Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Amero Will Soon Replace The U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar & Peso As The Only Currency Available In The United States

Americans Moving Towards A Cashless Society

It was recently announced that U.S. Savings Bonds will no longer be available as paper, but instead can only be purchased and stored electronically. This is yet another example of the British Monarchy's intent to turn the United States into a cashless society, while eliminating the borders between the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Once this occurs, the United States, like Canada and Mexico, will cease to exist as a *country, but will instead become The North American Union - one branch of the British Monarchy-House of Rothschild Zionist world government dictatorship.

* In reality, the United States hasn't been a country since 1871, when the Congress committed one of its highest crimes of treason - the passage of the Legislative Act of 1871. The Legislative Act of 1871 was used to turn the United States into a corporation which is presently located in the District Of Columbia; better known as Washington D.C.

The Legislative Act would effectively make all American citizens unwitting slaves to the British Monarchy and its House of Rothschild money trust. This is why the Federal Reserve System is allowed to counterfeit and launder its Reserve Notes in the United States without being abolished, or investigated by the FBI; even though the Federal Reserve's crimes against the American people are outrageous, and known by the U.S. Congress, Judiciary, White House, and Department Of Justice.


  • The United States Is A Corporate Holding Of The British Monarchy

  • Moreover, all paper currency, as well as pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters will no longer be accepted as legal tender, and confiscated, just as gold was in 1933, after President Franklin Roosevelt passed the Gold Confiscation Act.

    What this means is that the bank where you keep your currency can electronically turn off the microchip in the card which you use to access your account, just as can be done currently with your credit card, thus leaving you without any money for the basic necessities in life such as food and clothing.

    If you own a home or live in an apartment, this electronic interference will prevent you from paying your bills which can result in the loss of your home, or your being evicted.

    Whether they realize it or not, this is where the American middle class is headed, since the North American Free Trade Agreement is yet another tool of the wealthy which will enable them to further and more aggressively conduct class warfare against the American middle class.

    - James F. Marino

    * What should shock all Americans is that with the exception of Lou Dobbs, no one else in the media has ever even mentioned this high crime of treason. Perhaps that's why Dobb's home was shot at a few years ago, which led to his sudden resignation from CNN in November of 2009. The Dobbs who has recently returned to the broadcast industry appears to be a meeker person than the earlier Dobbs, who built his reputation on challenging the U.S. status quo. The government's ability to threaten one's livelihood as well as one's life, can intimidate the most tenacious of personalities, as we've seen with Lou Dobbs.

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