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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- Was Political Historian Eustace Mullins Murdered Through The Use Of A Directed Energy Weapon? And Was The FBI Responsible For Killing Him?

A Satirical Piece Written About The U.S. Post Office And Why The Writer Of This Satire Is "So Over The U.S. Postal System" - For Those Targeted Individuals Who Have Found That Your Postman Is Now Used As An Integral Part Of The FBI Psychological Warfare Operation Being Used Against You, By Regularly Delivering Other People's Mail To Your Homes, Or Holding Up Important Pieces Of Your Mail, You Will Find This Article To Be Relevant, If Not Amusing - However, You Should Also Remember That In Patriot Act-Communist Amerika, If Your Postal Worker Fails To Take Part In This Orwellian Crime Against Your Person, The Anti-American DOJ/DHS Controlled Fusion Centers Who Orchestrate These Orwellian Crimes Would Make Certain That Your "Mailman" Was Fired From His Job - This Is Typical Of The "Peer Pressure" That Is Used By These Communistic Fusion Centers In Coercing Our Own Communities Into Taking Part In These Crimes, Out Of Fear That If They Refuse To Do So, They Will Become The Targets Of Such Crimes

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For the myriad readers of "The Mother Of All Black Ops" blog who have been experiencing difficulty in accessing this Website due to the FBI's electronic sabotage of this site, the following is the URL for This is the only search engine that I have been able to access my Website with, using Startpage's "View by Ixquick Proxy" feature. When you access the Startpage search engine, choose the View by Ixquick Proxy link for viewing The Mother Of All Black Ops, and for any other activist Website that you may be trying to access which is being blocked by the FBI. If our Websites were not exposing terrible crimes being committed by the U.S. federal government involving the illegal brain mapping and non consensual human experimentation of the American people, the FBI would not be hacking into our Websites in order to prevent the public from reading what we have written:

It will be interesting to see if the FBI remotely hacks into Startpage's Web servers in order to block this feature for anyone who attempts to access "The Mother Of All Black Ops," via, since is located in the Netherlands, and given that it is operating under Dutch law, not subject to the FBI's jurisdiction or U.S. law.

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Eustace Mullins Exposes The Zionist Controlled American Medical Association & Its Medical Quackery & The Crimes Of Zionist Controlled Israel

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Editor's Note: It has been this author's belief that amongst the myriad of men and women who have been murdered through the U.S. government's covert use of directed energy weaponry, the greatest political historian of the 20Th Century, Eustace Mullins, was also the target of such a covert assassination. And that several DEW attacks took place prior to Mullins' death, in order to murder him with plausible deniability.

As a decades' long target of FBI COINTELPRO, and in understanding that he was for all intents and purposes a "Dead Man Walking," Mullins wrote a book in the 1980s entitled a Writ For Martyrs, in which he describes the FBI's furtive murder of his parents, as well as the Bureau's continued attempts in which to murder Mullins, himself.

The following article, which was written by Eustace in 2006, describes how he suffered several heart attacks and strokes at the age of 83, as the result of a criminal conspiracy by the local police to murder Mullins with plausible deniability.

In this author's opinion, the heart attacks and strokes suffered by Eustace Mullins at the age of 83, were caused by the FBI, through the Bureau's covert use of directed energy weapons, in order to attack Mullins by remote means.

* Such hi-tech, plausibly deniable crimes have been perpetrated by the FBI since it was given access to directed energy weapons back 1994, when the Department Of Justice granted the Bureau access to these classified weapons. And the FBI is using these weapons on the general population in the United States, without most American citizens even realizing it.

In the following article, Eustace describes how he first became the target of a conspiracy to murder his person, after he exposed the House of Rothschilds' control over the Byrd Family empire, and this empire's criminal oversight over the State of Virginia through the corruption of Virginia's legislature.

It would appear that the greatest political historian, possibly of all time - one of the greatest American patriots and expositors of Rothschild Zionism - was in fact yet another in a long line of murder victims, who have in recent years been killed by factions within the U.S. federal government, through the use of directed energy weaponry.

The Contract Murder
Of Eustace Mullins
Written by Eustace Mullins

For more than five years, I have been battling to stay alive in the State in which I live. My adversary has not been the mafia, but the Commonwealth of Virginia. The occasion was my publishing the American-Christian Messenger, founded in 1972, in the summer of '72 issue, titled the Red State of Virginia. I revealed for the first time that the famed Byrd machine, which maintained iron control over the people of Virginia for many years, was actually the Rothschild-Byrd Machine.

In December, 1893, Tom Martin, a railroad lawyer representing Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb and Company, the American branch of the House of Rothschild, ran for the U.S. Senate from Virginia. He was predicted to lose against the popular Fitzhugh Lee, but Kuhn Loeb bought ten members of the Democratic Caucus of the Virginia Assembly for the sum of one thousand dollars each. They then switched their votes from Lee to Martin, who won the Senate seat.

