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Signals Intelligence Satellites That Can Remotely Read & Manipulate Your Thoughts Have Been Used On The U.S. Population Since The Early 1980's

Americans Have Been Secretly EMF Fingerprinted

By Their Own Government

Written By James F. Marino

It may sound like an apocryphal tale, however, this phenomenon of remotely entering a person's mind, by electronically accessing their own unique brainwave print from a specialized satellite, has been documented on myriad occasions.

This human right's crime has been reported by men, women and children of various ages, all of whom claim to be victims of such government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation.

And the targeting can begin at an early age, and last for the person's entire life.

Moreover, a former government employee by the name of John St. Clair Akwei, has also testified to this remote EMF brain scanning of American citizens, in 1992, when Akwei filed a precedent setting civil lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency, only to find his lawsuit dismissed by a judge with a history of perverting the U.S. Judicial System, by aiding and abetting the U.S. Intelligence community's crimes against American citizens.

A judge who also happens to have once served as the general counsel for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. A man by the name of Stanley Sporkin.

According to John St. Clair Akwei, NSA signals intelligence satellites can be used to remotely read your thoughts with a degree of accuracy as well as implant foreign thoughts into your mind using a form of technology which can synchronize an artifical intelligence computer with your own brainwave print. The technology is known as EEG Heterodyning, and it is discussed in detail in a book written by another former government scientist named Dr. Robert Duncan.

In 2010, Dr. Duncan published a book entitled "The Matrix Deciphered" in which he discusses EEG Heterodyning technology and its use in both remotely reading and manipulating people's thoughts, to cataloguing, cloning and storing these thoughts in government computer databases.

Dr. Duncan also discusses covert government programs which involve such mind control research on the American public, three of which are code named: TAMI, SATAN and MIND.

According to both John St. Clair Akwei and Dr. Robert Duncan. this mind control weapons' technology was created in secret from the public as part of the U.S. Intelligence Community's electronic warfare programs. In the case of the National Security Agency, the technology is classified and filed in the NSA's archives under radiation intelligence.

This technology has been used by the federal government to completely circumvent the United States Bill of Rights, thus destroying the American people's rights to privacy and due process of law.

And there are many American citizens who are presently documenting their use as targets of such non consensual human experimentation; specifically, the federal government's use of these people as human guinea pigs, within the privacy of their own homes.

What follows is the account of one of these targets of mind control experimentation.

This person attributes the creation of the directed energy weapons technology he is being subjected to, to the Russians.

However, in the early 1990's directed energy weapons technology was sold to the U.S. Military Intelligence community under the covert program run by Dr. John Alexander, and several former government employees have confirmed that the U.S. Federal Government is using directed energy weaponry on American citizens.

This person also refers to the use of brain implants in order to remotely read a person's thoughts. However, while brain implants can be used to do so, a person's thoughts can be electronically extracted without an implant, by electronically targeting the part of the brain which contains our subvocalized thoughts.

Moreover, the NSA has been using signals intelligence satellites to remotely track and electronically access the brains of millions of American citizens without their knowledge for decades, for the express purpose of non consensual human experimentation.

It is difficult enough for these citizens to believe something that while true sounds so outlandish. However, as they eventually realize that the NSA maintains the ability to electronically access their minds by remote means, the devastating reality that they have been living an illusion in regard to freedoms that they have not had in decades, becomes just as damaging to their psyches as the electronic means used in which to remotely access their thoughts.

How else can you describe living in the United States, only to find that your government is no better than that of Nazi Germany, yet with far more advanced spy and mind control technologies available to it.

Moreover, the Zionist central bankers who control Russia just as they control most other countries on the face of this planet, through their Communist central banks, also control the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, which deploys this technology on American citizens.

The American middle class is beginning to understand this, and that they are the targets of a mass conspiracy by those who furtively control their own government, which involves the electronic branding of their persons through a national brain fingerprinting program.

Former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei has given the American people this information through the lawsuit which he filed against the NSA, and the American people owe this man a debt of gratitude for alerting us to this nefarious plot to electronically enslave us, as part of an agenda to create a world government dictatorship based on Zionism.

The person who has written the following article on these mind control weapons has done a credible job of identifying what it is like to be targeted by them. His article will be of interest to any legitimate target of this mind control technology.

I say legitimate, because there are many federal agents who have infiltrated the movement to ban electronic warfare weapons, who are posing as targets of this technology, in order to misdirect this movement in typical COINTELPRO fashion.

