Saturday, April 19, 2008

Federal Reserve Bank Critic & Author, G. Edward Griffin, Again Listed On Wikipedia

G. Edward Griffin recently noted that his profile on the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, had been deleted by its staff after having been listed for five consecutive years. Griffin is the author of the now famous book "The Creature Of Jekyll Island" which chronicles the drafting of the treasonous Federal Reserve Act by its seven architects, while on J.P. Morgan's Jekyll Island, Georgia, plantation -- hence the name of Griffin's book.

Wikipedia had recently removed Griffin's profile claiming that his allegations regarding the Federal Reserve were frivolous, and criticized him for promoting quack health cures. However, Griffin's research on the Fed is sound, and based on much factual documentation obtained by way of the Freedom Of Information Act.

Wikipedia's removal of Griffin's profile was done as a result of mounting public concern that the Federal Reserve Act and 16Th Amendment were never properly ratified, and that this has allowed for the treasonous bilking of the American public's finances by two private corporations which have been operating illegally since 1913.

Earlier I went to check Wikipedia to see if Griffin may have had any success in having the Web Encyclopedia re list his profile, and there it was. So it's nice to know that Griffin's anti-Federal Reserve Bank information is still being propagated over the Internet.

His listing is at the end of this post. However, if it should disappear again, it's incumbent upon those who are familiar with the Federal Reserve Bank fraud to motivate Wikipedia to maintain Griffin's profile, given his importance in documenting the illegality of the Federal Reserve Act, Federal Reserve Bank, IRS and 16Th Amendment -- all of which the US Congress and Federal Bureau Of Investigation are well aware of, yet refuse to admit to the American people.

In fact, a few years ago, the head of the "We The People Foundation," a man by the name of Robert Schultz, was able to convince members of the IRS, FBI and US Congress to meet with him during a symposium held by the tax honesty movement, in which these members would cite the specific law which authorizes the IRS to impose an income tax on the wages of the American worker.

However, those members of the IRS, FBI and US Congress who had promised to attend this symposium to for once and for all put this matter to rest, backed out at the last minute.

Why did these agents of the US Federal Government renege on their promise?

Because they know that there is no law authorizing the IRS to impose an income tax on the wages of the American workers, and rather then be caught in yet another treasonous lie, these agents and members of Congress simply refused to show up at the symposium, since they could offer no physical documentation which proved that the IRS is operating legally.

However, all they accomplished by reneging on their agreement was to further emphasize how the US Congress and the aforementioned government agencies are covering up the truth in regard to the income tax fraud.

In doing so, they have also opened up a Pandora's Box which will eventually lead to this treasonous fraud being exposed globally, as the American people seek to redress their grievances by legal (or if necessary more aggressive means) means, in which to regain the monies which the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank have stolen from them since 1913, through a communist system of graduated taxation.

If the US Federal Government was so dead set against Communism (as Americans have been told ad nauseum), exactly how is it that in 1913 the US Congress employed the use of a graduated system of taxation (taken right from the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx) which through the creation of the privately held corporation known as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), has been used to adversely influence the US economy by defrauding Americans out of monies which rightfully belong to them?
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