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The Cover Up Regarding The FBI-BATF Cold Blooded Murders Of Men, Women & Children At The Branch Davidian Church Remains A Travesty

Editor's Note: The following documentary proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the FBI not only started the fire which killed more than 80 men, women and children at the Branch Davidian Church in Waco, Texas in 1993, but that the Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms had no legal reason to enter the property that the Branch Davidians were living on.

This documentary also proves that the FBI and BATF used the mainstream media to lie to the American people by claiming that the Branch Davidians fired the first shots which wounded a BATF agent, when in fact, the agent was wounded while climbing a ladder to the roof of the Branch Davidian Church, when his gun accidentally discharged and shot him in the leg.

The following documentary also shows a BATF agent appearing to fire on three of his fellow agents once they broke a window to this home, and surreptitiously entered it.

The agent is first seen tossing what appears to be a flashbang grenade into the home, and then firing several shots through the window, before he is hit in his helmet. The agent is uninjured, and quickly exits the roof by climbing down a ladder.

However, one must wonder if he murdered the other three agents who had just entered the home through the broken window, and was shot at by one of them before the person died?

Given the poor way that the BATF handled the situation, the FBI was then called in and the BATF forced to move down the road to keep the media from entering the Branch Davidian's property.

Neither the FBI nor the BATF wanted journalists to witness what would turn out to be a mass execution.

The FBI's naked aggression only served to make the situation more incendiary, while increasing tensions between the Branch Davidians and FBI agents at the scene.

As part of the FBI's psychological warfare operations, the sound of rabbits being slaughtered is repeatedly broadcast 24 hours a day, and the Nancy Sinatra song "These Boots Are Made For Walking" is broadcast simultaneously, in efforts to provoke the Branch Davidians into attacking the FBI's agents, which they never did.

Note that one of the lyrics in this song turned out to be profound: "If you play with matches you're going to get burned."

Perhaps a warning at the time that if the Branch Davidians did not surrender, the FBI was going to incinerate them.

Moreover, FBI agents are also reported to have dropped their pants while mooning women and children who were peering out the windows of the Branch Davidian Church in abject terror.

When the Branch Davidians entered the bunkers they built for protection, the FBI started a fire in efforts to incinerate them, while using tanks to destroy stairwells so that the Davidians wouldn't be able to escape. The few Davidians who were not in bunkers were shot at by the FBI's agents when they attempted to flee the burning home, forcing them back into the home where they would be burned to death.

The FBI's official account of what occurred at the Branch Davidian Church is an abject lie, used to conceal its hideous murders of dozens of people.

What's equally disturbing is that several BATF agents may in fact have been set up to be murdered by other BATF agents, using the attack on the Branch Davidians to carry out these assassinations.

Could the murdered agents have been whistleblowers, murdered by the BATF in a plausibly deniable way?

Making matters worse is that when a Congressional investigation was finally initiated, the politicians involved, including Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden, attempted to whitewash the entire situation for political reasons, while blaming the Branch Davidians for setting the fire, even though it was the FBI which was clearly to blame for intentionally setting this deadly fire.

Representative Chuck Schumer asked one of the Branch Davidian's attorneys if his clients had stockpiled any grenades. The attorney then replied that the only grenades found at the scene were flashbang grenades used by the BATF.

When he learned that the Branch Davidians did not maintain a stockpile of grenades, and that only the BATF was using them against the Branch Davidians, Schumer then revealed his own ignorance by claiming that a flashbang grenade is essentially harmless, when in fact, this type of grenade can be deadly at close range.

The Congressional investigation would turn out to be as much of a deception as the FBI-BATF collusion to cover up their cold blooded murders of the Branch Davidians, and further proof that the American people are saddled with a government full of the most despicable of liars; criminals, who will even resort to the use of torture and murder to silence those Americans who can expose this government's horrendous crimes.

*One of the worst crimes of all being the National Security Agency's furtive implementation of a covert national brain fingerprinting program, and its use of a Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network in order to instantly track and spy upon by way of satellite, any American citizen, by electronically targeting the unique set of bioelectric frequencies that apply to that citizen's own brain.

Two years later the FBI and BATF would again deceive the media, when whitewashing the facts behind the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Interestingly enough, the FBI's agents developed a case of the "blue flu" that day, not bothering to show up for work; a clear sign that they knew in advance that the Murrah Building was going to be blown up, yet did nothing to prevent the murders of 168 people on that day, including those of many children.

Once again, without provocation, the U.S. Federal Government managed to get away with crimes that involved the murders of dozens of American citizens.