Over the next few years Americans will begin to realize that the spy cameras that the government is gradually placing on every street corner in our society have more to do with the profits of private security firms and creating an element of paranoia in the American people, than they do with anything else.

Americans will also learn how they themselves are being used as spy cameras; specifically, how their own eyes are being used as a form of spy camera, as the result of the National Security Agency's electronically accessing the visual cortex regions of their own brains, in order to collect images of what these citizens see through their own eyes.

There are literally thousands of citizens from the United States and other NATO countries who already know that the NSA can electronically access their minds through its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and the NSA's electronic interfacing of its digital computers with people's brainwaves.

Americans are dealing with a situation in regard to the abject violation of their own privacy, that is far more Orwellian than even George Orwell himself might have imagined. An agenda to secretly enslave people from within their own minds, using classified brain scanning technology which is being used to deploy the most frightening array of mind invasive technology imaginable.

And those who are perpetrating these crimes against us will think nothing of murdering those of us who are certain that this mind reading/influencing technology exists, based on our own experiences as targets of such non consensual human experimentation.

- James F. Marino

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Satellite Mind Control

By Jerry Mlinarevic - 9th May 2011

Yes, I am a victim of remote mind control. I have many insights as to how the system works, the purpose of the system and who is behind it. Unfortunately, as is the nature of the system (mind control) I cannot communicate with anybody who is in their natural state (other than vulnerable to mental suggestion, being in hypnosis or in alter identity state). Any electronic communication including this one is manipulated. However, should you read this and be in a common geographic vicinity you may look me up at 9 Dryden Court Bundoora 3083, Victoria, Australia. Knock on door, if not at home wait (dog not dangerous).

Evidence is emerging of a global system of remote mind-control, primarily facilitated by the manipulation of the ionosphere to create a virtual global ‘radar’ system used for the guiding of ‘exotic’ energy pulses as carriers of acoustic and electromagnetic energies. This is supported by satellites, cellular telephone networks and the clandestine imbedding of head and ear implants. The technology is based on new science hidden from both the public and all governments around the globe, which is believed to have originated from Nikola Tesla’s work on scalar waves and other exotic ideas. The system is capable of controlling any individual virtually anywhere on Earth by the use of remote mental-suggestion, hypnosis and alter-identity creation, among other brainwashing techniques.

The result is that you could be controlled in real time to act out and say things that are not the product of your free will but someone else’s manipulation.

You could be mentally steered by subliminal suggestions to:

• Distract your own attention and mental focus.
• Steer your conversation and thinking process.
• Believe in principles and ideas which are a fraud.
• Frustrate other’s conversation.
• Spread lies and untruths.
• Create ersatz insights that mimic a process of discovery.

You could be remotely hypnotised to:

• Stalk individuals.
• Bear false witness.
• Commit a crime.
• Incriminate yourself.
• Lure and trap a person into compromising sexual misconduct.
• Unwittingly participate to discredit honourable individuals.

Your alter-identity could be used to create:

• A political career for you only to be manipulated for other purpose.
• A terrorist to wreak chaos and destruction.
• An assassin to murder individuals for political or other purpose.
• A TV or radio host to spread propaganda.
• A doctor to unwittingly aid the perpetrators’ cause

The above are a small example of possible uses of such a system; the power of mental suggestion, hypnosis and alter identity creation affords the ‘controllers’ an amazing array of means to manipulate the human condition on many levels.

Only the barest facts and mostly phenomenological testimonials from the manipulated victims are available to infer the characteristics of the system which must be a very small part of a complex and multilayered covert network. When the modus operandi, the scale of the project and the historical context are considered, a picture begins to emerge that implicates the Soviet Union behind the system of remote mind-control. It is hard to believe but the ‘evidence’ is overwhelming. The disintegration of the Soviet Union, it will be argued, was engineered by the Soviets themselves in an effort to deflect the suspicions. The theme that runs through the whole exercise of mind-control is the persistent manipulation and the smoke and mirrors game.

Elaborate frameworks have been constructed to deflect the suspicions like the myth and conspiracy surrounding the HAARP facility, the CIA experimentation and the torture associated with the research into mind control by the U.S. government.

After embedding themselves in governments all around the world and importantly in the U.S. they have worked diligently with planning that spanned generations to control the world and establishing a one world government. While the U.S. was busy making money and getting rich they have silently researched mind control using all available technologies around the world.

