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Legitimate TI Or Disinfo Agent? Activist Groups Infiltrated By Those Propagating Disinfo Continue To Be Problematic

The following is a post that was left on an anti-organized stalking/mind control message board. The problem with these boards is that infiltrators posing as TI's can easily access them to circulate disinformation -- and this person may well be one of them. However, they may also be a legit TI who is misinformed. Thus I have removed this person's name for their own protection, and left the message for informative purposes.

The person leads his readers to believe that remote neural monitoring technology was developed in the early part of the new millennium and controlled by DARPA (Defense Research Projects Agency) and the DOD (Department Of Defense/Pentagon).

For starters, the agency is no longer called DARPA -- They dropped the D when the agency was no longer utilized for defensive purposes, so the acronym is now just ARPA.

His comment about the DOD having developed this technology is possible, however if so, it was many decades ago -- not "two or three" years ago. Moreover, under the Bush Administration, the NSA is now part of the DOD -- something which is in and of itself unconstitutional. Since when does a federal intelligence agency fall under the auspices of the Military? They are supposed to operate completely independent of one another.

However, the author does appear to suggest that remotely electronically accessing and manipulating the brainwaves of a targeted person can be done without an implanted tracking device, which does support John Akwei's information regarding the NSA.

Yet, once again, the author does lead his reader to believe that this technology was created only two to three years ago, which is not only erroneous, but apparently done to discredit the timeline which is defined within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA -- a timeline which puts the satellite deployment of this technology en masse, somewhere around 1980.

As it stands, Akwei's lawsuit was filed in 1991, and the content of this lawsuit was published in its entirety in an issue of NEXUS magazine back in 1996; long before the time in which the following author claims that this technology was created and deployed by the Pentagon and ARPA.

It is also clear from my own observations, that there is a very definite federal presence within the TI community which is deliberately misdirecting those legitimate TI's who are seeking to find the source of their electronic harassment. Akwei's lawsuit is important for a myriad of reasons, perhaps the most important of which is that it documents technology which can electronically access the EMF field around the human body without the targeted person being implanted with any type of electronic tracking device. The technology instead targets the electromagnetic fields which are generated by our own bodies.

*Be extremely leary of anyone who insists that those being targeted for this technology must be implanted - this is government planted disinformation used to discredit those who have documented being targeted for remote satellite tracking without having been implanted with an RFID chip.

In John Akwei's testimony against the NSA he states that NSA personnel can instantly identify any person who comes in contact with a person whom the NSA is tracking.

How is this done? Is the entire population implanted with RFID chips that the NSA can instantly access? This would seem highly implausible. However, if the electromagnetic resonance (EMF) which each person's body emanates, was somehow catalogued within the NSA's database, then this would explain how it is that the NSA can instantly identify anyone who approaches a person whom the NSA is illegally tracking.

And this means that the NSA does not need to implant you with a tracking device in order to track you. Instead, it's your own EMF field that becomes the tracking device -- so there is no way that you can avoid being tracked by the NSA once it locks on to your individual EMF field.

As a result, there is little wonder why federal agencies (FBI, NSA et.) that regularly use this technology to illegally track and spy on Americans would set out to create a disinformation campaign in which to discredit those of us who know for certain that we have never been implanted with any type of tracking device, yet are experiencing the phenomenon of having our minds both read and influenced on a daily basis, while being demonized by the very federal agencies who are perpetrating these outrageous crimes against us.

This is why we are being denied our rights to due process of law!

Their objective is to confuse the facts in this situation, so that the public remains unaware of their own vulnerability to this technology. John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA is well researched (better than any other documentation which I have seen in the past three years regarding this satellite based technology), and cites the NSA as the prime culprit in such satellite predation, as that of remote neural monitoring the human brain through Electronic Brain Link technology.

John Akwei has told the truth, and in doing so, highlighted the NSA as the prime culprit in these satellite based crimes. What Akwei has exposed to those who have read his lawsuit, is that the National Security Agency can quite literally use a maser beam, satellite, and advanced computer system to become part of any person being targeted. And by this I mean that this technology allows the NSA to be with any targeted person in real time, 24 hours a day, without the targeted person knowing that they are being watched and remote neurally monitored.

