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Dr. Nick Begich Talks About The FBI's Involvement In The Murders Of His Father Congressman Nick Begich & Congressman Hale Boggs

"On 2nd April 1971, the House Majority Leader Hale Boggs (Republican, Louisiana) stated in front of the U.S. House Of Representatives:

'I had heard before, as each of you have heard, of various episodes relating to Members of the House and Senate. The episodes are too many, occurring too frequently, to be ignored or disregarded. Today, as we in the Congress undertake to recover and restore the people's liberty, we find that it is ourselves who are under surveillance, ourselves who are prisoners of the power which our silence permitted to come into being. Mr Speaker, 1984 is closer than we think.'"

Record -- House, April 22, 1971, p. 11564 - 11565

FBI Telex Proves That Hale Boggs' Plane Was Found
But FBI Conceals Telex From American Public

Was The NSA's Signals Intelligence Technology Involved?

From the above interview, Dr. Begich is clearly familiar with the following Nixon White House tape of April 6, 1971, which contains a conversation between President Richard Nixon and Majority leader Gerald Ford. Nixon is heard telling Ford that he does not trust Hale Boggs, and that something is going to have to be done about it.

The main concern that Nixon had was that Congressman Boggs had accused J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI of illegally wiretapping himself, and several other members of Congress, who at the time suspected that there was a conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy, and openly expressed their concerns that the Warren Commission was a fraud.

Boggs had also stated that Hoover had created a Gestapo in the FBI that had no respect for the privacy of American citizens, and that Hoover should be forced to retire, and the FBI be completely restructured.

Five months later, Boggs, Begich, Begich's aide and the pilot of the Cessna 310 which they were flying on en route from Anchorage to Juneau Alaska, disappeared.

However, the story does not end there. While the American people were told that this plane was never found, the fact is that not only was the plane found, * specialized technology was used to locate survivors who were walking in the desolate region where the plane had gone down.

This means that the pilot was able to either crash land the plane, or land it safely, in which all four men may have initially survived the ordeal, only to be left to die.

Clearly this isn't just the instance of a plane being lost, but a major scandal involving the orchestrated murders of two U.S. Congressmen, by the Nixon White House and FBI.

In the above interview, Nick Begich refers to the following three page telex which shows that the FBI knew that there were survivors walking on the ground near the Cessna 310, however, when forced to divulge the classified search technology involved, the FBI refused to do so.

The search was called off, and the occupants of the plane were left to die in the Alaskan wilderness, when the FBI could have admitted to the classified technology in order to verify the credibility of the finding, and the Coast Guard would have then moved in to save these men.

The following is the censored FBI telex which was obtained in 1992 by the Washington publication, Roll Call - through the U.S. Freedom Of Information Act. This telex proves that Boggs' plane had been found and that there were at least two survivors. The FBI has since attempted to claim that the telex is fraudulent. However, given the FBI's history of pathological deception, torture and murder, no one who is familiar with this gestapo's criminal history would ever believe a word the FBI utters. Especially, when the Bureau is attempting to cover up its own crimes, as it is doing here.

FBI Telex 1

FBI Telex 2

FBI Telex 3

Dr. Begich states that the FBI was attempting to conceal classified technology at the time the U.S. Coast Guard requested how the location of the survivors was determined. Specifically that spy satellite development had reached the point were these satellites could literally be used to read the date on a dime placed on the ground while orbiting tens of thousands of miles above the ground.

While this is indeed true, it is this author's opinion, that the same type of Signals Intelligence technology which the National Security Agency has been using since the early 1980's, in which to electronically brain fingerprint the American people, was earlier used in an experimental stage during the 1970's.

And that the NSA used its signals intelligence technology, quite likely its *Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, in order to locate Congressmen Boggs and Begich via their brains' own unique emissions.

The men should have been easy enough to locate out in the midst of the Alaskan wilderness, since their own unique EMF fields would be easy enough to distinguish from their rural surroundings.

*See John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency In Reference To the NSA's Signals Intelligence Domestic Spying In America & Its SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network

The NSA's use of this covert spy technology would also explain why the FBI refused to divulge to the Coast Guard rescue team, the type of technology involved in locating the men.

Technology so secret, that the NSA will not even admit to its existence in the present day, even though according to NSA whistle blower John St. Clair Akwei, all American citizens are subjected to the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network without their knowledge or consent; and unwittingly subjugated to its use in the abject violation of their inherent rights under the 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendments.

Moreover, remember that in 1972, planes did not carry the emergency transmitters that they do today. In fact, it was as the result of Boggs' plane being lost, that the FAA mandated new legislation to require that in the future all planes carry these tracking devices.

What is obvious enough here, is that Boggs and Begich could not be controlled or bought off by the White House or the FBI, and were consequently targeted for elimination. It is also interesting to note that a young Bill Clinton had been chosen to drive Hale Boggs to the airport on the day that Boggs' plane would later be reported as missing.

The families of these murder victims, as well as the American people, have the right to know that foul play was involved in the disappearance of Hale Boggs, Nick Begich Sr., Begich's aide, and the plane's pilot; all four of whom did not die by accident, but were instead, murdered as part of a criminal conspiracy orchestrated by the Nixon White House and the Hoover FBI - in order to rid themselves of two politicians who could not be corrupted.

These types of plausibly deniable murders have always characterized the political realm in Washington D.C., as well the military-intelligence complex, whose history of justifying murders based on their need for power and profit, defines them as the war profiteers they are.

- James F. Marino

See: Nixon - Ford conversation regarding their concerns that Hale Boggs had become a threat to the White House and the FBI. As is typical of the way that the U.S. Federal Government attacks the character of any whistle blower, Nixon is heard stating to Ford that Boggs must be "on the sauce," to which Ford replies that Boggs is either an alcoholic or delusional from taking prescription medication. In all likelihood, the White House or the FBI leaked this information to the media in order to defame Boggs.

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