Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Was It That George W. Bush Said This Past Week About America Not Being In A Recession? As Usual Bush Is Lying

In my opinion the United States is well on its way to an economic depression not seen since the 1930's. And we have the US Federal Government and privately held Federal Reserve Bank to blame for it. The Federal Reserve because it's leaching off of the American taxpayers to the tune of nearly a trillion dollars a year, and the US Congress because it has allowed the Federal Reserve to do so.

Moreover, because both the FED and Congress have gone to the well (AKA American taxpayer) one too many times, they are about to learn what happens when they bleed the average American worker dry so that there's nothing left to tax.

As for the US Military and Intelligence communities, what do you think will happen to all of their expensive toys of destruction (including the satellites which they have used to weaponize space), once corporate America experiences this economic backlash, and companies end up like Bear Stearns -- either bankrupt or on the proverbial respirator, and robbing Peter to pay Paul?

It's kind of like having a car, but no money to purchase fuel for it. No wonder why so many of the wealthy people in this country, including financial guru's like Jim Rogers, have now moved to other countries -- their expertise has allowed them to see the handwriting on the wall, and what they see for Americans is the worst news possible. A bankrupt government, an economy that has gone down the tubes, and a criminal syndicate trying to figure out how to extract monies that no longer exist, from a nation of people who are teetering on the brink of disaster. And much of this will be unfolding during 2008.

Even the handful of energy producing states such as Alaska, Louisiana and North Dakota -- all of whom are experiencing an economic boon, will eventually succumb to the same problems as their fellow states, since people will be finding more fuel efficient means of transportation, resulting in a glut of oil reserves which will force these companies to lower their prices. There's also the loss of tax revenues to the federal, state and local governments which must be taken into consideration, since people who are unemployed don't pay taxes.

And then there's also the likelihood of far more job losses in the near future, only adding to this situation.

As for those targeted by the US Federal Government for non consensual human experimentation, it could also eventually mean seeing those FBI and NSA agents who're responsible for their torture, standing on the unemployment line -- they don't torture people for free you know -- after all they are professional mercenaries and will only torture you into committing suicide if the money's right.

As for the current presidential race, one might question the sanity of all of the candidates here, since who would want to be Captain of the Titanic knowing in advance that it was going to sink?

One thing's now for certain: Americans are headed for the worst economic crisis in more than seven decades and nothing short of a miracle is going to save them from this impending disaster. And even this government, with its history of covering up the real condition of this country's economy, is going to be hard pressed to put this situation in a positive light, as many of those people who watch the daily news will in fact be the ones suffering the economic woes mentioned here. The bottom line is that the US Federal Government is about to suffer its worst loss of credibility in its history -- a situation which may be impossible for it to recover from.

Many states appear to be in recession
Apr 25, 12:05 AM (ET)

The finances of many states have deteriorated so badly that they appear to be in a recession, regardless of whether that's true for the nation as a whole, a survey of all 50 state fiscal directors concludes.

The situation looks even worse for the fiscal year that begins July 1 in most states.

"Whether or not the national economy is in recession - a subject of ongoing debate - is almost beside the point for some states," said the report to be released Friday by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The weakening economy is hitting tax revenue in a number of ways: People's discretionary income is being gobbled up by higher food and fuel costs, while the tanking housing market means people are spending less on furniture and appliances associated with buying a house.

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