very strange to see inside of a residential garage.

The man stood in the alley and a PU truck immediately drove up into the alley and faced him. He gave the driver a sign with his hand and the truck SCREECHED away like lightening. The man went back into the garage and rolled down the door.

I immediately went into the convenience store and spoke with an employee named "Dave". He said that very strange sounds came out of that garage day and night. I am certain that this was one of the many 'black ops' headquarters.

Soon after this, I hired detective John Carman, San Diego, CA. (619 601-9250) to help me but he turned out to be ineffectual in getting any evidence and I stopped using him.

(I recently read this report on John Carman in - "John Carman, a former Customs Agent, and a really nice guy, who for more than two years has wanted me to write about his horrific saga of CIA connected corruption at the Mexican border. John, a licensed PI with a concealed weapons permit, was recently set-up to be arrested on phony weapons charges in front of his own child.")


I continued to hear people in my house. I had seen one tall thin man with black hair leaving my property in broad daylight, open the front gate and enter a car that had just pulled up. I heard a woman coughing in the crawl space of my house after I had sprayed the area with pepper spray and I have had at least 6 illegal entries into my car and house where they have stolen cash and valuables. One day, after coming back from a day in Mexico, there were freshly made footprints along with dog prints (my dog had accompanied me to Mexico) in the sand throughout the property.

After discussing on the phone the possibility of producing commercials to expose these criminals with (perp) John Mecca, I found a severed Ethernet (Internet) cable that had been ripped out of the socket lying on the floor. This was not only a blatant threat of what was to come if I 'blew the whistle', it was an outrage that someone had broken into my house again and was also listening to my telephone conversations.

I then hired Roger Tolces, PI again from to measure the electro magnetic air waves that I could feel day and night. He measured the microwaves pulsing into my house steadily at 958 megahurtz. However Roger told me later he could not testify in court as he is afraid of what the government might do to him. He had already had his office broken into and his files ransacked by U.S. law enforcement agents.

In an effort to also put me out of business, my email client list of 8,000 addresses was made virtually useless when I sent out a notice to old customers selling an updated list. Normally my list would bring in a few thousand dollars two times a year. But with the help of 'Magic Lantern' -- the program the U.S. government uses to spy, interact with, and usurp email-- very few of those email reached their destination. I also gave permission to an online pharmaceutical company called "Secure Medical" to use that same email list. They also sent out notices but only about 500 emails got delivered. The salesman I was working with, Mike Larchik's only comment at the time was, "That is the weirdest thing I've ever seen".

Any email or U.S. Mail which is not flattering or which contains incriminating information about the government is quickly read and sabotaged. Before I understood how widespread this corruption was in the U.S. Government, like a good law-abiding citizen, I sent letters out to ALL members of the (Democratic) Senate and House, documenting the criminal actions of what I believed was a rogue government agency. I did not receive one response. Senator Byrd's office practically hung up the phone on me. And although the ACLU supposedly is an organization that 'upholds human rights and civil liberties' they said they could do nothing. The Attorney General in Indio, CA who is part of the corruption, laughed and said "Where's your evidence?" (Funny, I thought it was his job to investigate.) Congresswoman Mary Bono's office, represented by Mr. Penrod apparently knew what was going on but said 'it wasn't his problem'. He referred me back to the corrupt Attorney General in Indio. And although I am aware that Congressman Ron Paul knows a great deal about the so-called non-lethal weapons being used on most citizens - as does ALL of the U.S. Senate and House -- I never received any response from him either.

