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The FBI/CIA Collusion In The Kidnapping Of Publishing Heiress Patricia Hearst -- One Of The Greatest Scams Ever Pulled Off By U.S. Intelligence

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Editor's Notation: In what has become a chronic Intel community attack on this blog, the FBI again electronically interferes with an article this author has posted regarding some aspect of the crimes committed by the Zionist controlled shadow government in the United States. The FBI has electronically tampered with the following article on more than one occasion, and regularly tampers with myriad articles on this Website.

The SLA: Another Instance Of CIA/FBI Collusion
The CIA's Staged Kidnapping Of Patty Hearst

Back in the early 1970's the American people were bombarded by the U.S. media, with stories regarding the kidnapping of publishing heiress, Patricia Hearst. As is usually the case, at least at first, most Americans bought the official story about Hearst being kidnapped by the SLA (Simbionese Liberation Army), and Hearst's being brainwashed by this terrorist organization, in efforts to control her.

Of course, once the late Mae Brussel (one of the greatest alternative journalists of our time and another casualty of the CIA and its treasonous activities) blew the CIA's treasonous and apocryphal tale apart, both the CIA and FBI would be found complicit in an act of collusion which to this day ranks as one of the greatest betrayals of the American people in the history of this country.

Not to mention the California police, many of whom the CIA and FBI used as unwitting pawns in this conspiracy.

As Brussel would later discover through her own excellent research, in the early 1970's the California prison system was in the midst of being restructured; the goal here was to turn the penal system into a legitimate venue for the rehabilitation of male and female prisoners, so that they could reenter society completely reformed.

Such a restructuring of California's prison system would have been very expensive to complete, yet there were many elected representatives within the California legislature, who believed that it was a worthwhile endeavor. And one which they had planned to appropriate funding for.

Once the CIA learned of this the agency immediately fomented a plot in which to destroy this project; a scheme in which the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst would offer them the perfect vehicle for promulgating their own covert propaganda campaign, in which to destroy any chance that California's prison system would have had in being reformed.

A scheme in which Mae Brussel noted that the CIA had used the FBI in which to derail legitimate police investigations into Hearst's disappearance.

Why would the CIA have fomented such a nefarious plot?

Because the House of Rothschild, the most successful crime syndicate to come down the historical pike over the past three centuries, has absolutely no interest in reforming criminals, and instead seeks to use this nation's prison system as more of a concentration camp, than venue for legitimate rehabilitation.

FEMA & Rex 84 serve as further evidence of the Rothschilds' use of the U.S. Federal Government in which to turn decommissioned U.S. Army bases into prison camps under the Rothschilds' global Zionist dictatorship - Who are these camps for? As much of the American middle class as these camps will contain

This is why decades ago the prison system in the United States began a significant and adverse transformation towards privatization; perhaps the best example of this is Wackenhut - a corporation started by a former FBI agent named George Wackenhut in the 1950's and which today is the largest of such companies.

* Note that Wackenhut Security Systems experienced significant growth in the 1970's. And not long after the CIA's kidnapping of Patty Hearst. The timing here is not coincidental either; especially when one considers Wackenhut's long-term association with the CIA. Both organizations are monopolistic in their existence; Wackenhut in privatizing the global prison system and the CIA in its global drug trafficking/money laundering operations.

Both organizations are also monopolistic in their common agenda in which to turn this planet into a sophisticated electronic dictatorship, and largely complicit in turning America into the technocratic police state that it has become; one in which under the House of Rothschilds' furtive rule, no citizen, certainly no citizen who lives amongst the American middle class (much less the global middle class), has any privacy left.

At the genesis of the CIA's plan to prevent the restructuring of the California prison system, was the CIA's orchestration and financing of the group who'd later be made infamous by the U.S. media for kidnapping Patty Hearst - the Simbionese Liberation Army.

The last time that this author posted this information, the Intel community immediately began electronically tampering with the *hyperlink to the article.

*Another Covert CIA Agenda At The Expense Of The American People

They did the same when I wrote an article regarding the CIA's likely execution of socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer, after Meyer attempted to convince John F. Kennedy to end the Vietnam War.

The CIA's Murder Of A Washington Socialite Who Simply Knew Too Much About Their Criminal Activities

Just two of the myriad times in which either the FBI, NSA or some of their provocateurs committed a felony by electronically hacking this blog.

