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As Mass Genocide Is Implemented Against The Global Middle Class Communications' Systems Will Be Neutralized To Prevent The Middle Class From Uprising

  • Those Voices You Hear In Your Head May Not Be A Sign Of Mental Illness, But Instead A Government Agency Using Voice To Skull Technology On Your Person, As Part Of A Covert Program Of Government Financed Non Consensual Human Experimentation On The U.S. Population

  • The United States Of America Is No Longer A Country - Since 1871 It Has Been A Corporation, And Since 1912 The United States Corporation Has Been Controlled By The British Monarchy

  • "Constructing the Organ of Deceit The Rhetoric of fMRI and Brain Fingerprinting in Post-9/11 America" by Melissa Littlefield

  • The Devastation Caused By Hurricane Irene

    Editor's Note: After a week offline as the result of Hurricane Irene (an event created by HAARP technology), we finally received electricity this evening.

    Fortunately, we were able to survive this nightmare better than many other people with the use of a portable gas powered generator.

    A Planned Global Catastrophe Is On The Horizon

    It is this author's opinion that in the coming months there will be a myriad of catastrophic events leading up to a global meltdown which will include the collapse of the world financial markets, and with it a ripple effect which will topple all internationally recognized governments, as well as all formally recognized aspects of our societal infrastructure, while an Anglo-Zionist world government controlled by the British Monarchy, House of Rothschild and Vatican, is officially implemented in their place.

    Adding to this will be this world government's continued use of HAARP technology to create devastating ecological disasters which will on the surface appear to be caused by natural means.

    Nuclear fallout has already become a problem for the American people with extensive leakage from the Fukuyshima nuclear power plant - damaged in a tsunami which struck Japan earlier this year - now reaching the western shores of the United States.

    It has also been alleged that this tsunami was caused by HAARP technology; there was a video on the Internet which showed the skies over Fukuyshima just minutes before the tsunami struck, and the clouds in the sky were literally lined in rows in what can only be described as a perfectly symmetrical, unnatural cloud formation.

    Moreover, after this author posted this video on my blog it was quickly removed from YouTube.

    This occurs frequently when I reference videos that pertain to some type of crime which the U.S. Federal Government is perpetrating, whether it be related to geophysical manipulation of the weather, non consensual human experimentation (as it relates to a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA mind control experimentation), brain fingerprinting American citizens, or the other myriad topics which keep the FBI and NSA routinely electronically tampering with this Website, while they attempt to murder my person in a plausibly deniable way.

    The smear campaign these organizations continue to propagate against this author in efforts to obscure the decades of crimes that they have perpetrated against me is not only unconstitutional, but serves as a further smokescreen in this government's attempts to conceal a national brain fingerprinting program that has been secretly deployed against the American people for more than thirty years.

    It is this brain fingerprinting program that the NSA has illegally used to surveille this author and myriad other Americans for decades. However, most Americans remain completely unaware of the NSA's domestic spy program, or the NSA's outrageous and treasonous violations of their rights to privacy and due process of law under the 4Th and 6Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    As for the damage sustained through this government's use of HAARP in order to propagate geophysical manipulation of our weather patterns, there are also allegations that a nuclear power plant in the State of Virginia was damaged in the earthquake which originated in Virginia two weeks ago, and may be leaking dangerous radiation; an earthquake that was also caused by way of HAARP electronic warfare technology.

    As is the case with the United States, HAARP will be used to target specific regions of this planet to cause this devastation, while other areas will deliberately remain unscathed, as part of a plot to depopulate the middle class of this planet in a plausibly deniable way.

    The most heavily populated areas will be the ones targeted for this furtive elimination.

    Why the middle class?

    Because we are literate and already recognize the Orwellian scheme which has been fomented to create a global dictatorship, while murdering billions of people in the interest of preserving what is left of the natural resources of this planet.

    HAARP Systems Exist In Many Other Countries

    Including Russia

    The mainstream media will continue to be used to conceal this Orwellian agenda from the American people, whose only recourse will be to shut down these HAARP facilities as well as the weaponized satellite networks (Including the NSA's Echelon spy satellite array) which the military-intelligence complex continues to use against us.

    If the dissolution of these electronic warfare programs does not take place there is a word for what the global middle class, the disenfranchised masses of this planet, will experience over the next 48 months - a strategically implemented form of Armageddon which targets the middle class while excluding the global elite (those who are responsible for these crimes) from this artificially created disaster.

    Keeping Tabs On The Victims Of This Genocidal Plot

    The U.S. National Security Agency will be able to utilize its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to determine who has been killed by these man made disasters.

    It is the EMF field around a living body that allows the NSA to track every American citizen, thus making them an unwitting satellite prisoner of the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations.

    However, once a person has been killed, the EMF field which surrounds their body ceases to exist, which prevents the NSA from being able to use its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to target that person's body any longer.

    As such, the NSA can deduce that a person is no longer alive, when its SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network can no longer identify the person's own unique EMF fingerprint.

    - James F. Marino

  • Why Is The Department Of Homeland Security Recalling Police Scanners From The Media In Jacksonville Florida? Is It Really Due To Budget Cuts, Or Another Attempt To Prevent The Public From Learning About Further Manmade Disasters Which Will Be Used To Perpetrate A Genocidal Plot Against The American Middle Class?

