Friday, May 02, 2008

Another TI Discusses Their Experiences Being Subjected To The Crimes Of Organized Stalking & Electronic Harassment

The following is a frightening two part interview with a woman by the name of Gina, who recently became a broadcast correspondent for the Edge Radio Internet Podcast. Gina is also a target of organized stalking and directed energy harassment, who also describes her accounts of being targeted for the sex slave trade -- a situation in which directed energy weapons are used to incapacitate a victim, who is then sexually assaulted.

This is another crime of satellite predation, and in my opinion being covertly perpetrated by US Federal agencies like the NSA, as part of a larger black operation against the US Constitution. There is also no mystery in regard to why the FBI and our local police will not get involved in solving these crimes, and are instead used to paint the targeted person as being mentally incompetent when they request help.

In fact, in the mid 1990's, the FBI was given access to directed energy weapons, by the Department of Justice, which explains why the Bureau will not investigate complaints by American citizens, who contact it for help in investigating these hi-tech crimes of satellite predation -- the FBI is covertly perpetrating these crimes.

What Gina describes here will scare the hell out of you -- and it should -- since this situation is truly part of an Orwellian breakdown within the United States, in which those being targeted for these despicable attacks (which are being committed under the color and cover of law) are being denied their rights as American citizens.

What we have in the United States in the present day is a core group of very powerful Nazi's who are in control of the US Federal Government; which explains why the rule of Constitutional law is now being completely ignored. This is also why Americans are being illegally satellite tracked and tortured within the privacy of their own homes, by agencies like the NSA, as precedent setting violations of both the 4Th Amendment and human rights laws continue to grow exponentially under the present Bush cabal -- the worst presidential administration in United States History, and something which is completely anathema to the freedoms which this once great nation offered to all of its citizens.

Common sense would indicate that when law enforcement is called upon in which to investigate these crimes, and is instead used to paint the victims of such crimes as being mentally unstable, that a criminal conspiracy is taking place in which to deny these citizens their rights. Could traditional organized crime get away with this, without law enforcement's help? Not likely. Moreover, many of these crimes are being perpetrated by way of satellite based directed energy weapons -- and this is the purview of the US Department Of Defense and the NSA -- which under the Bush Administration has actually become part of the Department Of Defense.

Consequently, there should be little doubt that it is in fact the US Federal Government which is orchestrating these Orwellian types of crimes, while ensuring that the US Media maintains a blackout in regard to them, so that the American people remain unaware of the unconstitutional ways in which this government is now operating.

This situation has now taken on disastrous implications, particularly when one takes into account the remote forms of satellite predation (including mind control) which are taking place not just in the United States, but globally. As a result of this, a show down is inevitable in the future.

If you are one of the unfortunate many who's been denied your rights by the US Federal Government or any other, you should be prepared to fight for and even die to defend these rights -- because no one else is going to do it for you. And if you have been targeted for non consensual human experimentation it's also imperative for you to defend not only your inherent rights, but those of the rest of the people on this planet.

Consider yourselves to be an army of one, that when needed joins in the efforts of others to promulgate the New World Order's EVIL designs on the planet and all of its inhabitants. Since you have been robbed of your constitutions, it's time for you to invoke your rights as citizens of your respective countries, and to expose those who've attempted to destroy these rights.

Listen to Gina's frightening interview here. You could become the next victim of the demonic NWO:

  • Interview With Gina(Part 1)

  • Interview With Gina(Part 2)
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