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Access This Website From The Startpage.com Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- FBI/NSA Directed Energy Weapon Attack On My Father Again! 911 Emergency Phone Number Blocked So That We Cannot Call An Ambulance!!

In His Book "Dr. Mary's Monkey" Author Edward T. Haslam Describes How The Salk Polio Vaccines That Millions Of American Children Received During The 1950s and '60s, Were Contaminated With Cancer Viruses Which Are Now Showing Up In A Cancer Epidemic In The United States More Than Fifty Years Later - Haslam's Research Is Excellent, And Is Corroborated By Judyth Vary Baker, Who Was Involved In Working On The Development Of A Fast Acting Cancer Which Was Supposed To Be Used To Murder Cuban President, Fidel Castro In 1963 - Vary's Book: "Me & Lee - How I Came To Know, Love And Lose Lee Harvey Oswald" Supports Much Of What Edward Haslam Has Stated In Regard To The Salk Vaccine's Being Used To Deliberately Infect Millions Of American Children With Cancer

Last Week This Author Watches A 1990 TV Movie With Actress Ruby Dee Called "Decoration Day" - Today I Read That Dee Has Died At The Age Of 91 - For A Target Of MK-Ultra, These "Coincidences" Occur Constantly In Our Lives As Those Within The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Who Subject Us To Such Non Consensual Human Experimentation & Covert Torture By Directed Energy Weaponry, Show Us Just How Easy It Is For Them To Murder Anyone With These Weapons, Using Plausible Deniability - An Older Person Makes For The Easiest Of Prey Because Their Advanced Years Offer The Opportunity For This Orwellian And Evil Complex To Murder Them With Plausible Deniability - According To The Media, Ruby Dee Died Of Natural Causes Within In Her Home - However, How Would Anyone Know For Certain If Her Death Was Caused Naturally Or By A Directed Energy Weapon, Since This Technology Can Be Used To Kill Someone Within Seconds, Yet To The Untrained Eye Leave No Forensic Evidence That A Crime Has Been Committed

"Billion To One Odds Power Surge May Have Killed Suzanne Hart" - How About The Truth For A Change? That This "Billion To One Odds Power Surge" Was Caused By A Signals Intelligence Satellite & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon, Which Were Used To Remotely Tamper With The Electrical System In The Elevator That Crushed Suzanne Hart To Death

The 1972 Munich Olympics' Massacre Was Never Planned - The Kidnapping Was Done As Part Of An Intended Prisoner Swap Which Became A Massacre When German Police And Mossad Acted Hastily - This Would Ultimately Result In The Murders Of 11 Olympic Athletes As Well As The Murders Of Hundreds Of Palestinians, Who Were Attacked By Israel In Retaliation For The Munich Massacre

The Videos Of Media Personalities Al Roker & Robin Meade Shown In An EEG Heterodyned Trance Are Removed From YouTube After This Author Embeds Them In This Article - U.S. Television Reporters And Politicians Are Being Subjected To Computer To Brain Interface Mind Control Experimentation Without Even Realizing It

"Licking Your Wounds: Scientists Isolate Compound In Human Saliva That Speeds Wound Healing"

Recent Concerns Over The Ethics Of Using CGI Video Morphing Technology In Order To Digitally Clone & Animate The Images Of Dead Actors (Philip Seymour Hoffman & Paul Walker) Who Had Contracted To Perform In Movies Before They Died -- Creating Computer Generated Actors, Newscasters And Politicians, By Using CGI Technology To Digitally Clone And Animate The Image Of Any American Citizen Has Become A Reality - Does The Pentagon Have A CGI Cloned Image Of You? After Decades Of Illegally Spying On My Person I Am Sure They Do Of Me - After I Posted This Article Yesterday, My Father Is Hit In The Head With A Directed Energy Weapon Today - Is The FBI Illegally Posting A Phony BOLO (Be On The Lookout For) In Regard To This Author Based On CGI Digital Video Fakery And Other Forms Of Slanderous Information As Part Of The FBI's COINTELPRO Smear Campaign Against My Person? Yet Another In The FBI's Attempts To Completely Circumvent The Constitutional Rule Of Law


The FBI continues to sabotage this Website as part of its COINTELPRO campaign against this author. Given this egregious violation of my 1St Amendment rights to freedom of speech, the readership of this Website - which has become substantial over the past decade (one of the main reasons why the FBI continues to electronically hack into this Website) - may be able to access "The Mother Of All Black Ops" blog through the Startpage.com search engine, and choosing the View by Ixquick Proxy link, since this is supposed to take you off the main Internet grid.