SECOND POLICE REPORT: Dec. 19, 2002 -- Illegal Break in Palm Desert Sheriff Dept. #ORO2353006:Break-in at night *$600 Cash.*Large phone book *Video Camera*Antique Luggage w/CD THIRD POLICE REPORT: Illegal Break in. $100.00 cash taken FOURTH POLICE REPORT: 3/12/03 #TSR 03071003 Illegal Break in. $50.00 cash


Sunday, May 30th, 2003 Something I ingested in the early morning suddenly began to make me feel very strange and extremely dizzy. I was afraid of passing out. It was not the normal feeling of having eaten something bad. It felt like some chemical because of the intensity and the rapid overwhelming feeling of blacking out -- and I realized something toxic had been put into either the milk or the orange juice. Beginning to panic as I did not want to be unconscious alone in my house, I ran out in my terrycloth robe and called 911on my cell phone. (Note: The 911 call is not on record. The reason is because the call never actually went through to the precinct but was intercepted before it connected -- something that they can do - especially if they are prepared for an incident… which they obviously were).

Very shortly, a police car followed by a fire truck drove up. A chubby dark-haired policeman with a moustache got out of the police car and walked into my yard laughing,

"Hey, did you call 911? Well we're here. The paramedics are here to fix you up good"

He kept laughing as I was struggling to not faint. I realized that whoever these paramedics were -- they were not there to help. I said, "No forget it. I don't need a paramedic. And I no longer need the police either." I staggered past him to my front gate while the policeman walked into my house and then came back out again. I ran across the street to my neighbors house - a very nice couple -- at 30300 Via Las Palmas.

As I did so, I heard him call out behind me while still laughing, "Hey I'm one of the police officers who came to your house a few months ago! Too bad its curtains for you. Yeah... too bad. I'll even tell you my name so you know who killed you... my name is Rodolpho."

My neighbors opened the door and I blurted out -- "They've poisoned me". The woman gave me her cell phone to use.

Suddenly Rodolpho appeared in their yard WITH HIS REVOLVER OUT OF THE HOLSTER … POINTED AT THEM!

He said laughing "Now Leslie, I think this woman needs to take her cell phone to work..."

He cocked his gun at her, "Don't you?"

Both she and her husband were absolutely petrified and could barely speak.

He added, "I'm sure you won't say anything about what happened here... will you?"

All my neighbor could do was nod "Yes". I gave the phone back to her and staggered back to my house.

Officer Roldolpho apparently assumed I was going to die of poisoning. He just kept laughing and said "Well, good bye Leslie... sorry things had to end this way."

And he drove off. I went inside my house and forced myself to throw up. I drank a ton of water and began to feel revived. I went to get my cell phone but apparently Rodolpho STOLE it when was in my house. I got dressed to go to Kinkos to use their internet machines in Palm Desert to post the incident on my email but the email never got out.


Finally after stalling for about an hour I walked out of Kinkos and about 5 cars started to 'swarm' me. I was afraid to drive my car so I started to walk. The threats and harassment on Hwy 111 from Kinkos was unbelievable. As I walked, I was also then afraid they would pull me into one of their cars because one of them got out and showed me a switchblade knife to terrify me. It worked. I shoved my laptop into a shallow storm drain in Palm Desert so that they would not get it -- and then tried to hail a cab. But no one stopped and by this time I was in a total panic. So I took off my thong shoes in an effort to run faster. I should have held onto them but I let them drop as I was very frightened. I suddenly realized I looked very strange with no shoes on but it was too late. I walked into the Burger King barefoot -- was served a Coke -- and the police appeared.

They put handcuffs on me because I was barefoot though--they said-- I was not arrested. The policeman searched me and found no drugs. He put me into the police car and drove to where my car was parked at Kinkos, searched it (illegally) to see if he could find my laptop and then took me to the "Oasis Mental Hospital" in Indio - where I was admitted as a "5150 paranoid"-- in an effort to discredit any of the reports I had previously made or intended to make in the future.

Upon my admittance into the Oasis Mental Hospital although I had NO PREVIOUS PROBLEM with heart disease both admitting Nurse REFUSED to check off the box on the patients form which indicated NO PROBLEM. She also refused to fill in the part that showed I had NO BRUISES on me when I was admitted. Obviously to be filled-in at a later date, when necessary. I confronted the Nurse with this and she said "We don't do things that way." (Apparently not) However the clincher was the hospital attendants who offered me a cigarette one day. After taking only one drag without even inhaling -- my heart started to palpitate wildly. The attendant then shuffled me in to immediately get tested for blood pressure. I realized only later some chemical was in that cigarette which got my heart palpitating and he had offered it to me to have on record more evidence of my having heart problems. Heart attacks are another covert way of electronically murdering people.

