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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- In His Shocking Book, "Dr. Mary's Monkey" Author Edward T. Haslam Exposes How The Polio Vaccines That Millions Of American Children Received In The 1950s And 1960s Were Biologically Weaponized With Cancers Which Have Inflicted Enormous Suffering On An Entire Generation Of Americans

The Nazi's Furtive Infiltration Of The U.S. Intelligence Community In 1948, Under The Newly Created CIA's Project Paperclip, Has Since Been Used To Establish A Shadow Government Within The United States, Which Through Its Disintegration Of Our Constitutional Rule Of Law, Has Now Placed The Lives Of Every American Citizen In Jeopardy

The Telegraph - "Man who created own credit card sues bank for not sticking to terms - When Dmitry Argarkov was sent a letter offering him a credit card, he found the rates not to his liking. But he didn't throw the contract away or shred it. Instead, the 42-year-old from Voronezh, Russia, scanned it into his computer, altered the terms and sent it back to Tinkoff Credit Systems. Mr Argarkov's version of the contract contained a 0pc interest rate, no fees and no credit limit. Every time the bank failed to comply with the rules, he would fine them 3m rubles (£58,716). If Tinkoff tried to cancel the contract, it would have to pay him 6m rubles. Tinkoff apparently failed to read the amendments, signed the contract and sent Mr Argakov a credit card." - A Judge Has Ruled In Favor Of Dmitry Agarkov, Setting An Entirely New Precedent, By Allowing A Bank Customer To Stick It To A Rothschild Bank For A Change Public Radio Stations WNYC & WQXR Use Of The Charitable Trust Scheme, Is Yet Another Example Of How The Charitable Trust Is Used To Fleece An Unsuspecting Public Out Of Its Hard Earned Money, By Using Them To Unwittingly Support The Political Agenda Of An Organization

Sudden Heart Attacks, Strokes, Aneurysms, And Fast Spreading Cancers - Have A Rash Of Deaths Over The Past Few Years, Regarding Well Known Hollywood Personalities, Been Related To Directed Energy Weapons? And Were The Deaths Of Actress, Brittany Murphy And Her Screenwriter Husband, Simon Monjack, The Result Of Natural Causes? Or Were They Murders Committed Through The Furtive Use Of Directed Energy Weapons?

