Friday, May 02, 2008

Video On The Weapons Of Mass Destruction Which Never Actually Were -- Another EVIL Machination Of The Bush/Cheney Cabal, Which Led To The War On Iraq

There were no weapons of mass destruction, yet this administration has continued to LIE to the American people in order to justify their attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.

There are myriad reasons for these attacks; none of which had anything to do with the safety of the American people. The attack on Iraq in particular is a war for oil, since the late Saddam Hussein had refused to accept the US Dollar as purchase for barrels of oil, and demanded the Euro instead. This has now become the situation regarding Venezuela and Iran, which is why the Bush cabal is now waging a demonization campaign against both of these nations, since they refuse to accept the declining US Dollar as payment for their oil.

George W. Bush's quote "If you're not with us you're with the terrorists" should be translated to what he really meant to say: We are the terrorists and if you cross us you will end up like those brothers and sisters of yours whom we murdered on 9-11, done specifically so that we could invade Iraq for its oil reserves. And we are going to do the same with Iran and Venezuela in the future, if they don't acquiesce to our demands.

See the video here:
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