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Papers? Do You Have Your Papers? A Sign Of Nazi Germany Soon To Begin In America With The National ID Card -- FBI NSA DHS Gestapo & EBL Technology

The NSA Becomes An Invisible Part Of Your Life

A boxed in American people. If this government can't enslave Americans in one way, it will create a myriad of ways in which to do so, and through as many venues as possible, including that of outer space.

The sooner you are able to extricate yourselves from the mind controlled indoctrination that the Illuminati use our societies to implement, the faster you will begin to recognize what is being clandestinely done to humankind.

For example, the US Intelligence community now seeks to create a 1930's Germany type of society here in the United States through the implementation of an RFID chipped identification card which the New World Order will insist is eventually carried by all Americans.

The Real ID Act: From No Fly List To No Drive List?

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Satellite Tracking & EBL Technology Take Center Stage
George Orwell's Thought Police Become Reality

So you're walking around on a typical day, everything seems routine enough, yet the situation is far from normal, because your brainwaves are being covertly tapped into by the National Security Agency, which is not only remotely reading your thoughts, but also tapping into the visual cortex region of your brain to record everything that you see.

This also includes any people whom you are in contact with, who've now also had their privacy violated in the most egregious ways ever documented, as this hi-tech satellite predator does the equivalent of burning both the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights -- as well as the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code.

For the utilization of such mind control technology is not only a blatant violation of your privacy, but also a crime against human rights, given that you are being used for non consensual human experimentation.

What makes matters worse is that this is probably being done to the entire U.S. population in the present day -- something that former NSA agent *Russell Tice was more than likely attempting to expose in 2006, when he was suddenly intimidated by the FBI into remaining silent in regard to treasonous crimes that the NSA is perpetrating against the American people.

* I often wonder if Russ Tice or for that matter John St. Clair Akwei have ever been able to find a decent job (or for that matter any job) since they were fired by the NSA and blackballed throughout the US Intelligence community for their candor? Probably not.

I know that when the FBI began to sabotage my job opportunities in the early 1980's, it was done with the intention of either getting me fired, or so fed up that I would quit. As it was, what seemed to be bad luck just kept on following me from one job to the next in which four of the five companies in which I worked from 1982 until 1988 either folded completely, or were pared down drastically in which complete divisions were shut down. I am now well aware that the FEDS had something to do with much of what was occurring in my life during that time, and that no matter what I did, they would see to it that I ended up disillusioned.

These feds are amongst many other things, insufferable pricks with egos that make it difficult for them to get their heads through a door. Compound this with both a god complex, an insatiable appetite for sadism, and a perversion in which they use satellite based technology to both spy on Americans within their homes, while sexually assaulting men, women and children with directed energy weapons, and you can sum up what agencies like the FBI and NSA are all about in two words - Nazi filth.

So is it any wonder why Russ Tice and John Akwei may have found themselves permanently unemployable?

Especially when Tice himself had stated that the NSA's opening of E-mails and illegal interception of phone conversations were just the tip of the iceberg.

A scandal so immense that he had stated it would absolutely shock the American people. Was he referring to controlling the human brain by way of super computer driven satellites? Was this what Tice was attempting to tell the American people? We know from reading his testimony against the NSA that John Akwei's information regarding the agency has been not just shocking, but equally as horrifying.

Are they both referring to the same information?

Most likely they are.

And I think that there's little doubt that Tice was about to corroborate the information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA; which includes its illegal satellite tracking of American citizens by way of the electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies, as well as the remote neural monitoring of their thoughts by way of electronic brain link technology.

So where are Akwei and Tice in the present day? It would seem that no one has heard from either of these men since they blew the whistle on the NSA and its mind control technology.

And as far as I know, aside from Tice and Akwei, I am the only person at present who's actually stated that the NSA is directly responsible for these types of attacks on my person, as well as subjugating me to both the life of a satellite prisoner and target for non consensual experimentation. A situation in which my brain has been illegally tapped into by an NSA super computer for decades. And given that the FBI cannot arrest me legally, they have resorted to playing the religious card, in their attempt to both demonize and dehumanize my person -- a typical tactic used by the FBI when it's running out of options in regard to a person it's targeted for a COINTELPRO attack.

(Author Gloria Naylor has stated that the NSA may be responsible for the attacks on her person.)

What right do the NSA and FBI have to perpetrate such crimes against my person or anyone else?

Absolutely none.

But consider that this is the same Nazi trash that creates bio weapons which are then deployed through vectors in which to infect the human population.