Like The Salk And Sabin Polio Vaccines That A Generation Of American Children Were Sickened By, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Has Financially Backed An Oral Polio Vaccine In India That Has Paralyzed And Crippled Nearly 50,000 Children - Bill Gates Has Also Publicly Stated That Vaccines Can Reduce The Human Population By 15%, Confirming Recent Suspicions That Gates Is Not Only Endorsing The Rothschilds' New World Order Genocidal Policy, But Aiding And Abetting It
In His Investigation Into The Murder Of Dr. Mary Sherman, Author Edward T. Haslam Ends Up Uncovering The U.S. Federal Government's Weaponization Of Polio Vaccines In The 1950's & Their Use In Infecting Millions Of American Children With Cancer Viruses. Haslam's Investigation Also Exposes Ties Between This Biological Weapons' Research, And JFK Assassination Conspirators: Lee Harvey Oswald And David FerriePrologue To The Book: "Dr. Mary's Monkey"The following has been excerpted from the Spartacus Educational Website:
The Death Of Dr. Mary Sherman
"In 1995 Edward Haslam published Mary, Ferrie & the Monkey Virus : The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory. In 1999 Judyth Baker revealed her involvement in an anti-Castro conspiracy to individuals outside her family and to CBS Sixty Minutes investigators. In late 2000, newsgroups learned who she was and began speculating on what she had to say. She asserted she had been (at first unwittingly) recruited by Dr. Alton Ochsner and Dr. Mary S. Sherman into a get-Castro project that had the backing of the CIA and of the Mafia in New Orleans."Judyth was offered a summer medical internship with Dr. Sherman by Ochsner: she accepted, and came to New Orleans in April, 1963. There, she met Lee Harvey Oswald, who introduced her to Sherman's friend, David Ferrie. Judyth accidentally learned about the clandestine side of the project before Ochsner, who was out of town, was able to steer her to the legitimate side. She then became a willing participant in the project. At the same time, Oswald and Judyth began to fall in love. Neither had a happy marriage (Judyth was recently married to a man who promptly left her alone in New Orleans,and who in other ways neglected her). Oswald became linked to the project, partly to be close to Judyth."According to Judyth Baker the research into the biological weapon was hidden by using two or more secret mini-labs which were set up when Ochsner's Clinic made a massive move into new facilities in March, 1963. Equipment, animals, etc. were 'misplaced' during the move, the second-largest in the history of New Orleans. The basic project was set up March 23, 1962, using conventional facilities, which then expanded out of the loop for its final phases."Baker adds that Lee Harvey Oswald learned how to handle the materials safely and keep them alive. He volunteered to courier the materials to Mexico City, where a medical student, doctor or intern was scheduled to take the materials to Cuba. Oswald made frantic efforts to get the materials, which had a short shelf-life, into Cuba himself when his contacts failed to appear. The project, in fact, had been called off because of Hurricane Flora, which devastated Cuba at this time. Oswald was ordered to Dallas: his "desire to go to Cuba" was never mentioned again by him. His transit visa to go to Cuba was approved in mid-October, but by then, Oswald had no more need to go to Cuba: he never used the approved visa, which arrived too late to be of any use in saving the biological materials."Judyth Baker claims that she and Lee Harvey Oswald planned to divorce and marry in Mexico after he had done all he could to help thwart the plans of an assassination ring, which he had volunteered to investigate. He believed he would have the help of the CIA to escape after providing information, but instead, due to his Pro-Castro activities in New Orleans, which had been under the handling of Guy Bannister (in order to identify Pro-Castroites in New Orleans), Oswald became the perfect patsy, even though he was on record as having admired John F. Kennedy."According to Judyth, Oswald volunteered to continue to penetrate the ring, even when he realized his life was in danger. Oswald could only speculate on who organized the conspiracy. He was aware that Mafia, Texas oil moguls, and conservative racists put up money to finance an assassination ring that seemed to include a wide variety of planners and participants. He was kept from learning the identities of the leaders, but expressed opinions that Carlos Marcello (godfather of New Orleans and Dallas) and his Mafia friends in Chicago and Miami, along with anti-Castroites and elements of the Secret Service and CIA, were well able to assassinate Kennedy, if those at the highest levels in government cooperated to allow the assassination to take place for their benefit. Oswald told Judyth he would do what he could to try to get the mission aborted, and that he had others who were going to help him to abort the assassination."After the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald, Judyth Baker received a phone-call from David Ferrie warning her that she would be killed if she told anyone about her knowledge of these events."In 2007 Edward Haslam published Dr. Mary's Monkey, an updated account on the death of Mary Sherman. Haslam believes that Sherman was involved in carrying out secret research into developing a vaccine to prevent an epidemic of soft-tissue cancers caused by polio vaccine contaminated with SV-40. This work included using a linear particle accelerator located in the Infectious Disease Laboratory at the Public Health Service Hospital in New Orleans. Haslam argues that Sherman had an accident while using the linear particle accelerator. This explains why her body was so badly burnt. In an attempt to cover-up her secret research, Sherman was stabbed in the heart and then moved under cover of darkness to her apartment. A small fire was then started in an attempt to explain the burns on her body."
- The Spartacus Educational Website

