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An Example Of How The FEDS Use Their Shills Or Manipulate Others In Their Innuendo Campaigns -- When Federal Law Enforcement Goes Bad -- Really Bad

"The US Intelligence community has now been reduced to the crime of satellite predation in which they routinely use these satellites to videotape American citizens within the privacy of their homes, and then circulate these tapes in efforts to humiliate those being targeted. These agents are also perpetrating the crime of electronic rape through the use of this technology in which men, women and children have reported having been sexually assaulted by way of satellite based directed energy weapons. Others have also reported having their private parts burned by way of remote means, while having their minds electronically raped over and over again. Any so called agent of the US Federal Government who perpetrates in such depraved crimes against humanity is not a person -- they are a thing!"


What follows this post is the introduction to a letter which was alleged to have been sent to Oprah Winfrey by a woman whose last name I will omit to protect her identity (if in fact this person is legit at all and not simply a shill). This is yet another clear instance where the FEDS have used someone who is either an innocent dupe, or quite possibly an FBI provocateur in which to furtively attack my person.

I should also note that the post itself was objectionable enough that it was deleted by the Web host. However, this is a clear indication of how the FEDS use their covert tactics in which to demonize those whom they are waging COINTELPRO campaigns against.

Why are the people whom the FEDS attack in such ways not allowed to defend themselves? Because they are being targeted for a criminal conspiracy.

Moreover, the FEDS control those whom they use in their attacks on TI's, while leaving out exculpatory information which is of benefit to the TI -- this is standard operating procedure for the FBI, in which due process of law is completely violated, while the FEDS wantonly slander anyone whom they decide to attack.

In this particular instance, the FBI used a pathetic ruse in regard to remote neural monitoring, and with a person who claims that it was her ex boyfriend who was perpetrating this crime. For all I know, this person is nothing but a FED posing as a victim -- very typical -- or a legit victim being again victimized by the FBI and its machinations.

Regardless of which the situation is, the FBI accomplished two things here -- one was to covertly attack me, while having people believe that the local vengeful ex-boyfriend of a woman was remotely reading her thoughts. Only the FBI is arrogant enough to attempt to get away with such a blatant ruse in efforts to obfuscate the facts behind the hi-tech crimes being perpetrated by the US Intel community -- and here I cite the NSA.

And in this particular instance, I also cite the FBI's collusion with the NSA, in their attempts to deny me my rights as an American citizen for the better part of three decades; this is a federal crime which they have committed against me under the color and cover of all, and which if indicted on, could put these agents in prison for many years.

And this does not even take into account, the fact that these mind raping reprobates have used satellite based electronic brain link technology in which to both access and manipulate my thoughts.

For this aspect of their crimes, an international tribunal court would need to be contacted, so that this crime which has been perpetrated against a myriad of citizens in both the United States and other countries, can be tried independently of the US Federal Government -- which continues to deny that such classified weaponry exists, much less that it is being used on many Americans without their knowledge or consent.

Obviously, these agents don't believe in the due process of law -- how could they, since they are incapable of following the rules necessary in which to conduct their investigations in a legal manner? Which is why they use satellites to spy on us within the privacy of our own homes, use us for non consensual human experimentation, and then demonize us when they get caught!

The truth is that the FBI doesn't want a rational debate here, because there is no way given the outrageous ways in which they have attacked me, that they can win it. I am citing the US Bill Of Rights, which the FEDS are in violation of.

So they instead look to obfuscate the truth, by twisting information around, in efforts to mislead the public.

Which is why there is no common sense being used here. The FEDS got caught doing something which is illegal, and now must find a way out of disastrous situation which is of their own making.

The only reason that you are hearing about this is that I realized that they were trying to murder me, and took to the Internet to document what these miscreants have been doing -- which is why they have also routinely removed my articles from Independent Media Center Websites, simply because they don't want the public questioning the whether or not it is possible to electronically track and read the minds of people by way of satellites -- and for obvious reasons, since this kind of information would put the US Intelligence community in the worst light possible.

And John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA is something which these agencies don't want being circulated on IMC Websites -- I have tried posting it there are myriad occasions and it was immediately removed from the main page of the respective IMC on which it was posted.

The Washington IMC in particular is notorious for removing any posts which document serious crimes being perpetrated by US Intel agencies; crimes which illustrate a covert Nazi occupation within the US Federal Government. Not only will the staff at the Washington IMC deliberately remove posts which criticize the US Intelligence community (in violation of your 1st Amendment right), they'll also insult you in the process, as has been experienced by myself and others who have posted similar information.

