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June 2011 UFO Sighting Over The State Of Tennessee - The Number Of UFO Sightings Has Grown Significantly Over The Past Decade - Why?

Who's Really In Control Of This Planet?
Is The Human Race A Hybridized Slave To & Creation Of Extraterrestrial Beings?

Editor's Note: Today, this author is finally able to update the title of this blog, after attempting to do so myriad times in the past, only to find that Blogger would not allow me to make the update.

Instead, this author was routinely given the message that there was a 500 character limit in the area that was being updated. In order to test this excuse, this author typed in only a few words, only to find that Blogger was still giving the same reason for not allowing the changes to be made.

The section had been electronically locked so that it could not be updated. A furtive attack on the 1St Amendment by the FBI; a predatory organization that has a history of treating the U.S. Bill of Rights like a piece of toilet paper.

Furthermore, such electronic sabotage on the part of the FBI, whose crimes against this author continue to establish entirely new precedents in the violation of the U.S. Bill of Rights, are done in efforts to prevent the American people from learning about the crimes the FBI continues to perpetrate against them.

In 2010, this Blog's readership was growing by hundreds of thousands of readers each month, topping out at over 22 million visitors per month.

The Website had been growing by millions of readers over the prior five years, even though at the time this author was not aware of it.

As such, I posted these statistics and within a matter of weeks, the same Web traffic monitoring sites were reporting that this Blog was no longer growing by hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, but had contracted to about 11 million visitors each month.

This is yet another example of the electronic sabotage that the Intel community perpetrates against this author and this Blog, as well as many other targets of non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking.

Moreover, the Blog page counter on this site lists a bit over ten thousand visitors since this Blog was created in June of 2006, which is completely ridiculous given that this Blog averages more than that many visitors each day, and that for more than a year this Blog's page counter was electronically disabled.

Just as the FBI electronically disables any hyperlinks to many of the articles which this author has written.

As such, Blogger's statistics for this Website are also completely fraudulent, and done in an attempt to conceal the fact that this Website receives far more Web traffic than the FBI would ever want to admit to.

Moreover, this Blog is linked to more than fifty thousand Websites as has been documented by search engines such as Google, yet web trafficking sites' statistics show a fraction of that.

This is yet another example of how the FBI electronically tampers with Websites in the most furtive ways imaginable, when these sites document crimes which the Intel community is perpetrating through the use of classified technology.

The attack on this Website is specifically done because this author has accused the National Security Agency of secretly and criminally implementing a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States which has been used to electronically catalogue the unique EMF field of each citizen's own brain.

A treasonous crime which involves the destruction of the United States Bill of Rights; the only means by which the American people have any protections against the U.S. Federal Government has been destroyed.

As for the rule of law, when it comes to the FBI's criminal activities, the question should be what rule of law? Since there is no legitimate rule of law when one is dealing with organized crime packaged up as federal law enforcement.

And to understand the extent to which the politicians who control the U.S. Corporation from Washington D.C. have destroyed the American middle classes' opportunities to improve their lives, in what is clearly a conspiracy to reduce the American people to poverty (as is already occurring in many U.S. States), one can be certain that there are many covert operations in place which will ensure that as they are unable to obtain employment and are forced into becoming homeless, the American middle class will eventually be corralled up and shipped off to prison camps before this is over.

That is, unless they rise up to defend their inherent rights by fighting back.

As part of this covert attack on the American people, this Zionist controlled corporation that continues to pass itself off as a democratic republic, has employed the use of a national brain fingerprinting program in order catalogue Americans as though they are animals.

However, no Intel smokescreen or smear campaign will keep this act of treason from the American people forever.

Especially, when there are myriad targets of non consensual human experimentation describing how the intelligence community can see what they see as if looking through their own eyes, read as well as manipulate their thoughts electronically through the use of signals intelligence satellites (something this author has been writing about for more than seven years), while having their brains electronically manipulated through the creation of artificial thoughts, which are then broadcast at the exact frequency that our own brains resonate at. Crimes perpetrated through the electromagnetic spectrum.

As such, is it any wonder why people like James Kromer - the "crazy" man who tried to drive his truck through an FBI office in Minnesota recently, while claiming that he wanted to destroy the FBI's "mind control computers," are cracking up under the enormous anguish they are being faced with daily, knowing that the federal government is electronically invading and adversely affecting the normal brain function of American citizens, while concealing these outrageous crimes under the cover of national security.

And trying to portray the targets of this silent holocaust which involves the crime of non consensual human experimentation, as being mentally unstable, while the U.S. Judiciary blocks any legitimate lawsuit (there have been many filed over the past two decades) which would expose the fact that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is not only using these classified weapons against the U.S. population, but doing so through the implementation of a signals intelligence EMF brain scanning network!

Something that NSA whistle blower John St. Clair Akwei was attempting to expose to the American people by filing his 1992 lawsuit against the NSA, when a corrupt judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin intentionally derailed Akwei's lawsuit to prevent a jury from learning what Akwei already knew - that under Executive Order 12333, the NSA had been used to electronically brand the American citizenry through a national brain fingerprinting program.

Given this, is it any wonder why organizations like the FBI are fomenting such vicious smear campaigns against us, fabricating evidence, blackmailing the people around us into silence, while perpetrating the crimes of perjury and suborning witness perjury, when the perpetrators of these Orwellian crimes would (and should) be subjected to capital punishment for committing them?

- James F. Marino
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