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Only Days After This Author Publishes An Article Regarding A Possible New Trial For Sir Han Sir Han, RFK's Daughter In Law's Found Dead - Coincidence?

Federal Appeals Court Rules That Neither The NSA Nor Google Have To Reply To A Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Request To Supply Information Regarding The Joint Merger Of The Two Organizations - This Is Yet Another Example Of How The U.S. Intelligence Community Routinely Perverts The Criminal Justice System In This Country To Conceal Treasonous Crimes Being Perpetrated By U.S. Intel Against The American People - It Also Shows The Furtive Control That The U.S. Intel Community Maintains Over The U.S. Judicial System, As We Saw With Former Judge Stanley Sporkin's Criminal Derailing Of John St. Clair Akwei's Civil Lawsuit Against The NSA

Mathematician John Nash - Is He Mentally Ill, Or One Of The First Victims Of The CIA's MKULTRA Operation? For Decades Nash Has Claimed To Hear Voices In His Head; This Can Be Caused By Satellite Deployed Computer To Brain Interface And Voice To Skull Communication - Something Commonly Reported By People Who Are Targeted For Government Sanctioned Non Consensual Human Experimentation

NSA Clandestine Use Of Mind Control Technology On The American People, Which Is Deployed Through The NSA's Echelon Global Spy Satellite Network - The American People Are The Unwitting Targets Of A National Brain Fingerprinting Program

New Trial For Sir Han Sir Han?

The Sudden Death Of Another Kennedy Family Member

Written By James F. Marino

Within days of publishing the following post regarding a possible new trial for Sir Han Sir Han, convicted killer of Robert F. Kennedy, the daughter in law of Robert F. Kennedy, is found dead in her home in Westchester County, NY.

Today, the U.S. media reports that Mary Kennedy committed suicide by hanging herself.

EEG heterodyning of the human brain, a remote form of computer to brain interface conducted via signals intelligence satellite, can be covertly used to induce thoughts of suicide into the mind a person who is unwittingly targeted by this signals intelligence technology.

In fact, since the thoughts are remotely implanted, they are not the thoughts of the person being targeted by the technology, but instead the thoughts of the person covertly deploying this satellite based computer to brain interface mind control technology.

The fact is that any person can be illegally targeted by this technology, and subjected to having the EEG cloned thoughts of another person electronically implanted into their own brain.

Those within the TI community (men, women and children used for such non consensual human experimentation) have often documented the "cause and effect relationship" between something they do, and then the subsequent death of someone who is in someway associated with this act.

There are targeted individuals who have reported how other people can be murdered by something as arbitrary as the choices these TI's make regarding the color of a piece of clothing they choose to wear, a food they decide to eat, or something else they do, that will then serve as a "reason" for the psychopaths within certain Intel agencies who have access to directed energy weapons technology, to commit murder as a furtive warning to these people, that these operatives disapprove of the choices they are making.

The murders can be committed by federal agents illegally using a directed energy weapon to cause heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, or cancers. Suicides can also be remotely induced by the controllers of this signals intelligence technology, who use through-the-air computer to brain interface technology(Also known as EEG heterodyning or remote neural monitoring of the brain) in order to remotely implant suicidal thoughts into the brain of a targeted person.

Mary Kennedy could certainly have been the unwitting target of such furtive mind control experimentation, since for all intents and purposes, until we can devise a technical means in which to "padlock" the human brain from such electronic trespass, there is nothing that the human race can do to prevent the government's satellite predation of our own minds. And this is indeed the worst crime against humanity ever perpetrated.

In regard to such satellite deployed predation, the fact is that any thought can be remotely implanted into the brain of an unsuspecting target of this signals intelligence technology, while the criminals who perpetrate these crimes do so with complete anonymity.

According to the testimony of government whistleblowers, the NSA and CIA have had access to such covert brain scanning technology since the midst of the 20Th Century, and have been deploying it on a global scale since the 1980s.

This is just one facet of what the target of such non consensual mind control experimentation is forced to deal with on a daily basis, when in the so called privacy of their own home.

As outlandish as this may sound, the fact is that this phenomenon of the Intel agent who decides to pervert the use of this electronic warfare technology in order to "play God" with people's lives, has been reported by thousands of people living within the United States, as well as myriad other targets of such non consensual human experimentation, who reside in other NATO countries.

Yet, the controlled media in America has never done any research of their own into this remote brain scanning technology, because the Military Intelligence complex has ordered them not to.

As such, when a legitimate target of this technology comes forth to expose these crimes, they are either ignored by the mainstream media or derided by it, in an attempt to discredit their accounts, just as UFO abductees have been ridiculed by the media since the late 1940's, when the Roswell UFO incident was at first accurately reported by the media, only to then be covered up by the Truman Administration and the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, within a day of this information being promulgated.

In the 1970's, a former government scientist by the name Bruce Maccabee filed a Freedom Of Information Act request with the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, in an attempt to obtain any declassified information that the FBI had collected in regard to UFO's. The information that Maccabee received was eventually compiled into a book which he published decades later, that for once and for all proves that as of 1947, the FBI knew that UFOs and Extraterrestrial Biological Entities do in fact exist. However, to this day, the FBI will officially deny this fact.

Like this government's whitewash of the facts regarding the existence of UFOs and EBEs, Americans are now being subjected to another major cover up in regard to the classified brain scanning technology that the NSA is clandestinely using on the American people, as part of a furtive brain fingerprinting program secretly implemented against us decades ago.

