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The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Continues To Use Microwave Weapons To Torture And Murder American Citizens

  • Is The Website Of The Person Claiming To Be A Target Of Mind Control Experimentation & The Vigilante Hate Crime Organized Stalking Legitimate, Or A Front For An Intelligence Operation? Many Websites Are Legitimate, However, There Are Also Many That Are Secretly Controlled By The Intelligence Community - If You Sense That A Website Dedicated To These Crimes Is Using Psychological Triggers That Are Offensive To You, Or You Notice Articles On (Or Linked From Another Website) That Portray These Organizations In A Positive Way, The Website Is Likely Being Used As A Front By Some Intelligence Organization - For Example, If The Site Links To A Positive Article On The FBI (Which Is An Americanized Gestapo) The Site Is Probably Either Controlled Or Infiltrated By An Intel Organization - As A TI, Your Best Bet Is To Start Your Own Website & Then Journal About Your Experiences As A Target Of Non Consensual Human Experimentation - This Way You Can Accurately Document These Crimes - If Your Site Is Regularly Tampered With, That Serves As Further Proof That Your Information Is Damaging To The Intel Community

  • Former Circuit Court Judge Stanley "The FIXER" Sporkin's Use In Derailing The 1992 Lawsuit Of An NSA Whistleblower Who Attempted To Expose The National Security Agency's Secretive Brain Fingerprinting Of The American Population - Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA To Learn More About The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

  • Organized Stalking Targets Actor Randy Quaid & Wife Evi, Staying In Canada Fearing The Murder Plot Against Them In The United States - Randy Quaid Also Wants To Know Who Electronically Hacked Into His Cell Phone Conversation With His Attorney While On A Flight To Canada - The U.S. Intelligence Community Certainly Could Have Hacked Quaid's Conversation, Thus Violating Attorney Client Privilege - Specifically The NSA, FBI Or DHS

  • The Oslo Bombing And The Sniper Who Murdered 80 People At An Oslo Camp Were False Flag Operations Used To Further The Police State Mentality In The Scandinavian Countries - This Is Part Of The Intent To Implement A World Government Police State While Turning The Global Middle Class Into Slaves

  • The United States Is A Corporation Created In 1871 Which Is Secretly Controlled By The British Monarchy - As An American Citizen You And Your Labor Have Been Sold To The British Monarchy Through Its Furtive Control Over The United States Federal Government - Technically We Have Two U.S. Constitutions - The Real Constitution That Was Created In 1787 And The Fraudulent Corporate Constitution Which Was Illegally Ratified By Congress In 1871 - The Second Constitution Is The One Being Used To Govern The American People While Destroying Their Inherent Rights As Citizens Of The United States

  • Scientific Proof That The DNA In Humans Is Of Extraterrestrial Origins & That We Are In Fact Part An Intergalactic Society - Why Haven't Our Governments Admitted This? Because The Religious Doctrine Which Is Used To Control Us Would Quickly Unravel And An Entirely New Belief System Would Emerge, Ending Thousands Of Years Of Lies

  • Editor's Note: The following post by another target of non consensual human experimentation and the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, illustrates the dictatorship that the United States has become, and the vicious cruelty that the brainwashed men and women operating within the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex have become capable of.

    By Vic Livingston

    • Silent pain, cognitive impairment, induced fatigue, irregular heartbeat, strokes, aneurysms -- and simulated "cold room" torture that in reality plays God with human physiology.

    • Another sign that multiple U.S. agencies and commands harbor war criminals.


    The day started out with severe head pain and ear-ringing upon awakening -- signs of more cruel overnight cellular microwave radio frequency weapon attack by the multi-agency fusion center shadow government's "information systems" war criminal defense contractors -- and their equally heinous government overseers.

  • Americans Silently Tortured By Cell Tower Microwaves

  • Then my shadow government torturers really got cold-blooded.

    Over the course of an hour, the room turned cold, freezing cold, as happens to me and to my wife with terrifying regularity.

    More "cold room" torture -- or WAS it?

    I now realize that when the heat won't work and I feel frigid, like a human Popsicle, it's not just that the multi-agency fusion center Nazis have remotely disabled my heating system (which apparently is the case).

    They also are electromagnetically attacking my nervous system to turn down the human thermostat, lowering my core body temperature to the point where I feel bone-chilling cold -- literally, cold-blooded torture.

    As the morning passed and the sun was shining outside, I set out a room thermometer. It read 66 degrees -- two degrees below optimum room temperature, not cold enough to cause the frigid cold bone-chilling sensations, skin cold to the touch, constricted veins in the hands.

    I then realized that radio frequencies can be used not only to inflict pain, torture, extreme fatigue, rapid heartbeat, or to induce strokes, aneurysms, or heart attacks -- radio frequencies tuned to the human body can LOWER CORE BODY TEMPERATURE.

    Pulsed microwave manipulation of brain-controlled physiological functioning has been demonstrated in the Arizona State University laboratory of neuroscientist Dr. William J. Tyler, whose work is being funded by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, according to recent published articles.

    Tyler describes the process as "ultrasonic neuromodulation."

    A recent Popular Science article cites a quotation from Tyler published on the Department of Defense "Armed with Science" blog:

    “...(M)y laboratory has engineered a novel technology which implements transcranial pulsed ultrasound to remotely and directly stimulate brain circuits without requiring surgery."

    Tyler recently told's "Danger Room:"

    "The brain serves all the functions of your body, and if you knew the neuroanatomy, then you can start to regulate each one of those functions.”

    Eureka, I said to myself, ruefully.

    That is what they are doing -- disabling the heating system so their targets THINK it's a lack of heat that is causing them to turn freezing cold, when in reality they are being heinously, cruelly assaulted with a radio frequency attack precision-tuned and targeted to their neurological system, lowering core body temperature -- much as nature lowers a bear's body temperature during hibernation. But this is not "nature."


    Later, after I verbally protested the cold torture to the surveillance goons who spy on me and my family via high-tech video and audio -- and wrote about this on my Facebook page -- the freeze-out ended and my body temperature returned to its normal "rheostat" control, not the microwave-induced cold torture technique of remote physiological manipulation employed by government-sponsored war criminal defense contractor operatives.

    But the respite was short-lived -- because soon after, the "head in a vise" pain and fatigue set in, and continues to this moment -- "like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull, and cut a six-inch valley through the middle of my skull," as Bruce Springsteen sang.

    To digress for a moment:

    I wouldn't be surprised if this torture matrix torments and spys on even rich and famous rock stars who write songs about social issues. I have seen evidence that U.S. intel stalks Bruce Springsteen's Facebook "discussions" page. The prime suspect: Someone who posts by the name of "Rick Combi," and stalks me on my page and whenever I post to Springsteen's page.

    Here is how a heinous U.S. shadow government and its war criminal "information systems" defense contractors torture, impair, subjugate, enslave and slow-kill by microwave radio frequency remote control:

  • Torture By Cell Phone Tower

  • And those who are electromagnetically tortured also are stalked, terrorized and financially exploited by government-directed community "watch" vigilantes -- and, victims maintain, by some government agencies:

  • Gestapo USA Government Funding Vigilante Network To Terrorize American Citizens - The Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking


  • Microwave Weapon Dropped Body Temperature - Cold Blooded Torture
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