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How The Zionist Controlled Media In The United States Has Written The History Of This Corporation - Fact VS Zionist Propaganda - A Light Year Apart

Editor's Note: As a result of the FBI's continued attempts to murder this author, as well as members of my Family, every time a Family member is placed in a situation in which they can be murdered by way of plausibly deniable means, I must document this ahead of time in efforts to prevent such an attack from occurring.

Today, a Family member is going to the doctor for a routine procedure which requires their being placed under an anaesthetic. This person is elderly, however, very active, works out everyother day, and is excellent overall health for their age.

Therefore, I must document this beforehand in the event that the intelligence community attempts to murder this person while they are under the anaesthetic. This is a miserable way for an American Family to be forced to live, however, it is a reality when being targeted by the FBI's murderous psychopaths and years of COINTELPRO.

And given the increasing and considerable numbers of American citizens who are documenting similar situations of their own, regarding such covert and illegal attacks by an intelligence community that is completely out of control and totally criminal in its operations, myriad others are now forced to report similar concerns whenever they or their loved ones are placed in a situation in which they can be murdered in a plausibly deniable way.

Moreover, the U.S. Intelligence community will do anything to cover up the fact that they have employed the use of a national brain fingerprinting program in which to keep track of American citizens, since this scandal would result in the destruction of the present corporate government, as well as an intelligence community that has been allowed to exist without any legitimate oversight throughout its entire history in the United States.

  • How The Rockefeller Foundation Has Been Used To Pervert The Educational System In The United States

  • Editor's Note: The history of the United States of America is like the history of all other nations whose economies are controlled by Rothschild central banks. That is to say, diametrically opposed to the real history of these countries.

    In fact, the written record of the United States taught to American youth, has been so completely altered from our real history, that most American citizens don't even realize that they are the property of a corporation which is owned by the British crown. Americans, or as this corporation defines you from the day that you're born - human capital - are the property of the largest corporation in the world - the United States Corporation founded in 1871, and used to replace (subvert) our Constitutional Republic of 1787.

    Of course with the dissolution of our organic Constitution and the creation of the corporate constitution, the American people have been unwittingly turned into slaves of the British Monarchy.

    Moreover, when you begin to research the actual history of the United States Corporation, and the crimes that its corporate government has been used to perpetrate against the American middle class, you suddenly realize that behind this house of cards resides the most incredible series of deceptions ever perpetrated against the citizenry of any country. And the media system used to foment this deception is easily the most brainwashed, controlled, and abjectly dishonest form of public information ever created.

    For example, the late Jacob Schiff is represented as a great economic leader of the 20Th Century. His achievements applauded throughout America. His contributions to this country taught in universities across the United States. Like Paul Warburg, J.P. Morgan, Senator Nelson Aldrich and the other conspirators who aided and abetted the creation of what is today known as the Federal Reserve System, Jacob Schiff is remembered as a power broker in the United States. The man who helped free the Russian Jews from Russia's nobility, when in reality, Schiff introduced Communism to Russia, as the British Monarchy did in the United States towards the end of the 19Th Century.

    By most accounts, like his illuminist conspirators, Jacob Schiff left the legacy of a great man.

    However, in reality, Jacob Schiff's existence in the United States was quite different than American history books claim. But then again, it is these history books which were written to conform with the Rockefeller Foundation's academic doctrine, which like a cancer cell, continues to divide until it takes over an entire body. In this case, that body is the U.S. educational system.

    And the victims are America's youth, who remain brainwashed from the cradle to the grave.

    The readers will note the following brief biographical information in regard to Jacob Schiff, and then the article written about this House of Rothschild-American go between. It is the latter account which describes Jacob Schiff's aiding and abetting in the destruction of America and her people.

    This was the real Jacob Schiff - the money changer from Europe - who helped the House of Rothschild to destroy the American economy. Moreover, there are millions of Jacob Schiff types in America, who can be found controlling everything from the U.S. Corporation (why Israel is taken care of financially before the American citizenry is) and our money supply and economy, to our educational and medical infrastructures. Each of which are too tainted by the Rockefellers' own perverse doctrine to overhaul, and must instead be destroyed, while an entirely new societal infrastructure devoid of the British Monarchy and Rothschilds' dogma is created.

    This must take place if the American middle class is to free themselves from the British Empire, its Rothschild money trust, and Vatican overlord. The real architects of the new world order world government, which has been implemented, by turning this planet into regions - the North American Union, Asian Union and European Union - each of which will ultimately be controlled by one religion and one monetary system; a global technocratic dictatorship which in the future will be used to murder billions of unsuspecting people.

    The most shocking part of this betrayal, is that this government is already here.

    - James F. Marino

    Jacob Schiff

    Source: Wikipedia

    "Jacob Henry Schiff, born Jakob Heinrich Schiff (January 10, 1847 – September 25, 1920) was a German-born Jewish American banker and philanthropist, who helped finance, among many other things, the Japanese military efforts against Tsarist Russia in the Russo-Japanese War.

