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Occupy Wall Street Protestor Fired After Stating That The Zionist Jews Who Control The Federal Reserve System Should Be Run Out Of The US

  • "Prosecutor feared FBI agent committed perjury at Donahue trial" - This should come as no surprise to anyone who's been targeted for a COINTELPRO operation, since FBI agents regularly commit perjury, suborning witness perjury, fabrication of evidence and omitting exculpatory evidence from trials taking place in U.S. Courtrooms

  • "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier" - Whether You Believe That Project Monarch Exists Or That Monarch Was A Piece Of CIA Disinformation, The Following Book Makes For Interesting Reading - Especially If You Have Been Targeted For Some Form Of Mind Control Experimentation That The U.S. Intelligence Community Is Attempting To Conceal From The American People - Wireless Computer To Brain Interface Is Being Conducted On The General Population In The United States, Most Of Whom Are Completely Unaware Of This

  • Amnesty International Is A U.S. Intelligence Community Controlled Joke - A Propaganda Machine That Has Ignored The Government Sanctioned Non Consensual Human Experimentation Of American Citizens, As Well As Those Of Other Nations, In Addition To The Vigilante Hate Crime Organized Stalking

  • Editor's Note: Earlier today, this author's E-mail account is electronically hacked by the FBI. The FBI sends an E-mail to a few people, and includes the link to a Website that advertises working at home.

    In the subject line, the FBI lists the phrase "I've finally found a way," which is typical of their psyops and their cryptic way of sending messages.

    However, upon checking this E-mail account, the account shows that no such E-mail was actually sent directly from my account. The FBI just used electronic means in which to take the E-mail address and send it to a few people listed in the address book. However, because the E-mail account belongs to this author, the FBI's act constitutes a form of electronic hacking.

    Since the NSA has been electronically hacking this author's mind for decades via computer to brain interface, hacking an E-mail account pales by comparison.

    There are perhaps millions of people in the United States whose minds are being electronically hacked into via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, who have no idea that these outrageous crimes are being perpetrated against them.

    The FBI's messages may be cryptic, however, what isn't is the fact that these agents are liars, torturers and murderers, who are using the Patriot Act to circumvent the United States Constitution like never before, while holding the Families of the men and women targeted for such non consensual human experimentation, as hostages through the coercive tactics that the FBI uses in which to conceal the crimes of its own agents.

    A new form of COINTELPRO, far worse than the original, continues to be used to destroy the American middle class, while these disciples of the New World Order make up their own rules as they go.

    These agents are criminals, as are their accomplices.

    Moreover, there is no law to be found when you are dealing with corrupt FBI agents whose intent has always been to find a plausible way in which to murder you, so that they can conceal the crimes that they have perpetrated against your person, as well as those around you.

    However, we are living in Patriot Act America; a filthy dictatorship which operates under the guise of a democracy. And one which is attempting to conceal a national brain fingerprinting network from the American people. One which this author has been illegally subjected to for decades.

    And the FBI's eventual murder of this author isn't going to change this, or what the United States has become under its criminal Zionist leadership.

    Another Family Member Targeted By Electronic Warfare

    This past weekend, a Family member who has regularly been subjected to directed energy weapon's attacks collapses and is rushed to the hospital for the third time in as many years.

    If this person should die, their death will be a murder committed by FBI and NSA operatives who continue to furtively attack our persons through the use of directed energy weaponry.

    This person has been covertly targeted for such electronic warfare attacks for several years, as has this author and myriad others. The technology allows those who deploy it against us (in this instance FBI and NSA murderous thugs), to torture and murder with complete anonymity.

    The Intel community has in place, operatives who *cyberstalk targets of non consensual human experimentation, in order to discredit the information that these men and women post on Websites documenting these attacks.

    * As part of the FBI's cyberstalking of this author, the FBI's provocateurs began using the feature on this blog which allows the blog owner to see the number of people following this blog. The FBI's subversion of this feature was done as part the neuro-linguistic programming that it utilizes against this author, which includes the use of numbers as psychological triggers. Thus from time to time the FBI will add another number as yet a new psychological trigger.