If you find that you are being blocked from accessing this Website or any activist Website that you attempt to access on Startpage.com, you can contact the owners of Startpage.com, or their spokesperson - SPYCHiPS' co-author Dr. Katherine Albrecht - in order to alert them to this situation, since they would certainly want to know if the FBI or another government organization (including the NSA) is remotely hacking into the Startpage.com search engine.

Editor's Note:FBI/NSA murderous psychopaths who continue in their Satanic attack on this author and my Family, again target my Father in the head with a directed energy weapon, right after he finishes a staged phone call with another Family member which was made for the express purpose of upsetting him.

The FBI has used directed energy weaponry to attack this Family member routinely, after having orchestrated the firing of this person from two well paying jobs over the past decade, and now uses this person in its attack on other members of our Family.

This person is easily controlled now, since the FBI continues to prevent this Family member from earning a living, and made certain that this person has been forced to go through their savings, while being subjected to a nightmarish hell that they cannot even publicly admit to.

So this person is NOT operating of their own FREE WILL, and is being forced to take part in something that they would never have taken part in without the FBI's despicable and illegal coercive tactics!

* A few years ago, the boss of this Family member, who refused to take part in the FBI's destruction of this Family member's career, suddenly came down with brain cancer which killed her within six months of being diagnosed.

The FBI has used covert means in which to murder several people who have been in some associated with this author or other members of my Family.

See the following in regard to my documentation of these furtive murder attacks, and the psychological warfare which is used by these federal psychopaths in order to perpetrate them with plausible deniability.

Last Week This Author Watches A 1990 TV Movie With Actress Ruby Dee Called "Decoration Day" - Today I Read That Dee Has Died At The Age Of 91 - For A Target Of MK-Ultra, These "Coincidences" Occur Constantly In Our Lives As Those Within The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Who Subject Us To Such Non Consensual Human Experimentation & Covert Torture By Directed Energy Weaponry, Show Us Just How Easy It Is For Them To Murder Anyone With These Weapons, Using Plausible Deniability - An Older Person Makes For The Easiest Of Prey Because Their Advanced Years Offer The Opportunity For This Orwellian And Evil Complex To Murder Them With Plausible Deniability - According To The Media, Ruby Dee Died Of Natural Causes Within In Her Home - However, How Would Anyone Know For Certain If Her Death Was Caused Naturally Or By A Directed Energy Weapon, Since This Technology Can Be Used To Kill Someone Within Seconds, Yet To The Untrained Eye Leave No Forensic Evidence That A Crime Has Been Committed

Since that time the FBI has managed to get this Family member fired from their job and kept them from regaining employment.

There has also been a covert attack on a number of the physicians whom we have dealt with over the past several years. In one instance, a well known Lyme Disease physician was blackmailed into closing his medical practice, which was worth a considerable sum of money. A few years ago a pulmonologist that this author's Father went to, was struck and killed by a car as he attempted to cross a street. And now, his wife, who is the cardiologist for some members of this author's Family, has take a medical leave of absence to be treated for cancer. Was this woman attacked with a directed energy weapon because she would not take part in this psychotic psychological warfare harassment our persons?

Moreover, in late 2012, Dad was targeted several times by a directed energy weapon via the computer to brain interface of his person, by these federal predatory murderers, which resulted in his being hospitalized twice with two serious microwave induced seizures, that were caused by this Satanic excrement.

Furthermore, today, when this author went to dial 911, the FBI blocked the number so that I could not reach emergency medical personnel!

Moreover, just as has been reported by millions of Targeted Individuals in every country on the face of this planet, since 9/11 and the treasonous passage of the new de facto constitution in the United States - what we refer to as the dreaded Patriot Act - local police and fire departments routinely take part in these sadistic and Orwellian acts of terrorism, while violating their oath to "Protect & Serve" the public.

In doing so, their covert acts of authoritarianism against the American citizenry have come to define them as the "consummate bullies."

And we can only imagine how many Targeted Individuals have already been murdered through such furtive means.

This has been the case in regard to the FBI COINTELPRO attack of this author and other members of my Family. In this instance, the directed energy attack on my Father's brain was used as just one part of an aggressive COINTELPRO operation against our Family by these murderous, Nazi minded psychopaths, that has lasted for well over a decade.

This particular electronic warfare attack was obviously planned out well in advance (as are most of these acts of outright sadism) by these lowlife criminals, and as part of this state sponsored terrorism.

