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CIA Disinfo Agent Barbara Politis Hartwell Also Exposed As A Lying FBI Snitch Who Aids & Abets The FBI COINTELPRO Against This Author

  • Barbara Politis Hartwell Laid Bare - The Truth About This Lying Con Artist Who Conveniently Leaves Out Any Information Which Proves That She Has Lied About Her Background, While Conning The Public Out Of Money - Politis Hartwell Is Incarnated Evil

  • Editor's Note: The FBI recently disables the link to the following post regarding CIA disinformation lowlife Barbara Politis Hartwell; Politis Hartwell also aids and abets the FBI in its COINTELPRO attack against this author. Why would the FBI give a damn about Politis Hartwell? Because she is an FBI snitch who sought help from the FBI when she attempted to flee from the CIA and likely traded on some of the info she had for the FBI's protection.

    However, trading on information with the FBI doesn't last long with the FBI's "what did you do for us today attitude," and Politis Hartwell was likely right back to where she started when she gave the FBI the information she had, and the FBI then dropped her like the proverbial hot stove.

    Politis Hartwell is also surrounded by unsavory characters who are quite dangerous, and continues to circulate disinformation in order stay alive. If Politis Hartwell was no longer an asset to the CIA, she'd be dead by now.

    However, that doesn't mean that she's not above taking a few bucks when the FBI comes calling for a favor, which is how the FEDS managed to use her in their psywarfare attack on this author. Once you start trading on info with the FBI, they own you.

    Politis Hartwell is a religious fanatical freak, who claims to have conversations with God, and who brandishes religion as a weapon; a pathological liar who continues to con the public out of money, while using her blog of swill in which to demonize those who expose her for the miscreant she is.

    Politis Hartwell also states that this author supports Barack Obama, which is another of the myriad lies which this CIA mind controlled puppet promulgates. One must also wonder how much the FBI pays this lying snitch to take part in its attacks on this author.

    Barbara Politis Hartwell is incarnated evil.

    A quick trip through Politis Hartwell's blog, and you realize that she's for sale. The only question is how low will she stoop when it comes to soliciting the public for money? What's also obvious is that Politis Hartwell does not offer her blather to the public out of altruism, but instead, in an attempt in which to hustle them out of their hard earned wages; a particularly despicable act, given the terrible financial condition that the American public is in.

    Moreover, this author must note that Politis Hartwell is merely the latest minion of the FBI's, which this Gestapo has used in regard to its COINTELPRO attack of my person. And if it wasn't Politis Hartwell, it would be someone else. The FBI has far too much lose if this author remains alive, given that the FBI's crimes against my person are amongst the worst violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights ever documented, and a further indictment of the dictatorship which furtively controls the United States of America. The FBI's agents of Satan are torturers and murderers who excuse their own outrageous criminality, while attempting to covertly torture and murder those whom they target for some form of COINTELPRO sting. Such incarnated evil brings to mind the most despicable tyrants in human history. And the FBI has now comfortably secured its place amongst such evil.

    FBI Broke Law For Years In Phone Record Searches

    Nothing About The FBI's Anthrax Story Adds Up - Now That The FBI Has Closed Its Case Stating That The Late Dr. Bruce Ivins Was The Anthrax Mailer - Another Blatant Lie By The FBI - One Must Wonder If Dr. Phillip Zack Is The Real Anthrax Mailer & Why The FBI Would Be Covering Up For Dr. Zack?

    It Took 120 FBI Scum To Arrest 1 Student - Further Evidence Of How Poorly Utilized FBI Agents Are & How They Employ Even More Outrageous Gestapo Tactics In The Modern Day Than They Did In The 1950's When The FBI's Despicable COINTELPRO Operations Were Initiated Under The Head Of This Americanized Gestapo - John Edgar Hoover

    Barbara Politis Hartwell

    EVIL CIA Disinfo Agent

    Editor's Note: For the past few years Barbara Politis-Hartwell has routinely attacked this author with her libel, while I simply took note of what she was doing. Today, I finally had enough of this vicious liar, and offer the following on this CIA disinformation agent/FBI provocateur.