    After nearly a decade of such psywarfare, these triggers have little to no effect on this author. However, I do make note of them to describe how criminal the FBI's tactics are, as well as how the FBI will use others to act as provocateurs for this Gestapo. The FBI does not operate under any rule of law, and will actively commit perjury, suborning witness perjury, fabrication of evidence, and the omission of exculpatory evidence in any situation in which the FBI has spied illegally, and committed crimes under the color of law that the Bureau's agents can be prosecuted for.

    As for the directed energy attacks, both the FBI and NSA have access to the electronic warfare technology which can be used to perpetrate these crimes. However, given its history of expertise regarding signals intelligence technology, the NSA is by far the most likely culprit in the commission of electronic trespass, via its use of computer to brain interface technology, in order to electronically enter the minds of American citizens by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    As such, the NSA's operatives are quick to attack John Akwei's testimony by claiming that there is no evidence that a judge (Stanley Sporkin) ever rendered a verdict in this lawsuit, while these agents continue to utilize this electronic warfare technology against the general population in the United States.

  • Former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts Describes How The CIA Used Judge Stanley Sporkin To Aid And Abet The CIA In Bankrupting Hamilton Securities - The CIA's Use Of Sporkin To Subvert The Criminal Justice System Is Further Evidence Of The Shadow Government Which Exists In The United States

  • These same provocateurs also claim that because patents do in fact exist to remotely read thoughts from a great distance, that this does not mean that the technology to do so has actually been developed.

    The U.S. population knows virtually nothing about signals intelligence technology, because they have never had a reason to know. As such, when a person who does find out that they are targeted by this technology posts on the Internet in regard to it, they can be certain that many of the follow up posts are being made by Intel agents who are seeking to discredit legitimate targets of this technology.

    However, this author, as well as thousands of other targets of such non consensual human experimentation, can testify under oath to the fact that we have been attacked by satellite deployed electronic warfare technology, that our thoughts are being remotely stolen from us, and that our brains are being electronically interacted with by super computers which deploy signals intelligence technology, to remotely target and track via satellite, any person on the face of this planet.

    Moreover, the proof of this has already been documented by an NSA whistle blower named John St. Clair Akwei, who would have been able to expose this technology to a federal jury in 1992, had a corrupt federal judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin not dismissed Akwei's lawsuit as being frivolous - when Sporkin knew the import of this case would have resulted in either the abolition of the NSA, or the complete restructuring of the organization.

    The fact that Sporkin would make this decision almost immediately, given the import of Mr. Akwei's damning allegations against the NSA, while years earlier, stonewalling a frivolous and CIA orchestrated lawsuit filed against Hamilton Securities (for nearly four years under the Qui Tam statues), so that the CIA could orchestrate the destruction of this company, serves as proof that Sporkin did not serve the interests of the American people during his time as a circuit court judge, but instead, the interests of the inherently corrupted intelligence community in the United States.

    Moreover, Stanley Sporkin has a history of subverting the U.S. Judicial system in order to aid and abet the U.S. Intelligence community's crimes against American citizens. From 1981 through 1986 he also served as the general counsel for one of the most corrupt and insidious organizations on the face of this planet - the CIA.

    John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency is based on facts that the U.S. Federal Government cannot afford to admit to, since its admission to such abject and treasonous violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights, will ultimately result in the abolition of the shadow government which controls the United States Federal Government.

    Moreover, Akwei VS NSA will eventually be seen by the American people as the most important lawsuit ever filed by an American citizen against an agency of the United States Government, because Akwei's information is proof that the NSA has been used to electronically brand all Americans through a national brain fingerprinting network. And this has been done as part of the agenda to implement a global dictatorship.

    There is a rumor that John Akwei withdrew his lawsuit against the NSA, however according to the court transcript in regard to case, former Judge Stanley Sporkin dimissed the lawsuit based on claims that Akwei VS NSA was frivolous.