This agency can use its computers to spy on you and eavesdrop on every conversation that you ever have, while recording them for future use.

These agents are the sneakiest reprobates on this planet, with no moral conscience for these outrageous crimes. They operate in such ways hoping that they never get caught. However, with John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, this has all changed, and it's now only a matter of time before the NSA's treasonous spying is understood by the global population.

Crimes which are an egregious violation of both your privacy and those with whom you come in contact.

This is the type of technology that the New World Order one world government will depend on to maintain daily dossiers on the citizens of this planet; a situation in which every person will be videotaped 24 hours a day, while their sub vocalized thoughts are recorded and analyzed by NSA personnel. This Orwellian phenomena has been happening to John Akwei, myself, and myriad others for decades -- far longer than the two or three years that the following person states this technology has been in existence.

And the only reason that confusion remains in regard to this technology is the US Intelligence community's disinformation effort to obfuscate the facts behind this advanced spy system.

Furthermore, if John Akwei was lying, why was he neutralized so quickly? Why not just prove to the public that this technology doesn't exist, and show Akwei up as a disinfo artist?

The reason is that there are patents for this technology, which are physical evidence that it exists. And when we have a former NSA employee who risks the destruction of his career and his very life in order to expose this technology, it becomes obvious that it is not John St. Clair Akwei who is lying here, but the National Security Agency and its FBI accomplice.

The same can be said for the NSA's Russ Tice, who has been a target of the FBI since publicly commenting back in 2006, regarding crimes being committed by the NSA which would shock the American public.

Why was Akwei's lawsuit sidelined?

Why has Russ Tice been neutralized?

For the most important reason of all. To keep the American people from ever learning that this technology exists and that their own EMF fields make them vulnerable to it.

The FEDS don't take such an interest in a situation, unless it has devastating consequences for the US Intelligence community and the US Federal Government. And the truth about this technology being made known to the entire US population threatens the very existence of these Nazi run agencies.

I present the following information for the readers so that they may use their own judgement. One thing that the author has gotten correct here, is that the agents who are using this technology against us are sexually deviant miscreants, who utilize this technology and the satellites from which it is deployed, to electronically rape both the minds and bodies of men, women and children across the United States.

However, he leaves the readers with the belief that in some cases the US Intelligence community is entitled to violate the rights of certain American citizens through the use of such technology; a comment which is both outrageous and hypocritical, since this person appears to be condoning the use of this technology on some people, while pleading with those who are using it on himself, to stop doing so.

Thankfully, there are enough intelligent people both within the TI community, as well as those who are simply curious about this technology, who are now posting John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA on their own Websites, and questioning the NSA's use of this technology on the American people, as well as the global population. When I created my Website nearly two years ago, and began to promulgate Akwei VS NSA, there were a scant few Websites that actually carried Akwei's disturbing information. A quick scan through Google in the present day shows that there are now thousands of Websites promulgating John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA -- which means that people not only understand that this technology exists, but that they are the prime targets for it.

They are afraid of what the US Federal Government is perpetrating against them from behind the scenes and they are now looking for accountability.

As such, the FEDS are on the verge of defending the most egregious violations of both civil and human rights in the history of the United States. A situation in which they have blatantly violated the 4Th Amendment to the US Constitution, while using this diabolical technology to both torture and murder American citizens who have been denied their rights to due process of law.

This is an unpardonable offense which these agencies are in the commission of. So is it any wonder why they are hard at work demonizing those of us whom they have committed such horrific crimes against? Or why they would use the medical community in which to declare us mentally incompetent, just so they can destroy our crediblity and and hide their crimes from the public?

Their only other option is to admit to what they have done to us. And given US Intel's history of pathologically lying to the American public, they are not about to admit that they are electronically reading people's minds by way of satellite, or torturing them with directed energy weapons. Something they have done to me in one way or another for nearly three decades.

If they did so, they would find themselves on trial for their crimes against humanity and facing either the death penalty or life in prison. So they have a lot to lose if this technology becomes well known to the American people, which is why they are perpetrating attacks of such desperation in regard to those of us who know for certain that we have been brain tapped for years, the result of non consensual human experimentation.

