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Dr. Rauni Kilde: " Mind Control Technology Is Worse Than The Atom Bomb Because It Can Be Used To Alter One's Personality Without One Realizing It"

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  • Geophysical Manipulation Of The Weather - ‘HAARP’ war crimes – floods, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis - All artificially created with HAARP electronic warfare technology

  • Is There A Criminal Conspiracy To Murder The World's Best Known Opponent Of RFID Technology? Was The Cancer That Dr. Katherine Albrecht Is Presently Being Treated For Caused By A Directed Energy Weapon Targeted At Her Person? This Author Believes That Like Many Other Whistleblowers Such As Mae Brussell, Dr. Karla Turner, Aaron Russo and Judi Bari, Dr. Katherine Albrecht Is Being Targeted For Assassination Via Satellite Deployed Directed Energy Weaponry, As Punishment For Exposing The Dangers Of RFID Technology - Something That Has Cost The RFID Industry Millions Of Dollars In Lost Sales

  • Mind Control Sweden - Another Of The Myriad Websites Created To Document The Fact That The Global Middle Class Is The Target Of A Criminal Conspiracy Which Involves An International Brain Fingerprinting Program Used To Implement A Global Dictatorship - Dr. Rauni Kilde, A Native Of Scandinavia, Has Been Researching And Writing About This Conspiracy For Years

  • Editor's Note: This morning on CBS Sunday Morning, actor/economist Ben Stein made a statement that illustrates the Federal Reserve System's powerful influence over the U.S. Media. Stein was critical of Texas Governor, Rick Perry's statement that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke acted treasonously in his recent issuing of billions more dollars into the U.S. economy. Stein then attempted to tell his listeners how the Federal Reserve was doing all it could to help the American economy, even if the Fed may have made some mistakes along the way.

    In front of millions of Americans, Ben Stein lied. As an economist, Stein is certainly aware that the Federal Reserve System's creation of currency based on nothing of intrinsic value makes the currency worthless. And moreover, that since Federal Reserve Notes are inherently worthless, the American people have been tricked into using these notes as legal tender, which has only served to make the American people unwitting pawns in this laundering of the Federal Reserve System's bogus currency.

    It is this perpetual use of the mainstream media by the Anglo-Zionist cabal that controls the U.S. Corporation, that is responsible for the brainwashing of the average American.

    Those Americans who wish to learn how the Federal Reserve System has been used to perpetrate a furtive form of class warfare on America's middle class must read Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve."

    Congressman Ron Paul, who as a member of Congress is by far the most knowledgeable of his elected peers, in regard to the Federal Reserve System's treasonous crimes against the American people, has learned much of what he knows about the Federal Reserve from men like Eustace Mullins and G. Edward Griffin.

    Writers whose research has served to correct the perverse history that Americans have been brainwashed into believing is the legitimate written record of the United States, and will eventually result in the abolition of the United States Corporation, the treasonous government in Washington D.C. which was created in 1871 and since used to usurp the U.S. Constitution with its own corporate constitution.

    It is this corporate constitution which has been used to gradually destroy the American middle class, while turning the United States into a British controlled corporation which considers all Americans to be slaves to the British Monarchy.

    Dr. Rauni Kilde
    Former Chief Medical Officer Of Finland
    Discussing Mind Control Technology

    Your Brain Is A Broadcasting Device
    That Emanates Radio Waves Into The Ionosphere
    What The NSA Refers To As Radiation Intelligence

    NSA Signals Intelligence Surveillance System

    "The Signals Intelligence mission of the NSA has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment for wirelessly tapping into computers and tracking persons with the electrical currents in their bodies. Signals Intelligence is based on the fact that everything in the environment with an electric current in it has a magnetic flux around it which gives off EMF waves.

    Tracking individuals in the U.S. is easily and cost-effectively implemented with NSA's electronic surveillance network. This network (DOMINT) covers the entire U.S., involves tens of thousands of NSA personnel, and tracks millions of persons simultaneously.

    Cost-effective implementation of operations is assured by NSA computer technology designed to minimize operations costs. NSA personnel serve in quasi-public positions in their communities and run cover businesses and legitimate businesses that can inform the intelligence community of persons they would want to track.

    EMF Brain Stimulation has been in development since the MKULTRA program of the early 1950s, which included neurological research into radiation (non-ionizing EMF) and bioelectric research and development.

    The resulting secret technology is categorized at the National Security Archives as 'Radiation Intelligence,' defined as, 'information from unintentionally emanated electromagnetic waves in the environment, not including radioactivity or nuclear fallout.'"

    - John St. Clair Akwei

    Editor's Note: In the above video, former chief medical officer of Finland, Dr. Rauni Kilde, describes how she is satellite tracked, while her thoughts are remotely read by the operatives of this wireless form of functional magnetic resonance imaging technology.