And this furtive attack further supports what this author and other targets of MK-Ultra have already stated in regard to the "physical torture" which is used to keep the family members of Targeted Individuals in line.

No person who is being used as part of these Organized Stalking campaigns is willingly taking part in these covert and illegal vigilante hate crimes year after year, since OS is clearly a criminal and conspiratorial act which takes a lot of time to carry out.

Moreover, any sane person has better things to do with their time, then to criminally harass someone whom the federal, state or local government has no legal authority to be spying on, much less prosecuting.

These fusion center orchestrated "citizens' watch groups" are being intimidated into doing so, or becoming targets of Organized Stalking campaigns themselves.

What we are talking about here is evil incarnate hidden behind the masque of federal, state and local government, that has infected our communities in the way that a ravaging cancer eats through a human body.

What is the federal government trying to cover up?

What are they desperate to conceal from the American people?

The dissolution of the United States of America, while its remains are incorporated into a global feudal system overseen by the House of Rothschilds' Satanic Zionist banksters, and a technocratic signals intelligence driven surveillance system that was created more than three decades ago, in which to electronically enslave each American citizen - by using the electromagnetic spectrum to track the unique EMF signatures from the body of each person living within the United States.

An NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network that operates based on a covertly implemented national brain mapping program in the United States, which has been used to electronically brand each American citizen like a head of cattle!

This surveillance system enables to the NSA to instantly access the mind of any American citizen, without the person's knowledge or consent!

After this author posts this information my Father makes a "rapid recovery" once the microwave frequency that the FBI/NSA murderous psychopaths direct at his brain is modulated downward.

This Nazi indoctrinated trash should try using these weapons on themselves sometime, so that they can have a better idea of the misery that they cause those of us who have been tortured by these reprobates for decades, with these classified weapons of mass destruction.

Of course, as is typical, other Family members in fear of their own lives completely deny that this was a microwave energy induced attack (even though they know it was), having been made "satellite" prisoners within the so called privacy of their own homes, by this filthy monstrosity within this government that uses "invisible" and classified weaponry deployed via the EMF spectrum, to perpetrate their crimes against humanity.

Moreover, this electronic warfare frequency can be increased at any time causing another episode with my Father that can result in hospitalization or even death.

And the same is true for the rest us, as well as the general population in the United States, since we are all brain mapped by the NSA, and as such, an be remotely attacked by this Satanic driven whore of a government at anytime.

As for the Obama Administration & U.S. Congresses' claims that the U.S. federal government does not torture American citizens, this is an OUTRIGHT LIE, which the body politic in this country continues to cover up!

And it makes their criticisms of other governments which torture their citizens extraordinarily hypocritical.

Moreover, any politician or government agent who has attempted to expose these atrocities by calling for an independent investigation of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, has been subjected to the destruction of their career; including, but not limited to former New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli, former Representative Cynthia McKinney, and former NSA agent Russ Tice.

This while other government whistleblowers are covertly tortured and murdered by the Nazi inculcated and Zionist financed FBI, NSA and DHS.

As for Edward Snowden, Snowden may or may not be a legitimate whistleblower. Moreover, he may be either wittingly or unwitting used as a pawn of the NSA for the purpose of serving an international disinformation campaign for the Agency.

As for James Bamford, while Bamford is officially recognized as the ultimate civilian expert on the NSA, the fact is that his information regarding the Agency's infrastructure, barely scratches the surface of the NSA's true and horrifying capabilities, including its connections to mind control experimentation and Satanism. As such, James Bamford has been a very effective propagandist for the NSA, with a lucrative career to prove it.

For a better understanding of the real horrors which are occurring behind the walls of the NSA, Pentagon, CIA and FBI, read John St. Clair Akwei's civil action against the NSA, as well as Dr. Robert Duncan's "PROJECT: SOUL CATCHER."

A similar type of deception can be attributed to faux Wall Street whistleblower, Nomi Prins, who as a propagandist for Rothschild Zionism, gives her readers plenty of legitimate information on the goings on regarding Wall Street, however, carefully omits the real reasons for Wall Street's problems, or how it became such a dominant player in the world's financial markets.

The fact is that Wall Street was created by the House of Rothschild, and its entire lexicon is one of abject fraud.

As such, rather than wasting your valuable time by patronizing such false whistleblowers, the reader would benefit far more by reading the many works of the late author, Eustace Mullins, since Mullins' written works take us back to the early days of the House of Rothschild, and their conspiracy to destroy the United States because of its threat to the hegemony of the global monarchies.