The following two hyperlinks are in regard to the book written by Mae Brussel, which exposes the CIA/FBI collusion in the Hearst kidnapping and subsequent cover up. This book is entitled : "Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?"

The second link will take you to an interview with Mae Brussel in regard to this book.

Let's see how long it takes Intel to electronically tamper with this latest post, since they in some way electronically tamper with this Website virtually everyday.

Why was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?

Inside the Kidnapping Of Patricia Hearst

It is blogs like this one which the Intel community's attempting to remove from the Internet, because they document the House of Rothschilds' furtive control over the three branches of the United States Federal Government, as well as the complete fraud that this government has become under the Rothschilds' puppet leadership.

How else can you explain the existence of a criminal counterfeiter and money launderer like the Rothschild controlled Communist central bank, the Federal Reserve System, being allowed to exist in the United States since the early 1900's, without these Zionist Jewish bankers ever being arrested for looting the United States Treasury?

And while fomenting a plot in which to covertly subvert our Federal Government for their own treasonous agenda?

Why do you think that under one of the House of Rothschilds' most successful puppets, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, it became a crime to use real money (gold and silver) as legal tender?

Because by the 1930's, the Rothschilds had stolen so much of the gold from the U.S. Treasury, that there was no longer enough to support the business conducted through the U.S. economy. So the American people were used to unwittingly launder the House of Rothschilds' counterfeited debtor notes to make purchases for real estate, businesses, automobiles and other goods, while the Rothschilds quietly enslaved us to their criminal empire through the use of their usury lending practices.

Through the CIA's covert takeover of the U.S. media in 1948 -- as the direct result of Operation Mockingbird -- the Rothschilds maintain furtive control over the U.S. media. And this is how the House of Rothchild has been able to successfully operate its Communist central bank (doing business in the United States as the Federal Reserve System), without the Federal Reserve's board of directors being arrested for counterfeiting and laundering their Federal Reserve debtor notes through the U.S. economy.

And now the Rothschilds want to take complete control of the Internet, given that it's the last venue for free expression, and there are myriad Websites in the blogosphere which document the Rothschilds' criminal history and usurpation of the U.S. Federal Government through the Federal Reserve System.

The Rothschilds' control over the U.S. Intelligence community can be further noted in its attempt to use the NSA to takeover the Internet through a partnership with Google (the Internet's largest search engine).

A Google/NSA alliance will give the NSA (the Rothschilds' most technologically sophisticated spy in the United States) the ability to quickly dominate the Internet, so that blogs like this one will be removed as part of the Rothschilds' censuring of the last venue of free speech on this planet.

Google will become nothing more than another of the myriad cover organizations of the National Security Agency.

This author has also noted that Google's purchase of Blogger a few years ago, gives it dominant control over the Blogosphere - one of the main reasons why the NSA wants to add Google to its roster of covert spy organizations.

The American Civil Liberties Union has also publicized its concerns over such an alliance between Google and the NSA.

In all likelihood, the *ACLU is concerned over even more serious problems, such as the NSA's covert brain fingerprinting of the American people through its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. This is also why the ACLU filed a **FOIA request in 2006 with the NSA, FBI, CIA, Pentagon and DHS, regarding their use of advanced brainscanning technologies. A request which the ACLU has never received a valid answer to; if in fact they have received any response at all.

Moreover, the ACLU is now familiar with Akwei VS NSA, which is why they filed this **FOIA request in the first place. When they filed this request they must have known from its clandestine history, that neither the Pentagon nor its U.S. Intel associates would ever answer such a request.

**Freedom Of Information Act request

However, after reading the disturbing content in Akwei VS NSA, the ACLU wanted to be on record with the American people for at least attempting to obtain further information on this Nazi-minded spy technology, as more Americans continue to document their own experiences as targets of such government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation.

* The New York branch of the ACLU filed this request shortly after this author e-mailed the New York chapter of the ACLU with a copy of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA.
In doing so, this author stated my concerns about the American people being secretly brain fingerprinted by the NSA, and that given their public challenges to the U.S. Intelligence community regarding its violations of the 4TH Amendment, certain ACLU members might also be subjected to the NSA's remote neural monitoring of their thoughts via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

It has been four years since I sent this e-mail to the ACLU, and I am now more certain than ever that the NSA is being used to electronically brand American citizens as though we were nothing more than heads of cattle. A most frightening thought, and one consistent with the House of Rothschilds' intent to create a global Zionist dictatorship. Something which the American people must make certain is never allowed to occur.

- James F. Marino

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