And it has been their ability in the past to cover up such crimes, which has allowed these federal reprobates to continue perpetrating these outrageous assaults against myriad American citizens.

Moreover, in their attacks of my person the FEDS are now reduced to a mudslinging campaign -- something which they are entirely comfortable with, given their penchant for dirty and completely illegal tactics.

So it is little wonder that these federal agencies and others which have colluded to deny me my rights as an American citizen (including Homeland Security) would further violate my rights through the use of an Internet demonization campaign, in which there is no longer any rule of law.

But what can you expect from agencies that are operating criminally, and still worse, attempting to justify what are without a doubt treasonous crimes against a very large number of American citizens?

Furthermore, between the immense psychological pain that I have been forced to endure as a result of the psychological operations which the FBI, NSA and DHS have subjected me to for the past five years, compounded by the non consensual human experimentation which they have subjugated me to for nearly three decades, the mere fact that I have not gone out and physically attacked those who are perpetrating these egregious crimes against my person is illustrative of my extreme patience, and my intention of exposing globally, the psychotronic weaponry which the NSA has utilized against me without my consent (and for many years without my knowledge).

The bottom line is that this secret weaponry -- the NSA's satellite based and computer driven mind reading technology -- is now being exposed globally. And this is going to lead to a domino effect in regard to other serious crimes that these constitution raping thugs have been committing against all of us for more than half a century. It's time to shine a very bright spotlight on the Nazi element which drives US Intelligence, and to expose their crimes against humanity for once and for all.

These agencies are operated by those whom are EVIL. And the use of this technology must end, since it completely destroys not only the physical sense of privacy that each American citizen is entitled to by law, but also, the privacy of mind, which this technology is used to routinely violate.

Once again, we're talking about federal agents who are spying on Americans using their toilets, showering, making love and even sleeping. And of course being subjected to the remote neural monitoring of their brainwaves -- perhaps the most outrageous crime ever documented by an American citizen or any other.

Crimes committed by the very people who are charged with protecting Americans, yet who are covertly using us as guinea pigs, many of whom have already been murdered, and myriad others who continue to be tortured each day of their lives.

To quote a former federal agent -- these agents are PIGS.

Yes, they are certainly that, however they are a lot worse than being simply pigs. Many of these agents are sadistic torturers and murderers. And their abject assault on American freedoms is now being scrutinized like never before, since no legitimate police force (federal or otherwise) would ever use a satellite to spy on American citizens within any area of their own homes for decades on end. This is unheard of until now.

Whatever these thugs may be, they are as far from legitimate law enforcement as the La Cosa Nostra -- except there was a time when the Mafia had a code of ethics. However, when it comes to these federal agencies, they have no such code. They masquerade as law enforcement.

They are also indicative of the new Nazi driven AmeriKa, which follows no aspect of the US Constitutional rule of law. This shadow government which drives the engine behind US Intel is using these agencies to decimate the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights.

If this were not the case, why would these agencies flatly deny someone their rights as Americans?

Why would they open themselves up to accusations of improper procedure and outright criminality under the color and cover of law? Because they have that much to hide from the American public, and are seeking to find any means in which to covertly murder American citizens whom they have committed such outrageous crimes against.

Which is why I would risk going public with this information and making myself an even greater target for these agencies than I was before I promulgated this information. I know what they have done to myself and myriad others is not just illegal, but in violation of every human rights law there is.


Which is why I will remain vigilant in my exposition of these federal reprobates -- these character assassinating predators -- because someone must. For an illustration here, see what happens to you if you get caught using a satellite to videotape people in their own bathrooms. You're lucky if they don't toss your ass in prison for a decade or more. Yet the NSA is perpetrating such depraved crimes against a very large number of American citizens, and getting away with it.

And there's also the mind control aspect of what the NSA is perpetrating against us to consider, given that regardless of how this agency attempts to spin what it's done, its agents will find themselves in a no win situation somewhere down the road. They can't rape the US Constitution and American people decade after decade without having to eventually pay for it.

Moreover, when the US Federal Government remotely accesses your thoughts with the express intention of using you to further their mind control research, there is no question that they've done more damage to their own credibility than anyone else could have ever done to them. And that they belong in the same category as Hitler and his Nazi government.

And as for the excuse that they are using this technology to combat terrorism, this is absolute bullshit. These federal boys and girls have some hi-tech toys that they are just looking for an excuse to use on you.

