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Another Target Of An FBI COINTELPRO Illegal Sting Operation Describes What It's Like To Be A Targeted Individual (TI)

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  • Editor's Note: Recently, a well implemented website on organized stalking ( was accused of being used as a perpetrator's site, in order to attract targeted individuals of government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation, so that these people could be placed on an Intelligence community list, as well as being made to look mentally unstable.

    The site has now been reduced to just one page, with most of its useful information having been removed.

    However, that does not automatically mean that the owner of the Website is an Intel provocateur. Moreover, targets of organized stalking are already on a government watchlist, which is why they are being stalked in the first place.

    As such, there is a good chance that this person wasn't a perp at all, and that a useful Website on organized stalking was taken down for no plausible reason, when it could have served to help the myriad TI's who are suffering daily from this abhorent crime against humanity to better understand what they are dealing with.

    The problem is that Intel's provocateurs are so adept at confusing legitimate TI's (which is why virtually all of the larger activist organizations which are publicly denouncing these human rights crimes have been infiltrated), that they are able to create a sense of total confusion for the real targets of these crimes; those whose lives have been made into such a living nightmare, that they turn to these activist groups for consolation, only to find that there is an Intel harassment team already in place, in order to furtively attack every post that these TI's make on the message boards that these organizations offer.

    If you are a legitimate TI, your first obligation is to make sure that you do no harm to other TI's.

    That means not using psychological warfare operations against them, not giving them bad advice, and doing the best that you can to impart whatever you have learned as a target of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking, in efforts to help them survive these nightmarish experiences, which are being used to torture and slowly kill them.

    Most of all, don't ask for donations, since most TI's are nearly destitute from years of having their finances eroded, and don't have the funds to do so anyway.

    Moreover, by asking for donations, you raise the question of your own credibility as a legitimate TI, since most legitimate TI's know that the TI community is comprised of people whose finances are minimal, and that those seeking donations are probably part of the plot to destroy a TI's finances.

    Furthermore, don't attempt to psychoanalyze any person who comes to your Website, since TI's learn quickly that this serves as a red flag that the Intel community is secretly in control of the Website.

    You may also consider blocking the comment feature regarding the posts you make on your Website, since as a target of these crimes, most of the comments will be made by Intel perp's and used as part of the psychological warfare campaign against your person.

    The most important message of all: trust no one.

    This is an unpleasant reality for the lives of all legitimate targets of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking crimes, since the Intel community can pervert the criminal justice system to attack anyone around you, in efforts to control their actions.

    This is why so many TI's have reported that their own familial relationships have been destroyed, given the threats of losing their homes, pensions, jobs, children to child services, or even being subjected to similar forms of psychological operations to the TI members of their family.

    In other words, these people cooperate because they are terrified for their own safety, which should tell you something about the type of country that you are really living in today.

    Moreover, the destruction of the TI's relationship with their own family members is what makes many targets of these crimes gravitate towards activist organizations which claim to help these people; when in fact, there are Intel provocateurs within these organizations just waiting to resume the attack on the demoralized TI, whose lost virtually everything they have in their lives.

    The inclusion of family in these attacks also offers proof that these people are not cooperating in the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking willingly, but instead out of fear that if they refuse to do so, they will become targets of this hate crime.

    This also serves as evidence that organized stalking is a form of state sponsored terrorism, which is being orchestrated at the federal level, and dispensed at the state level, through the more than seventy fusion centers which have been created across the United States since the Patriot Act was passed in 2001.

    These fusion centers have become one of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice's (FBI) primary means of spying on our entire society, while blacklisting any man, woman or child whom this modern day Gestapo takes a dislike to.

    And this blacklisting is responsible for the significant and ever increasing numbers of TI's who are documenting these crimes over the Internet.

    Such testimony is all the proof we need, that the United States has now become just one region of a global dictatorship, in which millions of Americans will be rounded up and murdered over the next decade or so, as part of the new world order's "ethnic cleansing" program.