The lone public pay phone in the hospital was totally controlled so most outgoing calls did not go through. The line was either constantly busy or they interjected it with one of their own agents pretending they were the local operator who was unable to connect the call. This is not difficult to do. They do this easily on cell phones as well. They also pre-recorded some of my friends answering services and interjected it midstream, so I would believe I left a message . But like the 911 call -- the connection was never really made. Most of my friends also could not get through to me at the hospital when they called. None of this is my imagination. I am perceptive and aware of their tricks. Alan Layton a "friend", informed me during my 72-hour hospital stay that they were not going to let me leave the Oasis Mental Facility alive. He wanted to know where my lap top was. I told him "in a storm drain". He said, "Oh that's good … now there's no evidence."

After 72-hours, I met with the hospital 'psychiatrists'-- who were obviously also very corrupt and I agreed after he very forcefully made the suggestion, to remain an additional 3 days of my own accord. But 24-hours later, on June 6, 2003 and ONLY through Divine Intervention , I was 'told' to sign myself out against their wishes.

With only the clothes on my back and the $400 cash I had with me when I was admitted into the mental facility, I got on a Greyhound bus to Chino Valley, Arizona and stayed at the Garchen Institute of Tibetan Buddhism for about 10 weeks. I was very badly shaken from this experience and also because a car had actually tried to side swipe the Greyhound bus and make it crash on the way to Arizona. And as unbelievable as it sounds, it is true. Kathy Dhyer who is the manager at the Garchen Institute, was kind enough to let me stay there for one month before the 4-week Summer Teachings began. She gave me extra clothes to wear and was very instrumental - along with Garchen Rinpoche and the other wonderful Lamas -- in calming me down. I was truly traumatized. Kathy didn't believe I was lying but she also did not wholeheartedly believe my story… but no one did.


In November of that year 2003, I left the USA for the first time and stayed away for 6 months. I was attacked electronically abroad as well. And as I began to make arrangements to have my dog shipped to me from Palm Desert…I was told that my healthy 6-year old dog had "suddenly died".

I don't need evidence to know that 'black ops' murdered my dog.

I finally came back to America in June or July 2004 and the assaults continued, becoming increasingly violent as I began to post information on the Internet.

There are other details but they are not perhaps pertinent to this account.

Greg Szymanski also has his own daily show on the Republic Broadcast Network. Go to Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at He also writes for American Free Press and has his own site

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio Greg is also regular on the first Thursday of every month at 9-10 pm pacific time.


*Editor's Notation - Saturday, February 14TH, 2009

As revenge for publishing the above information on a Targeted Individual by the name of Leslie Oliver this past Thursday, this morning when this author went to get the morning paper the family station wagon's alarm system was remotely set off by the NSA as I was moving the car.

I have documented such electronic sabotage by the NSA on myriad occasions in the past. This car has a remote start feature. When you start the car remotely you must then turn the ignition key in order to deactivate the remote starting feature. Once you have done this, you can then drive the car. If you attempt to drive the car without turning the key in which to deactivate the remote starting system, the moment that you place your foot on the brake, the engine will turn off.

However, that is not what happened this morning. When I placed the car in gear, moments later the alarm sounded and continued as I drove the car around our circular driveway. This made it necessary for me to turn the car off and then press the alarm feature on the key fob in order to deactivate the car's alarm. This is yet another clear instance of electronic sabotage delivered through the infrared spectrum by way of the NSA.

