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The Legislative Act Of 1871 Created A Separate Corporate Government In The United States Which To This Day Is Treasonous

  • "This page provides highlights showing the culture of the people in the highly politicalized FBI and other offices of the U.S. Department of Justice. The information is factual, much of it documented, and constitutes the greatest actual source of harm to the American people, far more than any external terrorists. This is not a conspiracy site; it is a site with considerable documentation and the input from a larger number of former government agents - Author Rodney Stich - Stich Has Been Wrongfully Declared A Vexatious Litigant In Order To Strip Him Of His Belongings As Part Of The FBI's Neutralization Campaign Against This Government Whistleblower, Further Illustrating The FBI's True Nature As An Americanized Version Of The Nazi's Gestapo

  • "16,000 cops on London's streets as rioting worsens; violence spreads to other cities" - London Protesters Who've Had It With The Racial Profiling And Other Abuses Of British Law Enforcement Have Taken To The Streets En Mass In A Violent Protest Which Has Completely Overwhelmed The British Government - These Protests Are Becoming More Common In Europe Where The Unwanted European Union Continues To Be Utilized In The Enslavement Of The European Population, As Part Of The British Monarchy And House Of Rothschilds' World Government Agenda - If This Oligarchy Succeeds In Establishing The Dissolution Of The United States, Mexico & Canada And The Creation Of The North American Union, They Can Expect Similar Rioting In North America As The Citizenry Attempts To Regain Their Sovereignty

  • The NSA Continues To Conceal An Alliance Between The U.S. Federal Government & Beings Of Extraterrestrial Origins

  • The Government Conspiracy To Murder UFO Researchers

  • Eustace Mullins' Speaking Engagement - Hawaii 1989

    Eustace Mullins "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" Identifies The Anglo-Zionist Cabal That Controls The United States Corporation, And Why This Corporation Must Be Dissolved Before The American People Can Again Become Prosperous. Even In Death, Mullins Remains One Of The Great 20Th Century Political Historians Who Gave Us The True History Of America; Not The Propaganda Being Taught In U.S. Schools, Which As America's Young People Mature Will Learn Has Been A Complete And Intentional Deception To Brainwash Them.

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  • "The Whole Idea Of The Law Merchant Which Is The Law We're Under - Not Constitutional Law - Is To Convert Real Property Into Debt. Our Legal System, Medical Monopoly And Monetary System Are All Designed To Rob You Of Whatever Real Wealth You have And To Put It Into The hands Of The International Zionist Bankers - Eustace Mullins "The Rape Of Justice - America's Tribunal Exposed" - Download This Book Here

  • The Rothschilds Declare War On The United States

    "That same year (1862) The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, 'If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.'”

  • Source: Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"

  • Editor's Note: The above quote from a London newspaper in 1862 reveals the concern that the House of Rothschild and British Monarchy had in regard to President Abraham Lincoln's printing of American currency, after Lincoln refused to borrow the Rothschilds' currency at 19 percent interest, in order to finance the Civil War of 1863.

    Lincoln's refusal to borrow money from the House of Rothschild was a direct threat to the Rothschilds' control over the global economy.

    The Rothchilds' solution was to orchestrate the murder of President Lincoln and to devise a way in which they could collude with the British Monarchy to takeover the United States for once and for all.

    They would achieve this by getting their own representatives elected to the U.S. Congress, and then using these representatives to pass treasonous legislation which was then used to destroy the American Republic.

    The first of these crimes came with Congresses passage of the treasonous Legislative *Act of 1871, which created a new corporate constitution for the United States that has since been used to usurp our organic Constitution of 1787.

    *Author G. Edward Griffin claims to have unearthed evidence that the Legislative Act of 1871 was abolished a few years after it was created, which may be true. However, the Constitution which was used to replace our original 1787 Constitution remains in place.

    In addition to this, the fact that the 13Th Amendment - which referred to titles of nobility not being used by the elected leadership of the United States - was never repealed, yet removed from the new version of the U.S. Constitution, remains problematic.

    The Congress removed the 13Th Amendment from the Constitution illegally.

    This is especially important when considering that the 13Th Amendment also prohibited lawyers from obtaining employment within the U.S. Federal Government, since a large percentage of U.S. politicians are lawyers, as are all of the judges in the United States.

    There is also evidence to suggest that there were two 16Th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution; the first of these was included in the original Constitution drafted in 1787, and had nothing to do with the imposition of an income tax.

