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The Nazi Influence In The Murder Of The Last Real United States President -- John F. Kennedy

In the following article, the late conspiracy theorist Mae Brussel examines the Nazi's role in the murder of JFK. Keep in mind that there were closeted Nazi's living in America long before JFK's assassination by US Intelligence, including John D. Rockefeller, Irene Dupont, Allen and John Foster Dulles, Henry Ford, Andrew Melon, Prescott Bush, J.P Morgan, Averell Harriman and myriad others; all of whom sought to overthrow the US Federal Government, and to install a Nazi regime like the one which is presently emerging under another Nazi -- George W. Bush.

Don't be surprised why America is falling apart under this guy, since he was brought in to help his Nazi brethren destroy the USA, while turning it into a despotic nation. And Bush is damn close to achieving the goal of his Nazi clansman. This *yellow draft dodging coward is putting it to Americans like no president ever before him -- from the gas pump to the the raping of the US Constitution, George W. Bush, the ultimate fruitcake, has destroyed this country.

* Notice the adjective yellow here, used to describe Bush's cowardice. Now supposing, that the FBI contacted a group of people who were within the circle of someone whom the FBI was targeting for an illegal psychological operation, and then told them to use the word yellow as a psychological trigger when posting to message boards which the targeted person often visited, while covertly conditioning the targeted person to respond to the color yellow, as if it was a negative representation of themselves.

The end result here, is that if the trigger word yellow has been successfully implanted in a negative way, within both the conscious and subconscious minds of the targeted person, then this person will assume that all comments written with the word yellow pertain to themselves. And this is true of all other triggers which the targeted person is sensitized to.

However, if the targeted person is smart enough to recognize what is being done to them, and simply ignores this trigger, then this covert psychological warfare operation becomes a waste of the perpetrator's time.

Once again, I document all of this information for the public's benefit, so that they can understand how complex the types of psychological warfare operations which the US Intelligence community illegally deploys on citizens, are.

When it comes to your rights as Americans, US Intelligence doesn't play by the rules. So you should know this, since it is your Constitutional rights which these bathroom peeping agencies were created to violate -- yes, agencies like the FBI, CIA, NSA and more recently The Department Of Homeland Security, were created to get around the rule of Constitutional law -- which means that they are always a threat to you and your freedom.

And these are the same organizations (except DHS which did not exist at the time) that quietly took part in the gruesome murder of John F. Kennedy. So don't be afraid of them. Instead, educate yourselves in regard to the criminal ways in which these agencies really operate. Agencies which have a long history of human rights violations, in which they will use satellites to spy on you within the privacy of your own homes, while utilizing super computers in which to both rape and torture your minds and bodies.

The 4Th Amendment is the most commonly violated article of the US Bill Of Rights, by US Intelligence.

And therefore, the US Intel community must be abolished because it exists to violate the US Constitution as it does; a situation made only worse by the Patriot Act, since this treasonous legislation has led to the worst abuses of the 1St, 4Th, 5Th, 6Th, 7Th and 8Th articles of the Bill Of Rights ever documented throughout the history of this country.

John Kennedy knew that these people and their organizations were covert Nazi's who were looking to destroy America, and attempted to rid the United States of them, beginning with the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and CIA. And that is why he was murdered. John F. Kennedy was the last US President who was in control of this country. He was even warned by his Illuminist father, Joseph, that he was rattling the cages of some very evil people and that it could cost him his life.

But JFK was not intimidated. He knew that there were much better ways of spending the American people's money, than waging wars on other countries that Americans had no reason to fear.

John F. Kennedy was good for America and bad for the US Military Industrial Intelligence Media complex, and their propagation of open ended and extremely profitable wars around the globe. And he did what he thought was best for this country, knowing that it might cost him his life. Which it eventually did.

John F. Kennedy was the polar opposite of people like George W. Bush. Smart and courageous vs idiotic and cowardly.

And if Barack Obama gets elected to office and attempts to take control of this country just as JFK did, he will end up like JFK. Which is why these agencies must be exposed for the covert ways in which they operate.

As for Hillary Clinton, she is an Illuminist through and through, and will be no better for the American people than George W. Bush has been. And as strange as this may sound, she may be worse, given an obsession to be president which is even well beyond that of Bush himself. She's also already spoken about having no compunction in regard to wiping Iran off the face of the planet in the event of a real nuclear threat. So we know that for all of her rhetoric in regard to getting US troops out of Iraq in an effort to bring about peace, she will advocate the use of genocide on other countries.

I also wonder whether or not Bill and Hillary may well be silent partners in certain defense contracting companies which have already profited heavily from the war in Iraq?

Congressman Ron Paul is the only politician in Congress at present whose plan for America would actually be of benefit to the working class (proletariat) in this country.

He wants our troops out of Iraq; all of the US Military bases setup around the world since the end of the World War II (which number in the hundreds and which Americans are paying to support), closed down for good; and a much smaller government with a Congress that represents all of the people in this country -- not just the wealthy corporatists as it does now.

Add this to the fact that Dr. Paul has openly called for the abolition of the IRS (and with it the Federal Reserve Bank), and one can see how this would make him unelectable -- regardless of his Internet popularity and the vast campaign funds which have been raised for him over the past few years.

Dr. Paul is simply too much of a threat to those Illuminists who presently rule the roost. He is honest in his business dealings and remains true to his constituents -- which is why he has been reelected to office so many times; and the reason why even American youth adore him. Ron Paul is the real change that America needs -- the breath of fresh air that Barack Obama promises, yet will never be able to deliver.

Some have criticized Paul for his connections to the overtly conservative John Birch Society, and for praising the Vatican. However, while there is certainly much to be concerned about in regard to the aforementioned, we live in an imperfect world, where ideal opportunities rarely if ever present themselves. At least Ron Paul is on the right track in his quest for a smaller and more efficient government which will rid itself of the likes of the criminal syndicate we refer to as the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank -- something which the rest of the US Congress most definitely is not.

See Mae Brussel's article in JFK here:

* Note that a barrel of oil is now at a high of $120 -- another conspiracy by the Illuminati to price gouge Americans every time they fill up their automobiles. It isn't going to be concern for their safety that gets the American people organizing to take this country back -- it's gonna be their empty wallets. And if fuel prices continue to rise as they have in the past few years, Americans will be subjugated to the types of transportation that Europeans have been forced to use for decades -- bicycles, motor scooters, motorcycles, and automobiles with low displacement engines.

And if there is another artificially created fuel shortage like the one which Americans were subjected to by the oil companies during the Nixon Administration ( in efforts to permanently raise the price of a gallon of gasoline), and the situation becomes as difficult as it did in 1973, when gas rationing took place across the United States, drivers of "gas guzzling" SUV's will be taking their lives in their hands every time they pull out of their driveways.

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