This isn't about law enforcement. It's about the ultimate form of control - control over the human race by means of manipulating the human brain through advanced technologies. These so called agents are nothing but a Fourth Reich -- a continuation of Hitler's Third Reich, now operating within the United States.

The FEDS Covertly Destroy My Relationship With Family

The fact that in the attack on my person, the FBI deliberately went out of its way to covertly destroy my relationship with my own family over the course of many years, is only a further indication of this. Their methodology is clear -- prevent anyone whom they've targeted so aggressively for mind control research from having any support system, in efforts to drive them to suicide. In this way these agencies discredit those whom they have subjected to this technology, destroy their support system, while using "others" to do much of their dirty work for them.

However, this is a situation in which these agencies have already experienced significant losses, since they don't operate cheaply (I estimate that this 28 year long attack of my person has cost these agencies millions of dollars), and through their own nefarious conning of the American people, are now suffering a credibility crisis not seen since the early 1970's when the FBI's COINTELPRO operations were made public.

And now we have a situation in which the NSA and its mind control technology are finding themselves under similar scrutiny, because those who have been and continue to be attacked by this Nazi agency, are documenting in great detail what we are experiencing daily. Satellite tracking systems being used to torture and terrorize American citizens is the legacy that the US Intel community is going to be left with.


The idea that these agencies would ever attempt to legally justify what they are doing to us is unthinkable, since their crimes against us are so completely outrageous, that they would only risk further exposure of this technology should we be given the opportunity to propagate our information within the mainstream media.

Just imagine how millions of Americans sitting down to the evening news would react, if they learned that the NSA was tracking them by way of their own EMF fields, and could in fact both read their thoughts as well as manipulate them.

Complete pandemonium would occur overnight. Especially since it is the NSA and its US Intel brethren that are committing these treasonous crimes, and as such functioning as the terrorists in these situations.

For this reason, those of us who are propagating this information must also endure attacks by other *TI's who are being used by these federal agencies (further collusion) in their COINTELPRO campaigns. There are more instances here than I can remember.

* I have seen entire message boards which were alleged to have been started by victims of mind control and organized stalking, completely subverted and contaminated by the FBI, to the point where those posting spend more time looking to use subtle triggers in which to attack various TI's, than they actually do reporting important factual information to expose these crimes.

They're being led around by the nose as the FEDS take control of them.

Perhaps the cruelest irony is that the FEDS have turned many of the victims of these crimes into the very perpetrators whom they are complaining about. As such, they have destroyed their own credibility as well that of their respective groups, which at best can be said to be floundering due to extremely poor leadership.

I have witnessed many such attacks on a significant number of TI's, made by other TI's (or those posing as TI's -- these groups are loaded with provocateurs who only claim to be TI's in efforts to infiltrate these groups).

And given the anonymity of these people, the Internet offers the perfect venue in which to perpetrate such infiltrations since only a small percentage of these TI's have met one another. And even having met, does not assure that these people are all legitimate TI's. Many are most likely not.

Throughout their history, agencies like the FBI have had their operatives carefully placed within the hierarchy of activist groups, in efforts to take them from within -- which the FBI normally succeeded in doing. It is my opinion that the same has been done with the TI community, and I suspect that this will become more obvious as these groups are gradually eroded from within by those who claim to be legitimate TI's, yet who are clearly federal operatives looking to destroy these groups.

Perhaps the cleverest aspect in all this is when these group members are convinced to spend their money in ways in which will they are told will affect an end to their harassment, yet find themselves making no significant headway. And they will continue to put up monies yet see no yield from this because it is the FEDS themselves who are controlling these groups -- whether the heads of the groups realize this or not. The truth is that if these groups had any legitimate chance of succeeding with the US Congress, the FEDS would have immediately gone after whomever they were in contact with -- including the attorneys and politicians.

I say this because it is the entire system of government within our respective countries which is corrupted -- not just a small segment of it. And therefore, it will be these corrupted entities that continue to interfere with the minority of those who might be able to help the TI community. However, common sense would dictate that if the families, friends and communities of TI's could be alienated from them so easily, then what would make a TI believe that some politician is going be able to remedy this situation by passing laws to end these crimes?

There are already laws prohibiting such crimes against humanity. It is our respective governments that are plainly IGNORING THEM! So the intention of passing yet further laws which will ALSO BE IGNORED has become a complete waste of time.

When you have pieces of trash videotaping you within the privacy of your own homes, it is clear that these so called governments are not adhering to their own rules of law, and should thus be abolished.

