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Peter Paul: Bill & Hillary Clinton Committed The Largest Fraud Regarding Election Funding In History, By Denying Taking $2 Million In Contributions

The Government Sponsored Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking Has So Overwhelmed The United States, That Even The Mainstream Media Can No Longer Ignore This Covert Form Of Psychological Warfare & Government Orchestrated Terrorism

"In November, 1972, Richard M. Nixon was re-elected President. One month later, on behalf of the Nixon White House, America's secret political police, the American Gestapo, the FBI, and the American CIA, arranged to sabotage a commercial airplane headed for Chicago. On board were twelve Watergate figures, including Dorothy Hunt, wife of the Watergate burglar, E. Howard Hunt. They had reportedly blackmailed two million dollars out of Nixon threatening, among other things, to publicize documents they had showing Tricky Dick, along with top officials of the FBI and the CIA, had planned and carried out the political assassination of President John F. Kennedy"

The FBI Had Evidence That There Were At Least Two Survivors In The Plane Carrying Congressmen Hale Boggs & Nick Begich Senior & Deliberately Kept This Information From A Search Party And The American People While These Men Were Left To Die A Horrible Death

The Pathological Hillary Clinton
Now She's Trying To Con Her Way
Into Heading The Rothschilds' World Bank

Editor's Note: In the following conversation, Clinton benefactor, Peter Paul, describes how Bill and Hillary Clinton managed to conceal more than a million dollars of campaign contributions from Paul, for her 2000 senatorial run in New York State. Paul also describes how the Clintons engineered the bankrupting of animator Stan Lee's company.

Bill and Hillary Clinton and their chicanery are hardly unique in the political realm. They are typical of what the U.S. Corporation in Washington D.C. attempts to pass off as legitimate leadership.

Then again, America hasn't been a legitimate country with a genuine Constitution since 1871, when the Legislative Act of 1871 was passed, and used to turn the United States into a corporation, while destroying the American people's sovereignty.

So why should our leadership be anything but bogus and corrupt?

Americans need to abolish the U.S. Corporation in Washington D.C., and to remove the Federal Reserve System and the IRS from power, and to then reinstate our organic Constitution of 1787, along with a government that answers to "We The People," and not the triumvirate which secretly controls the United States: The Vatican, The British Monarchy and its Rothschild banksters - those who also maintain furtive control over the media system of disinformation in the United States; a system which continues to be used to dumb us down, while stealing the North American continent right out from under us.

- James F. Marino

Some "FACTS" About The United States Corporation That The Elected Leadership In Washington DC Would Prefer You Not Know
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