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"In another shocking example of how the federal government is repositioning itself as a secret police force to target political dissidents, a 16-year-old boy was questioned by FBI agents over a You Tube video he created for a school project which highlighted how America was slipping into a police state. The two FBI agents began to talk to Hallman about his interests and hobbies, a tactic Hallman saw as the FBI agents attempting to gain his trust. The FBI agents then attempted to recruit Hallman to spy on Anonymous. 'They wanted me to be an informant, to possibly put my life in danger, to help them arrest and gain Intel on occupy protesters and hackers,' he writes."The NSA Is Being Used To Destroy The Sovereignty Of The American People By Subverting The U.S. Constitution And Turning The United States Into A Technocratic Dictatorship, Under The Guise Of Protecting Americans From Terrorism - The NSA Is Using Signals Intelligence Technology To Electronically Enslave The American People On 8/5/13, The U.S. Media Reports That Owner, Jeff Bezos, Purchased The Washington Post - In 1948, As A Result Of The Agency's Covert Program (Operation Mockingbird) To Infiltrate The U.S. Media (In Order To Serve As A Venue For The CIA's Propaganda) Members Of The CIA, Including Cord Meyer Jr. And Frank Weisner, Approached The Owners Of The Washington Post, In Order To Inquire If The Grahams And Some Of Their Associates In The U.S. Media Would Be Interested In Earning Some Easy Money, By Promulgating The CIA's Propaganda - The Grahams Agreed, And Were Also Very Helpful In Introducing Meyer And Weisner To Several Owners Of Other Media Organizations, Who Were Also Agreeable To The CIA's Offer - This Infiltration Of The U.S. Media By The CIA, Would Represent The End Of Legitimate News Gathering And Investigative Journalism Regarding The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex - This Is Also Why The American People Are Increasingly Moving Away From Traditional Media Outlets, And Instead, Relying On The Internet's Alternative Media For Their Information - They Know That The Government Controlled Media In The United States Can No Longer Be Trusted Only Days After This Author Publishes An Article Regarding A Possible New Trial For Convicted Robert F. Kennedy Assassin Sir Han Sir Han, RFK's Daughter In Law Dies Unexpectedly - Was Their Foul Play In Her Death? Given The Lies That The U.S. Federal Government Has Told The American People Regarding The 9-11 False Flag Operation, As Americans, We Must Seriously Concern Ourselves With What May Have Really Happened To The Men & Women Who Were Alleged To Have Been On Flights 11, 77, 93, and 175, On The Morning Of September 11Th, 2001 - Were They All Kidnapped And Later Murdered? Or Were They Disappeared Prior To The 9-11 Attacks, In Order To Maintain The Official 9-11 Lie? And If They Were Disappeared, What May Have Happened To Them And Where Are They Now? We Already Know That A Number Of The Official 9-11 Hijackers Could Not Have Been Killed On 9-11, Because They Were Seen Alive After 9-11-2001 - This Offers Further Confirmation That The Official 9-11 Story Is An Outright Deception, And That The U.S. Federal Government's Denial Of Any Wrongdoing & Casual Business As Usual Attitude For The Past Decade, Is Just Another Part Of The 9-11 False Flag Cover Up Like The Salk And Sabin Polio Vaccines That A Generation Of American Children Were Sickened By, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Has Financially Backed An Oral Polio Vaccine In India That Has Paralyzed And Crippled Nearly 50,000 Children - Bill Gates Has Also Publicly Stated That Vaccines Can Reduce The Human Population By 15%, Confirming Recent Suspicions That Gates Is Not Only Endorsing The Rothschilds' New World Order Genocidal Policy, But Aiding And Abetting It
New Book Implicates The CIA In The Murder Of John F. Kennedy And His Mistress, Socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer

Was John F. Kennedy's Long Time Mistress, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Murdered Because She Attempted To Convince JFK To End The Vietnam War? Was The Wistar Institute's Elaine Defreitas' Research Program, Regarding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sabotaged By The U.S. Centers For Disease Control And The National Institutes For Health, Because Dr. Defreitas Was On The Brink Of Discovering That CFS Is A Biological Weapon? CFS Has Many Similarities & A Linking Pathogen To Other Biological Weapons, Including Lyme Disease  Was A 1972 Eastern Airlines Plane Crash The Result Of An Accident, Or Was It The Result Of A U.S. Military Intelligence Black Operation That Involved Holographic Imaging Technology, Which This Complex Intended For Later Use As Part Of NASA's Project Blue Beam Program? As A Target Of MKULTRA This Author Documents Twelve  Consecutive Months Of FBI/NSA/DHS Organized Stalking, Psychological Warfare, & Directed Energy Microwave Weapon Attacks, Which We Are Subjected To On A Daily Basis - These So Called Agents Are Nothing But Pathological Murderous Psychopaths, Who Are Covering Up The Fact That The American People Are The Targets Of A Domestic Spy Program Which Includes The Illegal Fingerprinting Of Their Bodies' Own Unique EMF Signatures - Not Only Is This Covert Program Treasonous, It's Being Used To Both Steal The Biological Property Of Every U.S. Citizen, While Branding Each One Of Us Like A Head Of Cattle The Following Is A 1913 Conversation Between House Of Rothschild Agent, Colonel Edward Mandel House (Founder Of The Council On Foreign Relations - The Most Powerful Policy Making Organization In The United States), And President Woodrow Wilson, In Which Colonel House Describes Some Of The Plans The Rothschilds Will Be Using To Destroy The United States; Including The Creation Of A Communist Central Bank (The Federal Reserve) And The Implementation Of Birth Certificate And Social Security Programs, Which The Rothschilds Will Use To Covertly Enslave American Citizens To The British Monarchy And House Of Rothschild - Their Plan Was As Brilliant As It Was Evil, And Succeeded In Deceiving The American Middle Class, While Stealing Their Country Right Out From Under Them

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