  • Fukushima Radiation Information At

  • A Target Of Mind Control Experimentation In The Netherlands Describes What It Is Like To Be Tortured Mentally & Physically 24 Hours A Day For Years On End, By A Network Of Sociopaths In The Intelligence Community Whose Only Enjoyment In Life Is To Torture & Murder People - This Target Also Acknowledges That His Thoughts Are Remotely Read & That Thoughts Foreign To His Own Mind Can Be Electronically Implanted In His Brain - Something This Author Has Experienced First Hand For Decades - These Crimes Are Committed Through The Use Of Signals Intelligence Technology That Can Be Deployed From A Number Of Locations Including Satellites

  • How Much Longer Will The National Security Agency Get Away With Experimenting On American Citizens Through Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network? And When Will Former U.S. Circuit Court Judge Stanley Sporkin Be Held Accountable For Aiding & Abetting The NSA's Brain Fingerprinting Of The American People

  • Mind Control Weapons & How They Are Deployed By The Military-Intelligence Complex, Against The Global Middle Class

  • "Nuclear expert says Fukushima radiation coming to USA, massive cover-up under way"

    PF Louis
    Natural News
    Thursday, September 1, 2011

    (Natural News) There has been a lot of disinformation regarding the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. It appears the government agencies of other nations cooperated with Japan while the international nuclear industry sided with TEPCO’s (Tokyo Electric Power Company) disinformation and denial campaign.

    As Mike Adams noted in his April 5th, 2011 Natural News article on Fukushima, “The government is going to turn off the radiation detectors, raise the official EPA limits of radioactive exposure, urge Americans to avoid preparing for fallout, and then pretend absolutely nothing is wrong.”

    Understanding the Millisievert

    Millisievert figures are tossed out by the media with little attention to explaining them. Millisieverts (mSv) are measurements of ionizing radiation absorbed by a human body. Geiger counters formally measured with Rems (Roentgen equivalent man) or millirems. The figures on Geiger counters now represent mSv units per hour. There is always a low level of measurable background radiation in our environment from celestial bodies and earthly elements.

    Whenever Geiger counters measure more, there is concern. Putting concerns into perspective, smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes (tobacco leaves absorb radioactive isotopes) daily causes an annual exposure level of 13 mSv per year. A 5,000 mSv single dose creates 50% likelihood of death within a month. A single 10,000 mSv dose of radiation causes almost certain death within a month.

    Fukushima – Chernobyl Comparisons

    Chernobyl was a one reactor meltdown. Fukushima had three reactors that melted down. Chernobyl was land locked in a relatively desolate area. The heaviest radiation was in the sparsely inhabited area near the plant, although air currents contaminated Northern Europe and Western Russia as well.

    Fukushima is the small densely populated island of Japan. It seems there are going to be more cancer victims and food contamination with this disaster than Chernobyl’s. The Fukushima plants are on the Pacific Ocean coast.
    Millions of gallons of contaminated water are being dumped into the Pacific in addition to radiation particles floating on air streams. So ocean currents are assisting air currents, exposing the world to excessive radiation.

    Sea life is getting contaminated as well. The most dangerous radiation comes from radioactive particles ingested with contaminated foods. It only takes a few ingested particles to create intense health issues or death. Seems wise to avoid northern Pacific Seafood and Japanese Teas from your diet for the near future.

    The easiest sign of food chain contamination comes from high radiation readings on milk. And what little data has leaked from normally scheduled testing across the United States has shown increased radioactivity in water and milk. But the USDA is not testing organic milk since that’s not part or their job description. Raw milk is another issue. There should be even more concern over Japan’s food exports, especially tea.

    Before the actual extent of Japan’s crisis became evident, Chris Busby, a professor at the University of Ulster weighed in with a realistic early warning. “Fukushima is still boiling its radionuclides all over Japan,” he said. “Chernobyl went up in one go and Fukushima is worse.”

    Other experts noted the futility of watering down the reactors from outside and above, which was an early attempt to cool down the reactors. The cooling has to occur inside, the way radiator coolant cools auto engines. Internal reactor cooling requires pumping water generated by electric pumps. And electricity hasn’t been available there. Many experts have questioned why thesarcophagussolution was not employed or even considered.

    Sarcophagus means stone tomb in Russian. The Russians devised this solution almost immediately after Chernobyl’s meltdown. It took several months to implement. But they got it done, thus restricting more emissions in the immediate area and throughout Western Russia and Northern Europe.

    Those living nearby Chernobyl were exposed to 450 mSv over several days. This level of exposure is sufficient to cause cancer for many within their lifetimes. Nevertheless, nearby residents were evacuated as soon as possible.

    It seems Fukushima evacuation planners dragged their feet with a smaller area of no return than Chernobyl’s restricted area. What kind of measurements were occurring in Fukushima by the time the Japanese government and TEPCO finally admitted that their situation was worse than originally reported?

    That’s difficult to answer because of the denial and disinformation during the early stages of this disaster. But it’s apparent that the zone of intense radiation involves more inhabitants in Japan than Chernobyl ever did. A nearby Japanese university has tested soil samples in the area and discovered the radioactive contamination is deeper and higher than originally anticipated.

    Unanticipated higher readings done by third party groups imply earlier industry and government cover ups that downgraded or withheld readings.
    It was months after the initial event that the Japanese government and TEPCO raised the Fukushima danger level to seven, matching Chernobyl’s disaster level.

    One thing is for certain. The Fukushima radioactive leaks will continue at high amounts longer than Chernobyl did. Fukushima’s radioactive fallout will be affecting more people, crops, and of course sea life than Chernobyl’s disaster caused. But just like the Gulf BP oil disaster, we won’t be able to count on accurate mainstream media information or government intervention to minimize the damage.

    Sources for this article include:…………………
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