Wednesday, May 07, 2008

15 Philadelphia Cops Videotaped Beating Three INNOCENT Black Men -- The New World Order's Psychopaths Commandeer Our Police For Their Own Means

With a government that is spying into the bathrooms of American citizens, while electronically raping them by way of supercomputer driven satellites, and thugs posing as cops looking to get their kicks by beating up on innocent American citizens, there is no longer any question that the rule of Constitutional law within the United States is if not dead -- on a respirator.

In the following instance, once again we have a situation where unarmed African American men are being beaten by thugs masquerading as police, who are clearly in the commission of a HATE CRIME! Even if as the police said, these men may have been wanted as suspects in a crime, they have rights under the US Constitution, which were violated during this stop. Moreover, as American citizens, you are under the United States Constitution, presumed innocent until proven guilty!

However in this instance, as ironical as it may be, it is the US Media which actually captures these assaults on camera.

This also brings up the point that if the US Media national information system was actually allowed to do their job as it pertains to covering the crimes being committed by the US Intelligence community, and as such, able to be forthright about treasonous issues like the Federal Reserve Bank/IRS fraud, or the NSA's remote neural monitoring of American citizens by way of spy satellites; it is clear that the American people could learn of these outrageous betrayals of their trust overnight.

That is how powerful the US Media is, when used in the right hands. However, it is not in the right hands at present -- instead being controlled by the CIA and its Nazi hierarchy of thugs, the result of the CIA's 1948 usurpation of the US Media through its clandestine Operation Mockingbird fraud.

Read about Operation Mockingbird here:

From The CBS TV Network's Philadelphia Affiliate:

Video Shows Philly Police Kick, Hit Suspects 15 Officers Taken Off Streets

POSTED: 6:29 am MST May 7, 2008
UPDATED: 1:27 pm MST May 7, 2008

PHILADELPHIA -- Fifteen Philadelphia police officers will be taken off the street as authorities investigate a video showing three suspects being kicked and beaten by city police.

A spokesman for Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said the mayor stands behind the police department, but the spokesman said the video on first glance does appear to show the officers overstepping their authority.

The video was shot Monday night by WTXF-TV. It shows three police cars stopping a car on the side of a road. The tape shows about a dozen officers gathering around the vehicle and pulling three men out. About a half-dozen officers hold two of the men on the ground. Both are kicked repeatedly, with one of the two apparently struck with a baton. Punches were also thrown. The third man is also kicked and ends up on the ground.

Police said the officers were responding to a report of a shooting nearby. It's not yet clear what preceded the confrontation

See the rest of this story here:

"A half-dozen police officers can be seen kicking and beating three men pulled from a car during a traffic stop as a helicopter from TV station WTXF taped the confrontation. "

See the video here:

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