Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Organized Stalking PERP'S Tear The Door Of Our Mailbox/Another Sends Mail Without Actually Going Through The Post Office -- Both Federal Crimes

In yet another act of vandalism, these low life and cowardly reprobates have torn the door to our mailbox off its hinges. This is outright vandalism which the local cops are quietly endorsing. These types of vandalism are commonly documented by all targets of the psychopathic crime of organized stalking, which the Nazi idealized FBI and other agencies of US Intelligence, are directly responsible for orchestrating. Further evidence of the diseased society in which we are now forced to exist.

Moreover, destroying or tampering with a mailbox is a federal crime. And as for the person(s) who are going from mailbox to mailbox in order to circulate a petition regarding improving the flow of traffic on Cedar Swamp Road, from what I have experienced this person is doing so without actually properly mailing this petition through the US Post Office.

The letter which they left in our mailbox did not have a stamp on it; nor was it even sent in an envelope -- a federal crime.

The only person who is authorized to both deliver and collect mail from a mailbox is a United States Postal Worker; or the American citizen who owns the mailbox in question.

"Talk about taking short cuts!"
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