    Dr. Kilde has also described how directed energy weapons were used to furtively murder her parents, and how she was hospitalized after being poisoned for researching the technology the global intelligentsia uses to perpetrate these crimes. Members of this author's Family have also been hospitalized as a result of directed energy attacks in the past. And this author continues to document these attacks as well as those which the FBI and NSA perpetrate against my person via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    Kilde goes as far as to tell the person interviewing her that the intelligence community in Scandinavia is electronically tracking her during the interview and can hear her conversation. This signals intelligence technology can also instantly identify the person conducting the interview. Another sign that the global population has been secretly brain fingerprinted.

    This author knows of other Scandinavians who were forced to leave the cities that they lived in because they were being aggressively targeted with directed energy weaponry. Unfortunately, they quickly learned that they were being satellite tracked when the attacks continued to take place in their new locations. Men, women and children who comprise the global middle class continue to be tortured and murdered as part of a criminal conspiracy by the Anglo-Zionist cabal that controls our countries through the House of Rothschilds' Communist central banks. This incarnated evil must be exposed and destroyed if the global middle class is to survive and prosper.

  • Mind Control Activism Website In Europe Exposing The Fact That The European Intelligentsia Are Part Of A Criminal Conspiracy To Destroy The European Middle Class While Using Men, Women And Children For Non Consensual Human Experimentation & Targeting Them For The Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking - Organizations Like The FBI, CIA, NSA, FSB, MI6, And Mossad Are A Unified Group Of Treasonous Conspirators Who Are Colluding To Destroy The Global Middle Class As Part Of A Genocidal Plot To Murder More Than 4 Billion Of Us - These Agencies (The 4Th Reich) Are Controlled By The British Monarchy Its House Of Rothschild Counterfeiting-Money Laundering Cartel & The Vatican, All Of Whom Have Become The Enemy Of The Human Race

  • This technology can be used to remotely enter the brain of any person without that person's knowledge or consent. Those of us who know that we are being used for such non consensual human experimentation are told that we are paranoid, or schizophrenic, or any other demeaning characterization, simply because we have researched the classified technology that is involved in these attacks on our persons, and the criminals operating within our respective intelligence agencies are not about to admit to these hi-tech crimes.

    Nor will they admit that they can electronically capture and clone the corresponding EMF signature for any thought that we have. This also includes the five senses. For instance, the olfactory portion of the brain can distinguish the aroma given off by different objects.

    For example, the smell of spaghetti sauce is recorded differently in the brain than the smell of mustard. The corresponding EMF signature of these foods can be electronically captured via an artificial intelligence computer, and then either broadcast back into the targeted person's brain, or at the unique EMF frequency of another person's brain.

    The result would be that these people would perceive the smell of spaghetti sauce even though the actual food was not present. The visual and aural cortex regions of the brain can be manipulated in the same way.

    The NSA regularly uses voice to skull technology on this author as part of their psychological warfare campaign against my person. For example, in the early morning hours the sound of a door being slammed shut is broadcast into the aural cortex region of this author's brain, by way of this V2K technology.

    The sound is identical to what one would experience if a real door had been closed.

    This two way system of communication with the brain (electronic brain link) is deployed through the electromagnetic spectrum, and was first revealed in 1974 in a test done by Dr. Joseph Sharp at Walter Reed Army Hospital. However, such remote electronic stimulation of the human brain was first publicized in much greater detail and to a significantly larger audience by former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei in a 1992 lawsuit which he filed against the NSA.

    The NSA was quick to use its considerable influence over a corrupt federal court judge named Stanley Sporkin to dismiss Akwei's lawsuit, in understanding that if a jury were to hear John St. Clair Akwei's case against the NSA, the jury would have been able to go public with what it had learned about the NSA's domestic spying of the American people, as well as the Agency's use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network which has been used to electronically brand all Americans through the secretive implementation of a national brain fingerprinting program.

  • See: John St. Clair Akwei Vs The National Security Agency

  • The following comment made by Akwei in the lawsuit has quite literally stunned those persons who've read Akwei's suit; many of whom have been shocked enough to promulgate this information in the interest of exposing the fact that the American people have been electronically brain fingerprinted by the National Security Agency.

    At first, most people don't want to believe that a government agency could perpetrate a crime so horrible, much less that their entire government is aware of this crime, yet has remained silent about it.

    "NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals lntelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using~ RNM) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject."

    How else could the NSA be able to instantly identify us?


    Remote Viewing?

    Psychics? Maybe for a few people but the entire population of this nation?

    Not a chance.

    We've all been electronically branded by the NSA through its furtive and treasonous use of a national brain fingerprinting program and the reports of remote viewing are nothing but a clever red herring being used to cover up the NSA's high crimes of treason against us.

