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The FBI Psychological Operation & The Go Betweens Who Furtively Carry Out The FBI's Psychological Warfare Operations

Neurolinguistics Programming Used In Organized Stalking Crimes

Is That A Star You See In The Sky Above Your Home?
Or Is It An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Spying On Your Neighborhood?

People from across the United States have reported these unmanned drones flying over their communities taking spy photographs of the general population in the United States - And while those who have seen these craft usually identify them as government spy craft (UAV's - unmanned aerial vehicles) because that is what they are, others, like the man in the above video have a more interesting explanation for who is using these vehicles; At first these vehicles appear to be stars, however, they have a duller appearance on closer inspection.

As for domestic spying, if Americans knew that they have been electronically catalogued into the U.S. National Security Agency's database by way of their brain's own unique set of bioelectric/entrainment frequencies, and that these EMF signatures can be used to remotely track them by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, one must wonder how long the NSA would stay in business? Moreover, how many Americans realize that unlike the paramilitary FBI and CIA, the NSA is a military organization that exists within the U.S. Department Of Defense?

Editor's Note: While subjects of non consensual human experimentation and the vigilante hate crime organized stalking are routinely subjected to egregious violations of their inherent rights as American citizens, something even more nefarious is taking place.

The fusion centers which are now networked throughout the United States and which function as a modern day version of Hitler's Nazi Brown Shirts, are also used to circulate reports in regard to TI's, submitted by DHS and FBI agents, which are regularly updated.

The reports are circulated without the knowledge of the TI, and may well contain fraudulent information used as part of a criminal conspiracy in which to incarcerate the TI for the express purpose of murdering them. The U.S. Congresses' knowledge of the Courts in America either rubber stamping these illegal operations, or altogether bypassing even this symbolic attempt at following due process makes the Congress complicit in these crimes.

This further circumvention of the right to due process of law is done with the intent to conceal the crimes being perpetrated by the FBI and DHS in regard to these Targeted Individuals, and offers further proof that the Draconian Patriot Act has been used to replace the U.S. Constitution, and is in reality the framework on which the United States will be governed under the New World Order's world government.

The first victims of this high crime of treason are those men and women who are documenting the crimes that they are being illegally subjected to by the U.S. Federal Government, which includes the remote neural monitoring of their brainstates, as well as the manipulation of their thoughts, in addition to the electronic warfare technology which is being used to irradiate them.

In the past several years, a number of these people have died as a result of this torture, while others have taken their own lives, no longer able to tolerate the horrible suffering that they were subjected to each and every day.

The U.S. Congress and Courts have completely ignored these crimes and in doing so must also be considered as complicit in allowing for this circumvention of the U.S. Constitution. Complicity which is tantamount to the commission of murder.

Especially given the fact that many agents within the U.S. Intelligence community, including the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, have a history of using the resources within these organizations to wage their own personal vendettas, while perpetrating crimes under the color of law that are truly abhorrent.

There are also many government whistleblowers who continue to be targeted for such vendettas, because of their attempts to expose these government organizations for crimes that they witnessed while in their employ.

The U.S. Federal Government will eventually answer for these crimes, as well as the myriad of murders that they have either willing or unwittingly taken part in.

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  • The Above DVD Jacket Is The Latest Psychological Trigger
    The FBI Utilizes As Part Of The Bureau's
    Neurolinguistic Brainwashing Program Against This Author

    Learn More About The Neurolinguistic Program (NLP) Being Used Against All Targets Of Organized Stalking - If You Understand How NLP Works You Can Neutralize Much Of The Street Theatre You Are Subjected To By Organized Stalkers

    The Neurolinguistics Brainwashing Programming

    Is Used In Organized Stalking Crimes
    In Order To Condition The Target To Certain Forms Of Stimuli
    Which Serve As Negative Reinforcement

    The Orwellian Crime Of Controlling People's Minds

    And The Technology Which Secretly Exists

    In Which To Do So

    "The U.S. Intelligence Community has been able to cleverly conceal the most diabolical form of domestic spying in human history. This technology exploits the EMF fields that emanate from the human body, which allows the federal government to remotely track each American citizen while establishing two way communication with their own brain. This technology was first exposed in 1992 by an NSA whistleblower by the name of John St. Clair Akwei, whose lawsuit was intentionally derailed by a District Court Judge named Stanley Sporkin, who in addition to being general counsel for the CIA prior to becoming a circuit court judge, had become an asset of the CIA.