Eustace Mullins' covers information in regard to Rothschild Zionism and its control over the Federal Reserve System that Nomi Prins could never write about, since doing so would ensure the destruction of her so called "whistleblowing" career.

Unlike false whistleblowers like Prins and Bamford, who become darlings of the mainstream media in America, the only time that Eustace Mullins was actually invited on a mainstream TV show was back in the 1980s, when talk show host, Morton Downey Jr., interviewed Mullins. Downey was extremely impressed with Eustace's knowledge of the Federal Reserve System and questioned why the mainstream media had never promulgated this information.

Morton Downey Jr. would soon learn why, as his program was quickly cancelled and his career systematically destroyed. Downey would also later develop *terminal cancer which would ultimately end his life.

Downey later lamented on a number of occasions in regard to how such a run of bad luck could have "suddenly" befallen him. However, there is no doubt that his attempt to use the mainstream Zionist controlled media in the United States to promote Eustace Mullins' research on the Zionist counterfeiting and laundering cartel known as the Federal Reserve System, was responsible for the systematic destruction of Downey's health and broadcasting career.

* Downey was a smoker, so this would have certainly offered plausible deniability to those whose intent was to murder him while retaining their anonymity in doing so.

As for Nomi Prins' credibility (or lack thereof) as a whistleblower, Prins won't even admit that the Federal Reserve System is a counterfeiter and launderer of counterfeited currency. Instead, Prins euphemistically refers to what the Federal Reserve does as printing money, which is an outright deception, since the Federal Reserve System's "Monopoly Money" has absolutely no intrinsic value at all.

Federal Reserve Notes are part of a Communistic debtor economy, and they represent debt to the American middle class - not money of any kind!

Since every time a Federal Reserve Note is printed it creates not just the debt for the face value of the particular denomination of that Reserve Note, but also the usury interest that the Federal Reserve charges the U.S. Treasury to print that Note, which is then paid back to the Federal Reserve through the illegal federal income tax, that the unconstitutional IRS collects from the American taxpayer, and then sends back to the Federal Reserve System to pay down the interest on this debt.

If you are a supporter of Nomi Prins, and you attend any of her speaking engagements, ask her about the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting operations, and Prins will most likely either ignore your question or refer to you as an Internet "conspiracy theorist" nut job.

Nomi Prins is a superb example of one of Rothschild Zionism's controlled opposition, as is Alex Jones. That is why both of them have done so well financially in their faux roles as whistleblowers, and why Jones recently welcomed Prins on one of his programs back in April of 2014 to hawk her books - which Prins has stated she just "keeps on popping out."

Nomi Prins is into selling books and making a nice profit in the conspiracy genre, yet never really arrives at important truths about the Federal Reserve System and its control over Wall Street, that Eustace Mullins (with the help of Ezra Pound) uncovered more than sixty years ago, with his first publishing of "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve."

In this author's opinion, Nomi Prins is being used in typical Zionist fashion as controlled opposition, in order to present yet another false history of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve System, while Eustace Mullins' written works on the Federal Reserve and the House of Rothschild have not only stood the test of time for their accuracy, but continue to become more treasured each year, as they expose the real perpetrators who've covertly overthrown the United States of America, in the interests of establishing a Satanically run 21St century feudal system.

As part of the controlled opposition, Alex Jones has finally made his move to commercial pitchman for the Genesis Communications' Network, while his overly sensationalized programs have become little more than fodder for the many commercials run during his time on the air.

Jones has also lost many of his once dedicated viewers over the years who have finally wised up to this, however, his program has significant reach, and thus attracts may new viewers who will become duped by this New World Order propagandist before they eventually wise up to him.

This modern day P.T. Barnum has become like the Amazon.com of the soldier of fortune survivalist set, selling everything from lung cleansers to freeze dried foods which can be used in the event of a civil war.

As for legitimate whistleblowers, they don't become millionaires like Prins, Jones, Beck, and myriad other faux whistleblowers do.

They are instead shunned by a completely brainwashed society, while becoming the targets of government criminal conspiracies, as their lives and careers are systematically destroyed.

Ultimately, they are either driven to suicide, or murdered in a made to appear as suicide, like former LA police officer, Michael Ruppert was.

The most credible of whistleblowers will never be celebrated within the Zionist controlled media system in America. They will instead be demonized, dehumanized and attacked in every way possible, because they are deemed to be the cure for what ails the United States - that terminal disease called Rothschild Zionism.

- James F. Marino

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