As a result of my accurate reporting on being targeted for non consensual human experimentation, as well as my corroboration of the EEG heterodyned computer to brain link technology (used by NSA in its Signals Intelligence operations) described in John St. Clair Akwei's 1992 lawsuit against the NSA, my family and myself are experiencing the most egregious violations of our constitutionally protected rights in American History

Including a precedent setting and slanderous smear campaign being waged against this author by the criminal agents within the NSA, FBI and Department Of Homeland Security, who are committing these color of law crimes with complete impunity -- all New World Order pawns of Rothschild Zionism, being used in which to destroy the United States Bill of Rights and the inherent freedoms that all Americans were once guaranteed under this piece of legislation.

With such an aggressive attack on the constitutionally protected freedoms of the middle class, these agencies are provoking the American middle class into a state of civil disobedience. Especially when one considers that the Nazi inculcated Intelligence community in America is blatantly violating such rights, while attempting to justify doing so under Rothschild Zionism's covert attack on us -- the defacto constitution in the United States since the 9/11 false flag operation took place - The Draconian and treasonous Patriot Act.

TI Leslie Oliver Describes Similar EM Harassment

In this author's opinion the entire U.S. Intelligence community has been irrevocably corrupted. As such, and given their sophisticated spy technology, there is no venue including one's own mind which they cannot infiltrate.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency & Dr. Robert Duncan's "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER"

Their infiltration of the TI community has also become extremely problematic, since there appear to be as many government provocateurs within this community as there are legitimate victims of electronic harassment and organized stalking crimes.

Given such intense infiltration of this community, Intel has also cleverly labeled most legitimate TI's under the psychiatric term 5150; meaning that the person is not only paranoid, but also a danger to themselves and others -- a clear ruse in which these Intel agencies are obscuring their own outrageous crimes; including that of non consensual human experimentation.

What you have just read in regard to a former American actress by the name of Leslie Oliver is a horrifying account of what it is like to be stripped of your rights as an American citizen, while being used for non consensual human experimentation.

Alternative journalist, Greg Syzmanski, did an excellent job of covering Leslie Oliver's story, in the above article which he wrote back in 2006.

As the target of a similar government sanctioned black operation, I believe that Leslie Oliver has been truthful in her testimony in regard to those who've attempted to set her up for extermination. As such, I include her testimony -- which I encourage my regular readers to peruse for themselves -- since it is illustrative of the abject corruption within the Intel community, as well as its ability through the use of coercive tactics, to criminalize those who are normally law abiding citizens.

Leslie has documented many aspects of such electronic warfare attacks on her person, including Intel's use of directed energy weapons' technology in which to remotely and electronically compress her esophagas, which makes it very difficult for her to breathe.

This author has experienced a similar type of electronic attack, which has resulted in acute respiratory distress. I have experienced this since the early 1990's when first becoming afflicted with chronic Lyme Disease. However, my experiences with such anomalies go well beyond that of most chronic Lyme Disease patients. And this particular manifestion of DEW weaponry is anomalous in that such attacks on my ability to breathe occur and end instantaneously, as do the myriad other manifestations which I have experienced since the early 1990's.

I also find it of interest that Leslie was operating two Websites which focused on selling information in regard to purchasing inexpensive pharmaceuticals obtained from Mexico, which could have easily attracted the attention of the U.S. drug companies.

Also see further testimony at the following link in regard to others whom Leslie Oliver has accused of taking part in such government sanctioned black ops. Two of whom are well known within the TI community. Once again, this is only an allegation. However, since these people are well known within the TI community and Leslie's accusations against them are serious, legitimate TI's should be made aware of them.

The comments made by one of these people in regard to Leslie's allegations have also been included at the end of Leslie's testimony, in order to ensure that this report is fair and balanced.

Leslie also describes how the electronic surveillance of her person continued after she moved out of the United States, which serves as further proof that she was being remotely tracked, either by RFID implanted chips or the unique EMF signatures of her own body - like her own brainwave print. This would indicate NSA involvement in the furtive tracking and remote torture of Leslie Oliver, and that this is being perpetrated via the EMF spectrum by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

- James F. Marino

Also see:

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