Those who get close to the truth are silenced with implicated (simulated) mental illness; others are inexorably forced into rolling illnesses which make life difficult and inevitably shortened. Other tools include the criminal setup, public discrediting, sexual perversity and engineered accidents. Life and liberty has no meaning in this anachronistic ideology but the ideology itself –in the end Man is not in charge ideology is.

The ultimate aim is to create a “Brave New World” where human beings are reduced to automatons extirpated of critical thinking, self determination and freedom of thought. A world in which science has no credibility, where the history of the world is erased and supplanted, and where the only truth springs from a belief in God. In this world relationships and societies are rooted in the ingenuous and uncritical belief in faith, hope and charity, all along facilitated and procured by global mind-control.

In this mad world enlightenment is equated with a belief in God and a reliance on your unquestioned intuition. Education is for the inculcating of minds with false history and common mythology to assist in mass manipulation and sheepish compliance. While supine empowerment is achieved only if you conform and cooperate unknowingly under control. Here, success in entrepreneurship and happiness in life comes only to those who find comfort in a deluded reality, while the uncooperative, inquisitive, individually minded and the self determined find terminal misery in specially provided mental institutions.

If you are not shocked by this you have not understood what you have just red!

Global mind-control is the ability to control or affect the psychophysical aspect of any person anywhere on Earth remotely. Mental processes can be controlled and initiated, and the creation and destruction of memories themselves can be achieved without the victim being aware that it is happening. Somatic symptoms can be created and bodily functions controlled, for example it is possible to incapacitate with muscle pain, cause skin burns, skin scale, headaches, muscle spasms, make skin incisions, uncontrolled defecation and urination, internal bleeding, miasma, fatigue, cardiac and pulmonary symptoms, neutropenia, leukaemia, digestive problems, thyroid dysfunction, brain cell degeneration, etc. –virtually any aspect of organic function can either be interfered with or controlled.

The most disturbing capabilities of the system are:

1. The stun effect: To render subconscious (effectively tranquilize) a person remotely so that prolonged and repeated pulsing of energy can be applied to cause bodily damage like burning, incisions, contusions, skin defoliating, etc. Also, while immobile and subconscious infra-sound pulsing to the head is used to damage a person’s brain or to cause mental dissonance, or to subject to electro-shock without the victim being aware. It is used under some circumstances to enter the victim’s house under stealth. And, to make the victim effectively brain-dead when sleeping so as not to allow the brain to do the normal housekeeping duties which progressively leads to mental disturbance or to aid in creating psychosis.

2. Mental-suggestion: The ability to ‘inject’ thought-webs as mental suggestion by EEG composite transfer from the controller to the victim, which can contain primarily thoughts, but also sounds, imagery in daytime and dreaming or nightmares at night.

3. Hypnosis: The ability to hypnotise individuals while at sleep and to have the victims act out directions without being aware and having no memory of the event. This is accomplished remotely without any other preparatory work with the victim –it is applicable to anyone, virtually anywhere in the world.

4. Voice in the Head: The ability to generate voice inside the head that is as pure and obvious as somebody talking next to you. This can be used to create the belief in the higher being, to hypnotise, to cause mental dissonance or disturbance and disorientation. It is used extensively as subliminal suggestion when the speech is generated at higher speeds and mixed with emotional content. This is enabled via an implant inside the middle ear, which converts an electromagnetic signal to speech inside the auditory cortex. Associated ability includes the creation of ‘new’ memories or beliefs and mental illness.

5. Alter-personalities: Creation of alter-personalities is performed inside your own home while you sleep over a period of a few days. The technique is to reduce the level of conscious awareness to the state of a four year old child, then to traumatise you with virtual satanic ritual torture and virtual sexual abuse dreams until the distress reaches the level when a personality splits, which is then conditioned to obey mental suggestion commands from the controller.

6. Mind Reading: This is the transmission of the subject’s sub-vocal thinking to the controllers aided by a scalp implant located behind the left ear. When used in concert with mental suggestion it is possible to interrogate an individual without awareness.

7. Wiping short-term memory: This is affected immediately after the thought or thoughts are made. An implant located at the left temple is used to ‘inject’ EMR (electromagnetic radiation) into a precise location of the brain where thinking memory is processed. The thought feels like it has been ‘hollowed out’. This is extensively used to interfere with the verbal expression of the victim by constantly wiping the thinking process manifesting in paused speech while searching for the right word, and word substitution.