Many people who are criticizing the US Federal Government have been targeted by US Intelligence agencies for the same types of covert attacks on their 1st Amendment rights. So it's clear that the FEDS have run amok since the fascist Patriot Act was passed, and are now completely out of control.

As such there are a great number of American citizens who've taken to the Internet to document just how outrageously the FBI, NSA and DHS are conducting themselves in the present day; creating their own domains, Websites and blogs. We've been forced to do so, because US Intel is attempting to block our being able to promulgate our information in major news venues. And even secondary news sources like the IMC's have become a favorite for government censorship.

Moreover, the fact that these agencies would collude with one another in the use of both directed energy weapons as well as the use of psychological warfare in which to drive me to a state in which I would either commit suicide, or harm someone else, is typical of how these agencies stack the deck in their favor.

I can only wonder how many people have been attacked by this federal anathema in such ways over the years and eventually succumbed to their use of such despicable tactics -- all while these agencies then stated that their assessment of the targeted person was right all along.

However, they left out a major detail in all this -- the fact that the FEDS just kept using these covert attacks in which to destroy the person's sanity, until they eventually broke down under the stress and finally either inwardly (committed suicide) or outwardly (attacking someone else violently) manifested the violence which the FEDS had been driving them to the entire time.

To quote the FBI, such acts are indicative of cheating. And there is no organization on the face of this planet that cheats more than the FBI does, including cheating people out of their lives, through the use of covert methods in which to drive them to suicide. Most FBI agents are murderers -- they just use plausible means in which to murder their victims.

And now, after years of this abuse, the FBI and its criminal minions want the crimes which they have committed against my person to simply disappear, as much as they would like me to suicide myself -- neither of which is going to happen.

If these agents want to commit these crimes then they should get out of the law enforcement business and join organized crime. As it is, many of them such as John Connelly and Lynn Devecchio have in the past colluded with organized crime members for years -- feeding them the names of informants who were later murdered. Connolly was finally convicted of doing so years later.

However, Lynn Devecchio appears to have had some help from the bestial FBI, in intimidating witnesses who could have put him in prison. And there is little doubt that Devecchio was covertly responsible for the attempted murder of Angela Clemente, the private investigator who found enough info on Devecchio to convince a Brooklyn DA to indict him in the murders of four men.

As it stands, the crimes of these federal agencies are so heinous that they are destroying the reputation of law enforcement nationally, as they routinely commit outrageous crimes against the American people and the US Constitution.

Moreover,the mere fact that the FBI and NSA have ILLEGALLY placed me under satellite surveillance for the past 28 years, while attacking the 4Th Amendment to the US Constitution in the most egregious ways ever documented, should make it quite obvious why these agencies are looking to demonize my person. The fact of the matter is that if they had anything legitimate to arrest me for, I would have been arrested decades and millions of dollars ago. Yet they continued with their illegal surveillance in a way in which should be terrifying to every American citizen who values their right to privacy.

No, it was their own evil machinations which backfired on them this time around, while defining these federal agencies as the Nazi indoctrinated organizations which they have always been.

Moreover, the FBI and its US Intel brethren in crime have more excuses for violating the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights than George W. Bush has for defending an immoral, illegal and horrific crime against humanity; one which he refers to as the war on terrorism. However, Bush's so called war on terrorism has single handedly all but destroyed our Constitution, resulted in the murders of thousands of American people, and well over a million Iraqi and Afghani's. And Bush still isn't satisfied. Now he's asked Congress to put up another 70 billion to continue this war into 2009, as the American people go deeper into debt.

For those who don't believe that George W. Bush would use up the life of every last US soldier and every last dollar left in the US Treasury in order to propagate this war for oil and US Imperialism, they aren't paying careful enough attention to what this guy is doing. Meanwhile, he's made us the most despised nation on this planet and now opened us up to legitmate terrorist acts from those countries whom the Bush Administration has steamrolled in the past five years. To say that their attack on us would be the result of them defending themselves from a complete madman is not understating the case.

In regard to the FBI, it's also clear that when they have perpetrated such blatant crimes against you, the last thing that these agents want is to confront you face to face when they are attacking you in such ways. Instead, their methods include stabbing you in the back, violating your rights as an American citizen, while attempting to set you up on entrapment charges.

The mere fact that the so called profilers who work for the FBI are oftentimes themselves psychopathic personalities, pretty much nullifies them as legitimate law enforcement -- especially when these reprobates will lie to the public whenever it is convenient for them to do so. They will also use coercion around those whom they target in efforts to get them to lie in a manner which suits the FBI's illegal operations.