    John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency describes an array of the most frightening spy technologies ever developed, since these technologies rely on a signals intelligence scanning network that can track each person by way of their own unique set of bioelectric/entrainment EMF signatures. As such, these spy methods can be used to completely circumvent each American citizen's inherent protections under the United States Bill of Rights, which is why the technology must be brought to the attention of the American population.

    Internet searches for the following terms reveal that there are numerous people claiming that their thoughts are being remotely read or manipulated as part of this phenomenon.

  • "My Thoughts Are Being Remotely Read

  • "My Thoughts Are Being Broadcast"

  • "My Mind Is Being Controlled"

  • And while we can speculate until the end of time as to who is responsible for it, John St. Clair Akwei's information makes as much sense as any. Moreover, it is entirely possible that there is more than one type of brain scanning technology being used for the purpose of electronically branding populations, and that they are being used by many different government agencies, in addition to the military to simultaneously keep tabs on all of us.

    Moreover, to this author's knowledge there has yet to be a document submitted for the public's perusal, in regard to remote thought reading technology, that is more compelling than that of Akwei VS NSA. And the fact that the NSA actually began circulating disinformation through a number of people who were reported to be NSA insiders, after the contents of John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA was first published on the Internet in a 1996 issue of Nexus Magazine, should not be overlooked either.

    Why would the NSA go to the trouble of promulgating a disinfo campaign that attempted to discredit what the NSA reported as 'disgruntled agents," who were reporting that the NSA had developed a domestic spy program which could remotely read the public's thoughts, unless at least one of these "disgruntled" agents was telling the truth?

    Does this sound like Akwei VS NSA to you? If you've read the contents of his lawsuit it certainly does.

  • Some Direct Quotes From John St. Clair Akwei In Regard To The National Security Agency's Ability To Remotely Track Americans By Way Of The Unique Biolectric/Entrainment Frequencies Which Emanate From Our Own Brains

  • And the fact that the government would demonize any person who knows that based on their own experiences as a target of this technology, Akwei's information does in all likelihood reveal at least one of the through the air surveillance methods being used by the U.S. Intelligence community, should not be ignored either.

    Especially since our confirmation of this technology and its furtive use on the global population, has at the very least made us targets of government neutralization campaigns.

    The intelligence community also has highly placed people within the community of targets of such non consensual experimentation whose function is to quickly discredit any persons who attempt to speculate as to whom might be responsible for the creation and implementation of this technology, which is quite effective, since this peer pressure tends to prevent some TI's from expressing their own opinions regarding the genesis of this technology.

    In fact, many people targeted for OS/EH have stated their intent to avoid the larger groups of activists in this community, because they are infiltrated with agents from the FBI and other Intel organizations, who do secretly influence these groups.

    Not that many of these groups don't serve a positive function in educating the public in regard to electronic harassment and organized stalking, because they do. Given the public's denial that these crimes are taking place, any group that at least acknowledges that EH/OS is a reality is better than nothing at all.

    The most important issue here is that the ability to electronically tap into someone's brain from a remote location is reported by a significant number of people. Far too many to ignore. And that this group of non consensual human experimentees is growing larger on a regular basis.

    And this is why there is so much disinformation on the subject, since the organizations that are responsible for these crimes are perpetrating them against the populations of many different countries, and don't want the public finding out who they are.

    As long as these organizations continue to remain anonymous, OS/EH crimes can go on indefinitely, and perhaps morph into something even worse.

    And this is why these government agencies, whose primary purpose is to spy domestically, maintain the best disinformation campaigns that money can buy.

    They will also have in place, a program in which to discredit those citizens who report being subjected to such non consensual human experimentation, since this type of scandal does have the capability of toppling a shadow government responsible for such a conspiracy.

    In fact, to date, this remote accessing of people's brains via the electromagnetic spectrum is arguably the greatest conspiracy to effect humankind in its history.

    And the more these whistleblowers are demonized, the greater the likelihood that they are the ones telling the truth, while those who are allowed to propagate their information without being aggressively neutralized are the real agents of disinformation.

    Whistleblowers will also find themselves aggressively targeted by federal government agencies whose purpose is to find a plausible way in which to secretly exterminate them.

    Fabricated evidence used to bring about a false arrest is the most effective way of committing such murders, after having used myriad forms of propaganda in which to demonize the target of such crimes. Those who are aware of this electronic warfare technology who've cited specific organizations as the likely perpetrators of these crimes, and who've publicly stated their concerns about being the subjects of a covert murder plot.

