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FBI Whistleblower Jane Turner Exposes The FBI For Its Sexist Policies -- The Only Thing Amazing About The FBI Is That It Remains In Business

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Ex-agent wins lawsuit against FBI
Jurors said the FBI retaliated against the female agent, who filed a discrimination complaint in 1998.

By Dan Browning, Star Tribune

Federal jurors hugged former FBI agent Jane Turner on Monday after awarding her $565,000 in damages and finding that the agency had retaliated against her for filing a 1998 sex-discrimination complaint.

"I think you were the very best FBI agent," juror Mashima Dickens told Turner, who investigated child sex-abuse crimes. "Looking at the way you were treated, I just said you were screwed left and right," Dickens said, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I just want to tell you I have nothing but the utmost respect for you," juror Renee Anderle said as she hugged Turner in the hallway outside Chief U.S. District Judge James Rosenbaum's courtroom in Minneapolis.

"This is vindication," said Turner, 55, of St. Paul. "We spoke truth to power, and we won."

*But Turner said she could never repair the damage done to her by her colleagues in the FBI, an organization she had dreamed of joining since she read Nancy Drew detective novels at age 12.

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*The same can be said of everyone of the FBI's myriad victims; those who over the past Century have had their lives decimated by this Nazi driven juggernaut. As for Jane Turner, she appears to be the kind of decent person whom you would want representing law enforcement in this country. Unfortunately, what happened to Jane happens to most government whistleblowers, who attempt to right the wrongs committed by such agencies as the FBI, NSA and CIA.

And given that she was being attacked by the FBI for her candor, Jane is a prime illustration of what the FBI is really all about, and what it does to those agents who are honest and attempt to enforce the US Constitutional rule of law in this country -- they end up getting hunted by the FBI, instead of rewarded by it.

Which is why the FBI must be abolished.
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