And somehow, the better you are at defending your rights and exposing the FEDS criminal behavior, the more intense their demonization of you becomes.

Again I ask, what the HELL are the FBI and NSA doing spying on us within the privacy of our own homes? They have no right to be doing this, and never have.

The bottom line here is this -- in spite of all of this illegal spying, if the FBI could have arrested me or anyone else legitimately, they would have done so ages ago. Instead, they are now reduced to using psychological warfare and mud slinging tactics in efforts to drive me to such a state in which I can thus be defined by whatever profile they created in the first place. And that is an abject deception of the public and its trust.


However, while I may become rightfully enraged at such cruelty, I have no intention of committing violent acts upon those miscreants who are taking part in this conspiracy. I will instead use my 1st Amendment right in which to document every aspect of the crimes that these agencies are continuing to perpetrate against me, and will do so until the day that I take my last breath -- I despise them that much, and am that dedicated to bringing about their abolition, because they are truly evil.

Moreover, the fact that these agencies would defend their Orwellian use of electronic brain link technology against any American citizen -- the most serious crime ever documented by any citizen -- is typical of the psychopathology which defines many of their agents.

It is also the very characteristic which has defined this FBI anti-American disaster; one which has been covertly torturing and murdering American citizens for the past 100 years.

If the FBI and NSA want respect they should stay the hell out of our homes and our minds. However, they never will. Instead they will continue to attack us in such repulsive ways, until they force a confrontation
with the American populous.


In the event that this Sylvia person is a legitimate target for organized stalking, I left the following post for her, since I wish her well, and certainly hope that her harassment ends soon. However, in all likelihood this person is nothing but a provocateur - notice the "Deleted Accounts" trigger phrase listed next to the April 23, 2008 date -- this is also to threaten me with the possible deletion of my Web blog, which the FEDS have been attempting to get deleted for the nearly two years in which this blog has remained in existence.

What I find of interest in regard to these psychological warfare gas lighting tactics is that those who perpetrate these crimes deliberately leave all sorts of evidence that they are committing them against you -- except that to the uninitiated, these triggers remain virtually invisible.

Moreover, one aspect of the many which I have documented describes the absurd length of time in which these federal agencies will take in order to attack you. Nearly three decades on one person, with no criminal record, and at a cost of millions of dollars, so that the FBI and NSA find themselves resorting to COINTELPRO tactics, in which to effect an arrest which can never take place legally -- and all while violating the targeted person's rights in the most egregious of ways.

However, there is a silver lining in this storm cloud.

In their covert attacks, the FBI and NSA have unwittingly taught me lessons about their evil operations that I could not have obtained, even if I'd spent millions of dollars in which to do so. This information is only attained through much pain and suffering, and learning to adapt to those who perpetrate such sick and depraved acts against you; people who will attack with such viciousness, and then accuse you of being a shell of a person, after they have routinely tortured you in the most disgusting and abhorrent ways imaginable - all in efforts to suicide you.

And thanks to the Internet, the US Intelligence community's lexicon of psywarfare is now being exposed in great detail on a myriad of Websites; those hosted by American citizens and those of other countries who are being illegally targeted for these Orwellian crimes of COINTELPRO.

Moreover, anyone who's been targeted in such ways has gotten an excellent education as to how these federal agents use their covert psychological operations in which to drive their targets to suicide, while being able to plausibly deny what they have done. However, it's clear from this that these agents are sick minded evil people who enjoy torturing others, and have found their niche in organizations which actually pay them for doing so.

As ironic as it has been, over the past few years, it's been the FEDS themselves who've given me this education; and as such allowed me to grow far wiser about how this Illuminati society operates, than ever before. As a result of this, I now understand how the society which I grew up in never really existed at all. It was an Illuminati creation from the very beginning, with all of the trappings; doctrines used to keep us in a state of blissful ignorance -- controlling our behavior - while those who betrayed us, used us for their own nefarious means.

However, with that ignorance long gone, and an enlightenment which many could not attain over several lifetimes, the FEDS truly have lost their wicked battle against me and many others; because this is a knowing which goes well beyond that of mortality. Thus even if I die tomorrow, I leave this earth having learned of the grandest of deceptions; that which has been perpetrated on the rest of humankind.

And that I did everything possible in which to alert others to it, while federal agencies like the ones which have attacked me, have done their best to continue this deception of the human race, while murdering those who saw through it.

And the attacks on 9-11 are part of this deception.

