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Author Of "Terrorist Stalking In America" & "Cause Stalking" - David Lawson, Is A Disinformation Agent Who's Effectively Infiltrated The TI Community

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  • The Disinformation Agent
    Knowledgeable, Charismatic - And Dishonest

    As an investigative journalist and veteran target of the vigilante hate crime organized stalking, this author has noticed an increasing number of websites which claim to be exposing this crime, blaming private groups for its propagation.

    This is a clever ruse being used by the real catalysts of these crimes - the U.S. Intelligence community - to misdirect attention away from their own complicity in the military psychological warfare operation known as organized stalking.

    Moreover, many individuals who have written books on what has been termed gangstalking, organized stalking, group stalking or cause stalking are in fact paid disinformation agents being used to conceal the fact that it is the intelligence communities within the respective nations which have reported these crimes, who are in reality the genesis of them.

    David Lawson is but one of many of these disinfo agents, even though his writings are limited in their scope.

    An example of a very successful propagandist for the U.S. Intelligence community is author James Bamford, whose "exposes" on the NSA have not only made his *books best sellers, but also served to conceal the real crimes of the NSA - including its use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to spy domestically.

    * If Bamford's "inside" information was a real threat to the NSA's covert operations, his books would have never been published.

    If ever questioned in regard to the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network, Bamford would likely claim to have never heard of the program, since his writings are used to give him credibility as an NSA "insider," when in reality if he were a real danger to this agency, his books would never have become best sellers, and his life would have been systematically attacked as NSA whistle blowers John St. Clair Akwei and Russell Tice's have been.

    Instead, Bamford has received numerous accolades from his adoring readership, while carrying off this mass deception with aplomb - laughing all the way to bank; while John Akwei is still attempting to have his lawsuit against the NSA heard in a U.S. Federal Court, knowing that it has the ability to splinter the National Security Agency if the American people ever realize just how outrageous a violation of their 4Th Amendment rights, the NSA's domestic spy operations are.

    Moreover, the fact that most targets of these crimes have suffered serious psychological abuse as the result of being subjected to years of government deployed psychological warfare against their persons, has only served to make it more difficult for the average target of these crimes to discern who is really responsible for them.

    And this is exactly what these government operatives depend on in order to obscure their own complicity in the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking. The more confusing they can make this situation, the easier it is for them to perpetrate these crimes without ever being held accountable for them.

    When this author publicly stated that the NSA and FBI are the government organizations responsible for the crimes being perpetrated against my person and many other targets of organized stalking and non consensual human experimentation, the psyops that I've been subjected to for more than a decade suddenly became much more aggressive as has the slander campaign against my person.

    Some of these agent provocateurs have actually accused me of inventing the entire situation, stating that I am delusional (a common slander tactic), even though they are not only well aware that they are perpetrating these crimes against my person and many others, but also conducting vicious slander campaigns against us, in order to obscure their own treasonous crimes.

    Their denial of what they have done allows them to avoid answering the myriad of questions which they would be forced to answer in a court of law, including how it is that the U.S. Intelligence community can get away with its violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights by spying on Americans within their own homes without a warrant?

    Especially since this has been occurring long before the Patriot Act was ever passed.

    And how can these federal agents possibly justify the use of a propriety EMF scanning network that is being used to electronically access the brains of American citizens, for the express purpose of domestic spying and non consensual human experimentation?

    The U.S. Military Intelligence complex will never admit to their electronic branding of American citizens through a national brain fingerprinting program, because they understand that this will spark a civil uprising against this corrupt government, which in reality has been a corporation since 1871, when Congress illegally passed the Legislative Act of 1871.

    The reason for the Intelligence community's aggressive attack on this author is that they have used my person for non consensual human experimentation for many years, and I am certain that the U.S. Federal Government (at the very least the National Security Agency) has the technology to electronically enter the brain of any person living in the United States, through a propriety satellite tracking system which uses the unique set of bioelectric/entrainment frequencies of each person's brain to instantaneously remotely target and track that person.

    And there are myriad other targets of this satellite predation who now believe that this is possible, and that the NSA is the likely source of these crimes.

    This is why John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency now appears on a myriad of Websites, when only a few years ago it was only found on a scant few. People are finally starting to pay attention to this outrageous invasion of their privacy.

    Most people who are targeted for such non consensual human experimentation who read Akwei VS NSA, immediately identify the signals intelligence technology that John Akwei refers to in his lawsuit, as the technology which has been used against their persons.

    Moreover, the TI community is wising up to the fact that you don't need to be implanted with an RFID tracking chip to be remotely tracked and brain scanned by the U.S. Federal Government, since it's your brain's own unique physiology which allows the government to perpetrate this Orwellian crime against you.

    However, given the import of this dangerous technology, there are so many agent provocateurs who have managed to infiltrate the community of activists who are attempting to expose the U.S. Federal Government's use of satellite predation for the purpose of domestic spying and non consensual human experimentation, that they are constantly creating new sources of disinformation to obscure this government's treasonous crimes against the American citizenry.

    The more confusing these provocateurs can make this situation the easier it is for them to perpetrate these crimes against us.

    What has become crucial is for the targets of these crimes to acknowledge that their own groups of activists do include many government provocateurs whose intent is to conceal the U.S. Federal Government's involvement in these crimes: organizations which include but are not limited to the NSA, FBI, CIA and DHS.

    As such, any person within the TI community who attempts to misdirect this community's attention regarding the government's role in these crimes must be considered to be an agent provocateur.

    The following comment was made by another target of these crimes who realizes that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is the real catalyst behind the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking.

    Marina Hill is one of myriad TI's who have wised up and now see through the government's cleverly devised smokescreens, and that many well acclaimed writers who on the surface appear to be exposing the crime of organized stalking (such as David Lawson), are in fact agent provocateurs who've been used to misdirect the TI community away from the U.S. Government's involvement in these crimes.

    These agents and their accomplices are very clever and have been carefully trained in the art of misdirection, which is why COINTELPRO operations have historically been so successful.

    As such, as a TI, once you recognize how they operate you have an obligation to the TI community to alert them to how these government provocateurs function, since these agents will do everything possible to prevent the general public from ever finding out that their own unique brain fingerprints have been electronically catalogued into the U.S. Intelligence community's database, thus destroying their inherent rights to privacy and due process of law under the United States Bill of Rights.

    - James F. Marino

    A TI Who's Wised Up To
    The U.S. Government's Role In Organized Stalking

    "The book describes the evil tricks of the stalking groups quite accurately. THAT is where the truth in this book ends. The person who calls himself "Lawson" blames these criminal and murderous stalking activities on "extremists" and "anti-government" forces, even on that old canard, the KKK.

    This burgeoning cancer across the face of America is NOT being done by freelancing extremists. It is being done by our own all-powerful Federal Government, which, through the evil auspices of the Patriot Act, has legitimized criminal activities against US citizens.

    The Federal Government is sponsoring this stalking. There may be copycat groups, but their main function is to hide the role of the US Government. In the name of protecting America, this burgeoning network has duped thousands of US citizens, soldiers, neighbors, local police and firemen into stripping their fellow US citizens of their human rights. This is the domestic Gestapo that both Presidents Truman and Eisenhower foretold. THIS is why President Truman disbanded the OSS -- tried to, that is. We Americans thought it could not happen here. It has happened.

    *This book not only describes the evil, the book itself is part of the evil.

    - Marina Hill

    * In reference to David Lawson's book entitled "Cause Stalking."
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