    In the following post, another target of an FBI COINTELPRO operation describes how the FBI uses psychological warfare harassment programs to destroy any person whom this Gestapo targets for COINTELPRO.

    The FBI's CJIS (Criminal Justice Information System) is yet another branch of the *FBI which has been completely perverted in order to impugn the reputation of any person the FBI's psychopaths decide to murder.

    * The readers may remember the scandal regarding the FBI crime lab, which was exposed by Dr. Frederick Whitehurst several years ago. Whitehurst's testimony has irreparably damaged the credibility of the FBI and its ineptly run crime lab, to the point where when the public hears that this crime lab is involved in an investigation, doubts about its claims immediately surface.

    CJIS regularly circulates fabricated information on citizens targeted for its illegal COINTELPRO operations, in order to demonize these people with their own communities. Keep in mind that most of these citizens have never been convicted of any crime, yet are treated as though they have been.

    Usually, the persons being attacked are targeted by a specific FBI agent who knows them either directly or through other personal contacts. In other words, the agent is not conducting a legitimate investigation of the person, since no federal crime has been committed. Instead, the agent uses their position within the bureau to avail themselves of the FBI's resources, while utilizing an illegal vigilante hate campaign against the targeted person, and completely disregarding that person's inherent rights under the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    These crimes, which are committed under the color of law, implicate both the agent and their accomplices in felonious activities that are both prosecutable and incarcerable offenses.

    So it's no wonder why the U.S. Courts refrain from getting involved in such situations; especially as the situation snowballs, and the FBI attempts to justify the amount of money - sometimes tens of millions of dollars - that they have spent in committing crimes against this person. The FBI is then forced to make the proverbial mountain out of a molehill by demonizing the person, simply to save face, since the bureau can never justify spending such an incredible sum of money on a person whom the FBI never had any legal authority to investigate in the first place, much less spending a fortune illegally spying on.

    Moreover, the last place that the FBI would want to be in such a situation is in a court of law, since the targets of these crimes usually have documented them in tremendous detail, thus implicating the sanctimonious FBI and its accomplices in a myriad of criminal activities.

    Furthermore, the FBI has a very long history of making allegations against a person whom they are targeting for entrapment, based on the testimony of witnesses whose own credibilty is in serious doubt; especially if they have been coerced by the FBI into being utilized in an entrapment scheme against this person.

    This is made all the more apparent when the FBI attempts to circumvent the constitutional rights of the targeted person, by making allegations against them outside of a court of law, while this person's home TV programming is intercepted, and replaced with psychological warfare programming; thus leaving them in a media blackout.

    What we have here is a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by the FBI to deny that person their Constitutionally protected rights. And the more aggressive the FBI is in demonizing this person, the worse the FBI's crimes against this person are.

    Moreover, given that the target's 6Th Amendment right to due process of law has been violated here, there is no legislative rule of law in such acts, which the FBI is clearly aware of, and thus seeking to justify through their demonization and dehumanization of the targeted person.

    Until the American people wise up to the crime syndicate that the FBI and its Intel minions have become, by declaring this Gestapo to be null and void as law enforcement, they will continue to be abused by this covert terrorist and domestic spy, whose misanthropic sadists, continue to wipe their collective behind with the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    Why should Americans tolerate such abuses of their inherent rights? Why should we tolerate rogue agents who believe that the badge they wear gives them the right to lie pathologically, to completely disregard the rule of law, while committing heinous acts such as torture and murder?

    Why should we tolerate an intelligence community that is clearly hell bent on destroying the Bill of Rights, while secretly implementing a national brain fingerprinting program which for the past thirty one years has been used to destroy our inherent rights to privacy under the 4Th Amendment?

    We shouldn't!

    - James F. Marino

    Also See: FBI Entrapment Schemes:

    Another Target Of COINTELPRO Speaks

    What if the FBI had a secret harassment program that almost guarantees any unwilling participant would either commit an act of violence, be diagnosed with a mental illness or commit suicide... What if?... Well, unfortunately there is such a program being implemented by the FBI against an untold number of American civilians every day in our country. The unwilling participants in this extreme harassment campaign have been given the title of "Targeted Individuals".