    Consequently the perpetrators of these crimes need to incarcerate us in order to commit murder, and will subvert the criminal justice system in order to do so. Once incarcerated, no one is to say what will happen to such targets of non consensual human experimentation. And there are perhaps millions of such targets around this planet, of which thousands have actually become aware of what is happening to them.

    Moreover, there is no longer any question that there's a furtive plot to murder us, since the psychological warfare operations that were designed in which to suicide many of us have failed.

    As such, the smear campaigns against us are tiered to become more aggressive and outrageous as times goes by, since we still remain alive, and the oftentimes considerable financial expenditures used to foment these Orwellian and illegal programs against us, grow well beyond what the government agents who perpertrate these crimes can ever rationally justify.

    A clever and equally demonic tactic as part of this "tier of smear" is to coerce the family members of targets of non consensual human experimentation into testifying against them, while the truth in regard to how these people were manipulated into doing so is never publicly revealed. Nor are the crimes that they have been subjected to by government agencies revealed, unless the targets of these operations do so themselves.

    The family as the most important institution in our society, has also become the target of those who are implementing world government, in order to divide and conquer the global middle class. And if these attacks on the family continue, the devastation will become truly incalculable.

    What is for certain is that those family members who are manipulated in such despicable ways, are viciously intimidated into doing so, by agents whose intent is to destroy anyone who knows that this technology is a reality, and has attempted to alert the general population to this.

    Such is the nature of governments who continue to use their citizens to experiment on with classified technologies that these governments have absolutely no right to have within their possession, much less be deploying on an unsuspecting population.

    We are living in a world of lies, and until enough of the global population begins to recognize this for the fact it is, these crimes against humanity will continue to plague us.

    If you have not yet read John St. Clair Akwei Vs The National Security Agency you can do so at the following Website."

  • John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency

  • - James F. Marino

    The FBI Agent & Their Buffers
    Circumventing The Constitution To Conceal Government Crimes

    Within their own psychopathic doctrine, FBI agents are taught to wage a constant attack on the psyche of those whom they target for COINTELPRO crimes. One facet of these illegal operations is that they utilize a number of different methods in which to furtively inform the target of what may be occurring in regard to the FBI's covert attacks on said target.

    Their methods are from an educational standpoint fascinating, if not down right Orwellian.

    In other words, instead of accomplishing whatever the FBI needs to do directly with a target, they will instead utilize people around the target who are in some way controlled by these agents through the use of coercion, to furtively speak for these agents.

    How the FBI has been able to coerce these people into doing so, remains a story in and of itself which involves the FBI's oftentimes egregious violations of the Constitutional rule of law, and what can only be described as the outright criminality of the FBI's own agents.

    For those who say that FBI agents don't lie, the fact is that they lie more than anyone you'll ever meet.

    Moreover, a cell of FBI agents will furnish people who are closely acquainted with the target of such psyops, with items that are to serve as psychological triggers in order to repeatedly taunt the targeted person.

    For example, the FBI is notorious for sending the target items (including books and movies) which make use of titles that are supposed to have a particular meaning to the agents involved in these attacks, as well as the targets of these psychological operations.

    Oftentimes, the Family members of targets having been spied upon illegally by FBI agents and denied their Constitutional rights, will be coerced into functioning as go-betweens for the FBI, in order to ensure that the targets of these crimes are made aware of what these agents are thinking and doing.

    Of course, if these agents were operating constitutionally and had legitimate and legally obtained evidence, they would not have to be resorting to such illegal and oftentimes absurd tactics.

    As such, those acquainted with a target being subjected to such crimes may show up at the target's home with a DVD movie or book or other object that has a specific theme which these agents are seeking to convey to the target, without ever being forced to admit that these agents are conducting a psychological warfare operation against the person.

    This is why psyops are usually effective, since they are based on plausible deniability.

    Psychological warfare operations must be deniable in a court of law. At least this was the case before the passage of the Patriot Act. Today, with the rule of law completely absent in these attacks, it is entirely possible that U.S. courts will simply disregard the FBI's use of psychological warfare in its furtive attacks on any American citizen.

    Moreover, the physical use of such psychological triggers is often done far more aggressively if the target refuses to be subjected to the psychological warfare programming being delivered to their home via their cable access line.