To put it succinctly, these federal agents are the most abject liars this country has ever seen, and guilty of some of the most vicious crimes against humanity ever documented.

Those who perpetrate these crimes against us are mind raping psychopathic Nazi filth, who continue in their attempts to destroy the US Constitution. And they are not going to get away with this for much longer. Moreover, I swear by the grace of that which created the human race, that I will expose these miscreants globally or die trying.


Post left on a well known, but federally infiltrated anti-mind control message board:

"I found this at the A DARPA web site under the

Neurological Research Projects.

There are many people who are interested in not only my being able to explain in a more documented manner my ongoing experience of being Neurally monitored remotely by a bio-telemetrical software program which I now understand was developed for the DOD by DARPA in the past few years.

It has obviously been deployed within the continental United States for various purposes by the military intelligence and/or the domestic intelligence communities, for various purposes.

I am a person who, because of a natural sensitivity in my brainwave patterns, has been "recognized " or "discovered" by this software.

It is engaging me with its modified version of my own neural content, as well as newly introduced neural content from the program operators.

The method by which I am being engaged is transcranial electromagenetic induction, based on my ability to exercise transcranial electromagnetic reception.

This transcranial reception is also available to me naturally in a non-electronically enhanced manner when dealing with a person of like sensitivity.

I understand the need under some circumstances to deploy this technology within the United States.

However, the methodologies of the the "operators" that are currently monitoring/surveilling me are not acceptable nor are they at all humane.

They are in fact extremely depraved.

They are in fact mental criminals, and cannot be described as anything else.

What I am experiencing is no more or less than mind rape on a 24/7 basis.

Something has to be done in my case by someone who actually understands what is going on.

The software has modules in it which are clearly developed for the purpose of mind control,

and I understand this only one of a number of directions in which this technology is being developed.

The following description of one of the DARPA research projects is one of these alternate developments of this same technology, and is, honestly, very exciting.

I can say this in spite of my current situation which is at best degrading and humiliating, and at worst mentally destabilizing and dangerous.

I do Not think it is at all legal to have deployed these methods which are currently in use. The individuals who are being employed are nothing other than animals.

I call them "Criminal Miscrient Perpetrators". They are sociopathic animals.

The research is beautiful and the technology is probably the most important advance for our human species since written language, but a filthy mockery is being made of it in the methods by which it is being utilized.

I have a good amount of accurate information concerning the program modules and how they effect ones' mental processes, as well as the type of damage that can be done to a person mentally.

It is a shame because these same modules can probably be used or be modified to be used to provide as much mental enhancement as they are currently being used on myself to cause mental discomfort.

The persons doing this are obviously trying to cause mental instability, bio-physical discomfort in the form of physical pain as well as induced periods of increased anxiety.

These are mild descriptions of what I am going through.

I implore someone in the scientific research and development, the military intelligence, the domestic intelligence, and/or the lawenforcement community to understand that the persons employed in these experimental programs are using a criminal methodology in a perversely criminal manner.

I fully understand the need to monitor state and federal prisons for telepathic activity and persons, as well as sensitive government installations, for the purpose of national security.

I also understand the need for a hopefully short list of telepathic persons who must be considered dangerous due to their criminal psychological profiles or their connection with terrorist agendas.

I assure you I am not one of these individuals, and would gladly undergo in depth psychological evaluation in order to get out of this monitoring/surveillance program.

I am not a dangerous individual because of my increased sensitivity alone.

I have become a subject of this ongoing Bio telemetrical mental surveillance, and have not a single moment of private thought at any time whatsoever.

I have been subjected to this mental harassment for 2 years and 3 months, in a non-stop 24/7 situation.

If the government has not not had time to determine that I am nor dangerous, it means that the program is not being administered at all the way it should be, and is on autopilot, being approved at some government level to do as it pleases with test subjects such as myself.

I understand that is how I am being utilized at this point.

I did not volunteer.

I am not dangerous.

I am obviously a sensitive to this software.

That is Not reason enough to do this to me.

Please let me go free.

Either stop the access to the ultrawide band transceiver that is the propagation device and give me mental privacy and quietude, or stop the perverted, sexually deviant operatives using this program from including me in their efforts.

Neurological Research Projects."
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