8. Erasing long-term memory: The victim is not aware what is erased until the time comes to recall a name, a place or a word. Erasure is not specific but indiscriminate and imprecise. Here also an implant is used, usually located on the back above the shoulder blade, to generate specific frequency EMR which produces tingling at the back of the head (the cerebellum).

9. Undermining voluntary movement: In order to achieve greater control of the victim the perpetrators will target the cerebellum (as above) with prolonged pulsing. The reason for this is to manifestly render the victim with yet another mental disorder characteristic by deliberately causing uncoordinated movement. The victim will experience hand and arm movement which cannot be willingly restrained and a change in gait.

10. Creating false memories: This is accomplished by first electro-shocking the brain of the victim (while stunned), and then repeating falsehoods (psychic driving) during a hypnagogic phase of awareness using subliminal mental suggestion to create a memory, which is then made permanent by semi-conscious regurgitation of this information.

11. Simulating mental illness: To affect this it is necessary to position implants at various locations under the scalp on the front and the right side of the head of the victim. The implants receive signals via bone demodulation and emit a pulsing magnetic frequency at predetermined brain locations affecting the brain cell orientation to temporarily manifest anger, loss of reasoning, loss of moral orientation, inability to plan ahead or visual distortion. All the fabricated symptoms predictably conform to formal descriptions of mental illnesses like psychosis or schizophrenia as described in DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) which is enough ‘evidence’ to certify the victim.

It will be argued here that the purpose of this system is the creation of a one world communist government. However, the cynical aspect of this is the deliberate discrediting and destruction of the current political systems and social order for the purpose of demonstrating that western culture and life is a failure, and that communism underpinned by global mind-control is a superior alternative. This view is supported by the political conviction that Man cannot rule himself and needs to be guided by the ‘invisible hand’.

The annihilation of the present order is referred to as creative destruction and can be seen in almost every country around the world where:

1. Financial markets are conspired to fail in order to discredit the free market system.

2. Governments are manipulated into inertia, incompetence and humiliation to incite riots and finally removal of current leaders.

3. The manipulation of youth into violence and dissolution as a way to force governments to introduce increasingly strict laws creating a backlash.

4. The systematic and deliberate setting-up of priesthood into sexual abuse –that never happened– for the purpose of removing any vestige of moral authority and guidance in a society.

5. The discrediting of the scientific process so as to eradicate inquisitive minds and pave the way for spirituality as a guiding principle.

6. The validating of God’s presence and power by ersatz miracles and prophecies.

7. The manipulation of climatic conditions on a world scale for the purpose of dividing people, discrediting the United Nations and the scientific process, creating chaos, failing crops and wasting resources.

8. Causing earthquakes to cause misery and chaos, and waste resources, but also to shift global sentiment for a particular purpose.

9. The reformation of the mental institutions to facilitate ‘mental healing’ of the anticipated uncooperative, self-deterministic rugged individual who believes in freedom, and the silencing of those who discover the truth.

10. The humiliation of sports personalities, the self-made individual and exemplary figures in a society so as to eradicate collective pride, honour and dignity that spiritually feeds and drives a nation.

11. The discrediting of judges, heads of mental institutions, police commissioners, and other important institutions in order to replace them with either communist ideologues (called psychopoliticians) or unwitting proxies.

12. Creating celebrity criminals through the media to exemplify the depravity of the society, and to use criminals unwittingly to do the dirty work of murder, rape, bashing, arson and drug dealing.

The above are but a few methods used to ultimately divide people into warring factions on the local and global level, to pave the way to a massively destructive war designed to depopulate the planet leaving a select group of diffident mortals to reconstruct human destiny in the likeness of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Lavrentiy Beria.

In the following pages you will discover the most important aspects of the system, its purpose and who the controllers are behind the scene. You will be instructed on how to protect yourself and how the system can be beaten.

We now stand on the precipice of allowing the humanity to degenerate into electromagnetic slavery to serve an anachronistic ideology controlled by few despots and aided by multitudes of cowardly psychopoliticians. Or we can cooperate together under conscious free will to build a new scintillating world filled with wondrous possibilities that you thought was impossible in a thousand years.

But before you can know global mind-control you must know yourself first.

Mind control specifically implies the literal control of your mind, it cannot be overemphasised that the very process of you reading this and later thinking about it, most likely will be influenced by the technology. It is not a matter of belief –it is a matter of fact. Every person that comes into contact with information on remote mind control, which contains overwhelming facts, will be disabused of all and any information imparted on the subject. Note that if you are misinformed on the subject that you will not meet resistance to promulgate it.

