Tuesday, April 22, 2008

UFO's, Government Disinformation And Deception -- The Greatest Cover Up In Human History

"For ease of recall, the categories used in deception and disinformation involve five verbs beginning with the letter D. These are: to deny, distract, demean, deceive, and divide, and it is not hard to think of examples from the history of ufology that illustrate each of them. These techniques are also frequently used in politics, especially around election times."

--Simon Harvey-Wilson

By Simon Harvey-Wilson

Many ufologists claim that the US and UK governments are doing secret research into UFOs while telling their citizens that they do not exist. If this is true, an understanding of deception and disinformation techniques may make us less vulnerable to being fooled. For obvious reasons few governments publish much information about such techniques. However, deception is frequently used during wars, so by studying some historical examples we might learn about what is happening today. Because official disinformation is not the only source of confusion about UFOs, this article will also discuss other sources.

Misleading information

Deception is to create a misleading impression in your target audience by your actions. It is something that you do to mislead whoever may be observing you, either on a small or large scale. Deception might be directed at the intelligence services of a country that you are at war with, or at your own citizens during peacetime. Most intelligence services see little difference between war and peace time, and unfortunately if you wish to fool the international community you generally have to mislead your own citizens as well. Deception techniques take advantage of the fact that people tend to think that information they had to ferret out is more likely to be true than if it were handed to them on a platter.

"We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. "

~John F. Kennedy

An example of deception was revealed in an article in the Sunday Times entitled “Germ war reports exposed as hoax” (1998). The report tells how released Russian intelligence files had revealed that in 1952 the North Koreans had deliberately infected a couple of their own citizens with plague bacilli, and then used tissue samples from their bodies to convince the world that the Americans were using germ warfare in the Korean conflict.

The United States had unsuccessfully denied the claims because, as the article says, “Historians had questioned whether the Koreans and Chinese could have mobilized thousands of people and faked evidence from scores of doctors, scientists and officials. But the new papers show they did exactly that.” This illustrates that some governments will occasionally go to inordinate lengths to mislead.

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