    From his base on Wall Street, he was the foremost Jewish leader from 1880 to 1920 in what later became known as the "Schiff era", grappling with all major Jewish issues and problems of the day, including the plight of Russian Jews under the Tsar, American and international anti-semitism, care of needy Jewish immigrants, and the rise of Zionism.[1] He also became the director of many important corporations, including the National City Bank of New York, Equitable Life Assurance Society, Wells Fargo & Company, and the Union Pacific Railroad. In many of his interests he was associated with E.H. Harriman."

    And now, the Jacob Schiff who helped engineer the creation of the Federal Reserve Central Bank that has fleeced Americans out of their wealth for the past century, and continues to manipulate the economy in the United States, in efforts to make the middle class completely destitute.


    William E. Dannemeyer

    U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992

    If you want to take over a country, one of the first things you do is to seize control of the money supply. Jacob Schiff was the son of a Jewish rabbi, born in Frankfurt, Germany. He was sent to America in the late nineteenth century by the European Rothschild financial dynasty. One of his assigned tasks was to seize control of the money supply of the U.S. Government. At that time it was under the control of the U.S. Congress pursuant to Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution which states:

    “The Congress shall have Power to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof.”

    Baron MA Rothschild had stated this truism in the nineteenth century:

    “Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes the laws.”

    Jacob Schiff began his quest to take over the money supply of America by purchasing an interest in a banking concern in Indiana called Kuhn and Loeb. He married the daughter of Loeb, bought out the interest of Kuhn and as sole owner of Kuhn and Loeb, moved the business to New York in the late 19th century.

    Jacob Schiff was not exactly welcomed with open arms by the financial potentates led by the House of Morgan then controlling the financial markets in New York. Schiff, as the Rothschild’s agent in America, gradually was able to build a working relationship with the other banking houses in New York by sharing some Rothschild bonds and stock business with them.

    Schiff was so successful in being accepted as a player in the N.Y. Banking scene that in 1908 he was among a handful of NY bankers who gathered at Jekyll Island, one of the House of Morgan’s homes located in Georgia. These financial wizards plotted to take over the money supply of America. They had no small task before them.

    They needed to get America to pass their hatched plan called the Federal Reserve System which was nothing more than a private group of bankers. It was not then nor has it ever been a part of the U.S. government. Some of the stockholders included: Rothchilds of London and Berlin; Lazard Brothers of Paris; Israel Moses Seif of Italy; Kuhn, Loeb and Warburg of Germany; and the Lehman Brothers, Goldman, Sachs and the Rockefeller families of New York.

    The congressional stooge present at the meeting in 1908 at Jekyll Island was Senator Nelson Aldrich of New York. He was assigned the task of shepherding the outright theft of the U.S. money supply system called the Federal Reserve Act through Congress.

    On December 23, 1913, he delivered in spades. Two days before Christmas is a good time to have Congress debate and vote on a major piece of legislation if your desire is to minimize the desire of members of Congress to really understand what they are voting on. The reason is not hard to find. Members of Congress have families and want to get home for Christmas like anyone else.

    The Federal Reserve Act was passed by a vote of 298 to 60 in the House of Representatives and in the Senate by a majority and was sent to the White House for the signature of President Woodrow Wilson.

    How President Wilson was elected in 1912 was all a part of the conspiracy organized by Jacob Schiff and his New York banking fraternity at the meeting at Jekyll Island in Georgia in 1908.

    President Robert Taft, a well respected Republican, was running for re-election in the Presidential election scheduled for 1912. He was on to the theft of our money supply organized by Jacob Schiff and his New York City banking friends. If President Taft was re-elected in 1912, it was clear that he would veto any bill passed by Congress to create the privately owned Federal Reserve Act.

    The conspirators led by Jacob Schiff enlisted the help of former President Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican and convinced him to run on the third party Bull Moose ticket and split the Republican vote. The scheme worked and Woodrow Wilson was elected President in the 1912 election and when the Federal Reserve Act came to his desk in 1913, he rewarded his bankers and signed the act into law.

    In 1913, the principle means of communicating to the people of America what Congress was doing were newspapers. The newspapers did not report this biggest theft in the 20th Century at all.

    Almost a century later, 2007, we Americans are still experiencing the consequences of this theft of our money supply in 1913 by transferring control of it to private elitist banking families residing mostly in Europe and some in America.

    It is not an exaggeration to say that these are the consequences of this historic event:

    (1) The American people lost control of how and to what extent Congress spends our money: Example, Congressional deficits are financed by irresponsibly expanding the money supply by the privately owned Federal Reserve System which results over time in an inflationary spiral which will lead to a total collapse of the dollar and the destruction of the middle class.

    (2) America disavowed the advice of George Washington to avoid entangling alliances with other countries and focus our energies on protecting the interests of the American people.

    (3) The creation of Imperial America which seeks to control the world and results in perpetual war to achieve perpetual peace. It goes by the name of the New World Order, led by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR has over 3,000 members, over 70% of whom are Zionist Jews.

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