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The Battle Between The Global Middle Class & The British Monarchy, Vatican, & Zionist Bankers & Their Intent To Create A Global Dictatorship

Mass Brainwashing Implemented By The New World Order

Apart from the religious dogma, the following article is useful in understanding the Illuminati's agenda to implement world government - something which is presently occurring under the fraudulent war on terror taking place around the world since the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 in America and the London subway attacks on 7-7-2005.
These were the two primary false flag operations perpetrated by U.S. Intelligence, British Intelligence and Israeli Intelligence organizations, and used as a pretense for forcing our respective nations into suspending our constitutional rules of law while becoming police states.

The article will do little for those who are familiar with the Illuminati and its agenda to create a global dictatorship, however, it does offer several references which may provide you with further evidence that there is a criminal conspiracy by those who control the governments of our own nations, to murder the middle classes of these countries, in the interest of conserving the precious and limited resources of this planet for themselves.

This is typical of the global elite's mindset - their arrogance, selfishness, duplicity and murderous nature. Is it any wonder why our governmental infrastructures are based on such perverse doctrine?

It is because this ultra class controls these governments through their influence over the international Zionist banking cartel overseen by the House of Rothschild, and implemented through the Communistic central banks that the Rothschilds establish in our respective nations; banks which are cleverly concealed counterfeiters, who destroy the real monetary systems in countries, while replacing them with worthless paper which the citizens of these nations are then tricked into using as legitimate money.

In the United States, the Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve System accomplished this deception in 1914, when it was created as the direct result of the treasonous passage of the Federal Reserve Act, a year earlier.

Mass Mind Control: Calculated Victim Mentality

By Mary Louise

There is an organized group of extremely wealthy and secretive individuals who want world government, a centralized financial dictatorship, a micro-chipped society based on constant surveillance of all kinds and a frightened, docile, subservient people who give their power away to the 'authorities' to save them, from what they have been manipulated to fear. It is imperative each person recognize this scam for what it is and depart from the prepared script, refusing to consent to the imposed reality of these self-designated rulers of our planet.

The Overlords of the Elite have worked very hard to convince the masses that a centralized global system is the only solution to many devised problems (problem-reaction-solution) carried out by obsequious puppets, who serve their masters well. "The Circle" or network of interconnected bloodlines and intergenerational satanism view ordinary people with contempt and terms such as "useless eaters" who use up resources or "cannon fodder" expendables, make it painfully clear the majority of people are targeted as victims. We must reject the victim mentality they feed on and let them go hungry for a change.

"Mass Control: Engineering of Human Consciousness" by Jim Keith, is an overview of the weapons and methods used to enslave and perpetuate crimes against humanity through the calculated perversion of psychology, education, genetics, eugenics, cybernetics, and other sciences. It is a sobering account of academic, institutional, and government criminality and provides insight on the twisted ambitions and shameful behavior of the Controllers. Divide and conquer is the name of the game of the "enlightened" ones at the top of the pyramid, who viciously use others while expecting blind obedience that never questions authority. They are always the ones who stand to gain or benefit from the chaos they create.

The Illuminati exists. One may choose to remain in denial about this fact to their own peril or one may acknowledge it to better understand why there is so much trouble in the world. Until people care enough do some serious investigating on their own and get mad enough to do something about what they find in putting the pieces of the puzzle together, the slicers and dicers will keep on doing what they do while laughing all the way to the bank. So much has been written about them throughout history that ignorance is not an excuse to be unaware of their sinister schemes and influence on society. Their roots go way back to the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, and Celtic druidism joined together into occult discipline based on foundational practices. Sophisticated mind control techniques are also used on their own members in addition to teaching various metaphysical phenomena, including creating multiple personality disorder (DID) among their people. What the outside world sees is not the whole story, there is a hidden side.

It is because of the efforts and risks of many brave individuals who had nothing to gain personally, we are able to know things that otherwise would have been kept hidden from the public. If someone is discredited, it is probably because they are telling the truth and exposing the scoundrels for what they really are. Sometimes the truth hurts, especially if someone has done or is doing something very wrong. Of course they don't want to be found out, but since it is too late for that the guilty parties resort to 'damage control'. Remember, these are not nice people and they always protect their interests. Besides, they aren't worried when they are exposed because they are counting on the majority to not believe it.

Alberto Rivera was privy to all kinds of information from a high-level insiders position and having had the opportunity to attend a meeting where he spoke about his experiences, which is documented in an illustrated format of his life, I can say he is a humble and gentle person who has put his life on the line to inform others. You can meet Alberto and read his true life story online by clicking on: www.albertoaic.com/comics/alberto1/index.html and www.albertoaic.com/comics/alberto3/index.html. You may or may not be shocked at what he has to say but you may also learn something you didn't know. Anyway, why would he make it up?

Backing up Alberto's testimony, Eric Jon Phelps details the long-suppressed dark history of the Jesuits, in his book "Vatican Assassins". You can read a small portion of the book and view a chart that may be of help at www.hiddenmysteries.com/item300/item333.html or listen free online to past interviews Eric had with Jeff Rense and Alex Merklinger on this subject, as well as other interesting speakers and topics at this website: www.cephasministry.com/index_free_audios.html. Having heard the interview between Eric Jon Phelps and Jeff Rense awhile ago, it is definitely worth the time to listen.

More history on the Bavarian Illuminati and writings of its founder, Adam Weishaupt (ex-Jesuit), can be found at an excellent internet resource www.freemasonwatch.freepress-freespeech.com/illuminati.html. It is too big and complicated to put in a nutshell, so for those of you who are interested in learning even more about the Invisible Empire and how everything is connected, other good sources for information would be www.freeworldalliance.com/illuminati.htm, www.universalway.org/responsible.html, and www.conspiracyarchive.com/NWO/Illuminati.htm.

