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Vera's Story -- The Story Of A California TI Who Documents How Entire Communities Are Being Coopted By Criminal Organizations

Vera's Story (not her real name) is written in a very humorous, yet meaningful way. She documents what are to say the least, some extremely bizarre situations occurring within her hometown, which include the crimes of both mind control and organized stalking. There is no doubt that she is the target of a very large conspiracy; then again so are all targets of mind control research. She also documents many different forms of gas lighting tactics, a number of which most TI's can identify with.

Many TI's have found that their E-mail accounts offer a venue in which those psychopaths who look to attack them, are able to utilize psychological trigger words and phrases to cause mental duress. I actually experienced this in the E-mails sent to me by a former government agent who was using the same despicable tactics that they were accusing others of using on themselves. This person turned out to be a mixed bag to say the least, and quite the hypocrite.

The truth of the matter is that anyone who would manipulate the use of words in order to cause another person psychological distress, or for that matter any other type of psychological manipulation (including gas lighting tactics) is extremely mean spirited, as well as being mentally disturbed.

And I do mean anyone.

FBI agents in particular are notorious for perpetrating such crimes when deploying their COINTELPRO operations -- something which the FBI will deny exist any longer. However, the FBI is incapable of telling the public the truth, and in fact continues to perpetrate its COINTELPRO operations in the modern day, in violation of every human rights laws in existence.

Moreover, there are numerous agents from both the FBI, CIA, DHS and NSA who perpetrate these psychotic crimes routinely, in their effort to drive those whom they are attacking to commit suicide. And any denial by these agents that they participate in such vile crimes is yet one more of their public deceptions. These agents are degenerates who will perpetrate the most outrageous crimes against those whom they target, while inflicting the most abjectly unbearable emotional pain imaginable. And they are relentless in doing so.

Moreover, while these agents may see themselves as being officers of the law, they are in fact torturers and murderers, with an extremely long list of victims having been left in their wake. Perhaps what's saddest of all here are the former government agents who turned to whistle blowing activities in defense of their country, only to become viciously attacked for having done so; some of whom continue to experience the long-term psychological effects of such painful emotional assaults, which can clearly be seen in their written accounts.

Many have been treated with such cruelty, that it is amazing they can still maintain compassion for others. However, the human psyche has shown that if tortured long enough virtually every person subjected to such viciousness, will eventually experience negative changes in their own personalities, regardless of how hard they attempt to fight these abuses. This is simply a natural manifestation of having dealt with a situation which is unnatural - like being psychologically tortured each of day of your life for years, while those who perpetrate these crimes against you, also work to demonize you with others in order to justify such fiendish acts.

Vera experiences such a nightmarish situation, yet manages to use humor in which to document this nightmare. In fact, if there are two accounts that virtually every person targeted for the crimes of organized stalking and non consensual mind control research should read, they are "Vera's Story" and Mark Rich's the "Hidden Evil" E-book, in regard to what life as a target for these crimes is like.

A few years ago I printed out both Vera and Marks' works and was unable to put them down, given how compelling both were. They are also terrifying accounts of what is happening to the collective psyche of the human race, a result of apathy and a complete lack of compassion in regard to the suffering of others.

The bottom line in all this is that those who torture others are EVIL; and moreover, that those who learn of those who torture others and refuse to take a stand against them are helping to promote such EVIL.

No one deserves to be tortured -- the entire concept is in fact hideous in its origins and indicative of an extremely dark side of humanity which proves that whatever created the human race, was also far from perfect and likely had its own dark side.

Vera's Story: Highly recommended reading.
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