    As a result of the following post on Politis-Hartwell, the FBI also tampers with this author's account, completely deleting the e-mail portion of the account, so that I can no longer receive E-mail from merchants with whom I do business on the Internet. This is another example of how the FBI electronically hacks into this author's online accounts, whether it be Blogger, Angelfire,,, or any other electronic medium which this author utilizes. Intel simply interferes with any part of a COINTELPRO target's life, while in complete violation of the Constitutional rule of law. The real issue regarding Intel's attack on this author is the NSA's electronic brain fingerprinting of the American people. Something the Intel community, nor our elected representatives are ever going to admit to, knowing that if they do so, they will admit to the military intelligence dictatorship which secretly governs the United States.

    One can only imagine what would happen if these elected officials actually admitted to such a treasonous deception. However, John St. Clair Akwei has offered the most important information on this deception in his lawsuit against the NSA, and will ultimately be responsible for helping to change the course of American History, as Americans realize that their government was long ago subverted, and that they must now reinstate their Constitutional Republic, and restore the United States of America to her former glory. It is men like Akwei, and author Eustace Mullins who are the true American patriots; those whom the American people will eventually recognize as being responsible for the turn around in this country.

    *Immediately after posting that the FBI orchestrates the deletion of this author's Email account, the account is restored. This is typical of the daily gaslighting tactics which this author (as well as myriad others) is subjected to under the Intel community's psychological warfare operations. Covert tactics used in which to take someone who is sane, and intentionally abuse them until they display psychotic behavior. Such miscreants, whether they are government agents, or the communities of organized stalkers which can now be found throughout the United States, are incarnated evil.

    "It would also appear that *'babbles' - real name Barbara Politis-Hartwell - CIA disinfo agent and FBI provocateur (who obviously visits "9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations" frequently), has now also acknowledged that John St. Clair Akwei is a 'legitimate government whistle blower' (Politis-Hartwell's own words), that the information contained within his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA is accurate (which includes the NSA's remote neural monitoring of the body's electromagnetic field via spy satellite), and that the population in the United States has been electronically brain fingerprinted by the NSA.

    Something which I have been stating on the Internet since 2005 based on my own experience as a target of illegal NSA surveillance."

    - James F. Marino

    FBI COINTELPRO Target/NSA Satellite Prisoner

    Barbara Politis-Hartwell

    Slick CIA Disinfo Agent/FBI Provocateur

    *If you have ever read any of Politis-Hartwell's libelous and gossipy posts, you will realize just how appropriate her nickname, babbles, really is. She babbles on and on until the reader is practically dozing off at their computer. Most of her posts are either outright lies, or outrageous exaggerations. For example, she recently states that I work on my expensive sailboat, leading the reader to believe that this author owns a boat which costs a lot of money. However, my expensive sailboat is a 1981 Cape Dory Typhoon that is worth all of $4000! A boat which I have not sailed since 2001, and will no longer launch, out of concern that the organized stalking groups which the FBI has intentionally deployed against this author, will damage while on her mooring. This type of deception, is typical of what agencies like the FBI and CIA use in taking a piece of information, and then completely distorting it for their own criminal intent.

    My "Yacht" Windsong

    Yeah, that's a real expensive boat babbles. Get back on your medication!

    Politis-Hartwell also accuses this author of being a Barack Obama supporter, by citing the only post which I ever wrote which encouraged Americans to give Obama a fair chance to undue the years of damage that George W. Bush and his criminal administration had done to this country.

    However, when it became clear that Obama was nothing but another Zionist puppet, I wrote a number of other posts which were not in support of President Obama; posts which Politis-Hartwell (given her constant visits to this site is more than aware of), deliberately excluded for her own disinformation agenda. This is further evidence of Politis-Hartwell's duplicity and that she is a pathologial liar.

    The following posts written by this author are clearly not in support of Barack Obama.

    President Obama's Praise Of The FBI Is Innappropriate Given The Bureau's Criminal History

    The Revanchist & The Socialist - The Real Barack Obama - Zbigniew Brzezinski Protege

    Politis-Hartwell is even caught telling several white lies which makes you wonder about her own sanity; In 2010 she stated that she was 57 years of age, when a simple check on an Internet database proves that she is actually 60 years old.

    Politis Hartwell also states that she owns the house she lives in, however, a *Title search reveals that the house which Politis-Hartwell lives in is owned by someone else. She has also claimed to hold a divinity degree which would require Politis Hartwell to have earned an undergraduate degree first. However, she has never earned an undergraduate degree, so how can she have a graduate degree from an accredited college with a divinity program? She can't.