    However, those of us who have been targeted for such illegal brain scanning technology through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, are aware, like Stanley Sporkin must have been in 1992, that Akwei's lawsuit was not at all frivolous, but instead, the most important indictment against the NSA regarding its domestic spy programs, ever made by an American citizen against the U.S. Federal Government.

    Ironically enough, it is the Occupy Wall Street protests which have now resulted in a grassroots movement that is being used to expose the Zionist Jew bankers' intent to establish world government. They are no doubt responsible for the types of domestic spy programs that agencies like the NSA have secretly implemented against the American people.

    And the *Occupy Wall Street protests will continue to spawn similar protests around this planet, which will result in the ultimate destruction of the Zionist central banks that have been used to loot our Treasuries, and subvert our governments.

    *The Occupy Wall Street movement has been accused of having no real agenda, however, this is a falsehood created by the Zionist Jew counterfeiters and bogus currency launderers who control Wall Street. The Occupy Wall Street agenda is to hold the Federal Reserve System and its financial Frankenstein responsible for the crimes that they have perpetrated against the American middle class.

    The creators of Occupy Wall Street may well be controlled opposition, however, the millions of citizens who have joined these groups around the world are legitimate in their attempts to abolish the central banks which control our countries.

    As such, their legions will continue to grow in response to the Zionist arrogance regarding their suffering, and will result in a significantly improved monetary system which can't be so easily manipulated.

    The Intel provocateurs used to protect the 1% (as Wall Street refers to themselves), have already infiltrated the Occupy Wall Street movement, in efforts to derail it.

    However, this movement is continuing to grow out of the suffering of the American middle class. And the ever growing global Occupy movement is doing the same, in efforts to counter the attempts by the Anglo-Zionist ultra class, to implement world government as a tool in which to completely enslave this planet's middle class.

    Occupy Wall Street is the genesis of a global tax revolution which will eventually result in the destruction of the House of Rothschild and its Communist central banks, as well as the British Monarchy and their corruption of the Vatican.

    Given this, the 2012 election race for the U.S. Presidency will be met with greater skepticism than ever before, as the American middle class continues to rebel at the destruction of their rights, and the recognition that both Democratic and Republican parties serve the same corrupted Zionist leadership, and always have.

    And moreover, that any person who is elected to the U.S. Presidency, regardless of how popular the person may become, will only be electable because they are controlled by the same Zionist leadership that has manipulated every presidential administration in the United States for the past two centuries.

    The few U.S. Presidents who attempted to oppose the Rothschilds' central banks in America, were either murdered, as in the instances of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, or subjected to murder attempts and slanderous propaganda campaigns, as in the cases of Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

    Any claims by a U.S. Presidential candidate to offer meaningful change which will be of benefit to the American middle class, is nothing but another example of controlled opposition, where the citizenry become so disenchanted with the current leadership, that they seek out a candidate who on the surface represents their interests, yet who in reality will either willingly or unwittingly betray them by serving the interests of the Zionist cartel that secretly controls the U.S. Federal Government.

    Under the present shadow government in the United States, the President either submits to this government's demands, however secretly they are made, or he risks being murdered by them for failing to comply with such demands.

    Simply stated, changing presidents will be of no benefit to the American middle class, since the same people who control the U.S. Federal Government through the Federal Reserve System will always control Americans through the usurpation of our monetary system.

    Only a new government will benefit the American middle class, because such a change will remove the Federal Reserve System from the United States, and with it, Rothschild/British Monarchy control over America.

    Until then, those of us who speak openly in regard to the Zionist crime syndicate that controls the American people, also risk being murdered for having done so, while being subjected to the most egregious violations of our inherent rights as citizens of the United States.

    And in fact, many of us will be murdered by this Zionist government, because of what we know about the government's crimes against the American people.