Two young men from Martinsburg, VA are launching their careers at that time. They were long time friends, Harry Byrd and Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss. Strauss joined Kuhn, Loeb and Company and with his financial backing, Byrd went into the Martin Organization, which later became the Byrd Machine, with Rothschild backing. After many years of total dictatorial rule in Virginia, Byrd finally died. Strauss pushed his son to replace him, and the Byrd Machine continued with his son Harry Jr. It was continuing now and was always known as the Byrd Machine, but although to those in the know, it was always the Byrd-Rothschild Machine. When Byrd Jr. decided to run as an Independent, Strauss mailed flyers to every voter in the State of Virginia, notifying them that he supported Byrd Jr. as an Independent.

Speaking of this strange alliance, over WRNL, Richmond, VA . Feb. 10, 1949, Colonel Frances Pickens Miller said "Virginia has not been functioning normally as a free society because of the Political Clique that has controlled the Commonwealth during the past half century." Byrd referred to Byrd's lieutenant, a man never elected to any Office, E.R. Combs, State Chairman of the Compensation Board, who set the pay for every Byrd henchman who held every Office in the State, which was modeled after the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which Byrd had used as a model in setting up his own totalitarian State bureaucracy in Virginia.

Miller then had to move to North Carolina after making this speech. There has been no opposition to the Rothschild-Byrd Machine since 1949, in Virginia.

This continues the absolutist tradition in Virginia, which began as huge Estates, owned by men like King Carter and the Byrd's. From its inception, it has been the very rich and masses of peasants. Its Capitol, Richmond, VA is referred to as FIC, referring to three groups which have always held power there. F is for Freemasons, I is for the State of Israel and C for Communism. All three flags have on occasions flown over the State Capitol in Richmond. There is no Virginia flag, as Virginia is the last thing in the minds of the Virginia legislature, as corrupt today as it was in 1893 when its bribed members voted Tom Martin into the U.S. Senate.

When we think of the wonderful people we have had in this State, Washington, Jefferson and so many others, we wonder how we came to this sorry pass? The truth is, Virginians haven't changed that much. We have been deleteriously influenced by changing mores, and changing times. The people in my area, Staunton, VA, have not changed that much, but their morals have been loosened that much. The pressures around them have changed. It is as deep sea diving, we have gone beyond our depths, and we are now trying to change to adapt to the pressures of a lower depth. If indeed we are in the lower depths, we must recognize our situation and adapt to the lower depths.

The rise of the Byrd-Rothschild rule in Virginia does not mean that we must ignore the changes of history. The fact is that the Byrd-Rothschild group thrust Virginia onto the stage of world history. Kuhn Loeb, which bought Virginia for the Rothschilds, also bought Tom Martin. They long for Communist rule of the entire world. Schiff financed the Rockefeller oil empire, the Harriman railway empire, and many others. Primarily, he was responsible for fostering the Rothschild money system on the entire world, by passing the Federal Reserve System in the U.S., and creating the greatest financial empire in the history of the world, which the Rothschilds passed in Congress, by using their tool Woodrow Wilson and getting it through Congress with the help of Virginian, Carter Glass. Because Wilson was so despised by Congress, he had no chance of getting the Bill passed, Glass came to the rescue and became the pillar of the new money monopoly.

He is remembered today for his work in fastening the tentacles of the Wall Street Rothschild octopus fatally into the American government. So Richmond's Importance in the rise of Communism is noted. Not only did Woodrow Wilson become the champion of world terrorists, but he condemned the 20th century to be remembered eternally as the century of terrorism, all the work of one man. I am still hated in Richmond today for my ground breaking expose of the Communist empire and its use of the Federal Reserve System to create the Communist world empire, which finally collapsed only because it was a fake system, as its fake Federal Reserve origin. Wilson supported and defended the Communist Dictatorship to his dying day, and is remembered still for his status as a hero of the Soviet Union.

He bailed out the collapsing Bolshevik government by embezzling $100 million of the Special War Fund which Congress had voted him to defend the U.S. in WW-1, and which saved Communism when he sent it to the Soviet Union with his compliments. This gift is rarely mentioned in histories of the time. I mentioned this unknown chapter of history in a lawsuit filed against the Commonwealth of Virginia January 30, 2006 in Federal Court, which they are now trying to dismiss with prejudice. This case must be heard in the remembering of history as it actually happened.

I had filed this suit in trying to defend myself against the furious vendetta which the Rothschild-Byrd organization had launched against me, which had languished for five years. It was caused by a series of strokes and heart attacks brought on by the stress in my work. The Rothschild-Byrd machine seized on this opening as I was in a series of nursing homes trying to regain my health, and during this period my Virginia Drivers License had expired without my knowledge. The alert bureaucrats seized on this opening and began to harass me daily to renew the license. As I had been driving for 72 years without incident in this State, I expected no problem with this routine renewal, but the Rothschild-Byrd organization seized upon this opening and denied my renewal. Over the next 5 years, I took the test 82 times. Each time I was told that I failed the written test, which denied me the driving test.