    Why would Politis-Hartwell make up lies which could be easily exposed in which to destroy her credibility? Because she is a pathological liar.

    *This Title search was conducted by someone else whom Politis-Hartwell has been slandering, and further proof that Politis-Hartwell does lie.

    *FBI provocateur and evil CIA disinfo agent Barbara Politis Hartwell recently threatens this author with the following post, showing just how deranged this foul mouthed evil miscreant, Barbara Politis Hartwell, really is:

    "Marino: You are pond scum. And mark my words, you will suffer the consequences of your unwarranted and ill-advised attacks on Barbara Hartwell."

    Obviously, Politis-Hartwell doesn't like the fact that the "truth" about this CIA disinfo agent/FBI provocateur con artist has now been circulated on my Website (as well as those of many of her other victims), and that millions of my readers now know that Barbara Politis Hartwell is a total criminal fraud, and that this low life "CIA mind controlled miscreant" has now threatened to harm my person!As for calling this author pond scum, the fact is that Politis-Hartwell is nothing but a piece of CIA disinfo garbage.

    *Editor's Note: Intel recently uses the following *provocateur, Barbara Politis-Hartwell, in an attempt to get this Blog taken down by using her Blog in which to demonize this author in one of the FBI's duplicitous provocation schemes. There is no doubt that the FBI is behind this latest scheme, and using this miserable shill to perpetrate it. This is the 3RD attempt in which Intel has used this provocateur alone to incite a situation in which the FBI could attempt to have this site removed with plausible deniability. There have been a myriad of such attempts since this author began this Blog in June of 2006. After putting up with all of the insults that any one person can stand from this lowlife guttersnipe, this Intel shill is finally exposed by another target of her malicious lies.

    *New Age Greek Liar's Past Exposed - Another Of Barbara Politis Hartwell's Victims Finally Gets Tired Of This Nasty CIA Shill - Note That This Information Is In The Public Domain & Hartwell Intentionally Refrains From Publishing It On Her Website

    Also See:

    Who Is Barbara Hartwell? An Expose On This CIA Disinfo Fraud Which Hartwell (maiden name Politis) Also Intentionally Refrains From Publishing On Her Website - And When You Read This Information On This Intel Con Artist You'll Know Why

    "What also becomes obvious to anyone who takes the time to read enough of Barbara Hartwell's writing is to realize that this woman is living in a dream world in her mind. She sees herself as a Don Quixote-like warrior with a persecution complex that diffuses and bleeds through her rhetoric like fine oil on blotter paper. It's easy to miss this because Hartwell is a skilled writer and presents her expositions in a logical (although thoroughly untruthful) layout, yet the psychosis is there, once you begin to focus on it. Her insulting language is loud, harsh, and emotionally charged, so you are mostly overwhelmed by the coarseness of her invective, but if you can divest yourself of an emotional reaction to her jarring words and regain your sensitivity, you can then more plainly see the pathetic individual behind the Dragon Fire front."

    -- Ken Adachi

    Ken Adachi Exposes Barbara Politis Hartwell As A CIA Disinfo Agent & Is Then Demonized By Hartwell For Having Done So

    Aaron James also recently exposed Politis-Hartwell as a CIA disinfo agent when she called into a radio program James was being interviewed on. James has now also exposed Politis-Hartwell as a threat to his Mother and person, and identified her as a CIA disinfo agent. Barbara Politis-Hartwell is a cunning liar who aids and abets the FBI in taking part in its COINTELPRO attacks on legitimate targets.

    Politis-Hartwell is not a legitimate whistleblower and never has been. She also has a history of posting on a regular basis for about six months out of the year, and then disappearing for the other six months. God only knows where she goes during that time - perhaps another con which requires her to take time away from the Internet?

    Moreover, before Politis-Hartwell takes these hiatuses in her posts, she usually leaves very long winded posts on her Blog which describe her near poverty level, and that she can't survive for much longer without as she terms them "Christian Charity or Love Contributions."

    At first Politis-Hartwell's pleas for money are very compelling, and there was a time when even this author bought into Politis-Hartwell's creative panhandling scheme. Many people did, several of whom once donated to Politis-Hartwell's financial scheme in which to defraud the public of their money. That is until they wised up to what this scam artist was doing, and the donations dried up.

