Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Grave Concern For All Americans Undergoing Surgery -- The Implanting Of RFID Chips Within Their Bodies Without Their Knowledge Or Consent

The implanting of RFID chips in patients who have been anesthetized during surgery has become enough of a concern that the state of Wisconsin has mandated that such an act is considered to be a criminal offense within its borders. However, how Wisconsin can actually protect its citizens from being subjected to such a crime while they are unconscious and completely vulnerable to the surgeon operating on them remains to be seen.

Moreover, there are several targets of mind control who have reported experiencing strange phenomena after undergoing what were supposed to be routine surgeries. A number of these people later found that they had actually been implanted with RFID chips during these surgeries -- and without their knowledge or consent.

Read more about what the State of Wisconsin is doing to protect those undergoing surgery. The fact that this State has taken notice of the grave concerns which RFID chips represent to our privacy and health is certainly a step in the right direction. However, in reality there is little that a person undergoing surgery can do if the surgeon operating on them is so immoral and unethical that they would actually implant these patients in such ways.

According to the late Aaron Russo, film maker and creator of the earth shattering documentary America From Freedom To Fascism, the Illuminist controlled New World Order wants all of the people on this planet implanted with RFID chips so that they can be more easily monitored and controlled. Which should give the readers a general idea of what the Illuminati and its Orwellian mindset are all about.

The State of Wisconsin bans compulsory RFID surgery:

* Postscript

It would appear that the Illuminati may have realized that the implantation of RFID chips would meet with public disapproval, resulting in the eventual dissolution of companies which manufacture such chips as Digital Angel and Verichip. As a result of this, it is quite likely that other lesser known means are being used in which to implant the citizens of this planet with even more complex technologies which may actually be inhaled through the lungs, absorbed through the skin, or even swallowed, all without the targeted persons ever realizing that their bodies are being invaded by what can only be termed as nano sized hybridized bioweapons.

The most likely means of transmission for this technology are the chemical trails dispersed throughout our skies by way of the contrails left in the wake of jet aircraft. There are most likely other alternative ways in which these covert attacks on our bodies and immune systems are being propagated.

However, chemtrails are perhaps the most effective means of transmission at the present time.

I also cite Morgellon's Disease as a manifestation of the absorption and assimilation of such nanotechnology in the human body; especially when given its myriad of bizarre symptoms, not the least of which are strange fibrous substances which emanate from the skin and virtually every orifice of the body - an anomaly which has been routinely reported by those suffering with Morgellons.

In addition to this, Morgellons has also claimed the lives of many of its sufferers, as have many other man made biological agents such as AIDS, Lyme Disease and other bio weapons created with the express intention of destroying the immune systems of those infected with them.

What we are clearly talking about here is a conspiracy within the US Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex in which to create weapons of genocide which can be covertly used to murder millions, whose deaths will be reported as having been caused by natural phenomena.

We cannot allow this travesty to take place, since if allowed to follow the intended path of those involved in the creation of these weapons, billions of people may end up as victims of such pernicious technology; subjected to illnesses being used to artificially reduce the size of this planet's immense population.
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