    Given this, may the tax revolution which has currently begun under the Occupy Wall Street network, result in returning economic prosperity to the global middle class. And may the American middle class reclaim what has been stolen from them by the Rothschilds' Federal Reserve System, Zionist international counterfeiters and launderers of fraudulent currency, who now attempt to enslave us through their use of EMF brain scanning networks, like the National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    In regard to this domestic surveillance program, John St. Clair Akwei has told the American people the truth about the NSA's most clandestine domestic spy operations.

    The U.S. Federal Government is attempting to conceal this truth from Americans, as it attempts to furtively enslave them, while torturing and murdering those of us who know that John St. Clair Akwei has exposed the NSA's use in electronically branding American citizens, treating Americans as if we are nothing more than heads of cattle; and as part of an agenda to implement a global dictatorship.

    Those who have promulgated Akwei's lawsuit based on their experiences as targets of this EMF Scanning Network are being demonized, dehumanized, and slowly tortured to death, so that the federal government can conceal its branding of the American citizenry through such furtive enslavement technology.

    The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is a reality which the American people, must sooner or later acknowledge the existence of, and how this stealth technology is being used to enslave them.

    - James F. Marino

    Docket for case 1:92cv00449 regarding John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency

  • "Deconstructing The Zionist Myth" - How Zionism Has Been Used To Pervert Global Judaism & How Zionist Jews Exploit The Holocaust And Anti-Semitism For Their Own Radical And Criminal Agenda - Blaming The World's Jewish Population For The Crimes Of The Zionist Jew Bankers Is Like Blaming Italians For The Crimes Of The Mafia

  • Anti-Zionists Are Not Anti-Semitists

    Zionism Is Destroying The Global Middle Class

    Patricia McAllister was an employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District until she attended a California Occupy Wall Street protest last week and stated that the Zionist Jews who control the Federal Reserve System should be run out of the United States.

    Patricia was quickly fired from her job after making her accurate statement, and condemned by the Zionist controlled U.S. media for her candor.

    The U.S. media also conveniently ignores the many Jewish organizations, including Jews Against Zionism, that have publicly rallied against Zionist Jews and their use of Communist central banks in which to destroy the economies of our own countries, while subverting our governments for their own criminal agendas.

    The Zionist Jews have destroyed our economic systems through the use of Communist central banks like the Federal Reserve System, which create bogus currency that is then laundered through our economies.

    They are also responsible for the planned destruction of the American middle class. Zionist Jews are also responsible for doing tremendous harm to the global Jewish population who continue to decry Zionism for its radical and dangerous ideology.

    Moreover, as was the case with Patricia McAllister, any person who speaks out against Zionism is fired from their job and ostracized for doing so, which demonstrates the control that this ideology has over the American people.

    As another example of this, when reporter Helen Thomas, considered to be an institution in Washington D.C. and highly regarded by her colleagues, stated that Israel should get out of Palestine, Thomas was fired the same day.

    Those who are employed by the Zionist controlled U.S. media understand that if they denounce Zionism they will be fired from their jobs, which illustrates the intimidation tactics used by Zionists in order to utilize these media organizations to promulgate their own dangerous propaganda.

    The House of Rothschild has controlled the global media system since the 1700's, with its purchases of Reuters and later many other news organizations including the Associated Press.

    However, this will change in the future as the global middle class rises up against the Zionist international bankers and takes back what these Zionists have cleverly stolen from the middle class over the past three centuries.

    A tax revolution is already underway in the United States, which will ultimately result in Americans refusing to pay the federal income tax, as well as school and property taxes.

    The American middle class is reacting to the Zionist overlords who secretly control the shadow government in the United States, and its attempt to furtively enslave them.

    The national brain fingerprinting network established by the National Security Agency in the 1980's offers further proof of this shadow government's attempts to enslave the American middle class.

    And the federal government will never admit that this technology has been deployed against the American middle class as part of a larger plot in which to ultimately exterminate them.