    This author stopped watching the programming delivered through our cable TV access line years ago when it was replaced with the FBI's "brainwashing programming." This programming continues to be delivered to our home 24 hours a day, since first being implemented in the year 2003. The programming is being used for the express intent of perpetrating psychological warfare against this author and other Family members.

    This programming has also been used in order to block legitimate programming which was used by the FBI or DHS in order to circulate slanderous information in regard to this author while violating my 6Th Amendment right to due process of law.

    This electronic interception of legitimate programming and its replacement with psychological warfare programming has been frequently reported by many other people who are also targeted for electronic harassment and the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking.

    As such, this author writes about these situations from first hand experience as a COINTELPRO target, since the general public is for the most part totally unaware of how the U.S. Intelligence community conducts these illegal operations.

    Moreover, the items used in such psyops relate to psychological triggers that those targeted for these psyops are conditioned to respond to in a negative way, such as specific colors, words and numbers; each of which will also be included in the items which the FBI supplies those around the target with.

    If the psyop goes on indefinitely, the go betweens themselves will suffer serious psychosis from these mind abusing operations, given the unrelenting intimidation used by the FBI's agents in their continued efforts to perpetrate these crimes. It is virtually impossible for any target of these crimes to remain unaffected emotionally, since the torture is delivered constantly and in a variety of different ways.

    It is both abnormal and vicious to psychologically abuse someone for a brief period of time. It is absolutely tyrannical to do so for years on end. And such abuses characterize the FBI's agents, many of whom have been referred to as minions of Satan by their own former colleagues.

    The latest of the FBI's psyop triggers to this author is a DVD movie set which arrived this afternoon, called "WWII Battle Front." This latest trigger (there have been thousands of them over the past decade) is supposed to be used to create fear in this target, by illustrating that the FBI is now moving to a far more aggressive attack on my person.

    However, all it does is to make me wonder how much longer the current corporate government will last before the American middle class decides to install a new and desperately needed Republic, while permanently jettisoning the FBI gestapo and the rest of its Constitution raping murderous culture, along with the high-tech satellite systems that they are using to enslave the global middle class, while destroying the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    It's bad enough that these agents have taken a proverbial crap on the American middle class, much less that they have used the U.S. Bill of Rights to wipe their collective rear ends with, every time they do so.

    Moreover, the FBI's covert attempts to murder this author have been a monumental and in all likelihood expensive failure, in every sense of the word.

    It is this author's opinion, that as such, the FBI and its minions will now become far more aggressive with their complete subversion of the law, in efforts to find a way in which to incarcerate my person for the express purpose of committing murder.

    This is the case with virtually all targets of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking.

    However, these attacks have served as an education to this author, and why I publish this information as a public service so that the American middle class (the targets of these crimes in the United States) will be able to recognize when they are being targeted for an aggressive psyop.

    The people in the United States are targeted daily for less obvious psychological warfare operations, while not even realizing how they are being manipulated into fulfilling the U.S. status quo. A status quo which includes the destruction of middle class America.

    And the attacks on our persons via the Patriot Act, which has been used to replace the U.S. Constitution, are going to continue and be deployed against an increasing number of American citizens, as they realize that there is in fact a conspiracy by those who control the corporate government in the United States, to gradually kill them off.

    As for the FBI's attack on this author, at this point in time, the FBI has told so many half truths and an even greater number of outright lies, committed so many crimes, which in all probability also include fabrication of evidence and suborning of witness perjury, while corrupting so many basically honest people in the Bureau's attempts to protect a few of its psychopathic agents (from being indicted for their crimes), that this entire situation has become utterly insane.

    And by insane this author refers to the complete lack of any rule of law, and the time that people are wasting in their attempts to circumvent the written laws of this land.

    And by this I do not refer to the Patriot Act.

    If fact, the situation has become so completely absent of the law, that aside from documenting this insanity as a public service, this author spends virtually no time paying attention to the FBI's antics, or its cadre of organized stalking brown shirts, who continue to expedite the destruction of this once great nation.

    If I have learned anything as a target of this insanity, it has been in regard to finding effective means in which to neutralize vigilante stalking; specifically the vehicular stalking which takes place around a targeted person's home.

    Something which for this author, has for the most part lessened significantly over the past few years. When vehicular stalking does take place more aggressively, it is no longer done with the intent of attacking this author's psyche (because I stopped paying attention to these pawns long ago), but instead, to boost the morale (if you can even call it that) of those who are taking part in these crimes.

    As such, there is truly one logical piece of advice to impart to those who are vehicularly stalked each day.