    In fact, the NSA has come out with quite a few cover stories since the time that John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit was first published on the Internet in a 1996 issue of Nexus Magazine. Each one of which is more outlandish than its predecessor. These cover stories are how the Intelligence community is able to conceal the crimes that it has perpetrated against us.

    We have become a society which bases its existence on the outrageous lies that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex spoon feeds us through its propaganda machine - the media system in the United States.

    Dr. Kilde also describes how the weaponized spy satellites used by the global intelligence community can be utilized to both remotely track and target any citizen, which means that regardless of their locale, no person is safe from such satellite predation.

    Moreover, the type of mass thought manipulation that can be deployed through HAARP technology is capable of reaching the thought streams of every person on the face of this planet, without the need to individually track citizens the way that the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network does.

    Dr. Kilde On Astral Travels
    Better Known As Out Of Body Experiences

    Dr. Kilde also refers to the out of body experiences that she has had in the past, also known as *astral travel, and how she believes that all humans are in essence, just forms of energy that existed before we took human form, and that when the body dies we continue to exist as a form of energy that vibrates at a much higher resonance than that of the physical body.

    Formalized religions continue to ignore this concept because it clearly contradicts the popular Judeo-Christian monotheist belief system that has dominated our culture for the past two millenia. Specifically, if humans are created by God, how can they have possibly existed before they were born?

    Many practioneers of both Christianity and Judaism also believe in reincarnation, which is in diametrical opposition to both religions.

    What continues to intrigue those who are open minded and seeking legitimate answers to our existence is the possibility that as a form of energy which exists outside of the time space continuum and absent of a brain, we remain conscious beings still able to make rational decisions.

    Moreover, the time space continuum operates at a fairly low frequency relative to the non physical world which is both multidimensional and interdimensional, and exists at much higher frequencies than what we experience on Earth.

    What does this mean?

    That the concepts of Heaven and Hell are human creations used to justify our own behavior on this planet, while ignoring the scientific proof that the human body is merely a vessel for navigating the time-space continuum, and is left here on Earth along with this false doctrine when we descend to higher vibrations.

    As Gandhi once said, the demons that the human race must conquer are the ones which they carry within their own hearts.

    However, don't even bother wasting your time arguing this point with those whose religious indoctrination has so brainwashed them that they will fight to the death defending their position, based on the circular logic that defines all religious doctrine.

    The notion that God exists because he is all powerful and says he does may be a dramatic over simplification of such circular logic, however it is characteristic of the ways in which religions defend their deities.

    See the interview below in which Art Bell speaks with Robert A. Monroe of the Monroe Institute, regarding his pioneering experiences with astral travel beginning in 1958. This author has read Monroe's two later books and his own personal accounts of "out of body" experiences are truly fascinating, leaving one with a burning curiosity to know more about astral travel.

    Robert Monroe - Pioneer In Astral Travel
    Was This CIA Asset's Daughter Murdered By The Agency?

    Robert Monroe's father was said to be a member of the U.S. Intelligence community, and it has been alleged that Robert Monroe, may have himself been a target of the CIA's MKULTRA program in his youth, which later led to his being used as an asset of the agency.

    This author has also stated my belief that the CIA may have murdered Monroe's daughter Laurie, after she had taken over the Monroe Institute at the time of Robert Monroe's death in 1995.

    Laurie Monroe would die of cancer several years later, leaving this author wondering if the CIA may have staffed the Monroe Institute with its own operatives, while presently using it as a front for the agency's own mind control research, as they have done in the past with many other private organizations, such as the use of McGill University's Allan Memorial Institute back in the 1950's. What is certain is that throughout his life, the CIA was in contact with Robert Monroe, seeking to gather more information on his astral travels, which we can be certain the CIA would have used for inhumane purposes.

    Moreover, there have been myriad people who have been murdered via satellite predation in the past, whose deaths have been reported as being from natural causes.

    Is RFID Expert Katherine Albrecht
    Being Targeted For A Directed Energy Weapon's Murder?

    In this author's opinion, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, a radio personality and expert on RFID technology, was afflicted with cancer through the use of a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, in an effort to murder her in a plausibly deniable way.

    Albrecht, who is only in her early 40's, is now battling stage 3 breast cancer. On her Website, she describes an experience she had during the Christmas Holidays of 2010, as the sensation of being poked in the chest with a pencil, not long before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As such, it is entirely possible that Dr. Albrecht was perfectly healthy prior to this and that the experience of being poked in the chest with a pencil was in reality a directed energy weapon being used to afflict her with cancer.

    For those who do not believe that the U.S. Intelligence community would perpetrate such a horrendous act, the fact is that this modern day Third Reich is capable of any crime imaginable; including the torture and murder of children as we have seen with the FBI's intentional incineration of more than 80 men, women and children in Waco Texas in 1993.