    The "second" 16Th Amendment was illegally ratified in 1913. This Amendment allowed the American workers' wages to be taxed.

    Along with the treasonous passage of the Federal Reserve Act, which removed the power from Congress to coin and regulate the value of U.S. Currency, and placed it into the hands of a cartel of counterfeiters and launders who would operate under the newly created Federal Reserve Bank, the American middle class became the target of one of the most clandestine forms of class warfare in human history.

    A man by the name of Bill Benson has offered irrefutable proof that this second version of the 16Th Amendment was never legally ratified. Benson's information continues to plague the U.S. Congress, as well as the Internal Revenue and Federal Reserve System, since they are doing everthing possible to cover up their own complicity in enforcing an Amendment which they know was never legally ratified. They have gone so far as censuring Benson in order to prevent him from circulating his information.

    The United States of America has been subverted by this cadre of criminals ever since that time, and remains so to this very day. This has also resulted in the complete subversion of the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government, which remain a front for this Anglo-Zionist cadre of war profiteers, whose counterfeiting and money laundering operations have been used to destroy the wealth of once great nations like the United States, while furtively enslaving the citizens of these nations under the tyrannical Roman law of Lex Fori.

    ** Like President Lincoln, Russia's nobility also refused to deal with the Rothschild Family, which had a "closed door" policy which banned the Rothschilds from Russia. This would eventually result in the Rothchilds' utilization of one of their American representatives, Jacob Schiff, to use 20 million dollars of his own money to finance the Bolshevik Revolution, which removed Russia's nobility from power while placing the country under the furtive control of the House of Rothschild.

    From that time on, Russia has been a Communist country controlled by the Zionist Jews who along with the British Monarchy, also control the United States of America through the Federal Reserve System.

    This makes the United States Federal Government Communistic in its ideals, regardless of how cleverly this has been concealed from the American people. And it is the Rothschilds' propaganda machine in America - the U.S. Intelligence community and its control over the U.S. media through Operation Mockingbird - that has made this deception of the American people possible.

    Neutralizing The Alternative Journalist

    This author has noticed how cleverly the Rothschild financed and controlled U.S. Intelligence community (which was created by Nazis smuggled into the United States under the newly created CIA's Project Paperclip of the late 1940's) has been able to infiltrate the alternative journalist community on the Internet.

    The result has been that many credible investigative journalists and government whistle blowers have been manipulated into attacking one another and spending their time both defending their own actions while demonizing their opposition.

    This forces them to stop conducting much of their valuable research into government crimes while expending most of their time and energy attacking their opponents.

    This results in the neutralization of these journalists whether they realize it or not.

    Is there a logical solution to this adversity?

    Actually there is.

    The solution is to ignore their opposition and go back to the investigative reporting that was good enough to make these men and women targets of this government COINTELPRO operation in the first place.

    If these journalists were not conducting useful research the government would not be spending money employing Intel agents to neutralize them.

    With this in mind, imagine if all of the alternative journalists who have been tricked into battling with one another suddenly decided to go back to their investigative research, how this would completely frustrate the Intel community's efforts to neutralize them.

    The bottom line is that an alternative journalist doesn't have the resources to battle a government sponsored smear campaign, whose agents make their livings conducting such covert and illegal operations.

    So why bother to aid and abet these agents by wasting your valuable time being drawn into their provocations?

    The same is true with the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, where by simply ignoring these Orwellian vigilantes, you can neutralize many of their criminal campaigns against your person.

    After all, these people are being used to commit clearly identifiable crimes under Title 18 of the United States Code, since stalking is a crime. And that means that stalking in large numbers is an even worse crime. And the oftentimes horrific crimes being committed by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex with their classified electronic warfare technology, must be considered to be crimes against humanity.

    What you will also find is that as you succeed in neutralizing them, the crimes these provocateurs commit against your person will become more aggressive, clearly identifying them as the criminal conspirators that they are.

    Those who desecrate the United States Bill of Rights for their own criminal and treasonous agenda.

    Be smart and don't allow them to draw you into their machinations. Also remember that any government that would secretly brain fingerprint its own people and then attempt to murder those who know about such a treasonous act, should be abolished.

    - James F. Marino

    The United States Of America Is A Corporation

    Not A Country!

    So Why Is The U.S. Congress Concealing This From Americans?

    "An Act to provide a government for the District Of Columbia. Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States and Congress assembled, that part of the territory of the United States included within the District of Columbia be, and the sum is hereby created into a government by the name of the District Of Columbia.

