Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Organized Stalking Makes It To The Mainstream Media As Accounts Of This National Crime Spree Continue To Be Publicized

Target Of Signals Intelligence Computer To Brain Interface
Accuses The FBI Of Using Mind Control Technology

Mind Control Target Snaps

Attempts To Destroy FBI Computers

In the above video, a man by the name of James Kromer who attempted to run his vehicle into the Minneapolis office of the FBI, mistakenly crashed it into a college building instead, doing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Kromer stated that his reason for the attack involved his intent to destroy the "mind control machinery" that the FBI was using to torture him.

This man's allegations may sound outlandish, however, there are quite literally, thousands of people on the Internet who are corroborating his accounts (including this author), each of whom has their own nightmarish story to tell, regarding their use as targets of classified government financed programs, which involve the use of a national brain fingerprinting network, first documented two decades ago by a government whistle blower by the name of John St. Clair Akwei.

In his 1992 lawsuit against the National Security Agency, Akwei refers to a clandestine program which is being used to deploy a remote form of wireless functional magnetic resonance imaging (brain scanning) technology on an unwitting American public, in order to conduct what can only be described as a modern day and far more advanced version of the CIA's MKULTRA mind control program of the 1950's.

This time around, instead of using a laboratory, the Intelligence community is using the U.S. population as unwitting lab rats.

This technology, which Akwei has stated is being deployed through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, is capable of both retrieving information from the human brain, as well as implanting information into one's brain - all without the targeted person ever realizing that these Orwellian crimes are being perpetrated against them.

And without the need to implant the targeted person with a microchip, since the person's own unique electromagnetic field is exploited to perpetrate these crimes.

This means that the entire population of this planet can be subjected to such satellite predation, as the result of remotely targeting each person's brain's own unique EMF field.

Moreover, the nature of these crimes is dependent on the specific person being targeted, since many of these high tech attacks involve the use of tailor-made psychological warfare campaigns, which are used to fit the psychological profile of the person. And done with the express intent of causing as much psychological damage to the person as possible.

Furthermore, in the instance of James Kromer, while there's no way of knowing if the FBI was directly responsible for the psychotronic attacks on this man (the Bureau has had access to psychotronic technology since the mid 1990's at the direction of the Department of Justice), there's little doubt that prior to this incident he had been targeted for non consensual human experimentation by some government agency.

There's also no doubt that the FBI, as well as the rest of the intelligence community in the United States, is lying to the public by claiming that this mind invasive technology does not exist, while both the Bureau and the media continue to portray those citizens whom it furtively deploys this signals intelligence technology against, as being mentally unstable.

It is the intelligence community's abject sadism and egregious disregard for the law regarding its torture and even murder of American citizens, that it hides behind the cover of national security, while claiming that these victims are crazy.

However, they are far from crazy, but instead, manifesting years of daily psychological abuse at the hands of men and women operating within the U.S. Intelligence community, who can be described as nothing less than psychopaths.

Regarding those who are targeted for the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking - an adjunct to the crime of non consensual human experimentation which is also used against them - many of these people have been driven to either commit suicide, or crimes for which they can be incarcerated - like James Kromer finally did.

Moreover, one can only imagine the torture that Kromer was subjected to before he finally snapped. This author has been targeted by the FBI, NSA and DHS for a vicious psychological warfare program for nearly a decade, and by the FBI and NSA for non consensual human experimentation for the past 30 years.

And it is only in having learned how to undermine those who perpetrate these attacks, that I have survived this long and been able to extensively document these crimes for the millions of readers who regularly visit this Website.

Regarding James Kromer, there have been many similar cases in the news over the past few years, as targets of these crimes of non consensual human experimentation, mentally unravel after years of being tortured by those who themselves, are completely brainwashed and thus devoid of any remorse for their crimes.

Simply stated, their humanity has been brainwashed right out of them, to the point where they can joyfully torture men, women and even young children to death, while using classified technology that gives them total anonymity in perpetrating these crimes.

In entrusting the elected representatives in the United States to operate as they have, the American people have unwittingly allowed for the total subversion of their country.

Specifically, the United States Congress has passed so many treasonous laws over the past century and a half - laws which contradict the very intentions of America's founding fathers - including its passage of the Legislative Act of 1871, the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and the passage of the Patriot Act in 2001 - that the Congress and the rest of the "U.S. Corporation" operating out of their criminal lair in the District Of Columbia, must be considered to be the enemy of the American people.

- James F. Marino

Editor's Note: Organized Stalking has become a national problem in the United States, being orchestrated at the federal level, and deployed at the state level through the use of 72 fusion centers setup around the United States, as well several other organizations which are being overseen by the Department Of Justice and Homeland Security.

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