So why should we trust a government that continues to routinely and pathologically lie to us in regard to situations that are so dangerous to the American citizenry?

In doing so, we should be questioning our own sanity, and if we ourselves are in fact the targets of a government implemented nationwide brainwashing campaign.

- James F. Marino

New Trial For Sir Han Sir Han?

Sir Han Sir Han & The Five Bullets That May Set Him Free

Sir Han's Attorneys Allege There Was A Second Gunman

In The Assassination Of Robert F. Kennedy

Written By James F. Marino

In taking into consideration how many murders are perpetrated by the U.S. Intelligence community through their use of MKULTRA mind controlled assassins, the recent allegations made by attorneys William Pepper and his co-counsel, Laurie Dusek, in regard to Sir Han Sir Han's innocence in the murder of Robert F. Kennedy, may well result in grounds for a new trial.

Specifically, new audio technology has shown that there were thirteen bullets fired during RFK's assassination, instead of the eight that were originally reported, which proves that there was at least one other gunman.

Dusek and Pepper have also insinuated that at least one of the bullets submitted as evidence at Sir Han Sir Han's trial was actually fabricated evidence, and that Sir Han was brainwashed at the time of the shooting.

If the Intelligence community was behind the murder of RFK, specifically the CIA, then the allegations made by lawyers Pepper and Dusek may have more than a bit of truth ot them.

The U.S. Intelligence community spends much of their time spying illegally on American civilians looking for closeted skeletons which they can exploit to their advantage, however, these agents don't appreciate it when their own skeletons are paraded publicly; especially when they involve serious violations of U.S. Law.

Given this, the allegations made by attorneys Dusek and Pepper may well place their lives in jeopardy. Especially given how easily someone who threatens the secrecy of the U.S. Federal Government, can now be murdered by way of a directed energy weapon, which leaves no physical evidence that a crime has even been committed.

Moreover, should Sir Han Sir Han's legal counsel succeed in getting him a new trial, it may encourage other attorneys to file new appeals in regard to those convicted in the murders (or attempted murders) of public officials or other high profile victims, whom if exonerated, would undoubtedly place more scrutiny on the U.S. Intelligence community's use of MKULTRA mind control targets, to either perpetrate such assassinations, or as in the case of Sir Han Sir Han, act as a cover for the real assassins.

The late William Kunstler and his co-counsel, Ron Kuby, proved long ago that defending high profile clients is usually very good for business, since as an attorney, it keeps you in the eye of the media, while oftentimes allowing you to test the depths of the law.

Of course the down side to this is the negative publicity that your clients receive, some of which is bound to rub off on you.

Which makes one wonder if Kunstler's choice to represent several of the defendants in the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, did not result in his being furtively murdered by the U.S. Intelligence community, since the late attorney made many enemies within this community for doing so.

In all likelihood, because the so called perpetrators of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center were nothing more than patsies, setup by the FBI in an entrapment scheme that would turn deadly.

Google: Emad Salem implicates the FBI in the 1993 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

Hopefully, attorneys Dusek and Pepper will fare better than Kunstler did, if by some stroke of luck, they are actually able to obtain a new trial for Sir Han Sir Han, since like Lee Harvey Oswald, Sir Han was likely just another scapegoat of an Intelligence community that has always seen the American people as little more than brainless heads of cattle, and as such, has never had any respect for them, or loyalty to them.

Former government whistleblowers have actually said that the hierarchy within the U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex refers to the American people as the "sheeple." Another illustration of how this Nazi indoctrinated complex believes that the men, women and children in America should be perceived as little more than herds of animals to be rounded up and controlled by any means necessary.

As for a possible future trial for Sir Han Sir Han, it would be interesting to know which judge is to determine if Sir Han will be given a new trial - especially if this judge has former ties to the U.S. Intelligence community.

The reader will recall how a judge *(Stanley Sporkin) with ties to the CIA, was chosen to preside over John St. Clair Akwei's precedent setting lawsuit against the NSA, only to criminally dismiss the most important lawsuit in American history, in order to conceal the fact that the NSA has not only been spying domestically since its inception in 1952 (a violation of its charter), but since that time developed a signals intelligence tracking system which has been used to brain fingerprint the American people.

*Stanley Sporkin Criminally Dismisses The Most Important Lawsuit In U.S. History, In Order To Cover Up The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

Moreover, in the unlikely event that a judge actually grants their motion for a new trial, Sir Han Sir Han's new attorneys will have a tremendous advantage this time around, since it's really a case of basic math.

If his gun only held eight bullets and an audio recording of the event recorded thirteen, then Sir Han Sir Han could not have been the only shooter.

As such, what we now have is a conspiracy in the murder of RFK, and a new investigation can be opened in search for the real trigger person in the forty four year old murder.

A conspiracy that many Americans have suspected all along. Just as Americans have never believed the Warren Commission Report regarding the death of John F. Kennedy, who many Americans believe was murdered as the result of a U.S. Intel orchestrated criminal conspiracy; only five months after J.F.K. reinstated the U.S. Treasury's authority to coin and regulate the value of certain denominations of American currency in June of 1963 - a direct threat to the autonomy of the Federal Reserve System's control over the monetary system in the United States.

In reference to such conspiracies, one can only imagine over the past century, how many politicians in the United States have been murdered by the U.S. Intelligence community in such furtive ways, when these men and women became a perceived threat to this Nazi indoctrinated cadre of misanthropes, whom along with their Zionist masters within the Federal Reserve System, continue to be the greatest threat that the American middle class has ever faced.

- James F. Marino

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