While you read this or when you talk about the issue to another person your thinking will be interfered with. Mental suggestion will be used to sway your opinion and to make you uninspired by the subject. You will interfere with the dialog of the person trying to inform you to the extent of being disruptive, uncooperative, scornful or totally dismissive.

If you have the mental control and discipline to listen and learn then you will be disabused of the information by remote ‘mental conditioning’ overnight while you sleep. You may be hypnotised to dispense with the information on the subject by throwing it in the bin and forgetting all about it, waking up the next morning as if you had never heard of the idea in the first place.

In order to make you more resilient to these abuses a thorough understanding and the practicing of the principles of self-knowledge, keeping of an open mind, critical thinking, strategic procrastination, convictions and values, and the conquering of biases, prejudices and bigotry must be achieved.

The key to beating mind-control is contained in the Greek aphorism “Know Thyself”, originally inscribed as ‘γνωθι σεαυτόν’ (gnothi seauton) in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Without delving too deeply into the various and contentious meanings of the aphorism, only the idea as it is applicable to the understanding and resisting mind control will be dealt with here.
One of the aspects of mind control is the ‘placement’ of thoughts, motivations, ideas, etc. inside your head without you being aware that it is happening. Because the thoughts are ‘injected’ subliminally it is acted upon by your subconscious mind first. The cortex or the conscious part of the brain will not be aware that the thoughts may be coming from without. And it is here that the Greek aphorism is applicable in terms of one of its meanings – to be aware of your subconscious on the level of knowing where your motivations come from by active observation of your thought patterns. To be able to trace back your thoughts that motivated you takes practice in thinking about your thinking. If you do this on a regular basis, as every self-aware person should, you will become better at it with practice, and you will know yourself better.

Knowing yourself better means to be more acutely aware in real time of your thought processes, which will enable you to discern a thought, a word usage, imagery or even a sound in your mind that has not been generated from your personal experience, but injected with remote mind control technology.

By practising this you will come to terms with your unconscious drives and conflicts; for example you may discover your sexual or aggression drives, or the disguised drives of unfulfilled wishes, and even the drives based on your childhood traumas. Coming to terms with your unconscious drives will make you more resilient to hypnosis and mental suggestion which exploits weaknesses of big egos, fears, hopes, bigotry and prejudice.


It is part of human nature to classify everything and to put things in its place in one’s mind; it keeps the head uncluttered and simplifies thinking. This makes for fast thinking and quick decision making, which is especially useful in this modern and fast moving life. However, when confronted with new information that cannot be verified immediately, the mind will tend to classify information according to past experience and personal belief – essentially, deciding according to personal mythology, particularly when repercussions are not serious.

We do not have a grey box in our heads that sits between the black and white, the true and false; we find it more comfortable if we decide according to what we already know in order to make our world view consistent. It matters less, weather something is true or not, when the consequences of those decisions are not grave, and this is when we tend to classify knowledge in a manner that conforms to our comfort.

This presents a barrier when we think about things in order to solve problems. If we have decided to classify something as either black or white for convenience, then relevant clues may be overlooked by our mind if searching for answers to a related problem. If we kept the decision open ended it is more likely to be considered in the thinking process on related matters to elucidate new truths –and this is where keeping an open mind is important.

What one should do is to keep unknown problems –no matter how trivial– open ended. When confronted with situations involving mind-control your mind will more easily connect the dots and reveal new insights. Mind control is inherently nuanced and subtle making it difficult to detect, this makes it even more necessary to keep a vigilant and conditioned mind. Making your mind up before you can know the truth will present a danger for you, because you will be more susceptible to manipulation and find it harder to make new connections and discover new concepts.


All thinking must be rooted in reality and constrained by rational argument. This does not mean that consideration of the impossible or the improbable is excluded, but rather that when confronted by the unusual or the extraordinary a strict adherence to logic must be observed, especially when a possibility exists that someone is actively subverting your very thinking process.

Because of this possibility the thinking process must be carried to unusual level of circumspection as one can never be absolutely sure where and when that manipulation is involved. This is not easy but it must be practiced in order to assure the integrity of your thoughts.