I continued to drive to medial appointments and offices, realizing that I was in extreme danger. I then filed a $900 million damage suit against Commonwealth of Virginia in the Federal District Court of the United States in Harrisonburg, Virginia, charging violations of Federal laws against age discrimination, but not mentioning the Rothschild-Byrd terrorist organization. Having no response to my lawsuit from the Commonwealth, I waited 20 days and filed the usual Motion for Default Judgment. This got immediate attention and they launched an all-out campaign against me. On April 3, I went to the store to pick up medicine. When I returned, I noticed a number of local police cars in my vicinity. As I turned onto my street, I was surrounded by many squad cars.

I counted 25, which was very unusual, as rarely would more than 2 cars answer the most serious call. The size of this terrorist attack was to panic me into making a run for it, which would have been fatal to me in this terrorist assault. I stopped immediately and the Officers began yelling orders to me, many of them conflicting with each other. The Officers then wrote me a number of tickets, including the usual "Expired Driving Permit".

This was the notorious driving license scam. Some years ago, someone had come up with the idea that the State should hold all Titles to vehicles, mailing a Certificate of Title to the 'owners'. This created a legal fiction that the State owned the vehicles. Drivers were thus driving a State owned vehicle, mandating drivers must have a license to drive a State vehicle, which was false.

The State reaped many millions with its drivers license scam, and began issuing heavy fines for not having a State license. Writing the tickets, the Officers warned me that I could not drive a few feet to park in front of my home. I was near collapse from the shock of this assault, having had a number of strokes and heart attacks at the age of 83. I later found out that this was a police murder raid which the attackers were certain I could not survive.

A few minutes later, I collapsed on the steps to my front door and suffered a massive coronary occlusion which shut down my heart and nervous system. I fell down a flight of concrete steps, inflicting many abrasions and broken bones. A neighbor saw me fall and rushed over to take me to the emergency room where I remained for many hours. This was my first intimation of the murder plot against me. I was never intended to survive this assault. I left the State to recuperate from this attack and remained away for some weeks. I had returned the tickets because I had filed a lawsuit on drivers licensing in Federal Court. On January 30.

I returned home in late May. On Sunday morning, June 3, I was awakened by armed Police, who began to shout at me to produce any weapons I had. I replied that I had no weapons. They then cuffed me for the first time and dragged me in my pajamas to a police car and taken to jail. The charge was failing to appear in Court, a standard charge for assaults on citizens. A TV set produced a Magistrate who set the date for my sentencing, July 28, 2006. I was then told I could go and had to walk up a steep hill back to my home, stumbling on my flimsy slippers. I realized this was the second police murder raid on me, in my home. The demands that I tell police what weapons I had was designed to force me to produce weapons and be shot down at once as a crazed writer in a battle with police.

I had known of many such cases. An old friend, Bill Cooper, a prominent anti-Communist writer, had recently been shot down under the same circumstances.

For 18 years after my fathers death, I cared for my invalid mother and my handicapped sister in their home. During this time, they were constantly harassed by police because of my well known anti-Communist writings. After they passed away, the police had only me to harass and they never let up on their surveillance of me. At that time, I had not learned of the longtime association of the Rothschild-Byrd machine and its Communist work, which would have explained their antipathy to me. I and my relatives had been assigned to the blacklist of the Richmond Taliban, fanatical Communist zealots who are determined to attack anyone who criticized Communism, and which inspired the two Staunton Police murder raids on my Staunton home.

These murder raids on an anti-Communist were reminiscent of other terrorist acts in Recent history, the Waco holocaust, in which an entire Christian congregation was burned alive in their Texas church, the only time this has happened in the history of America, not a single protest was heard from any minister, which of course would be bad for business. Then the Ruby Ridge massacre in Idaho, in which Randy Weaver living in a mountain shanty, was charged with 'failure to appear', then attacked in his home by a Swat Team of FBI assassins, and the most famous assassin, Lon Horuichi of the FBI, then shot his wife in the head as she was holding their baby in her arms. No one has ever been charged with these murders.

I have grounds for a class action suit in the police murder raids on my home, and also with conspiracy to murder by a political organization, which would make a very interesting civil rights case. I cannot charge the Rothschild-Byrd party with these crimes because it is composed of two units, the Virginia Democratic Party, known as the Scalawags since they were organized by the occupation troops in 1865, and the Virginia Republican Party, known as the Carpetbaggers, formed on the same date.

Since I as the Plaintiff cannot charge these criminal groups under their correct names, it will be difficult to obtain indictments against them. President Bush constantly warns us of the terror, but neglects to tell us that they are government agents.

Afterthoughts added by an anonymous writer: The grand climax of the murder plot against Eustace Mullins will come next month, when he is sentenced to a long term for his crime of failure to appear in Court. He will then become one of those mysterious 'suicides' which routinely occur in remote Southern Jails where a person is imprisoned on a minor traffic charge. The deed is carried out by The resident hit man, who is always present in the infamous Southern dungeons as a feature of the ongoing Occupation since 1865.

The State of Virginia is now permanently branded as the FCI State:

F for freemasonry,
I for Israel,
C for Communism.

- Eustace Mullins June 13, 2006

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