An exclusive interview with Svali, a previous Illuminati programmer/trainer explaining the origins of the cult, symbols and clues, level of infiltration, and methods of operation can be read at the following site,

Svali sheds light on how an area is controlled through its banks and financial institutions, local government, law, and of course the media. They have divided the U.S. into seven major regions, each with a regional council that the local councils report to. The National Councils comprised of influential bankers are also located in Europe, USSR, China, Mexico, and Canada. They report to the Supreme World Council that is set up as a prototype of the one that will rule in the NWO including the Rothschild, Hapsburg, and Rockefeller families. She also says that Adam Weishaupt did not create the Illuminati but was chosen as a figurehead and told what to write by the financiers, who were the ones who actually created the Illuminati and financed the early kings of Europe.

"Illuminati Formula of Mind Control" by Cisco Wheeler shows how mind control victims are systematically programmed through fear, torture, trauma, and drugs while "Creating An Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave" describes experiences as the child of a high-level Illuminist Wizard to provide deeper insights on the secret formula used to enslave not only individuals, but eventually entire populations; http://www.cuttingedge.org/results.cfm?Category=All&keywords=wheeler. Fritz Springmeier has written "The Satanic Bloodlines" that reveals a lot of background information on the following family bloodlines: Astors, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Van Duyn, Merovingian, and the associated families of Disney, Krupps, and McDonald which can be accessed at http://oude.dse.nl/~bouwdorp/oranje/satan/.

David Meyer also possesses a lot of knowledge about these things and he had a vision in July 2001 on the Staten Island Ferry of the entire island of Manhattan engulfed in flames, which he published in his August 2001 newsletter one month before the fateful day that changed the world forever,
www.lasttrumpetministries.org/2001/August2001.html. He exposes illuminism and elaborates on the witchcraft mentality that has become so popular and other important observations of the news and he should know as he was once very deep into the occult before renouncing it. He is concerned about warning illuminized, terrorized, and bewildered people of things to come. Anyone who is not a witch and lets their children watch "Harry Potty", oops, "Harry Potter" should be ashamed of themselves. Is it any wonder our children are becoming more and more fascinated and indoctrinated with the occult?

So how can a smaller group gain control over a larger group and keep them from even knowing that they are being controlled? The smaller group we are speaking of does not have a victim mentality and does not have to worry about income as the wealth stays in the hands of a select few, generated by exploiting the masses. That gives them the power to create schemes, the time to do it, and global access to all known resources. Instead of hoarding their billions of illegitimate holdings, they could easily ease poverty in the world but they could care less about suffering humanity.

They follow social and family protocols in their official hierarchy and run from behind the scenes banking, commerce, education, history, religion, food supply, media, and medical fields. No one gets into their exclusive "club" and no one leaves, except for a few courageous individuals like Svali. They function as a group mind focused on achieving their objectives without hesitation, as if it were already accomplished. They complete their rituals and ceremonies to focus the energy of the group will, by using the law of "purposeful intent". They believe in keeping their friends close but their enemies closer. Many of them are pedophiliacs and are involved in the porn industry, drug smuggling, gun running and yes, even buying and selling human beings. They have lawyers to take care of any problems that might arise and have infiltrated the governments of every country, as well as our judicial and legal systems.

Although they never miss an opportunity to profit from human suffering, viewing common people as "sheep" with no intelligence, they do have a few weaknesses that may be their downfall. They are very arrogant and puffed up with pride, believing they are so invulnerable and impervious that they are becoming more blatant, open, and reckless in recent years. They actually think they can overcome God which is a big mistake. However, there is a lot of discontent within the ranks and there would be a mass exodus if members believed it were really possible to get out, as many are abused victims who are not happy with what they are forced to do.

Now that we have analyzed their behavior, how about we take a look at ourselves. What are our boundaries and limits? Why do we keep letting them push us around and walk all over us, while robbing us of everything we have? How many more children are going to be snatched from their families? How hurt, frustrated, belittled, and angry do we have to get before we stand up for ourselves and declare that we will no longer be a victim to anyone again? Perhaps we will finally have had enough of that nonsense when we release our programmed victim mentality by saying and meaning it, "I don't care anymore what anybody thinks, I am speaking my mind regardless!" Say good-bye to feelings of inferiority that subconsciously makes us feel as though we deserve to suffer or be intimidated and humiliated.

The state of affairs in which we find ourselves is absolutely deplorable and totally unacceptable, so if we are to change the direction we are headed in, we must put aside petty differences and stand together against the insanity of tyranny by using our collective thoughts and energy to collectively and adamantly take back our lives and unalienable rights as human beings. Enough is enough.....no more war and no more victim mentality. Stop fighting and dying in the "Establishment's Wars" where they gain and we lose, as usual. Stand up and be counted among the free race who will not succumb to devil worshippers, who may have the advantages of power, money, and force and pride themselves on being a super-race of inbred bloodlines, but are in reality the lowest of the low and cannot experience real love or enjoy their riches because there is no good within them. When they finish doing all their dastardly deeds they can look forward to spending eternity with their master, the ole Dragon himself. As for the rest of us, the only One we need to fear is the One Who has the Power to Save our soul or cast it into hell.

C'mon folks, surely we have more integrity, intelligence, and spunk than to let the masters of terror and their flunkeys get away with all of this garbage.....don't we?

- Mary Louise
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