Furthermore, it is not enough to think about a subject to its natural and exhaustive end covering all possibilities and angles. One must also include the question of consequences when considering a problem or a situation –to do nothing has consequences just as doing something has. In addition, when consequences are not personal and close to home it is common that the outcomes, if not completely disregarded, are taken less seriously. This could also be a grave mistake. It is impossible to know everything and how it is connected to other things and events, therefore always keep an open mind to new possibilities and give them time to play-out and possibly reveal a new truth.

When someone is deliberately trying to manipulate and deceive you the thinking process is extremely dynamic with many uncertainties. At these times it is of utmost importance to stay lucid and in control. Lateral and imaginative thinking, although indispensable, one should never stray too far from reality.


Because one can never be absolutely sure that insights, thoughts and ideas that you come-up with are not entirely your own, but could have been created for you in order to mislead or misinform, the best strategy is to procrastinate for a period of time.

Whenever you think that you have discovered a plan, an important insight into mind control or measured some new indicators or discovered new events, procrastinate as a strategy. Often you will find that after a cooling off period and further thinking that you have been too hasty, that you haven’t thought out your idea clearly, and it may be that the manipulators will show their hand out of necessity, for more often than not ‘they’ rely on your quixotic and hasty action.

Therefore the maxim is, stop and think again, just like your teacher told you all those years ago in school.


It is extremely important to have strong, well developed and thought out convictions and values. The emphasis is on well developed, i.e. to have the conviction or value derived at by critical thinking and rational thought of your own accord. A conviction or a value that you hold which is derived at by having faith and trust in the person who imparted it to you is not what is meant here as well developed. These kinds of convictions and values, because their ‘glue’ is made of emotion, can easily be subverted and replaced by another completely opposite conviction or value created by other emotional glue to which you may be venerable to. However, if your convictions and values are created out of reason and logic, then if they are replaced you will more readily notice the inconsistency as you are a thinker and not a believer.

Unfortunately, this is not enough to ensure the integrity of you mind as other tools are available to degrade your thinking and memory. Additionally, one must also constantly reinforce morals and ethics which have been imparted to most of us in the early years of life, and hence they are intrinsic or emotionally glued, and can also be displaced. By reviewing your morals and ethics you will create new connections for them in other parts of the brain, hence if they are destroyed they will find refuge elsewhere inside your brain ready to be reconstituted.

The bottom line here is to be a rational thinker rather than an emotional thinker.

The reader must clearly understand what the implications are with the claim that your very thinking can be influenced and manipulated. If you were told that you’re standing in a cowpat, you would look down to see, if you are then you change your shoes, if not then you do nothing. So, if you are told that your mind can be manipulated –how would you know? How would you test the claim? What is the equivalent act of looking down to see in the case of mind control? Most people simply do not understand the implication of the proposition, and this is understandable as the concept is totally new and even confronting since no experience or know-how exists to examine the claim. And to say that your mind is not manipulated without any knowledge on the subject is inane, for how can you be sure that this answer itself is not yours?

Again, just to appreciate and understand the proposition, although very important, is not enough. Another dimension to this is the criticality or the urgency of the situation. If I had told you that your house is on fire and your daughter is trapped inside, you would not be asking me for forensic proof, for the documents in support or a scientific explanation. No, you would immediately go to the house to find out for yourself because your loved one is important to you and you are not prepared to take any chances. The same importance and criticality exists in mind control, except people do not see it as a personal threat because of its subtlety and inherent nuance, and anyway somebody else will solve the problem. By understanding the implications and recognising the criticality is the first step to getting to grips with mind control.

More broadly, the answer is in the skill to think more clearly and effectively as discussed above. The recognition of mental drivers and the coming to terms with your mind is difficult in itself, mix in mind control and you have a much nuanced situation that only high discipline in the thinking process can hope to conquer.

One enduring observation of the way the victims are manipulated is that when something is learned by the victims in the way the perpetrators operate or the way the technology works the controllers will change their behaviour in order confuse and to conceal their methods. And this is important to keep in mind; you are not dealing with an unintelligent opponent, but rather the manipulators are like you –except smarter, not necessarily more intelligent but definitely smarter. They have more resources to draw upon; material and intellectual, and they know everything you do –and most importantly they do not play by any rules.

A realistic metaphor to illustrate the relative positions that we all find ourselves in is to imagine that you are a lab rat and the people behind the system of global mind control is the professor who nourishes you, while at the same time testing and prodding you, manipulating your environment and traumatising you with electro shock and drowning.

Welcome to the “Brave New World”.

(sorry - incomplete, will endeavour to post more).

Jerry Mlinarevic

9th May 2011.
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