    Politis-Hartwell has been leaving the same type of misleading post each time she takes such a hiatus, going back to at least 2005, yet Politis-Hartwell still manages to show up back on the Internet in time for the Christmas Holidays each year, in which to solicit (in other words scam) Internet surfers out of their money. Why the Christmas Holidays? Because this is the time of year that most people donate to legitimate charities, and Politis-Hartwell understands this and seeks to cash in on it by fleecing the public based on her lies.

    Moreover, anyone who is in the financial trouble that Politis-Hartwell claims to be in, would have been homeless years ago. However, she still manages to live in a comfortable New England home, owned by another person - even though Politis-Hartwell has claimed that she herself owns this home - a blatant lie. And only one of many which this Intel provocateur continues to dupe the public with. This author has caught Politis-Hartwell telling myriad lies to the public.

    Futhermore, in taking part in such duplicity, Politis-Hartwell also makes herself complicit in the FBI's attempted murder of such targets via the psychological operations which she herself deploys on her own Website; psychological operations used to drive these Intel victims to the commission of suicide.

    Barbara Politis-Hartwell is a liar and fraud, who takes part in the very types of despicable and unconstitutional COINTELPRO operations which she claims to expose on her Website. She has been targeting this author for several years now, and is used by the FBI in its illegal COINTELPRO operation against this author.

    It would be wise to avoid this lying Intel con artist, Barbara Politis-Hartwell, at all costs. And if you enjoy works of fiction, your time would be much better spent reading some of the great literary works of the 19Th and 20Th Centuries, than wasting your time on Politis-Hartwell's COINTELPRO derived Website. Or as another of her detractors has described it: "through her (Politis-Hartwell's) swamp land rhetoric."

    Also See:

    COINTELPRO Target Aaron James Exposes Barbara Hartwell As A CIA Disinfo Agent & A Malicious Liar

    Barbara Hartwell, Founder & CEO of MC Liars, Inc.


    "Xena said,
    February 17, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    "Barbara Politis Hartwell is a vicious Greek lying bitch who has nothing better to do than to sit on her lazy whore ass all day, harassing patriots on the net. She has now resorted to plagiarism, as she not only has slandered me on her POS [piece of s**t] blog today, she also had lifted paragraphs from some of my content on my website without properly citing the source of text. I have already filed a DMCA notice against Google, and I will resort to other actions should Barbara Politis continue with her harassing, cyberstalking garbage."

    The source of this comment can be found at:

    Another of Hartwell's Victims Exposes This CIA Disinfo Artist FBI Provocateur

    Also see a post which this author wrote in regard to Politis-Hartwell (the disinfo agent/FBI provocateur in 2007), after Politis-Hartwell is used by FBI agents in which to provoke this author, through a vicious psychological operation the FBI conducts against my person. Politis-Hartwell is nothing but a vicious parasite whose weapons of choice are slander and libel, depending on whether she is running her big foul mouth or libeling her victims through her sadistic and fraudulent writings. Politis-Hartwell's loyalty is to the very Intel community whom she claims to despise.

    Jim said,
    March 12, 2010 at 6:34 am

    "Barbara Politis Hartwell is an excellent source of disinformation, who routinely slanders and libels anyone who exposes her for the criminal fraud she is.

    Xena Carpenter exposes the fact that Politis Hartwell has no undergraduate degree, and questions how Politis Hartwell can claim to have a divinity degree without an undergraduate degree, and gets lambasted for it.

    Carpenter then does a title search which proves that Politis Hartwell has also lied when claiming that she owns her own home, when the home is owned by someone else.

    Politis Hartwell’s blog reads like a who’s who of those whom she claims are out to get her each week, however it offers absolutely nothing in the way of legitimate whistle blowing. Politis Hartwell lives in a glass house and throws stones – then complains when those whom she wrongs expose her as the fraud she is..

    The only thing Politis Hartwell is blowing is smoke!"

    Good Riddance -- I Retract My Former Support For Barbara Hartwell Learning First Hand Why One Person Refers To Her As The Merchant Of Venom

    And the following:

    FBI/NSA Provocateurs Intentionally Demonize This Author For My First Hand Corroboration Of The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network
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