    Learn to ignore organized stalkers, whom, whether they realize it or not, are brainwashed, and manipulated by the FBI and its alphabet brethren into hating those who are targeted for these crimes.

    FUSION CENTERS have become the main source of these crimes. And fusion centers are controlled, however loosely, by the U.S. DOJ and Homeland Security. Thus DHS and the DOJ are involved in the orchestration of these organized stalking crimes.

    If they were not, given all of the people who have reported these crimes to the FBI, and DHS, the crimes themselves would have ceased long ago.

    Specifically, if you are a person who is taking part in these crimes, and are told by law enforcement to refrain from doing so, or risk being arrested, you will cease and desist.

    However, organized stalking is done through intimidation. Specifically if you do not in some way support these crimes when you are told to do so, you will find yourself becoming the target of such crimes; which offers further proof that organized stalking is a government program; even if the government has another name for it.

    And children are being used as part of this harassment campaign just as the Stasi did decades ago.

    As such, the following advice applies to the organized stalking target:

    Don't attack organized stalkers; don't yell at them; don't waste your time following them in order to take their license plates, since many use fake plates anyway, and the police are in on these crimes; so they won't prosecute organized stalkers even if they are using their own license plates.

    Moreover, if you follow organized stalkers, you may end up getting pulled over by the cops if the stalker decides to call the police, claiming that you are stalking them - another clever entrapment scheme. And the police will simply play along and arrest you instead.

    This author has seen police officers wear two hats: the police officer and the organized stalker.

    Moreover, if you don't own a camcorder, and can afford to purchase one, do so, since those who perpetrate these crimes are very reluctant to use aggressive forms of street theater when they are being videotaped by a target of organized stalking, out of concern that they may find themselves on an activist Website regarding OS/EH.

    There is also far more community involvement in organized stalking crimes over the past few years, than there was earlier on, in that at first, outside groups had been brought in to do the stalking. Today, with the advent of fusion centers, an entire community can be used to stalk you, and there are numerous citizens within these communities who are being actively stalked, by a modern day version of Hitler's Brown Shirts.

    This is further evidence that Americans are living in a police state. And every day more Americans are beginning to realize this.

    For the newbies in the organized stalking community who believe that those who are perpetrating these crimes are going to stop doing so on their own, the reality is that they will not.

    Many of us have been targeted for daily organized stalking attacks for years with little to no relief, and understand that to get rid of these vigilante hate crimes will require enough of the U.S. population to abolish the current government, and to reestablish a constitutional government that does not include the Patriot Act.

    Until then, organized stalking targets will continue to be viciously attacked.

    The FBI's Furtive Use Of Accomplices In Its Psyops

    The FBI is extremely duplicitous in how it furtively demonizes any person whom it conducts COINTELPRO operations against. The following quote on the Website which appears on a Friday no less, (another of the FBI's demented psychological triggers meaning "fry") is taken directly from this Website word for word, with one exception.

    The highlighted passage below is added by or an FBI provocateur who either posts or requests that post this information on the Website, as part of the FBI's furtive attempt to demonize this author. Something the FBI has been doing aggressively for many years now.

    For the record, this author is not *demon possessed (nor is any Targeted Individual), nor have I ever murdered or stalked any person - much less several, in reference to the "serial killer" comment listed beneath the quote for this Website. Based on the allegations that have been made against many other TI's it is clear that the FBI can become very creative when attempting to justify its illegal surveillance.

    *The term demon possessed serial killers can well be applied to many federal agents whose careers are based on their torture and murder of American citizens. And to a lesser degree it can apply to organized stalkers, who will hound their victims to the point of committing suicide.

    These psychotic machinations and the hyperbole which characterize them are circulated by the FBI's own psychopathic agents, regarding their frustration at having their crimes documented by this author in extensive detail, including the crimes which the FBI and its murderous reprobates continue to perpetrate against this author.

    In addition to these outrageous crimes this author has written about many others, including the FBI's incineration of men, women and young children at WACO and Wounded Knee. I have also excoriated the FBI's agents for their function as an Americanized gestapo, as well as their furtive attempts in which to murder my person and many other targets of these hate crimes.

    Furthermore, if the FBI, DHS or any other agency is in fact circulating any information in regard to this author, or any other American citizen - outside of a judicial setting - these agents are breaking the law.

    And if they are doing so through the use of the Patriot Act, this is yet another in the myriad reasons why this piece of Nazi legislation must be abolished.