In 1996, the FBI's leadership would prove itself worthy of an Academy Award in its cover up of the missile downing of TWA Flight 800. In order to conceal the fact that TWA Flight 800 was accidentally shot down during a U.S. Navy training exercise, the FBI concocted the "faulty fuel tank" theory which more than a decade later is still being erroneously promulgated by the U.S. media.

The terrorist attack on the Murrah Building is of interest because the building would have collapsed within its own footprint if all of the bombs planted within its infrastructure had exploded; just like the WTC Towers and building number 7.

A clear indication that Oklahoma City was used as a trial run for the false flag terrorist attacks which took place on 9-11-2001, that this building was infiltrated in advance and planted with explosives, and that the explosive laden van which *Tim Mcveigh was convicted of parking in front of the Murrah Building, was used as a red herring, in order to prevent Americans from learning that the destruction of this building was just part of a much larger U.S. Federal Government conspiracy.

* Mcveigh was clearly being used as just another FBI patsy in order to cover up a much larger agenda by the Zionist controlled U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

Moreover, had all of the bombs planted within the Murrah Building detonated as they were intended to, the building would have collapsed within its own footprint, in the same exact way that the North and South World Trade Center Towers and Building 7 had collapsed; offering further proof that the WTC Towers and WTC Building 7 had been infiltrated long before the actual terrorist attacks took place, and loaded with strategically placed explosives, which were later used to demolish the buildings within their own footprint.

The conspiracy which continues to unravel since 9-11-2001, implicates factions within the U.S. Federal Government leading all the way to the Bush 43 White House, in the treasonous conspiracy which killed more than three thousand Americans on 9-11-2001, and has since been used to destroy the U.S. Bill of Rights, while murdering more than one million other people.

The entire fraudulent war on terror being used as a smokescreen in which the Zionist cabal formerly known as The Project For A New American Century, used the Bush 43 White House and the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, to take furtive control over Iraq and Afghanistan through the installation of two more U.S. controlled puppet governments.

- James F. Marino


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  • Congress More Interested In Politics As Usual
    Than Holding The FBI & BATF Responsible For Mass Murder

    "Once you get your friend's attention with the movie, give him No More Wacos, which meticulously documents and analyzes what went wrong and suggests specific reforms to rein in federal law enforcement. The book, which won last year's Szasz Award from the Center for Independent Thought, relies exclusively on material already in the public record. But Kopel, research director at the Colorado-based Independence Institute, and Blackman, research coordinator for the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action, put it all together in one coherent narrative, with appendices detailing the legal changes they recommend, laying out the chronology, identifying the important figures, and summarizing the negotiation tapes. Their thoroughness makes the book a very useful reference.

    The most startling revelation in Waco: The Rules of Engagement , is that government personnel apparently fired automatic weapons into Mount Carmel during the FBI's assault, deterring the Davidians from escaping the deathtrap their home had become. Two professional analyses of infrared footage shot by a government plane during the assault identified several instances of machine-gun fire coming from the outside.

    As the movie reminds us, the *FBI repeatedly bragged that it did not fire a single round at Waco--an assertion that was not challenged during the congressional hearings.

    *Editor's Note: As usual the FBI was caught lying again.

    Kopel and Blackman complain, with justification, that the hearings degenerated into a partisan battle, with Republicans trying to pin the blame on Clinton appointees, even though the BATF investigation began under the Bush administration and 'almost everything that went wrong at Waco...was the result of acts by career federal employees.'

    But Gazecki's film shows that the Republicans were not the only ones who were willing to obscure the truth for the sake of political advantage.

    Rep. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), for example, clearly saw his job as denying that the government bore any responsibility for what happened to the Davidians.

    In one illustrative exchange, Schumer asked Dick DeGuerin, one of Koresh's lawyers, if it was true that the Davidians were stockpiling grenades. DeGuerin said the only grenades he had seen at Mount Carmel were the ones BATF agents tossed in during their raid. A startled Schumer insisted that the 'flashbang' grenades used by the BATF--which create a bright flash and a loud noise to distract and disorient the enemy--are not really grenades. Later he contemptuously dismissed DeGuerin's testimony: 'Mr. DeGuerin said flashbangers can kill, injure, maim. Anyone who knows anything about these things knows they can't.' But it was Schumer who didn't know what he was talking about: As Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.) noted, flashbangs are classified as 'destructive devices' under federal law, and in response to Barr's questioning a BATF agent conceded that they can kill at close range."


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