    Its name is hereby constituted a body corporate for municipal purposes, and may be contract and contracted with, sue and be sued."

    - 41St Congress Session 3, Chapter 62 1871

    The crux of the above declaration is that the District Of Columbia is the home of the corporation known as the United States Federal Government. And contrary to the disinformation that American children are taught in school, the United States is a corporation much like any other corporation such as IBM, General Electric, Kelloggs or Microsoft.

    Americans already had a government based on the U.S. Constitution which was created in 1787. The Legislative Act of 1871 created a new corporate government which has been used to usurp our Constitutional Government, while destroying our inherent rights as American citizens.

    The *readers will note that the Legislative Act of 1871 created a government for the District Of Columbia - not the American people.

    * Over the past two years this blog has averaged more than 15 million readers each month, in spite of the FBI/NSA electronic tampering of this Website.

    This corporate government is totally contrary to our real Constitution of 1787, and is presently being used to make the American citizenry slaves to the British Monarchy, the House of Rothschild and their Vatican overlords, through the destruction of American jobs and illegal taxation which is used as a covert form of class warfare.

    This triumvirate is responsible for the imminent collapse of the global financial markets, as well as Standard and Poor's recent downgrading of America's credit rating, which has got the Obama Administration looking for a place to hide, since this collapse will finish off the U.S. economy, leaving Americans with only one logical choice - to abolish the U.S. corporate government, the Federal Reserve System and IRS (all three of which were created as part of the agenda to enslave the American people to the British Monarchy), and to reestablish the gold standard in the United States.

    In 1913, the British Monarchy and the House of Rothschild colluded with certain corrupt politicians to secretly take control of the U.S. economy by passing the Federal Reserve Act without the required number of votes to legally ratify it. The same situation occurred earlier that year with the 16Th Amendment, which was also passed without the required number of votes to make it legal.

    In fact, the U.S. Congress has a history of illegally ratifying legislation by passing it without the required number of votes, including the 14Th Amendment.

    The creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1914 would ensure that the U.S. economy would be taken over by the House of Rothschild through its furtive control over the Federal Reserve, and that the American people and the United States would be taken from within without realizing it until the value of the U.S. Dollar was destroyed, and the manufacturing sector which once made the United States the envy of the rest of the world, eroded to the point where it could no longer support the American middle class.

    Something which is now devastating the American people, who continue to lose their jobs and homes as part of the intentionally scaled down economy, while America's youth finds themselves unable to obtain employment after graduating.

    In 1918, The Pittman Act was passed, which resulted in much of the silver coinage which was circulating throughout the United States at the time, suddenly being taken out of circulation and melted down into bullion.

  • Also See: Events Surrounding The Great U.S. Depression

  • The Pittman Act would mark the beginning of a treasonous conspiracy to deceive the American people into believing that paper currency without the backing of gold or silver has intrinsic value, when it does not.

    By 1933, the Rothschilds and the British Monarchy had looted so much of the gold from the Treasury, that Americans were permanently forced off the gold standard under Franklin Roosevelt's Administration, with Roosevelt's passage of the Gold Confiscation Act.

    Since 1933 the American people have been tricked into using the Federal Reserve System's worthless paper notes as legal tender, which has created the inflation that has brought the United States to the brink of another Depression.

    Not only won't the U.S. Congress admit to this, they are doing everything possible to conceal this fact from the American people, and to destroy any American citizen who is promulgating this information over the Internet. The latest Congress is the most corrupt in history; a Congress in name only which in reality operates as a front for the Anglo-Zionist crime syndicate that controls the U.S. corporation.

    This Congress continues to display its abject arrogance at dismantling the U.S. Bill of Rights, while taking every opportunity to ensure that the majority of Americans are made destitute. This is not by accident in the least, but instead, done intentionally as part of the British Monarchy's dismantling of America, and the enslavement of her citizens.

    - James F. Marino

    Former Governor Jesse Ventura Investigating The Network Of Fusion Centers Which Have Been Used To Turn The United States Of America Into A Police State

  • The Pittman Act Of 1918 Was Used As Part Of The Treasonous Conspiracy To Remove Silver Coinage From The U.S. Economy In Order To Adversely Manipulate This Economy - In 1933, The Gold Confiscation Act Was Used To Remove Gold Coinage From The U.S. Economy, Leaving Americans With A Worthless Paper Currency
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