    Moreover,'s use in this most recent FBI smear piece against this author is one of many examples of the FBI's furtive innuendo, done so that this crime syndicate full of blackmailers and murderers can continue to conceal the classified signals intelligence technology that is being used by the U.S. Intelligence community on a great number of American citizens, under the color and cover of law.

    Furthermore, instead of answering to these allegations, these federal criminals continue to smear those whom they target for such crimes, while attempting to circumvent the U.S. Constitution in the process, because they are well aware that the American people will hold them accountable for these outrageous violations of the Bill of Rights.

    This is further evidence of the corruption within the U.S. Courts themselves, who ignore the U.S. Intelligence community's egregious violations of any American citizen's inherent rights, while covering up for the Nazi indoctrinated hoodlums who operate within the U.S. Intelligence community.

    The following highlighted comment which can be found on the Website is typical of the FBI's furtive ways of demonizing a target of COINTELPRO, with plausible deniability.

    Moreover, aids and abets the FBI's slander campaign against this author, regardless of how furtively this is done.

    "The Mother Of All Black Ops": Mind Control Target & Activist. "The Mother Of All Black Ops" The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001 Represent One Of The Worst Black Operations Ever Perpetrated. This Site Documents This False Flag Operation."

    Below: The inserted smear piece which appears directly under the above quote, serves as just one example of the FBI's propaganda campaign against this author, done with plausible deniability:

    "Unregulated Serial Killer Goes Regional: Comprehensive Police. This is one of the comprehensive police reports I have filed regarding this documented demon possessed serial killer going regional. This police report is 340 pages.."

    The above is just one example of the FBI's underhanded ways of circumventing the due process of law while being able to deny that they are ones who are perpetrating these crimes.

    There are other deliberate alterations of text as well as omissions, which either or the FBI's provocateurs have done intentionally, which offer further evidence of the FBI's psychological warfare campaign against this author, as well as the fact that the FBI's minions do secretly start rumors, oftentimes slanderous, in regard to those persons whom they target for COINTELPRO operations.

    Many other targets of FBI COINTELPRO have documented similar "brainwashing" tactics, used as part of the FBI's demonization of those whom it targets, and understand that the FBI does secretly circulate information in regard to such targets that has been fabricated. Especially since the creation of the Patriot Act, a piece of fraudulent legislation which was passed by the Congress - most of whose members never even bothered to read it - as part of the 9-11 false flag operation.

    As such is not an understatement to say that the FBI is capable of orchestrating a counterintelligence operation which involves the use of illegal spying, non consensual human experimentation, torture, the intimidation of people who are aware of the FBI's crimes to prevent them from publicizing them, as part of the FBI's agenda to murder the target of such a conspiracy.

    Moreover, it is the Patriot Act which has allowed the U.S Government to circulate information in regard to any American citizen, without the citizen's knowledge. A flagrant violation of the 6Th Amendment right to due process of law. And one of many which is being perpetrated under this piece of treasonous legislation.

    Those within the TI community in the United States are regularly subjected to these egregious violations of their inherent rights as American citizens, as are those TI's who live in other countries, who are also regularly subjected to such violations of their civil rights by their own subverted governments.

    What do all of these countries, without exception have in common?

    They are members of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) established in 1949..

    These violations include being subjected to slander campaigns, without ever being directly challenged in regard to the allegations secretly being made against them, because these men and women are being used as subjects of non consensual human experimentation; something that neither the U.S. Federal Government nor any other government which conceals these crimes or the classified technology used to perpetrate them, will ever admit to.

    - James F. Marino

  • Another Target Of Organized Stalking Hypothesizes That Murder Suspect Yvonne Hiller Was A Target Of Organized Stalking, And Killed Her Tormentors In Order To Get Even With Them For Attacking Her - This Hypothesis Is Logical Based On The Fact That If A Person Is Tortured For A Long Enough Period Of Time, They Will Either Commit Suicide Or Murder The Criminals Who Are Attacking Them - There Have Been Other Instances In Which Targets Of Organized Stalking Have Killed Those Who Have Stalked Them - However, These Are Rare Situations - In This Author's Opinion New Yorker Kathleen Prisco, Who Is Charged With The Murder Of Her Husband, May Well Have Been A Target Of Organized Stalking Before Committing This Murder - After The Killing Mrs. Prisco Had Stated How People Were Conspiring Against Her - A Common Allegation Made By The Targets Of Electronic Harassment & Organized Stalking
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