    Moreover, many targets of directed energy weapons have described a similar manifestation to what Dr. Albrecht has described, which has been referred to as "bee stings or pin pricks." In fact, this particular manifestation has become so common, that it is listed as one of the general symptoms that targets of directed energy weapons regularly report in the attacks which they are routinely subjected to.

    It is of equal interest to note how the U.S. Intelligence community has underestimated the resilience of those whom it targets for such crimes, as well as the power of the Internet to document in great detail the classified technologies used by this Orwellian crime syndicate, to perpetrate its crimes against humanity.

    As a result of this one might make a convincing argument, that U.S. Intel's abject arrogance has only been surpassed by their own stupidity, in forgetting that in their intent to make their victims know that we are being remotely watched and subjugated to mind control research, that the Internet would provide us with a very useful way of learning about these technologies and the cadre of monstrous men and women who operate under the facade of an intelligence network in the United States.

    Interview With Dr. Robert Monroe Regarding
    His Pioneering Work With Astral Travel

    Also See: John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit against the National Security Agency which was filed in 1992, but derailed by a corrupt Judge named Stanley Sporkin, who also served as general counsel for the CIA in the 1980's.

    The Most Important U.S. Lawsuit In American History
    Was Never Tried

    In 1992, the most important lawsuit in American history was quietly dismissed by a circuit court judge named Stanley Sporkin. A lawsuit which would have exposed the fact that the NSA had created the most pernicious and invasive domestic spy program in human history.

    Instead, the lawsuit was quickly dismissed, as its plaintiff, John St. Clair Akwei, was left to fend for himself, as he continued to be the target of a vicious directed energy weapon's assault by the U.S. National Security Agency.

    Sporkin, who has a history of perverting the U.S. Judicial system in order to aid and abet the U.S. Intelligence community's crimes, was used to cover up the fact that there is a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States deployed by the NSA's Echelon spy satellite array, which can be used to instantaneously track any American citizen by way of their brain's own unique set of bioelectric frequencies, thus electronically branding Americans as though we are nothing more than heads of cattle.

    Had it not been for John St. Clair Akwei, a former NSA employee and as stated, target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, no American citizen would have ever heard of the National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, or its use in electronically branding Americans through the covert implementation of a national brain fingerprinting program; a program which was deployed in the early 1980's, and has since been used for the purpose of secretly deploying classified mind control technology on the American people; many of whom are now documenting these crimes on the Internet, as well as how these Orwellian crimes qualify as a form of non consensual human experimentation that is in violation of the United States Bill of Rights, the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Code.

    The United States - A Country Or Corporation?

    This is also further evidence that the U.S. Federal Government is in fact a corporation that has nothing to do with the original Constitution that was created in 1787, since the American people's Constitution was usurped by the corporate constitution created illegally by the United States Congress in 1871, under the Organic Act of 1871, in order to create a government for the District Of Columbia.

    When this corporation which was created in 1871, and is now referred to as Washington D.C., defaulted on payments that it owed the British Monarchy in the early part of the 20Th Century, instead of liquidating the United States Federal Government and America, the British Monarchy took possession of them.

    As a result, the infrastructure of the U.S. Corporation is such that this corporation, which encompasses the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government, is run like anyother corporation, while the U.S. States are considered to be franchises of this corporation, and the American people employees of this corporation.

    This is why Americans no longer have any protections under the United States Bill of Rights, and why we have been secretly brain fingerprinted by the National Security Agency, since the British Monarchy considers each American citizen to be the property of the British crown.

    This is also why it has been impossible to get rid of the Federal Reserve Communist central bank and its IRS collection bag man, since they are both used by the British Monarchy in order to ensure that the American people (specifically America's middle class) never accumulate any wealth of their own.

    As such, the federal income tax is in fact a cleverly devised form of class warfare which is being used to destroy America's middle class, while the U.S. Corporation in Washington D.C. quietly oversees this destruction.

    - James F. Marino

    Also See:

    The United States Of America Is A Corporation
    Not A Country!

  • Aliens Living Amongst Us - This Website Offers Many Provocative Insights Into The UFO-EBE Phenomenon That The General Population On This Planet Has Yet To Consider, Due To The Mass Brainwashing Which They Continue To Be Subjected To - To Become Enlightened Means To Become Blacklisted In The United States; A Situation In Which For Each Day That You Spend Researching And Writing About Topics That The Corporation Which Passes Itself Off As The U.S. Federal Government Attempts To Conceal From The American Population, You Can Be Certain That This Government Is Plotting Against You In Efforts To Perpetrate Your Murder In A Plausibly Deniable Way - In Understanding This, Each Moment Of Your Life Becomes A Precious Gift Used To Expose This Mass Conspiracy Against The Human Race

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