    Slave masters don't want a population that can read and write, much less rebel as the Occupy Wall Streeters are presently doing. They want a population that has been dumbed down to the point of total obedience. A population that is incapable of fighting back because their ability to think rationally has been destroyed, or they have become so fearful, that they will not fight back out of fear of being harmed.

    However, it is better to fight back while you have the chance, than it is to fear the reprisals for doing so, and end up a tortured slave who will eventually be murdered when you outlive your usefulness.

    It is said that a brave man dies but one death and a coward dies a thousand.

    It is better to die the one death based on your terms, and no one elses, then it is to live each day in fear for the rest of your life.

    And this is all the more reason to not only admire the Occupy Wall Street group, but to also join ranks with them in peaceful protest, to send a message to the corporation in Washington D.C., that the United States belongs to the people - not interlopers like the Rothschilds or their Communist banking cartels.

    And this is why the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon will eventually swell to millions of people around this planet, and why John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA will be used to expose the highest crime of treason against any citizenry in the history of humanity - the electronic branding of the American people through the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network and its Echelon satellite array.

    As Americans, we will no longer tolerate the Zionist Jew bankers, or their murderous and manipulative culture, since they are truly the hate mongers amongst us, who use a tainted media system that does not serve the American people, but instead supports the never ending lies and fomentation of wars for profit of these interlopers, as well as their voracious appetite for greed against the global population; those who have intentionally been reduced to the most abject poverty, while these Zionist pigs steal anything that is not nailed down.

    Eustace Mullins was correct about the Zionist Jews. They are a murderous culture who see the rest of this planet's population as something to dominate.

    As for those who would attempt to deny us our inherent rights as citizens of the United States, through the types of chicanery which have characterized the Zionist controlled government and intelligence community in America, it is you who are the real criminals. And it is you who must answer for your crimes.

    As such, if ever there were a nation that was in need of an entirely new governmental infrastructure, it is the United States of America. And the Occupy Wall Street movement is just the beginning of a message that this government should have been sent a century ago.

    When a reporter asks Barack Obama if he thinks that the American people are no longer listening to what he has to say, and the mainstream media so fears the power of the Internet, that they would collude with the President to pass the Internet Kill Switch Bill, one must conclude that the American middle class is no longer going to tolerate a government that is controlled by a criminal cartel, which has been responsible for destroying the lives of billions of people.

    The federal government is going about its business of betraying Americans like nothing has changed in America. However, something very important has changed.

    Millions of Americans know something now that they did not know fifty years ago.

    That the Federal Reserve System is controlled by the Rothschilds, that it counterfeits and launders its bogus currency through the Rothschild Treasury (since the U.S. Treasury ceased to exist on the day that the Federal Reserve Bank was created), that it has looted most of the gold which was once housed in the U.S. Treasury, and that since its inception, the Federal Reserve System and its IRS appendage, have been used by the Rothschilds and the British Monarchy to wage class warfare against the American middle class.

    This author not only recognizes this, but also the fact that the Federal Reserve System is for all intents and purposes finished. The American middle class will now see to that as they go about the business of reclaiming what the Federal Reserve System has stolen from them.

    And while many of us are going to perish as part of this movement to restore the American Republic, those who survive will benefit by putting the Rothschilds and their accomplices out of business for once and for all. Removing these sewer rats from every country that they have managed to pollute over the past three centuries, while returning the wealth which they have stolen from the citizenry, through their counterfeiting-laundering scams.

    We will also find a way in which to rid ourselves of these Zionist idealized satellite spy networks, which are used to perpetrate the most despicable violations of basic human rights in the history of the human race.

    And the Zionists claim that anyone who criticizes them is anti-Semitic?

    This is yet another clever ruse by the Zionist Jew to exploit the Jewish people and their suffering during the Holocaust, while many Zionists were ratting out their fellow Jews, by making deals with Hitler to ensure their own survival, while millions of other Jews were murdered.

    As for the State of Israel, it has become nothing more than a Zionist controlled strong-hold in the Middle East that should be abolished.

    - James F. Marino
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