Make no mistake about this, the hierarchy within the US Intelligence Community was involved in the treasonous attacks on 9-11. There is absolutely no question about this. And perhaps the best documented aspect in this treasonous and murderous collusion was within the FBI itself, many of whose agents have publicly stated that the FBI removed them from investigations which would have prevented 9-11. Perhaps the best known of these agents was the late John O'Neill, who was set up by the hierarchy within the FBI and Bush Administration to be in one of the World Trade Center Towers on 9-11, to ensure that he would be killed when the Towers were imploded by explosives; explosives which were installed in these buildings long before the attacks on 9-11 took place.

This was done to prevent O'Neill from coming forward after 9-11 to publicly state how his FBI supervisors had blocked his investigation regarding a money trail which helped to finance the attacks on 9-11.

Furthermore, do you really think that it was by chance that later the same day, Larry Silverstein's World Trade Center Building 7 was imploded in the exact same way that the World Trade Center Towers were earlier in the day?

This was no coincidence. I have given this much thought, and I am now wondering just how many other buildings in Manhattan alone are rigged with these dynamite charges in the event that those who took down the World Trade Center Towers decide to use Manhattan as their venue for another terrorist attack in the future?

For that matter, how many other buildings in cities across the United States are rigged with these explosives, giving those who perpetrate these terrorist attacks, random choices in which choose cities they will expose to these abhorrent crimes?

We've already seen what they did to Manhattan. Where will they strike next?

Instead of categorizing these people as being good or evil, even though it is quite obvious from their actions that they are most certainly the latter, I will instead characterize them in a more pragmatic way; those who seek reasons in which to perpetrate such acts of sadism on others will never grow in stature. They will instead in every sense, remain a complete waste of time, space and energy. Too wicked to ever befriend and too ignorant to ever educate. Remaining in the same pathetic and hateful state until the day they die. Greedy, power hungry war mongers whose idea of nirvana is murdering others for profit.

Cold blooded killers, and incarnated evil.

Sylvia -- legit TI or federal perp?

"James Marino --I too am a RNM Satellite prisoner
April 23, 2008 - 12:16am — Deleted Accounts
in Remote Neural Monitoring


I too am a remote neural monitoring prisoner. Please see the attached letter sent to Oprah Winfrey and EFF.

After reading it, respond and tell me how this man is able to do it. I know he has the funds to buy this eqpmt.or could he have tapped into the NSA's satellite somehow?



I am sorry for your situation, however, I can guarantee you that your ex does not have access to technology which can read and manipulate your mind. Maybe he has a friend at the NSA who can do so for him. If you are being remote neurally monitored as you have said, I would Google: Akwei VS NSA to learn more about this, since the NSA and FBI are behind many of these crimes; something which they would prefer that the American people not learn about.

My Website is now causing these agencies many problems, since I am documenting accurate information in regard to my experiences as an NSA satellite prisoner and target of non consensual human experimentation. The truth is that these FEDS are infuriated at having been caught in perpetrating such outrageous crimes, committed against someone with no criminal record, and who is now documenting what may well be the most outrageous violations of the 4Th Amendment in US History.

And they are going to great extremes in which to deceive the public regarding the crimes which they have and continue to perpetrate against my person (and more importantly my beloved family whose being used as a pawn by this federal refuse).

As for their demonization campaign of my person, it is quite obvious -- just as obvious as their whitewash of the crimes which they have and continue to perpetrate against me is.

If I have been convicted of no crimes, exactly how is it that these federal agencies can be smearing my reputation? It would seem that they are now making up the rules as they go -- something which will eventually lead to an anarchist state, as those being targeted for these crimes refuse to tolerate such reprehensible abuses.

The fact is that the FBI and NSA are absolutely notorious for perpetrating such crimes against myriad American citizens, while denying them every aspect of the constitutional rule of law which they are entitled to. And that these pigs are videotaping people within their own bathrooms should define these agencies for the filth which they represent.

The truth of the matter is that if we were guilty of the crimes which these agents have accused us of in their slander campaigns, we would have been arrested long ago.

The irony here is that it is the FBI and its brethren in crime who are committing very serious crimes against us, while demonizing us in order to excuse what they have done. However, neither the FBI nor NSA have any legitimate excuse for violating the United States Constitution -- and they never have. And it is about time that these Nazi driven organizations were made accountable for all of the covert murders which they have taken part in during their lengthy and sordid histories.

I wish you the best in your situation, and can only make one other suggestion to you. If you are smart, you will avoid these federal agents like the plague, because they will only bring you misery.

Best regards,
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