    Through an unrelenting psychological warfare & harassment campaign - and for some - an unrelenting physical torture campaign using directed overexposure to deadly electromagnetic radiation, a targeted individual is kept in a constant state of agitation, confusion, anxiety and physical pain (dis-ease).

    Does this sound like science-fiction? Paranoia? Impossible for anything like this to occur at the hands of the FBI? Maybe you should research COINTELPRO and become educated in the types of secret operations the FBI has been involved in for decades. This extraordinary harassment campaign has been given the name "extra-judicial punishment".

    In the post 9/11 era, a military court has been established behind closed doors in which ONLY federal law enforcement agents can present "evidence". From this one-sided and obviously biased presentation any American citizen can be declared a "terrorist" (wait until you research what can constitute this title) or be placed into the "targeted individual" program where they are tormented daily through various psychological warfare tactics and in some cases, such as my own, tortured and poisoned daily through constant directed overexposure to potentially deadly electromagnetic radiation. All without the ability to defend themselves or any form of due process. What about our Constitution? Better keep that word quiet and use it sparingly, or you may just find yourself on that "T" list...

    Whether this type of extermination program existed before the attacks of 9/11 or has been recently expanded & abused by the FBI since that point is unknown. This type of extreme harassment program essentially allows those few holding positions of power in our military, intelligence and federal law enforcement communities to target literally ANYONE for whom they hold a grudge. There are no criminal charges filed, no due process, instead behind closed doors a decision is made that a particular person deserves to be psychologically and physically tortured, removed from society by ANY means necessary. This type of operation would make the CIA's MKULTRA and FBI's COINTELPRO operations bow their heads in shame. It appears however to be a culmination of them both!

    Through unrelenting (and truly unimaginable) invasion of privacy and being subjected to constant abuse by psychological warfare, a targeted individual is slowly (and in some cases unbelievably quickly) broken down - literally. Constantly surrounded by angry participants under the premise that "no one can survive in a constantly negative environment" a targeted individual is systematically poisoned both emotionally and physically. Fear and intimidation are often used by the FBI to further aid in the psychological destruction of a targeted individual. If constantly being engulfed in this environment of "negative energy" is not enough to destroy a target, a new form of torture is quickly introduced which is an obvious violation of human rights. Directed, daily overexposure from invisible, and potentially deadly, electromagnetic radiation whose initial symptoms can closely resemble those of high anxiety and stress.

    Whether the years of directed overexposure to these continuous and elevated levels of electromagnetic radiation will result in future disease or health issues is unknown. But most professionals in this area agree that the health effects will be negative including premature aging, memory and mental degeneration and cancer. The goal of this type of FBI operation is to have the targeted individual feel so helpless and frustrated they lash out in a physical act of aggression in order to incarcerate, complain irrationally about the seemingly fantastical details of the ongoing abuse which are designed to get them institutionalized or give up their will to live and commit suicide. Removal from society by any means necessary! The FBI is now heavily engaged in the next generation of COINTELPRO - Domestic terrorism.

    Does the FBI have access to Directed Energy Weapons (D.E.W.)? Can these weapons be abused beyond their intended purpose? If a targeted individual is eventually provoked into an act of aggression or violence - is this the definition of entrapment? If a targeted individual commits suicide from the ongoing abuse being perpetrated against them by the FBI, who is held accountable? If a targeted individual's young, developing child (or even themself) is diagnosed with cancer or some other life threatening illness, is it really just a natural cause? If a targeted individual one day drops dead from a heart attack or stroke while in their 30's or even 40's, is this really just another example of a natural cause of death? Or are targeted individuals all across our country being slowly tortured and murdered with FBI approval...

    If you would like to read more about the tactics deployed by the FBI against targeted individuals, please visit me online at:
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