As for these TI groups, they are simply far too easy to infiltrate. And I have seen many instances where one legitimate TI was turned against another, by a bogus third party TI who succeeded in causing disharmony between the TI's themselves, who were attempting to end the crimes of mind control and organized stalking.

This is what the FBI and its brethren do best. Create dissension and hatred. And they can be more convincing as TI's than the TI's themselves can, given that the FEDS are the ones perpetrating these crimes, and know the lexicon which the TI community propagates. As such, they can also turn legit TI's against one another.

I have witnessed this many times, and cite a particular example in reference to a former agent and whistle blower who was contacted by a TI and warmly congratulated for their exposure of the crimes within their respective federal agency, only to be demonized by the same person weeks later.

What brought about the sudden change of heart?

It was clear that the FEDS were involved in a covert attack on this whistle blower, and that there was no rule of law in what they were doing, when demonizing the whistle blower to the other TI. This whistle blower is also under 24 hour a day remote surveillance, and subjected to the pain and humiliation they must endure as a satellite prisoner of the US Intelligence community.

Driving us to suicide is what these FEDS are attempting to do. The problem for them is that they have failed to do so, and we are now circulating our information over the Internet, because the mainstream media is government controlled, and will refuse to publish information regarding US Intel's use of classified weaponry in which to torture American citizens within their own homes.

Which is why these federal agencies are working at destroying the credibility of those who are propagating the truth about the Nazi influence within the US Federal Government and other governments around this planet.

That is why so many Websites and blogs are now appearing over the Internet - it's to document that much of our law enforcement (especially federal) is no longer operating legally. So if these federal agents and police officers are in fact not operating legally, how can they possibly be considered as legitimate law enforcement?

The answer, is that they cannot.

As for their demonization campaigns; if these agents were operating legally, there'd be no reason for them to conduct such campaigns -- and they know it. Campaigns which are completely unconstitutional in the first place.

Which is why they resort to the despicable tactics and dark operations that they do, while attacking as a wild animal would attack its prey -- without conscience.

However a lack of conscience in a tiger or jackal is one thing. A total lack of conscience in a federal agent who will use psychological warfare to covertly drive a TI to suicide is an extremely dangerous and frightening characteristic. And the fact that they would ever attempt to justify using an American citizen for the express purpose of remote mind control research is just as abjectly horrifying.

Once again, this is why there is no rule of law in the attacks which these US Intel agencies are perpetrating against so many of us. And why they are meeting with tremendous adversity with those whom they are perpetrating these horrendous crimes against.


Worse still, is that through the use of satellite tracking systems and remote neural monitoring of the human brain, agencies such as the FBI and NSA are quite literally attempting to play God with people's lives; something they are going to live to regret.

And eventually, the American people will *realize this and take appropriate action to ensure their safety in the coming decades, from a group of mind raping Nazi reprobates -- satellite predators -- whose best days are now far behind them. A group of federalies who have not only shamed the United States of America and her people through their use of hi tech forms of terrorism and otherwise disgraceful behavior, but their very own families as well. These agents have covertly attacked the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights -- and that makes them guilty of treason.

* It is my hope that the American people will wake up to what they are being furtively subjected to, before it is too late for them to do anything about it. My battle is no longer just about defending the rights of my Family, self or the TI community. It is about exposing these agents of Lucifer (The Illuminati run US Intelligence community) to the rest of world, before we all end up being subjugated to a life of mind controlled enslavement.

There is no longer any doubt that the NSA can target any person by way of the bioelectromagnetic field which surrounds their body, and then access that field through the use of microwaved beams (including maser beams) which can transmit information which is attached to these beams, both to and from a targeted person's brain by way of this technology.

I am documenting this technology, because I have been subjected to it for the past 28 years, and given that such egregious crimes have been perpetrated against my person, I seek to have the FBI, NSA, DHS and CIA abolished, given that their use of this Nazi technology will eventually lead to the extinction of the human race as we know it -- a race which will be replaced by a mindless group of humanoids, that are no longer capable of expressing their own thoughts.

We are now frightfully close to having such a crime against humanity being perpetrated on a vast scale, right here in the United States.

"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."

– Noam Chomsky

That's very true Mr. Chomsky. However, one must wonder why you continue to support the official version of 9-11, given the mountain of circumstantial evidence which supports the US Military/Intelligence/Industrial/Media's role in this attack and its subsequent cover up? For all of your brilliant writings, were they just a hook in which to sell Americans on this latest piece of government disinformation?


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